SMART Learning: Accelerate Your Learning
4.8 (25 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,597 students enrolled
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SMART Learning: Accelerate Your Learning

Speed Learning, Speed Reading and Memorizing Techniques Explained, Free Mentoring & Projects Included
4.8 (25 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,597 students enrolled
Created by Leon Chaudhari
Last updated 1/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Read 1 page in less than 10 seconds without leaving any important information out
  • 1000 pages per day (2 standard-sized books EVERY single day)
  • Create studying timetables based on psychological research that will increase their efficiency of learning by 500%
  • Remember information 10x more quickly (over a longer period of time) and remember up to 20 numbers instantly by creating tales and retrieving them from their memory
  • Analyze their own studying behavior and know how develop new learning methods and assess the problems they have with studying and remember new information
  • Organize their educational resources and use the properly to get the largest possible benefit
  • Use the Anki Software in order to create and use intelligent note-cards that will help them to remember information in the long-term
  • Understand the model of short, middle, and long-term learning (and its associated learning modules and methods)
  • Understand how the brain creates a memory and how to hack the brain into connecting information with each other more quickly
  • Build sound and word databases which will help them to learn more effectively and remember information in the long-term
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  • No prior knowledge about learning required! We will go from the ground up!
  • A notebook and a pen are required!


Join our group of thousands of online students and take this course to gain insights into the scientific research I conducted over the last couple of years on learning. Learn with us how I used speed learning, speed reading and memory-building techniques in order to learn 7 languages (Chinese, German, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish) within 4 years!

In this course, I will teach you the following: 

  1. SPEED LEARNING TECHNIQUES: We will focus on developing categories and will together analyze in depth when to study which subject/which kind of information. I will also give you the full detail on the research I conducted that helped me to learn 5000 Chinese characters within 1 year, 
  2. SPEED READING TECHNIQUES: We will cover speed reading techniques used by students from China in order to read 1000 pages/day (+ example), and learn how you can exactly use this strategy in order to read more books every year, learn more quickly and just simply take in more information every day, 
  3. THE SCIENTIFIC APPROACH OF STUDYING - I will teach you how to conduct an analysis of the educational material you have to study and methods in order to do so. We will in detail go over studying behavior and how to make it more efficient, so that you can pick up more in same time or an even shorter period of time. 
  4. METHODS TO BUILD UP A STRONG LONG-TERM MEMORY: We will create little tales with each other. (Yes, you heard right.) I will show you exactly how an 8-year old boy who I know personally was able to remember 200 numbers within 120 seconds. I do not promise you that you will be that good but that I can BOOST your memory by at least 300% instantly! 
  5. HOW TO USE SOFTWARE TOOLS (SUCH AS ANKI) TO BECOME A GREAT STUDIER - We will together look at Anki, an intelligent notecard software which helped me to remember 5000 Chinese characters in less than 1 year! This application is completely free and can be used with almost any device!
  6. PRACTICAL LEARNING TECHNIQUES - We will analyze how you learn and build on the knowledge we gained from that. It is your task to then assess the problems you have with learning; I will give you a clear guideline on how to do that!
  7. THE STRUCTURE OF THE BRAIN AND HOW THE MIND REMEMBERS - We will look at the structure of the brain and assess the problems you have and how you can hack your own brain into learning and reading more quickly and remember more.

Other tag words: sound & word databases, short, middle & long-term learning techniques, study timetables (based on psychological research), brain structure & memory, creating stories and making sense of them, 


"I have been into speed reading before. This course gave me amazing further insights for which I am very thankful! Definitely worth the money! 5 stars guaranteed"

(- Manuel I., Germany)

"My name is Josh and came here to learn about speed reading and wanted to understand how I can make my memory better. Leon taught me everything there is (and that makes sense to learn) about memory and how I can improve it. Thank you! Hope we can meet some time in the future!"

(- Josh A., MN, USA) 

"Thank you so so so much! This course is simply amazing!"

(- Kim U., Angola) 

<< These people were not paid to do any kind of promotion. These are honest reviews! >> 


This course goes with 24/7 FREE MENTORING! If you need any help, I will be there for you! Taking this course is completely risk-free! If you don't like the course, you can get your money back within 30 days! 

I will constantly update this course with new videos, material and other useful education resources for you! 


7-FIGURE ENTREPRENEUR, CEO/Owner/Founder of Teaching Hero, Co-CEO & Founder myclassroom 

I build my FIRST 7-figure business at age 18, and am currently in the process of building my SECOND 7-figure business at age 19, called Teaching Hero!

At age 17, I got my PhD offered (declined it) for my work on human hair and skin cancer (basalioma and spinalioma in particular). In 2014, I also received the Special Scientific Award from the Max Planck Society, awards from the Helmholtz Association and Martin Luther Foundation, and appeared on national television in the United States, Poland, China, and Germany since then.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students and people who have in interest in learning new things and have passion for improving their own study behavior
  • College, high school students or other people who have an exam or test coming and want to learn and read more quickly as well as simply remember more
  • Hard-working students want to assess their own problems and want to take their faith in their own hands
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Welcome To The Course!

About the Instructor

What You Will Learn In This Course

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Preparation of Educational Material
6 Lectures 31:48

Factors To Make Your Learning More Efficient

Attention Span - How To Increase Your Attention Span Massively

Short, Middle & Long-Term Learning

Learning Methods - Using Different Kinds of Material

The Importance of Repetition
Studying Timetable - Analyzing Your Studying Habits Properly
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Changing The Order

Analyzing Learning Methods - Full Guide

Drawing Conclusions From Learning Methods Analysis - Full Question Sheets
Speed Memory - How to Memorize Things More Quickly
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Chapter Introduction: Speed Memory - How to Memorize Things More Quickly

How Does Our Memory Work?

Connecting Information With Each Other

Building Stories (My Personal Hacks)

Building Sound & Word Databases
Speed Reading - Learn To Become A Speed Reader
3 Lectures 11:49
Chapter Introduction: Speed Reading - Learn To Become A Speed Reader

Why Is Speed Reading So Important?

A Speed Reading Technique From China (1 on 1 Lesson)
Anki Software - Using Study Hacking Software To Remember More
3 Lectures 14:16
Chapter Introduction: Anki Software

Anki - A Short Guide To Using Anki

FREE EXTRA LESSON: The Incredible Chewing Gum Hack & Its Applications
Thank You!
2 Lectures 03:01
Setting You Up For Success

Thank you for Watching this Course!
About the Instructor
Leon Chaudhari
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7-Figure Entrepreneur, CEO & BESTSELLING Udemy Instructor

I scaled my FIRST business to 7 figures at AGE 18, since then build two 6-figure businesses and now scaled a SECOND business Teaching Hero, which currently is the world's leading online teaching agency, to 7 figures at AGE 20. 

At age 17, I got my PhD offered (declined it) for my work on human hair and skin cancer (basalioma and spinalioma in particular). In 2014, I also received the Special Scientific Award from the Max Planck Society, awards from the Helmholtz Association and Martin Luther Foundation, and appeared on national television in the United States, Poland, China, and Germany since then.

In addition, I received the German National Environmental Award for my environmental work and awards by the Royal British Embassy for my work in journalism!


 TIMO ALTBAUER - Berlin, Germany - Student of: "Business Development Masterclass: Learn to Build Businesses"
"Hi, I am Timo. I joined Leon's Business Development Masterclass in March 2017. Before I started the course, I did not know Leon but saw that his course is a Udemy bestseller. I thought the course looked fantastic and joined it. Leon right away welcomed me to the course, offered me his personal help and advised me to watch the course in order to afterwards have a personal talk with him via Skype. I watched the 13,5 hours course content, studied the course book, did the worksheets and homework included in the course and got personal feedback on my progress by Leon. The course itself was incredible. Leon put as he said in the promo video "his brain on paper". The course's outline is very clear and follows a step by step procedure which I really liked because I always felt like one piece in my thinking was missing. Later, I had to understand that many pieces were missing in my mindset. The course goes straight from business mindset to idea generation to financial modeling, business plan creation, the actual founding process of the company, to pitching, product development, sales management, marketing and so much more. 

Four months ago, I started my own company and am now already generating strong 5 figures every month! Leon and I have since then met in person and he took an entire evening to eye out the next steps on my journey. Leon's business development masterclass is the best business development course out there. I bought it for 15 USD and it literally made me 10.000s of dollars (and probably 100.000s of dollars in the long-term). Massive THANK YOU!"

☆ IVY YORK - MA, USA - Student of: "Confidence Masterclass: Become More Confident Fast"

"In school I was often bullied and since then struggled a lot with my confidence. Leon's course helped me with my confidence-related anxiety. For several years, I was afraid to talk to new people I met or to even go work. Leon's approach was the following: He first took me my fears, taught me how to trust people again and then helped me to become more open-minded and out-going. He was a true saint in my case and I am sure he will help you as well, whether you struggle like me with anxiety, are an entrepreneur who wants to give public speeches or just simply feel like you are not confident enough. If you have any further questions, give Leon your e-mail address and I will get in personal contact with you. I can only truly recommend this course!"

☆ WANG YURUN - Beijing, China - Student of: "SMART Learning: Accelerate Your Learning"

"Hi, my name is 雨润! For you Yurun! I started Leon's SMART Learning course in June 2017 and have to agree with all the great reviews the course has! 

Here in China, competition is tough and I have to study very hard in order to pass my university classes. Over the last 3 semesters I had been truly struggling with keeping up. That was the reason why I decided for Leon's course. His course was a true mind-changer; He taught me dozens of very helpful strategies and I am now saving hours every day that I can now use to relax a little bit. 

Additionally, I passed all of my university classes! THANK YOU! 谢谢!Your course was worth every penny!"

I am an extremely passionate instructor and want to give you the best experience possible in my course. All the courses I teach here on Udemy come with free books, access to private mentoring groups, worksheets, spreadsheets and pdf guides

I will be your private mentor for life! If you have any questions, you can reach out to me or my team at any give time! We will take care of you and will solve your problems with passion. I additionally will be available for private Skype talks and am reachable via Udemy, e-mail and Facebook for you at any given time!

I am looking forward to see you in one of my courses! 

Best regards, 

Leon Chaudhari