Simplify your Digital Life
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Simplify your Digital Life

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of data on your computer? Get rid of the clutter and increase your productivity.
4.1 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
844 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • understand the different file formats
  • understand file management with all its tricks
  • sort photos for business and private use in iPhoto
  • sort Music, Video, Audio, TV-Show and all kind of media
  • work more effectively and increase productivity
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  • You should have used your Mac OS X
  • You should have started iPhoto, iTunes and other Mac Programs the one time or other

Do you sometimes arrive at your office or settle down on your home computer and feel totally overwhelmed by the amount of unanswered emails, files to sort through, jobs to be done and media files to be managed? Would you love to be sorted and start your day exactly with what you need to get done in a productive and fast way?

Well, then this course is for you!

Let's get rid of all the clutter on your computer, let's understand file management as well as image processing and how to sort your videos, music, TV-shows and much more.

We get to all of that and just de-cluttered to make you 100% more productive.

What about this scenario?

You get to your computer in the morning, your inbox is already sorted for you by the rules you set and the files you need are handy and in the right folders. This course will do all this and more for you because we actually want to make you more productive living your life with more free-time.

For the course we use all already onboard tools from the Mac OS X we can. However, if you want to get into more detail and get done even more faster you can get some helpers from the App Store (not required).

Who is the target audience?
  • If you have a constant overload of digital files, you should become the master of them
  • If you feel that you could be much more productive if you knew how to handle this or that file format or program
  • If you feel that your computer is a huge mess where you find things just by fortune
  • If you already have a sorted media library, photos and other files this course is not for you
  • If you do not need to get more done in less time this course is also not for you
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Curriculum For This Course
40 Lectures
Introduction: Simplify your Digital Life
3 Lectures 21:26

File Management will help you to stay sane when it comes to working on your computer. When you are well organised you'll save tons of time and your sanity. We look at your file structure as well as what file management is.

Preview 04:10

Never forget a meeting again - when you add everything you need to your calendar. We look at iCal on your Mac Computer which will help you to stay organised, even if you work together with colleagues you can have different calendars to stay on top of all meetings.

Preview 11:28

Today you can go totally paperless without ever missing anything. There are programs available which read your files so you can just search for them on your computer. Imagine, you never have to crawl through tons of folders in your cellar anymore, just add a keyword to your computer and it will do the trick. This will not just save you time but also a lot of space in your home.

Paperless Office
File Management
11 Lectures 01:26:02

In this lecture you learn how the Mac Computer is set up in general as well how you can set up your own file structure. This is, of course, not the one and only file management structure you can have, it's just one. See if that works for you, if not, just modify a bit, choose some of the ideas, then make your own file management structure from that and get your files organised.

Where do I find which Files

Learn more about the different kind of files you have on your computer. We look at all the different extensions and what those say about your files as well as the file management which should apply to them.

What kind of Files do I have on my Computer

There are several programs on your Mac Computer which will help you to get your files organised and a handy file structure in place. In this lecture I show you all the programs I use to get my files sorted - from contacts to iTunes, iBooks and iPhoto.

Which Programs do I use for File Management?

In this lecture we have a look what folder structure actually is, we will compare it to a classic folder and see how this looks on our computer. File Management is easy once you understand how it works. Before we dive deep into how to sort photos on your computer let's check the general things about file storage.

Create a Folder Structure

We all have a huge amount of music and movie files on our computer and there is just one way to keep these files organised. You need to name them properly and fill out the provided fields in the different programs. As always there is some help for you, just to make sure you are not sorting files for the rest of your life!

Programs which help you to sort your Music and Movie Files

Understanding iTunes will make a huge difference for your file management and organisation efforts. After all iTunes is just that - a place where you store all your music, tv-shows, movies and connect to the iTunes store to buy more. Understanding the power of iTunes will help you to get your files in place.

iTunes Stores for Music, Video, TV-Shows and more

Learn how Mac OS organises your photo files on your computer. There is a database for each of these handy programs which will have all the files you've added there in place. You need to know about this but, again, make sure you don't damage the database.

Where you find the Databases

Start to work quicker each morning by configuring the programs which are started once you sit down on your computer. You'll learn how to get rid of the unnecessary and how to add those you need. 

Login Items

Getting too many emails over the day can be a pain. Your inbox is growing and growing while you never seem to get ready with all the files in place. Well, we can sort that out. We will create rules for your emails and they'll land in different folders so you can take care of them at an appropriate time.

Clean up your Inbox

Your contacts most probably have some value for you and they should! But sometimes we add new information on the go and while the computer syncs we might have added it somehow already and then you'll have a huge mess in your contacts. Let's get rid of all the duplicates.

Update your Contacts

Do you also have a huge password mess? If you are anything like me you do your best to choose secure passwords and end up being locked out of your own account. There is something which will help you to stay organised, not just with passwords but also with software licenses, bank account passwords and much more.

The iCloud
8 Lectures 38:34

One of the best ways to store your files is definitely iCloud. I know many of you might worry about security - but that's not necessary. In this video I show you how iCloud works and how you can use it for your advantage. Apple has made the usage of the iCloud a bit hard - at least until you understand how it all comes together and works. And that is what this video is for. The iCloud can help you to organise your files, if you know how it works.

The iCloud - an Overview

You do not need to buy the same program over and over again for your family members. You can set up Family Sharing and that's it - you can easily use the programs two or more people from your family bought. Additionally you can use not just that but also music and videos. Since you don't need to use up your space for that on your computer you stay sorted!

Account Details and Family Sharing

iCloud in the web is the place where it all comes together. You have the files accessible on your computer but also online and that is a huge advantage when you are somewhere and need your files. But that's not all, there are also your photos, contacts and emails. 

The iCloud in the Web

There is a place on your computer where you can connect your files with the world! And that is the iDrive. Learn more about it and it will give you a huge power.

What is iDrive

Sometimes you just need more space because you want your files available wherever you go. Apple has done a great job about that. iCloud is not not just available on your computer but also on your other devices. 

Why you need more Space

Backups might seem like unnecessary junk but hey, if you lose all your files on your other devices or your iPhone or iPad got damaged, well, then you have a problem. With the iCloud you can easily get rid of this problem. And it's just a click...

Backups on iPad and iPhone

Handsoff erlaubt das nahtlose Weiterarbeiten am Mac Computer mit allem, was man auf dem iPad oder iPhone begonnen hat. Dieser Tipp spart also wieder Zeit und sorgt für ein nahtloses Arbeiten.


With iCloud you have a Backup of your photos in the Cloud. So it's important to know the specific settings and turn them on. Once done you are well set. All your photo thumbnails will be shown and you can easily access your photos.

Install iPhoto in the iCloud
Get organised with iPhoto
6 Lectures 29:09

With iPhoto you have any chance to sort your pictures and when you do that from the very beginning you won't have a huge mess. In this lecture we look at the photo import. You can import them all at once and, most important, name them already or you can split events and move them then to your iPhoto.

Import your Images effectively

An event in iPhoto is a collection of several pictures which belong of course to one event. Or maybe they just belong to the same theme, that's totally up to you but you can use this to your advantage. This little tip will already help you to sort through your library.

Events in iPhoto

In iPhoto you can also work on several projects, e.g. you can create a photo book if you want to and you can do that directly in iPhoto. To stay organised you can add folders into your sidebar and just click there to go to the specific project.

Folders in Sidebar for Projects

Once you have your photos in iPhoto you don't have to keep them there in secret. You actually can burn them on a DVD of course but you can also share them on Facebook, other social platforms as well as by eMail. This is really handy. If you had a birthday with your family you can email them the photos of the big events with one click. One more reason to keep all this organised. If you organise your files well in iPhoto this is no challenge for you, you can just click and email your pics, print them yourself or have them printed.

Image Processing in iPhoto

When you give your photos in iPhoto some tags you already have them sorted. Tags means you add keywords to your pictures and when done you can easily find them even in a huge photo library. Of course, one photo can have more than one tag so you can store by season, happening, person and so on.

Tag Photos correctly

In iPhoto you even have the chance to have different media libraries. For example, if you use your computer for personal things as well as for your work you might like to have two different library to store these images separately.

Create Libraries at different Locations
iTunes - your Mediahub
6 Lectures 37:19

iTunes combines the one and only place to sort all your media files (except photos, for that we have our own program). In this lecture you get an overview over iTunes and learn how it can help you to keep your files well sorted.

iTunes Overview

iTunes Match is great for anyone with a large music library. When you get iTunes Match iTunes will check your music library with the music they already have and provide it to you in best quality. You no longer need to store the music files on your computer, you can actually have them all in the Cloud - which means not just better quality but also availability on all your devices.

What is iTunes Match

When your files are described properly, say you have added genre, artist, song title and so on you can set up playlists pretty quick. Just put together a smart playlist with all files that are from a few artists and then also belong to a specific genre. This is really helpful for anyone with a large library. You can sort your files with this easily.

Playlists and Smart Playlists and how to make them work for you

Change the basic settings of iTunes to your needs. Once done you can figure what files belong together with just a click. 

iTunes Management

Change the basic settings of iTunes to your needs. Once done you can figure what files belong together with just a click. 

Add information to your Media Files

With iTunes, again, you can create different libraries. This is helpful e.g. when you want one on your personal computer and in your home network while another library is more for work related files or for a specific family member. There are, of course, tons of other reasons to create different libraries for iTunes. Each of them will help to get you sorted.

Create Libraries for different needs
Add Metadata to your Movies - nearly automatically
3 Lectures 10:20

We already learned in the iTunes section of this Course Simplify your digital Life how important it is to add Metadata to your music and how to do it. Now we will take care of your movies. The best thing is that you can add metadata to your movies nearly automatically. It will make a huge difference in your Media library. Clutter-free movies will help you to find what you need whenever you look at them.

Edit Files and Metadata to your Movies

Learn how to quickly set your video and audio quality of your movies. Also, it's of course important to choose the right language here.

Set Video and Audio Quality

Atomisation is always good to save time and that is what we are looking for in this course, right? We want to save time and declutter our computer with a new filemanagement system. In this lecture you learn more about the deeper settings of the program. You can make sure that you delete the source files when you add your movies to iTunes.

Automating the process to save more time
iBooks for Books and More
2 Lectures 08:13

Having all books in your iBooks library means a cleaner living-room because you can store all your files at one place without waisting much space. But you cannot just store books there but also your PDF files. Done correctly it means that you have it all at one place!

Buy, read, maintain Books

Sometimes we have emails with valuable information we don't want to miss. We also might have documents we need to read through or anything we can convert into a PDF. And if you can make a PDF from your file you can add it to iBooks to read it later to your convenience.

PDF from eMail to iBooks
(Bonus Lecture) See you soon!
1 Lecture 05:00

Do you like this course? Well, then have a look what else we are up to! And don't forget to check out the ressources section here.

What else we are up to
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