SimPLife: The Way of the Practical Life
4.3 (42 ratings)
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2,483 students enrolled
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SimPLife: The Way of the Practical Life

Dedicated to Your Simpl, Sensible Self-Reliance, via Practical Logic, Investigation & Life's Example
4.3 (42 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,483 students enrolled
Created by im Simpl
Last updated 3/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • LEARN the intentions of Permaculture and BioDynamics, via everyday practical application, in lectures and hands-on videos.
  • CHOOSE Interdependency and shake free of Dependency, by the actions of your own hands, mind & heart- and via the beneficial engagement of your Guild
  • LEARN the many advantages of growing food, building useful & unique home and commercial projects- and to profit from this
  • RID your life of unneeded chemicals & complexities
  • PLAN always, in terms of multiples- to combine your actions and functions to reap many benefits at once
  • STRATEGIZE new forms of money, other than by the usual currency earning & spending
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  • NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IN ANYTHING, is necessary to engage in this course- feeling the excitement of a new journey is all that is asked.
  • THIS course is mostly at a BEGINNER or MID level in general, of Life experience.
  • Whatever there is to engage, learn discuss do... WE can go there together, if you allow. Deal? This is the mandate of interdependency and the bones of community.
  • DO ASK YOURSELF: have you already begun the process of finding out, then exploring what you burn most for, on the journey which has no finite end or limits? If so, PLEASE surge forward! NOW IS ALWAYS THE BEST TIME
  • Just because you DON'T REALLY KNOW YOUR PASSIONS, doesn't mean you need to worry or stress over it. KNOW that sincerely engaging your search is a rarely found human elevation!
  • ...And while you’re at it, why not SimPLy grow your own food or build that oven out back with some buddies- SimPLife how-to’s are thoroughly explained, practical and useable to everyone.
  • BE here for GOOD.
  • BE excited.
  • BE hungry.
  • BE kicking-down-the-stall ready to engage, the world is desparately awaiting the earnest and sincere!
  • ...and Bring a notebook.






SimPLy put, this is an ideabank; conscious, practical uses of permacultural and SimPL philosophy- yet beyond just this- in here, there be found

* what SimPL stands for; an intro to SimPLife * novel offerings of simpl, practical living * little-known facts on how this human world operates * example how-to's of other SimPLife courses * shared experiences of the author * inspirations, food-for-thought * a rich trove of investigations & insight

THE OVERALL IDEA IS, you get several things to muse upon. THE OVERALL QUESTION IS, what are you going to do with it?

USE this course wisely for your own life; the author can only lead you to water. that's me. hi, i'm im.

DRINK! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

THIS IS a 3-Tiered course about the self-reliant, practical Life.
a balance of Principle, Method, and hands-on Practice.

Perhaps you long for a more balanced, intelligent-based environment- You are NOT alone in this 2400+ students, across 123 countries

This course is for YOU, the Creative-Activist. seeker of the sensible, ready for change, and not imprinted for inertia, ignorance or inactivity.

SimPLife is offerings of self-reliance and useable knowledge:

wanna grow FOOD, organically? got you covered. BUILD something, naturally? sure, take a look. just, live with LESS? yep, its in there.

SO...WELCOME to the SimPLife flagship course.

24 videos (and counting), 3.5 hours of content from 4 countries (also counting), crammed with get-off-your-butt useable solutions. 25+ years in the making. and it ain't over yet.....

SimPLife is NOT for everyone.

"ask NOT what this world can do for you, ask what together we can do for the betterment of this Planet, and for all Beings of open hand and heart." - i just said that. if you're OK with that, then SimPLife is OK for you.

POINT. glaringly obvious- WE NEED EACH OTHER to shake free, to live sensibly, sanely, practically- and to make irrelevant, certain dominating negative influences.

please take NOTES, ENGAGE often- ADD to this body of work!

because, the world needs you. this is not a joke, nor a rehearsal.

Sensible integrated multiplicity for ###strong

/strong###ractical Living


Who is the target audience?
  • Who should take this course?
  • NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IN ANYTHING, is necessary to engage in this course- feeling the excitement of a new journey is all that is asked!
  • ENGAGERS, or ACTION people, who are focused and able, driven by the excitement of good ideas.
  • Those who burn to know how they may become more handy, more useful in their lives and for the world, are becoming a rare find- SimPLife wants YOU!
  • If your most intense burning desire can no longer be ignored, SimPLife is here to assist, and cheers you on to Result
  • We have NO students in SimPLife. You are an ENGAGER, implementor, unlimitable explorer… or your own private Secret Agent. does this better describe you?
  • Those who FEEL and KNOW their responsibility in the world, towards a life of more simpl sensibility and sanity, are keenly sought after
  • All Life Explorers unsure of their interests, yet who come IN EARNEST to find out, are whole-heartedly WELCOMED
  • Who should not take this course?
  • IF you want to take a SimPLife course because: you are merely curious but not intending to DO
  • or - you just know someone else who took the course
  • or - you are collecting certificates for your office wall
  • or - you really don’t care for engagement, physical labor - and are just interested in the “technical details”
  • then PLEASE save your time your effort your money- SimPLife -and a world in crisis- will sadly enough have to get along without you.
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Curriculum For This Course
29 Lectures
Welcome to SimPLife!
2 Lectures 08:42

WHY is the promo video included here in the course? 

well, many of you may have hurled yourselves headlong into the course without seeing it, that's why. 

and, it's a chat which is key to grok what SimPLife is really here for.....

essential: that you ENGAGE in discussions here, and ask for clarifications- or modifications- when needed,
if not, this course will be sapped of vital purpose.

see you on the inside!


PROMO- Why SimPLife?

SimPLife is steeped in permaculture and biodynamics principles- and put into everyday practical context- via blogs, lectures, and hands-on course videos.

in this vid: WHY BOTHER with SimPL & SimPLife, and why it has existed, from the planet-wandering,internetless beginnings in 1991 up till now.

discussed is the extent of what SimPL gets into, and a course lineup, for existing and upcoming practices.

at the risk of getting too declarative- please know that we humans can arrange to fix the collective ecosystems of this entire planet, in a one-year period of design and planning.

you might be shocked to see how relatively few dedicated folks are actually needed.

provided we remove the global blocks that we have allowed to assert themselves into our midst.

these preventions are not only the usual control-freak corporate baddies. we live in a growing global attitude which prizes the intellect, yet considers hands-on, or the use of hands to effect one's craft and livelihood as something degraded, and reserved for the mass proletariat of lower intelligence.

Robert Greene in his book, Mastery, considers this a severely counterproductive value in today's world, as in fact our brains evolved in conjunction with the hand.

pitiful it is to consider that the life-staple, farming, as example is perhaps the least sexy of topics one may nowadays choose, to incite a continuing chat with another. yet the conversation picks up when we shift to culinary matters- or which restaurant is our favourite. here we see yet again, that earth and the modern human, are just not seeing eye to eye.

efforts like SimPL see time and again, that the major disease most humans have chosen to participate in is APATHY.

A close second is FEAR. you may see this one most often played out as cynicism, or denial.

IF this isn't you- stick around, there is good dialogue indeed to be had!

and now you know, if you wonder why to bother with SimPLife- or why SimPLife bothers- with any of this life-enriching fun we offer.

do a favor? take notes and comment!!

forward! im

INTRO- What's To Learn In SimPLife
TIER A: SPELLING IT OUT- SimPL, Letter by Letter
8 Lectures 01:15:08

SimPL starts out with an S for Sensible, and why do you suppose that is?

plainly, because there is too much going on in 'normal' life that is NOT sensible. at all.

in fact, if you look closely at this human world (and stay away from the numb-and-dumb headlines),
you find out there isn't a whole lot that isn't full-on batshit crazy.

senseless stuff that affects YOU, me and everyone around us- and installed solely to make the few global owners insanely wealthy on OUR daily purchase decisions,
while dragging down the quality of life from all angles,
as this human world snoozes along,
dimly aware that a problem or two might be happening, somewhere...


how much in your life is well-integrated to your natural rhythms?

another way to say that is, are your lifestyle and life content actually benefitting you, making life simpler, higher quality and more FUN?

think on this.

Here, we will dissect a common example of a system integration- the HomeStead.

almost everyone nowadays dreams of the one-day, idyllic lifemap, complete with house barn farm workshop fields animals students workers earth oven artificial wetlands greenhouse......and.....and.....

i could- and YOU could- go on forever with these details, yet a well executed integration minimizes the pain factor, the detailage and expense of a too-fat system heavily laden with elements which make life a real pain in the arse,

instead of the morning leap out of bed to have more FUN

07:27 that we're chest-deep in the mire of detail-
people, and
where they all go-

HOW do we emerge with everything coming together in the way we truly want,

the way which works the best for us, for everyone, the planet...

an integration done right- the aim of every design,

and the endpoint in everyperson's fondest daydreams.

let's go!

integrated success

aahh, the divine law of multiplicity. simply defined as obtaining several results from a single action. the practical application or actually putting this into action,
the blooming of one effect outward to several beneficiaries,
takes a little more than naked understanding.

to master this, is likened to tensing the windspring of the Universe.

the most successful business owners and entrepeneurs have figured this out, whether or not they regard their actions in this kind of context.

after all, how can one or even a few persons actually run an entire organization which is fraught with ongoing details needing attention, without some idea of the multiplied result springing from their relatively few instructions...

multiplicity in the rural

This follow-on to the common multi-chat, delves much deeper into multi-finesse, simply by giving an extended urban example- one that you or i, anyone, could be the originator of.

the invitation is ON, therefore- the principles of multiplicity are not difficult to divine, or to implement- as we have learned and seen in our own lives- SO......

what's to stop ANYONE from multi-mastering, and becoming masters of their own lives, commanders of earthly presence, and wildly successful in many areas at once


multiplicity: the urban insight

as we spell out SimPL, the first three letters

Sensible,  integrated multiplicity-        are drivers which point the way towards ###strong

/strong###ractical Living, the whole point to any of this.

In these three Practical Living videos, TEN guidelines towards a practical life – a SimPLife – are served:

1. No-Credit Economics
2. Buy Second-Hand
3. NO Chemicals!
4. BE Local
5. Thoroughness In All Things
6. Honour Your Body (be healthy)
7. Eat Less Meat (or none)
8. Make Homemade
9. Teach, Mentor & Mastery
10. Because the World Needs YOU

Practical Living 1 thru 5

in this Practical Living video:
6. Honour Your Body (be healthy)
7. Eat Less Meat (or none),

we glimpse into the area of food, personal and community health, perhaps the area most hampered or threatened worldwide. if we might be allowed just this once to dwell morbidly, to raise what we hope are effective alarms-

many people around the world are underpaid and undernourished, and are often seen settling for bodily sustenance which is the cheapest yet most valueless food available. the situation is heading more negative, at the hands of Big Agro and the mass-food machine, churning out volumes of worsening feedstock for the planets' animal and human lifestock.

most damaging of all the corporate badboy control-freak efforts, is the raising of animals for food, whereas vast land, water, chemical and crop resources all add up to an industry that is single-handedly stripping the planet bare- doing more harm than ALL other blamed reasons combined.

questions? there is more proof, tonnes of examples and statistics, than SimPL wishes to admit- here we are looking truly fk'd...

Practical Living 6 thru 7

in this final offering of Tier A,

8. Make Homemade
9. Teach, Mentor & Mastery
10. Because the World Needs YOU

we are beseeched to upmarket, or up-energy or produce & harvests into more valuable commodities and refinements. the same would hold true for any craftsperson, to transform raw or repurposed materials into items of higher value.

also, the sharing of wisdoms and cultivation of mastery from mentor-to-pupil, parent-to-child, is outlined as a fundamental human responsibility.

finally, the summing of what SimPLife is emphasizing- the realization of one's own grandeur, by the simpl act of DOing, and creating the lifelong guilds so vital to our present thrival-

and the addictions of the trapped among us, along with the influence of the control powers that make it so-
are finally, irrevocably made irrelevant.

Practical Living 8 thru 10
TIER B: SimPLife SECRET AGENT - the prime investigations of a do-gooder badass
7 Lectures 58:19

MOST OF US have tried it on, went about as though we were spiritually special- or gifted in the depths of the sacred something- at some point, i will submit. admit, rather.

ALWAYS there was something to DO, or BE, or GET, in order to achieve the benign. and when you did that something, you held a kind of position. experienced. travelled. time to buy a robe.

YET all those times when we spoke of "being here now", being in the moment- or in the room- did we ever really check into what that means? i mean, the REAL. the actual, grit-and-spit of the factual gross matter that we stand on, in, as, the concrete content of the physical plane...what is going on there, after all?

AND when we learn this, are we still willing to think we are somehow running the show- seeing how even something as banal as physicality can be a humbling discovery.

this looks at how new science is unveiling our common reality, via Light as source material, via the "field"- and answers what the hell is vacuum, really, besides just suction...

BE Local NOW

IF you read the previous lecture notes, this will ADD to the grand questions,
the question of BEING, and BEING HERE (physically, anyway).

'WHY do we care?', and 'how can we be here now?' is offered here.
wonder if you can hang out with the final question posed, right there at the end.

write your answers in the Comments!

WHY Be Local NOW

SimPLife is primarily interested in self-reliance,

as every human has the ability and the responsibility to function by their own power AND to know when they are actually doing this, not by repeating a pop-cultural myth of same, or by merely making one purchase or taking a trendy course.

This chat debunks examples of the current fantasies surrounding self-sufficiency, or self-sustainability, such as:

- minimal efforts can make us all planet-saviours
- one or few recommended efforts can justify other habits of waste and environmental insult
- membership in the good countries, communities, or clubs means we are knowledgeable in earth-logic
- awareness without personal research-in-earnest of actual truth, is not awareness.

alas, the majority citizenry in all countries developed or developing, falls prey to one or more of the above, mostly as a result of bad information.

Self-Reliance 1: DeBunking the Funk

using principles of self-reliance, as a useful angle from which to understand basic economics,

and a useful tool for achieving the practical, simplife together.

Self-Reliance 2: Back to Reality

whatever does ORGANIC mean, anyway? this is one abused & overused word in the English language nowadays.

and mostly it gets,well, lost in translation.

poor ‘organic’ our friend, is at once a buzzword, a branch of
chemistry, delineator of certain behaviours, and the flagship of a
global cultural movement.

and i wonder how many folks really have the right word,

when they use this tired & over-wrought label.

then again, in this human world how much that is going on is going on correctly?

What Does Organic MEAN?

everyone’s buddy and political hero, Henry Kissinger, is incorrectly quoted to have said: “control
energy, and you control nations. control food and you control people.”
or, words to that effect...

all jokes aside, old Hank, or someone, was dead on the money. no pun intended.

and guess what?

the populations of the developed, industrial countries are now controlled by energy & food- and in other areas to boot, and therefore are enjoying mass slavery

and are scarcely aware of it.

well. enjoy the show.

Global Dependency

Folks who have never been weaned on chemical consumption, that is to say, those not given over to chemcultural habits of dependency at birth-

the automatic reach for some bizarre-coloured spray container or alien smelling agent to do the most basic of functions- in the course of daily life maintenance,

just don't get this chem-world, that people all around them seem to be blindly hooked into.

and it's true! that people in this world have been often seen, applying some caustic or toxic solution to a plain water-and-towel problem, without first pausing for the possibility that this action/duty/response might not actually be necessary.

so...just a few tips of things to try on the cleaning side of natural. more recipes and tips will later be stuffed into the sock of Stuff for Practical Living, yet another feature looming on this course's horizon...

this video is the info-sidekick of Practical Living 3: No Chemicals!

No-Chem Natural Tips
10 Lectures 01:00:00
How To Use TIER C

looking at BD from different perspectives, so hoping that you will grok
our fundamental Truth- that the Universe is truly set up- or effectively appears-
to be our beneficial and protective ally in Life and lifestyle.

To utilize and understand BD, is to embrace the adage "go with the flow",
in every aspect, literal, figurative and physical.

most all of us tie BD strictly to farming- however it is equally beneficial for human life and lifestyle as it is for plants, and this is explored in depth in the course.

and why wouldn't BD be human-beneficial. are we not biology?

excerpted from-
The Essential Biodynamics: Self Reliance-By-Cosmos

What is BioDynamics?

Six MoonDances

This covers the first four moon rythmns:
Ascending & Descending Moon
Moon Opposite Saturn &
Moon Nodes.

Admittedly, it is a bunch to take on in one sitting- you are encouraged to please, pause the video when necessary and TAKE COPIOUS NOTES, as personal tips to remember what each rhythm means out there in the field, or in your own life.

Enjoy it well, and please remember that whenever something doesn't make sense- to post discussions in the dashboard.....

The SIX Moon Rhythms: 1 thru 4

Six MoonDances

This covers the final two moon rythmns:
Moon Over Zodiac
Full Moon - New Moon

These are both major rythmns, and take a bit of explaining. 

Moon Over Zodiac gives us our elemental influences of Air, Water, Fire and Earth-
in that order- as the moon passes in front of certain groups of stars in the zodiac.
Twelve zodiac constellations, so the four elements are each repeated 3 times,
before the whole rythmn repeats itself.

A full cycle of 4 elements repeating 3 times each, is defined as a month, or moonth.

Full Moon-New Moon is the rythmn everybody knows,
where we see the moon changing phases night after night,
from the disappearing new moon all the way to spectacular full moon, and back again. 

In farming, we are mostly concerned only with the new and full moons within the spectrum of phases,
as these are extreme days which bring particular conditions upon the earth.

The SIX Moon Rhythms: Zodiac & New/Full Moon

Bio-Organic Farming combines the benefits of Ladakhi Organic Farming Method with the benefits of BioDynamics. the two together weave a kind of practical logic, with the method providing the what & how, and the BD providing the when & why.

the Ladakhi Organic Method is a fancy way of saying how the people of Ladakh, in himalayan India, have been growing their own food since ancient times. 

the method utilizes closed cells as planting areas, and is an easy, efficient and compact way to grow food, as water is used practically and effectively, whilst minimizing topsoil or nutrient loss. true to the nature of farming in Ladakh, the method favors smaller, personal or community farms as opposed to being a mass production technique.

This is how-to demonstrates method basics...from using the hoe, to clearing the field,
to creating those first cells and canal in your Ladakhi-style farm.

excerpted from Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening: Self-Reliance, Vital Food

Bio-Organic Farming: Let's Build A Ladakhi Farm!

Describes seed factors: of planting depth, early and full-growth plant spacings, and companion planting guidelines.

NOTE: a companion planting chart is recommended, to choose the right combinations of crops and herbs in your field. many useful charts exist online- using the largest chart available- one with the maximum number of crops listed is recommended, to allow a SimPLer and wider selection.

RESOURCE ATTACHED: as discussed in the video, please review the Women's Alliance of Ladakh Seed Bank Planting Guide , done as a volunteer SimPL project in 2013, to complement a most valuable seed bank effort- a room of Ladakhi superseeds is nothing to ignore- in collaboration with the Navdanya organization of India, which is nothing to ignore.

the chart admittedly is a bit involved- you may want to take time to understand how it reads- but it includes planting depths for various types of crops, a little local lore, and plant spacings & watering info is there as well.

incidentally, i had the great fortune to meet the great Navdanya leader Dr. Vandana Shiva at the Ladakhi Organic Festival there at the WAL facility, and passed onto her my information for the Ladakhi Organic Farming book (still in progress), but unfortunately did not hear back from them. this happens as well- we do not always meet with great success or have great results when dealing with great people.

something as trivial and common as failure should never dissuade us, in my opinion, from the work we feel we must do, or efforts that have great importance for ourselves and this planet.

Bio-Organic Farming: Planting Depth, Spacings & Companions

earth ovens
a mainstay & real passion for so many communities around the world since ancient times.
this is the center of focus and activity during the cold months-
or on pizza night-
where hungry and mesmerized friends routinely gather together to anticipate
a delightful meal, and to stare into the warm aura of fire.

as a natural, eco-friendly project,
earth ovens are a great way to learn rock building, applied recycling, earth building,
simpl shelter construction & clay sculpting all at once.

as a food cooking medium, the earth oven is unsurpassed (my unbiased opinion)
in quality and efficiency- an armload of wood, yard scraps or paper waste can produce:
a sizeable stack of the most incredible pizzas,
mouth-watering loafs of breads & pastries,
smoky-baked jacket potatoes (unwrapped),
open casseroles, and even
main covered dishes in metal pots.

these ovens even work well as a basic kiln, able to fire small ceramics such as coffee mugs and artwork.

in this vid, we first take a look at the earth oven in terms of design and use.

simpl oven lingo: vented (with chimney, or vertical heat-escape) and non-vented (no chimney, where heat escapes through oven mouth). 

both main types of earth oven are shown here, and the non-vented Gandalph oven, circa 2003, is discussed for heat-building, fuel removal, door & oven design- 

and the Bar-Bake-Q effect, which is maintaining the fire inside a non-vented, open mouthed oven during cooking to produce smoked dishes, a personal favorite- and admittedly an acquired taste.

excerpted from
How To Sculpt An Earth Oven: Fire, Beauty & Awesome Food

Sculpt Your Own Earth Oven: A Tale of Two Ovens

the earth oven door determines the rate of heat retention- and of heat loss,
also the size of wood for fuel, the size of cooking trays, ultimately the size of the food.

The door's design is quite simpl, yet more exacting than one may think.

ultimately, the look & shape of the door will inspire or prevent certain wild ideas in oven persona-sculpting, thus the builder-artiste grapples with a fresh new canvas, of how to transform an archway opening into an original illusion, for each new oven creation.

Sculpt Your Own Earth Oven: Design, Shape, Cut a Door

drums are a passion, a legend, ultimately a drug.
and djembe is the kingpin, the don of vibration.

many a hypnotized gathering has gyrated and shook beyond
normal human limits of endurance,
breaking through, inventing movement-
willingly helpless in the drunken trance of rhythm
and the sharp bark of goat's belly over a tree chamber.

in this vid, learn what an african djembe is made of, and how to obtain and/or fabricate the parts.

in each case, it is the fit of the part relative to the other drum parts,
which determines the overall potential of a djembe.

it is then the builder-artiste who determines the final quality,
on a foundation of the quality of parts and their compatibilities

excerpted from
How To Build A Professional Djembe:
Music, Beauty & Biz

Build A Professional Djembe: Know Your Drum Parts

Djembe tuning is horizontal tightening

Here we show how one small djembe, Carmen, was tuned, three times, during her build in 2013. 

Carmen is still reasonably high-noted and tightly strung 3 years later,
despite a questionable wood quality.

The nature of the drumsong is also finally determined by the tune, and the string balancing which occurs by this simpl process.

NOW is the time in the build, to begin discussing quality factors, such as having notes in your drum.

Drums with the most character tend to be those who were not made absolutely perfectly- that indeed have flaws or imbalancing in the strings or hoops.

At times or at certain angles these drums appear less than professional-grade,
but one may be surprised to find drummers actually intending flaws,
for enhanced drum persona....

Build A Professional Djembe: Tuning Explained
2 Lectures 04:34

Where To From Here, St. Peter?

An overview of SimPLife courses present and upcoming. lifeskills to bring the physical results you want to see in your life. and the step-by-step hands-on continuation where this course leaves off.

enjoy, and thank you for making it this far- there are not many people nowadays, who can maintain focus in subjects which are not get-rich-quick or miracle shortcut approaches to Life.

i apologize if this sounds silly or inappropriate, but i am proud of you, and proud that you joined SimPLife for this experience.


SimPLife Courses

Bonus Lecture: Where To From Here, St. Peter?
About the Instructor
im Simpl
4.2 Average rating
91 Reviews
3,044 Students
4 Courses
Environmental Engineer/Builder/Designer

Engineer, instructor, builder/designer/filmmaker/healer/actor/musician/farmer and world-wandering wordweaver, im has been sojourning, building, planting, writing and teaching for over 30 years.

In 1991, prior to the dawn of certification, im created SimPL as a short-contract and volunteer organization which seeks out and assists individuals and communities towards arriving at a self-reliant lifebase, amidst the growing apathy and consumption-fetish now gripping the general human population.

SimPLife is the practice of natural living, with the intention of supporting and preserving the purity & sanctity of sensible lifestyle: project builds and life-skills courses (permaculture & biodynamics-based), organic farming, natural building & life masterplanning.

To date, there have been SimPLife builds or courses in Ladakh, Turkey, Spain, USA, Thailand, Ecuador, Korea, Phillipines, Guyana and England.

im's professional certifications include:

BS Electrical Engineering
BS Civil Engineering
Permaculture Designer/Instructor
LEED Accredited Professional
Solar PV Designer/Installer, SEI
Reconnection Healing Practitioner/ Reiki Master
Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, SOLO
Wilderness Guide Educator, NOLS