Fiction Formula - Outline Your Second Short Story Romance
4.3 (8 ratings)
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Fiction Formula - Outline Your Second Short Story Romance

Fill in the blank system! Use your own characters, plot, and setting to outline your own short story romance book!
4.3 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
805 students enrolled
Created by Mike Dickson
Last updated 6/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Write the second book in a short story romance series
  • Use this outline for every short story romance and never have the same story twice.
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  • Students will need to know the first outline in this series. Please see Short Story Outlines Romance Book I course.
  • Students should have a basic understanding of romance stories.

Important - This is the second course in a three part series. If you have not taken Short Story Outlines - Romance Book I, do not start here. Go to Short Story Outlines - Romance Book I.

Discover The Bizarre Method To Outline A Romance Short Story In Only 1 Week Without Years of Study Or Previous Experience Or Even Any Experience As A Writer!

This Course Reveals The Closely Guarded Hollywood Secret To Writing Already Proven Storylines In Just Days!

Is It An Unfair Advantage? One Trick Let’s You Skip Years of Study and Hard Word Developing Your Own Storyline In Just Days - Experts Say This Shouldn’t Work, But It Does!

In The Next 5 Minutes I’ll Shatter The Biggest Lies In Fiction Writing, And Show You How To Use The Same Kind of Outlines Authors Use To Get A Jump Start On Their Stories, And Use Them Over and Over Again!

Since I discovered this secret in August 2013, I’ve shown over 1200 writers how to do the same thing. As this gets out, I’ve shown 400 more writers in the last 4 months. That’s 1600+ writers in only three years!

I know you’re skeptical, and you should be. But these results speak for themselves - I really did teach 1600 students this trick in the last three years.

Not only have I taught 1600 students in three years - I’ve helped hundred more people in person.

Back in 2007 I was in your exact position. More than anything in the world I wanted become a writer. But I struggled to develop the proper story structure and characters.

I felt stuck and overwhelmed. I doubted I’d ever understand how writers and Hollywood screen writers turned out so many scripts each year. I was on the verge of giving up, and giving in.

I only started seeing results once I realized I’d been tricked by the biggest lie in Hollywood. A lie that kept me from writing a dozen stories each year since then. Once you’ve fallen into it’s trap, it becomes difficult if not impossible to ever understand how it’s done!

After my breakthrough writing short stories was suddenly easy. I stopped struggling with story structure, and I began writing complete stories in weeks not years. I’ve never been happier.

Now I want to help you experience the breakthrough like I did.

If you don’t figure out this well hidden secret, you’ll struggle to become a published author. Even worse, you’ll be in danger of quitting before you even finish one draft!

I’ve seen what happens when people keep struggle and fail to complete a simple draft. It’s ugly, and I don’t want you to suffer that fate.

What happens if you do nothing? You’ll continue on the same learning path as you are today. Not just today, but tomorrow and next month and next year. You may never accomplish your goal of becoming a writer.

Everyone KNOWS it’s just hard work and luck to become a great writer. The problem? Everyone is dead wrong. The hidden truth is that the successful authors and writers KNOW it’s much easier than hard work and luck! Once I’d discovered that secret, I was able to turn out outlines in weeks over ad over and I’ve never looked back.

The biggest names in writing and in particular, Hollywood don’t want you to know how to turn out stories in days. When I finally figured it out I finished a story in 6 days that I had been working on for three months. Now my life is completely different - before I would sit and write all day with very little to show for it, now I use this secret and work for less than an hour each day and accomplish 10x more than before.

You won’t believe this. It’ll make you angry. It’ll piss you off. But the truth is that you don’t have to know much about story structure to do this. The sooner you get comfortable with it the better, because learning this secret is the key to publishing several short stories this year.

Testimonials from ACTUAL students:

I have written and published several non-fiction and children's books. Now I am writing scripts and fiction. This course is a deep dive into how to outline your fiction story from beginning to end. I heartily recommend it!”

“Mike Dickson hands us a template where much of the complexity is reduced so that I can focus on the more personal stuff of my story. I can plug in my characters and have a good idea where they need to go, thus helping me to keep from going off the rails, as it were. Whether for the A Story or B Story within the novel, this can be woven into any number of genres. Now it's time for me to start writing! Thanks for the welcome push in the right direction!”

“Exactly what I am looking for. This is a goldmine for new writers. Thank You!”

Introducing, the closely guarded secret that Hollywood screen writers and fiction authors used to turn out outline after outline in weeks, not years. No one outside the inner circle believe this was possible.

Short Story Outlines - Romance Book II

If you don’t outline a complete and flawless Romance short story by the end of this two hour course, I’ll refund 100% of your money no questions asked.

Stop wasting your time studying story structure for now. Click the button to buy this course now and have a finished short story romance outline in one week!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for all writers who have taken the first course in this series, Short Story Outlines Romance Book I.
  • This course is for all writers. Aspiring, published, new or old. All will benefit from this outline.
  • Who should not take this course: Any writer who has not taken Short Story Outlines Romance Book I course.
  • Who should not take this course: Any writer who does not believe in outlining a story prior to writing.
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Curriculum For This Course
53 Lectures
New to Short Story Outlines - Romance?
1 Lecture 03:21

New to Short Story Outlines Romance? Listen to this lecture to determine if you're right for this course.

Preview 03:21
Course Introduction
1 Lecture 02:20

Welcome back to our Short Story Outlines - book 1 students!

Preview 02:20
1 Lecture 03:18

As we did in the first course in the Short Story Outlines - Romance series, this lecture provides writer's the opportunity to reconnect with other students and to introduce themselves to new students.

Everyone will benefit from introducing themselves and sharing their experiences as you make your way through the course. Writing is solitary, but all the successful authors in the world bounce idea's off other people. Introducing yourself is where that begins.

Writer introduction for book 2
Short Story Basics - Review
3 Lectures 04:14

Been a while since you thought of your short story and what may constitute a scene? Watch this brief lecture to get the highlights and get back on track!

Short Story Scenes

If there's one thing that will make your outlining more difficult than it needs to be, it's not knowing the 4 elements of a scene. Take a couple of minutes to re-introduce yourself to these 4 elements in this video.

Setup, Revelation, Conflict, Aftermath, Methodology

Scene Development Worksheet
9 pages
New Character Introduction and Trait Review
4 Lectures 07:02

Here's a quick introduction to why you need to familiarize yourself with character traits, and why you should re-familiarize yourself if you haven't in a while.

Preview 02:05

This video will introduce to you the Contagonist character and how that character fits within the Romance storyline. Play close attention to this character introduction. The Contagonist is often confused as the Antagonist, but serves a different interest.

New character for book 2 - Contagonist

This video will provide a high level overview of the characters we introduced in book 1. If it's been some time since you visited the first course or have worked on your story, you may want to take the three minutes and reintroduce yourself to the characters and who they represent in your story.

Protagonist Antagonist Love Interest and Side Character Trait Review

This is a one page document to help you keep track on the main characters and their story traits.

Character Traits
1 page
Book 2 Outline
1 Lecture 00:00

Organization is key when creating a new story. The attached worksheets are here to help you keep organized. Alter them, change them to suite you, whatever you need to do to keep organized.

Outline Guide
3 pages
Chapter 1 Protgaonist POV
5 Lectures 12:53

Scene: Conflict

Scene 1: Revelation

Scene 1: Aftermath
Scene 1: Share Your Work
1 Lecture 01:52
Scene 1: Share Your Work
Chapter 2 Love Interest POV
5 Lectures 12:22

This lecture covers the first phase of scene 2 and provides a starting point.

Scene 2: Setup

Scene 2: Revelation

Scene 2: Conflict

Scene 2: Aftermath
Scene 2: Share Your Work
1 Lecture 01:36
Scene 2: Share Your Work
10 More Sections
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