Shiatsu Massage
5.0 (25 ratings)
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Shiatsu Massage

Learn one hour routine of this amazing Massage technique and treat your family and friends
5.0 (25 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
285 students enrolled
Created by Paul Capelli
Last updated 8/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the difference between Shiatsu and other massage techniques
  • Give your loved ones a very relaxing massage experience in the comfort of your home or the park if you prefer.
  • Apply basic Shiatsu techniques to the back, the neck, the arms, the hands, the legs, the feet, the shoulders and the spine.
  • Treat your family and friends to a 30 mins or an hour massage, through clothing.
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  • You will need to have a little mattress, or simply some duvets, some blankets and a couple of cushions to lay on the floor. that's it
  • You don't require any massage tables, any oils, any chairs. Just enough space for a person to lie down and for you to move around them

This is a unique course. Yes, unique because it will get you back in touch with the human connection - something we seem to have lost in our busy lives.

Just think about when was the last time you spent some time exclusively with your partner, your best friend or one of your family members. Long time ago right? Special moments are now rare but they are still the most important thing we have in life. I hope you are with me here…

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique done through clothing; it is one of the most relaxing experiences out there, thanks to its firm but gentle pressure, its delicate and calm movements and its stretches.

Learning the basics of Zen Shiatsu is very easy, even if you think you are not a massage person. All you need is some time to watch these videos and the right state of mind. If you can take five minutes to fully relax before treating your friends, you will both have an amazing experience.

You don’t need any previous experience in massage; we’ll start from the ABC of Shiatsu. You just need to find somebody who wants to be spoiled.

It is a journey of personal improvement and knowledge about the body.

We will learn together how to work on:

·      The back

·      The neck

·      The arms and hands

·      The shoulders

·      The Sacrum

·      The legs and

·      The feet

We will start by understanding what is pressure in the context of Shiatsu and how we can apply it. We will then learn how to set up a room for our treatments, the parts of our own body we use to deliver our pressure and the shape that our body needs to have to deliver an effective pressure.

Once we understand the basics thoroughly, we will finally work on a person. We will start applying pressure to the back, which is the safest place to start. Step by step, we will work on all the parts of the body.

This course will get you in touch with the fascinating world of anatomy while teaching you a lot about your body as well. You will discover that everybody's body is different and moves in a different way. Very interesting, I can assure you.

We will treat people using our hands, our fingers, our elbows and even our knees, all without messy oils, with the minimum requirement of space and preparation. The idea is to help people relax but also to have fun, keep it light-hearted.  That way, you’ll get the best out of it.

At the end of it, you will be able to apply an hour of Shiatsu massage to your loved ones and make them feel special. I love treating people myself but treating my dear ones is another level of satisfaction. You’ll see what I mean.

See you in the course.

Till then.


Who is the target audience?
  • This massage course is really for anybody interested in human contact, if you have a mum, a son, a friend, a boyfriend, a grandma or a grumpy grandpa, this course will teach you how to thank them in a unique way
  • After this course you will have the power to help your friends and family feel special and loved. Shiatsu is a very relaxing experience and you can learn the basics in a short time.
  • We will go through the two main positions of as shiatsu treatment (prone and supine). By the end of it you will feel comfortable to treat people in your living room or in a park
  • You will learn how to give safe and effective pressure to: the back, the neck, the arms, the hands, the legs, the feet, the shoulders and the spine.
  • This course is not meant for professionals looking for a new certificate. Instead, it is for people who love connection and want to spend quality time with their family and friends
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Curriculum For This Course
21 Lectures
1 Lecture 02:35

Welcome to Shiatsu for Family and Friends. Get ready to learn a skill that will stay to you all your life, a new tool to tell everybody I love you in a special way.

Preview 02:35
Welcome and intro to Shiatsu.
6 Lectures 26:30

A warm welcome to you. Here is a brief explanation on what Shiatsu is and what we will learn during this course. I have prepared some PDFs for you, they are ready to be collected during the course. Remember to take them ok? So let's start this amazing journey together.


In this session we will learn the most important part of Shiatsu: how to give a perfect pressure. A good pressure in Shiatsu is paramount. In this chapter we will learn the three main characteristics of Shiatsu pressure: The two points contact, the equality, and the perpendicularity.

Preview 05:51

In this lesson we will learn the position that your body needs to adopt in order to apply a proper Shiatsu pressure. We will do some exercises together. You will see that it is very important to have this right since the beginning since we keep this position for 70% of our treatment. If we are not balanced and perpendicular, our pressure will not be even and effective and our receive will notice it immediately. Let's go and see how we do it.

Our body structure

In this lesson, we will learn the first three elements we use in a Shiatsu treatment: the palms, the fingers and  the elbows. These three parts of the upper body are equally important and each one of you will soon grasp the subtile difference between the pressure delivered by the palms, very strong yet gentle. The pressure with the fingers, very precise and deep and the pressure given with the elbows, in my opinion the warmest, the more intimate.

Hands, palms and elbows

In this lesson we will learn how to prepare a room to have the most relaxing experience possible. Let's just remember that you are not a professional so you are allowed (and advised by me) to do your Shiatsu in any conditions. You can do shiatsu in the park with your children and your friends or in a quite room like I am explaining here. The aim of this course is, of course, teaching you how to give a  shiatsu massage but the main goal is spending quality time with your loved ones. So make it happen anytime you can ;).

Preview 07:38

Write to me

Let's see if everything is clear so far.

The theory recap
4 questions
The prone position
4 Lectures 26:45

Finally we are starting to apply the pressure on a person. In this lesson we will learn how to apply safe and effective pressure to the back with our palms, thumbs and elbows. I reckon that the back is the safest place to start. The back can be delicate but it is generally a good place where we can learn how to dose our Shiatsu. Always remember to ask your partner to let you know if you are giving too much pressure, or too little for that matter. Go for it.

The back in prone position

In this lesson we will learn how to apply pressure to the buttocks and to the sacrum. Ahhhh the sacrum, you will see the results. They will LOVE IT... They are both parts of the body with a lot of tensions, especially the buttocks are pure muscles and where there are muscles there is often tension. Let me know how it goes.

Preview 03:09

In this lesson we will learn to spot the real sign of enjoyment from our receivers. I am not mentioning what is it. I don't want to spoil the surprise. Always look for....

Revealing THE SECRET

In this lesson we will learn how to apply pressure to the legs with our palms, knees and elbows. The Legs, as you can imagine, are hardworking fellows that deserve a lot of Shiatsu. Here as well we are in an area where we have muscles all over, which means that we can have tensions all over. Take care because despite they look strong they can be very delicate, especially the thighs. 

The legs in prone position

Let's check if all is clear on the prone position.

The prone position
5 questions
Some more theory
3 Lectures 10:54

In this lesson I just wanted to go through some of the condition that professional Shiatsu can help you with. Just for you to know in case you need to see a masseur in future. Just remember that Shiatsu is an holistic therapy. This means that we are looking at the body as a whole. If you have pain in your back, the shiatsu practitioner may concentrate his/her work on the feet or the legs because your pain could start from there. This is one option of course, there are many different conditions and ways of treatment.

What can shiatsu help with?

In this lesson we will learn some little stretches to do before we are giving Shiatsu. Remember that Shiatsu is very much a question of connection with the other person. Try to take few minutes for yourself before giving Shiatsu, your Shiatsu will have a different quality. To give a great shiatsu massage you need to be in the moment and focus the attention on your movements. I like to think that Shiatsu is a form of mediation. At least it is for me.

Preparation to give shiatsu

Here we will learn how to give pressure to Children and when Shiatsu is counter indicated. Basically the concept is giving Shiatsu only to our Children to avoid any problems. Pregnant ladies love Shiatsu but remember to treat them ONLY AFTER THE THIRD MONTH OF PREGNANCY. Better, as well, not to work on cancer patience or people affected by osteoporosis. You are not professionals so refrain from working on people outside your family or your circle of friends. Better safe than sorry right?

Shiatsu for Children and when to avoid Shiatsu

Theory 2 recap
3 questions
The Supine Position
4 Lectures 26:54

We are now going back to do some Shiatsu work on the legs. We we learn now to work on them in the supine position. Again we need to take care when we apply our pressure to the thighs because the frontal part of the thighs can be very tense and delicate. This time we have to do some rotations of the legs and sometimes can be hard work.. Be strong ;)

The legs in supine position

In this little lesson we will learn to treat one of the most hardworking part of our body, the feet. Feel free to spend more time on the feet doing what your instinct tells you. Work on the heels and at the roots of the toes, they'll love it. 

The feet in supine position

Now, we see how to work on the arm and hands. Here as well we have a lot of muscles. Remember to ask for the feedback of your partner from time to time. Generally is not a problem to apply shiatsu pressure to the arms but sometimes it can be painful on the biceps (due to tensions), especially if we are working on elderly people. Everybody loves the work on the hands, you'll see.

The arms and the hands in supine position

This is something they will absolutely LOVE. We are working now on the neck. Always ask if they had any problem with their neck and their spine in the past. In case they say yes, apply only the pressure with fingers but do not apply any stretches. You will see how enjoyable is the exercise with the fingers under the back. 

The neck

Let's see if all make sense in supine position

The supine position
3 questions
Final touches
2 Lectures 04:39

As a present for being a good student, I want to teach you these two amazing techniques. your partner will definitely melt...

1 Lecture 00:39
Just to say hi and well done again.
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Paul Capelli
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Paul Capelli (Goldmundo) is a certified shiatsu practitioner, trainer and polyglot from London. Paul is originally from Italy and now speaks and teaches in English, Spanish and Portuguese together with his mother tongue of course. He is passionate about sharing his experience over many years and many countries.

Paul is treating people in London where he lives and he is engaged in spreading the Shiatsu techniques to the Londoners.