SEO Training Academy: Learn Search Engine Optimization
4.4 (286 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4,701 students enrolled
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SEO Training Academy: Learn Search Engine Optimization

Master the art of search engine optimization by learning fundamental SEO principles and techniques in this course.
4.4 (286 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4,701 students enrolled
Created by R.L. Adams
Last updated 4/2017
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  • 7.5 hours on-demand video
  • 2 Articles
  • 3 Supplemental Resources
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the Mechanics of Search
  • Brainstorm, Research, and Implement a Keyword Strategy
  • Differentiate Between Solid SEO Tactics and Ones that Bend or Break the Rules
  • Wield Both On-Page & Off-Page Optimization Techniques
  • Engage in Powerful Content Marketing Strategies
  • Conduct Link-Building Campaigns
  • Leverage the Power of Social Media for SEO
  • Develop a Complete Understanding for Ranking at the Top of Google's Search
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  • The Basics of Web Development
  • An Understanding of Wordpress

What happens when a rabbit races a turtle?

You know this story right? 

The rabbit sprints, leaving the turtle in the dust. Right off the bat, it's as if the rabbit will win. 

But the rabbit gets caught up, spins its wheels and veers off course. 

The turtle moves forward, nice and steady, consistently towards the finish line. 

We all know that the turtle wins. The rabbit was way too confident and didn't pay attention to the race, thinking there was plenty of time to win. 

The moral of the story? 

Don't be like the rabbit.

SEO is hard enough as it is when you try to learn it on your own. But don't try to blaze through material that you find anywhere on the web. 


If you end up doing the wrong things, you could suffer the wrath of Google. And those penalties are hard to recover from.

If you're frustrated and feeling like the rabbit, that's okay. 

Even if success in the field of SEO has long alluded you, and even if the thought of trying to consume all of the content that makes for a successful SEO campaign is all-consuming, there's hope for you yet. 

The truth? 

SEO is an increasingly-complex field. And it keeps expanding its virtual tentacles. There's a lot of information to grasp and rules to digest before you can actually succeed. 

And that's precisely what I'm going to teach you. 

Allow me to teach you how to SEO the right way... like a real pro. 

This information is quite literally worth its weight in gold. 

In fact, students pay me hundreds of times the amount of this course for one-on-one instruction. You're going to get precisely the same information that I teach in my one-on-one consultations, for a fraction of the cost. 

But before I tell you more, let me tell you a little bit about me. 

My name is Robert, and years ago I was frustrated with SEO just like you. 

I felt like there was so much to learn but so little time. 

Today, after having written extensively on the topic with a number of books and audiobooks to my name, I've created this course that will help you to DOMINATE SEO

Why should you listen to me? 

I own the most competitive keyword searches on the internet. 

I rank #1 for quite literally thousands of searches. 


In fact, the most competitive search on the internet 'Make Money Online' goes to one of my articles. If you search 'Ways to Market Your Business Online,' I've actually got the top two articles. Same thing with 'Failure Lessons' or 'How to Discipline Yourself.' 

And so many more...

Imagine being able to send virtually limitless amounts of free organic traffic to your offers and pages on the Web? That skill is worth its weight in gold!

To begin, we'll lay the groundwork with the fundamental principles involved in SEO. You'll gain historical knowledge about where we've come and what's changed in recent years along with the strategies and techniques to help you rank at the top of Google's searches.

From beginner to advanced, you'll quickly move through the ranks to become a professional search engine marketer taught to you by a seasoned professional.

In this course, you'll get the following benefits:

  • In-depth understanding of SEO fundamentals
  • Powerful SEO strategies to rank your site today!
  • BONUS: 80+ pages of downloadable resource guides
  • Social media marketing techniques
  • An introduction to email marketing
  • And much more...

However, you need to act fast. I'm only keeping this price this low for a very limited time. 

And once I increase the price, it's not going back down again. 

Scroll up and hit the SIGN UP button right now.

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginner's with Little Knowledge of SEO
  • Intermediate Internet Marketers Looking to Expand their Toolset
  • Expert SEOs Looking to Refresh their Knowledge in the Field
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 71 Lectures Collapse All 71 Lectures 09:07:05
Start Here: SEO Training Academy
6 Lectures 30:43

A brief introduction to the world of search engine optimization.

Preview 03:14

An introduction to the two core concepts that will drive all of your work as an SEO.

Preview 03:07

Differentiate between On-Page SEO (also known as On-Page Optimization) and Off-Page SEO (also known as Off-Page Optimization).

On-Page SEO versus Off-Page SEO

We'll explore the three core components of Google's trust and just what they mean.

The Three Components of Trust

An overview of the important algorithm adjustments that Google has instituted over the years and the significance of those adjustments to your work as an SEO.

Algorithm Adjustments: The Impact on SEO

A brief history on PageRank and the significance it plays in today's search.

Understanding PageRank

Quiz on Introduction Topics
4 questions
Tools & Resources
3 Lectures 25:32

Review Google's Webmaster Guidelines and develop an understanding of what they mean.

** Downloadable PDF guide included with this lecture.

Google's Webmaster Guidelines

PDF: Google's Webmaster Guidelines
35 pages

This quiz is associated to the Google Webmaster's Guidelines lecture of this course.

Since Google's Webmaster Guidelines is at the heart of much of the work you'll be doing as an SEO, developing a comprehensive understanding of it is at the basis of your ability to rank any content high up on Google's SERPs.

If you haven't already done so, please download the resource guide included in that lecture of the course. Read the resource guide, then take this quiz.

Quiz on Google's Webmaster Guidelines
20 questions

Discuss some useful tools and Websites that we'll refer to over the course of our SEO work.

Useful Sites & Toolbars
Keyword Research
4 Lectures 14:59

An introduction to what keywords are, how keyword searches work, and the differentiation between long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords.

Preview 08:33

An introduction to conducting keyword research to find the right keywords for your content.

How to Research Keywords

The importance of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and its impact on today's contextual-driven search.

Latent Semantic Indexing

Challenge: Keyword Research
Website Architecture
5 Lectures 23:36

The impact of a Website's navigational elements on its optimization on Google's search engine and best practices.

Preview 05:09

Understanding friendly URLs and the right way to present keywords & paths in an easily understandable format.

Optimizing URLs

Having an XML sitemap is important and can impact your ability to rank on Google's SERPs.

Offer a Site Map to Users

The significance of the robots.txt file, how it can be used to deter indexing of certain files and directories, and how it can be maliciously used by hackers.


What's an .htaccess file and what types of things can be done with it?

Trust through Content
3 Lectures 27:40

Why content is king, and the large and ever-increasing role it's playing in Google's SERPs.

Content is King

Best use practices when it comes to optimizing your content for a particular keyword.

How to Structure Good Content

Differentiating between the nofollow and the dofollow (or lack thereof) link attributes.

Do-Follow Links versus No-Follow Links
Trust through Authority
6 Lectures 36:05

We'll learn the importance of trust through authority as one of the key components of SEO.

Trust through Authority

How to get other Websites that Google already trusts to link to your Website.

How to Build Authority

We'll review 45 popular authority sites and the type and style of content to build out on some of them.

45 Popular Authority Websites

PDF: 45 Popular Authority Websites
4 pages

The 5 steps for improving the authority of your Website by leveraging powerful content marketing techniques.

5 Steps for Improving Your Authority

Okay guys, here's the challenge. Now that you understand the importance of authority and hopefully you've gone through the 45 popular authority Websites document, I'd like you to setup an account on each one of those sites for your business.

But here's the trick...

Don't do them all in one day. Why not?

While it probably won't come across as spammy to Google, you don't want to risk creating 45 links to your Website in one day, especially if you have zero links as of right now.

Split them up into 5 authority site profiles per day. So, it will take you one week to complete this challenge.

And, yes... Google pays special attention to when it finds a link, evidenced by its link-acceleration algorithms that look for the amount of links created to your site each day, and whether or not those links are increasing from day to day, week to week, and month to month.

Also, when you setup the authority profiles, I want you to take up the full description to describe your business. Don't try to keyword stuff in there. You want to write something natural and organic about your business, website, products, service, or whatever it is that your'e peddling. But take up the full description field. If that means doing 2000 words, then do it.

Why is this so important?

Google looks at the quality of the links back to your site. If it's coming from empty profiles with just a link to your site and no meaningful information, it will either come across as spammy, or it won't give you as much link juice. So, take up the space to fill in the profiles completely. 100% completely. Go beyond the call of duty!

If you guys have questions or issues, please post them in the discussions and I"ll do my best to answer them as quickly as possible.

Challenge: Authority-Site Profiles
Trust through Age
4 Lectures 40:02

We explore what the trust through age factor really means.

Understanding Trust through Age

When was the domain first indexed versus the newness of the content.

Age of Domain versus Freshness of Content

How to research the age of a domain using the Wayback Machine.

Researching Domain Ages

How to purchase an aged domain through a site like GoDaddy Auctions.

Purchasing an Aged Domain
Trust through Relevancy
3 Lectures 15:37

We explore what relevancy is and where relevancy signals exist.

What is Relevancy?

Developing a profound understanding for LSI and LSA.

Latent Semantic Indexing & Latent Semantic Analysis

How to leverage relevancy signals to boost your site to the top of SERPs.

Leveraging Relevancy Signals
SEO Strategies
10 Lectures 01:04:26

The importance of getting organized and creating an SEO plan to effectively tackle the enormity of work required when optimizing a Website.

Creating an SEO Action Plan

How to leverage the powerful strategy of content marketing to propel your site to the top of SERPs by leveraging sites that Google already trusts.

Content Marketing

The importance of adding video marketing to any SEO strategy.

Video Marketing

How to build high PR backlinks by using the broken-link strategy.

Broken Link Strategy

The truth about link-building through blogs & forums as an SEO strategy.

Blog & Forum Discussions

Why long-tail keywords are crucial to any SEO campaign.

Long-Tail Keyword Approach

Why ** high-quality ** guest blogging still works, and the power of editorial links.

Guest Blogging & Editorial Links

An overview of the Bootstrap responsive CSS system.

Mobile SEO - Bootstrap or Custom Wordpress Theme

Why press releases are no longer a viable SEO strategy.

The Truth about Press Releases

Why adding an HTTPS / SSL encryption layer will boost your SEO visibility.

HTTPS / SSL Encryption
Tracking & Analysis
3 Lectures 14:09

An overview of Google Webmaster Tools and why it's an important tool in any SEO's arsenal.

Google Webmaster Tools

Using Google Analytics to track your Website visitors.

Google Analytics

Using MOZ Explorer to discover in-depth Website analysis that could benefit your work as an SEO.

MOZ Explorer
6 More Sections
About the Instructor
R.L. Adams
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17,132 Students
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Entrepreneur, Software Engineer & Best-Selling Author.

R.L. Adams is an entrepreneur and best-selling author with over 40 books to his name, many of which are in the field of search engine optimization and online marketing. You can find all of his books on Amazon and Audible. 

He contributes to some of the biggest names in the digital publishing industry such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post and Engadget. He also runs a wildly-successful blog called Wanderlust Worker. 

He believes in developing educational material that will not only inspire, but will also deliver tons of value. He believes in quality over quantity, and doesn't skimp when it comes to covering all the meticulous details required to learn any subject matter that demands a great deal of dexterity.