Be the Winner-Telesales & Job Seeking Skills L1 (Techniques)
4.5 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Be the Winner-Telesales & Job Seeking Skills L1 (Techniques)

Close more prospects / get a better job by telemarketing (Job seeking is a business-to-business skill set.)
4.5 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
743 students enrolled
Created by Alan H. Jordan
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • This course is being expanded as of 1/23/16. It will soon include information for job seekers. If you stop to think about it, getting a job is a business-to-business sales process.
  • Entice your prospects with a succint, effective explanation of your product
  • Build trust with prospects and clients more easily
  • Motivate prospects to buy by demonstrating how your product increases productivity
  • Develop a better understanding of why it's important to show clients how your product can make them more productive
  • Engage your prospects with 18-second units of conviction
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  • Before you take this course, you should know the product or service you want to sell.
  • The material in the course can be adapted for EACH product or service you sell

A big "Thank You" to my students for all of the 5* reviews. I have your interests at heart, and I wlll continue to improve the course based on your suggestions.

Last Updated: 01/23/2016

This course is being expanded as of 1/23/16. It will soon include information for job seekers. If you stop to think about it, getting a job is a business-to-business sales process. I also feel this information is valuable because almost everyone needs to change jobs occasionally. Stay tuned for additional lectures.

  • Added the new Bonus Response section where I respond to statements and questions posed by students when I feel that their answers will be useful to many students.
  • The lecture (4) on the secret of telemarketing, renewing a prospect's attention every 18 seconds, was replaced with a video with higher quality audio. I'm still working on this lecture, and plan to upgrade it again soon. (I've had my share of technical issues with audio, and I've invested in new equipment. I'll be upgrading the lessons over the next four weeks with my new equipment.)
  • An additional lecture (lecture 5 which explains how the Law of Attraction dramatically affects cold calling has been added.

About this Course:

This module focuses on integrity-based Business-to-Business telephone canvassing. (Much of the information in it also works for in-person sales as well as telemarketing.) You'll be more productive within two weeks.

Truly understanding your product or service, from each customer's point-of-view is the key to everything from preparing every sales presentation an effective cold telemarketing call to an "elevator" pitch that you deliver face-to-face.

This module empowers you to answer a series of questions that will help you to identify these magic sales words for each of your products. At first, you'll find this difficult to do. However, you'll probably be surprised at how easy it is, once you set up the right environment.

Perhaps the second most valuable thing that you'll get from this course is a full understanding of a why it's necessary to renew your prospect's interest every 18-seconds. Once you understand this, you'll be much more productive.

The course includes:

  • Videos that provide step-by-step processes for developing succinct sales phrases that set you aside from other salespeople;
  • Audio lectures that help you to focus on developing your magic sales words;
  • Integrity-based telephone sales presentations; and
  • Supplementary written materials

If you are highly motivated, you can do this course in one day, but it's probably best to digest each lecture and budget a week to finish.

Purchase this course if you:

Are an inside or outside salesperson who wants to close more sales;

  • Manage salespeople and want a resource to motivate them to do their best; or
  • Want to support a salesperson or sales manager;
  • Are not involved in sales but want to persuade people to adopt your ideas.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who sells to businesses
  • Some people who sell to consumers (this is a business-to-business course, but you may gain some value.)
  • Sales managers who need to help their sales force prospect
  • Spouses, and friends of salespeople and sales managers who want to help their spouse or friend succeed more rapidly.
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Curriculum For This Course
28 Lectures
My Motivational Video - Just in case you missed it.
1 Lecture 01:55

Discover secrets of telemarketing that make telephone prospecting, especially cold calling by phone much more productive. Great for salespeople and sale managers, particularly those who are interested in training telemarketers.

Preview 01:55
This Module's Goals
7 Lectures 14:36

You can't make a sale unless the person you're speaking with is interested in what you have to say. In this module we will discover how to interview yourself (or your managers) so you can identify the benefits of your product so that you can use them in every phase of the sales cycle. The information is particularly valuable for people who are telemarketing business-to-business (B2B) phone presentations.

Preview 06:03

At any given time in the cold canvass (telephone) sales process, you have 18 seconds to make a point.If you exceed this time, you run the risk of boring your prospect or client. The information that you glean from this module will empower you to stay on track, 18-seconds at a time.

Preview 03:04

The Law of Attraction doesn't seem to have anything to do with not mentioning your company's name when you're cold calling, but it does, and this concise video explains why.

Preview 01:50

The goal of this module is to help you identify the benefits of your product so that you can use them in every phase of the sales cycle. However, just stopping there is likely to be unsatisfying. So, I have also shown how to use this information to approach the person who answers the phone and the Suspected Decision Maker. Additional modules plug the information you have gleaned into other sales situations such as explaining the reason for your call to a secretary, explaining the reason for your call if the person you are calling does not answer, etc. See the Bonus Lecture for additional information.

The scope of this module

This lesson encourages students to introduce themselves in the course so that they can get assistance from the instructor and other students in areas such as:

  • Outbound telemarketing;
  • Inbound telephone sales;
  • Lead generation; and
  • Following up phone calls.
Please introduce yourself
1 page

This brief video pinpoints the reasons that this course will help telemarketers and outside salespeople succeed. It's a great lesson for telephone sales people who make outbound calls as well as customer service representatives that handle inbound traffic (phone calls.)

This may be the most important sales course you every take...

Once you understand the value of an 18-second attention span, you'll be much more productive. That's why I'm asking you to post a discussion item with your understanding of why the 18-second attention span is crucial.

Practice and Prosper: Explain the value of the 18 second attention span
Understanding What You are Selling from Your Prospects' Point of View
19 Lectures 42:55

The eight words that you use to describe the product or service you are selling may be the most important words in the entire sales process, especially if you are telemarketing to businesspeople. If you don't get these right, the number of phone presentations and in-person sales opportunities you experience will be dramatically reduced.

Best 8 Sales Phrases for Your Product - Take them from your brain to your mouth

Please review the various lectures, especially Building Trust 18 Seconds at a Time and Describe in EIGHT (8) Words or Less the Product or Service You Sell. It's great information if you involved in outside sales, but crucial if you do teleselling, telecommerce or telemarketing.

Take a look at some of the resources that I've attached here. They are from forthcoming modules, and they include Integrity-Based phrases that will help you to see how to use the 8 words. (This is, of course, covered in detail in the other modules.)

Then, write out the eight-word phrase that you feel will help you to sell one product, and post it in the discussion area to receive feedback.



Practice and Prosper: Craft 8 phrases that succinctly describe your product

Discover how asking questions in a discussion form can maximize your sales by getting the answers you need from students who work in the area of telemarketing, telesales or telecommerce. Answers often provide insight that make the process of cold calling, as well following up easier.

Why you will benefit by creating discussions

As you go through this course, you are liable to have questions, questions which sometimes can best be explained by uploading a picture or screen capture to a discussion item. This short video explains how to do that, and it uses examples of images that I have uploaded in courses that I'm taking.

Include a screen capture or photo in your discussion.

Describe three areas where your clients are most likely to want help

If you can describe what your product or service does to help customers succeed you are much closer to closing sales than you would be if you were to struggle through telemarketing calls. This module helps you to identify the phrases you can use to generate leads, follow up and close more sales, by telemarketing or in-person.

Describe something your company does to help its clients (<=10 words)

The key to closing a sale, whether you are telemarketing or making in-person presentations, is often showing a prospect how they can avoid, or eliminate hassles. This is particularly true when following up during the telephone sales process when you don't have face-to-face contact.

Describe how your company helps eliminate hassles for its clients (<=6 words)

I'm just touching base to see what I can do to help you get maximum value from the course. Let me know what I can do to enhance your telephone sales and other business-to-business (B2B) sales efforts.

How are you doing in this course?

According to virtually every government web site in the world, productivity is a key factor for businesspeople. This lesson explains how you can demonstrate to a client that you can make their business more productive. It's valuable for outside salespeople and absolutely crucial information for telemarketers who rarely get a chance to build strong personal ties with their clients.

Understanding the Value of Productivity to Your Clients

This lesson explains how to work up (prepare) telephone sales and in-person presentations that produce superb results because they show a customer, client or prospect how to be more productive, thereby increasing profitability.

Describe how your product (service) will help to increase productivity

Facilitating an understanding of what your clients have to gain by using your product, service or company is not necessarily easy. This brief tutorial shows you one way that will minimize the chances that you will undermine your sales process.

Helping your prospects discover what they will gain
9 pages

If you reduce your prospect's stress, especially extreme stress, you will make a business friend who will one day return the favor. Few other systems show telemarketers and outside salespeople how to reduce their customers stress.

Describe the way your product reduces stress
9 pages

If you take a few moments to do the web search described in this video, you'll find that the information you'll glean will do two things:

1. It will validate much of the information in Section 2.

2. It will be good practice for the procedures that will help you to identify the words and phrases that will help you to sell more with less effort.

This search is particularly valuable for telemarketers and telesales people who are responsible for generating leads.

Practice and Prosper: Do a Web Search and Post Your Results

This brief audio focuses on the words and phrases that you've developed. It challenges you to assemble them into a presentation, and it suggests that you use the next lecture as a model to help you achieve that goal. See the .pdf file in the resources for a printout of the words used in the first portion of this presentation.

Putting it all together

This document shows you how you can plug in the phases you've developed into your own presentation. The blank spaces are where you insert words. You can easily modify the Word document in the previous lecture to include information on your company and product.

Putting it all together to make the first statement - PDF
2 pages

This lecture is from my course on meditation. I've included it here because constructive questions provide a different way to help you solve problems and counteract the destructive effects of negative thinking.

Negative thinking can truly frustrate salespeople. By asking some of these questions you may find that you can shift out of negative thinking quickly, and get back on track to beating quota. Enjoy!

Video Bonus Lecture: Constructive Questions

This lecture will soon be replaced with a topic of that students choose. Start a discussion and let me know what you'd like to have included. For example, would you like a lecture on how to help clients realize what they have to gain by using your product, or a lecture on how to give an inexpensive gift that has a high perceived value?

If you get a chance, check out my course on writing children's books, my course on meditation and my children's books.

Also, please visit

In the near future, I'll be uploading information about upcoming modules on http:/

Also, I'm uploading some photographs that I took recently. Three were taken at the recent world renown Reno Balloon Race, and one is a striking picture of the full moon. Enjoy!

Bonus Lecture

This lecture is from my course on Meditation. I've included it because there are times when every salesperson gets down, and expressing gratitude is one way to provide for a quick pick-me-up. Enjoy.

Video Bonus Lecture: Expressions of Gratitude

Congratulations on reaching the end of this course. Don't forget to obtain your CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION from Udemy. Don't be upset if a little later on you discover that you are no longer 100% complete. I will be adding content, and as content is added, your percentage of completion will go down. Don't be a stranger. Stop back again, and review some of the new lectures, etc.

The curtain is going down, and up again
Optional Quizzes
0 Lectures 00:00

Review the most important concepts that are embodied in this course.

Integrity-Based Selling
6 questions
Bonus Responses
1 Lecture 03:49
Bonus Response to Ashok, In Lecture 7 Comments
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(2) Creating a series of courses that empower adults (and children) to write children's books. Many of the skills that you glean will transfer over to other fiction, and some non-fiction writing.

I create courses where I actually write a children's book, explain how I've written it, and then walk you through the steps of writing your own book.

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