Secrets of Magazine Model Photography
3.9 (97 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4,771 students enrolled
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Secrets of Magazine Model Photography

The Definitive Course on how to Photograph Models to get Published in Magazines. Over 2 hrs of Behind the Scenes Video!
3.9 (97 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4,771 students enrolled
Last updated 10/2013
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  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
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  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how to photograph a model for a Magazine publisher
  • Learn the secrets behind photographing a scene - ready for print
  • Interacting and communicating with the models
  • Equipment the Professional photographers use
  • Portable Studio Lighting (vibrant punchy colours) explained
  • Setting up a single page and a DPS (Double Page Spread) for print
  • Theme based photography - Styling your model for the scene
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  • Your own camera
  • A basic knowledge of photography
  • Willingness to try new techniques to achieve amazing results

Acclaimed photographer Jason Cole takes you on a journey into the world of the Professional Glamour & Magazine Photographer.

Jason Cole has photographed models for some of the biggest and most popular Glamour Magazines in Australia and the world. Jason now brings his extensive experience to this instructional course highlighting professional techniques, equipment and location considerations never before captured in a course like this.

This course contains over 2 hrs of behind-the-scenes live video... showing you every aspect of photographing models so you can build a portfolio or sell your work to magazines.


This course is not like any other photography course you have seen before. It's definitely not just a bunch of PowerPoint slides with bullet points and a voiceover!

All the lessons are shot live... right on location with real models using multiple camera angles and a full production team.

It's like being right there at the photo shoot, looking over Jason's shoulder as he demonstrates exactly how to achieve the photographic results that publishers want for their magazines.

This is your ticket to see the tips and techniques that only industry insiders would ever see... allowing you to progress from taking your usual average photos... to photos that are in demand and can be sold to magazine publishers all over the world.

Use the knowledge in this course to start making money with your passion... whilst having fun at the same time.

Topics covered include:

  • Equipment that professional photographers use and why they use it.
  • Shoot #1: Theme shoot based in a workshop garage.
  • Shoot #2: Beach scene with harsh bright sunlight.
  • Shoot #3: Beach scene with overcast lighting.
  • Shoot #4: Fashion studio shoot.
  • Tips about shooting models from his vast experience in this field.

This course was six months in the making, using professional lighting with some of Australia's hottest models.

Creative multi-angle videography and magazine grade photography makes this a must have visual and informational feast.

You will learn how to:

  • Prepare your model for your photo shoot.
  • Correct use of main lighting, rim lighting and how to use a scrim.
  • Coloring backgrounds and isolating your model.
  • Use a light meter to set your studio lighting for perfect results.
  • How to shoot a DPS (Double Page Spread).
  • Exposing for a rich vibrant sky.
  • Posing your model and controlling squinting in bright sunlight.
  • Posing an inexperienced model.
  • Avoid any issues when shooting models under 18 years of age.
  • And lots more tips from photography pros so you can achieve images that you never thought were possible!

Interactive Online Help

Jason Cole and the team at Learn Photography HQ are here to answer all your photography questions. We want you to be a success in your chosen career as a professional model photographer.

No matter if you are just starting out and creating your first glamour portfolio, or whether you are a seasoned professional, we are here to answer any questions you may have in a timely manner.

Having access to a team of professional photographers is invaluable whilst you learn and perfect your craft.

Meet your Course Instructor

As a visual artist, it has always been my passion to produce a course like this. Another one of my personal goals can now be ticked off my list. This production has been six months in the filming and over twelve months in the planning with an entire professional design and production team. Enormous effort been put into making sure this course is the best of its kind. I sincerely hope you enjoy watching this course as much as we did creating it for you.

Kind regards,
Jason Cole

Who is the target audience?
  • Students with a basic knowledge of photography
  • Photographers that want to get published
  • Photographers that have attempted to get published in a magazine before and have been unsuccessful
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Curriculum For This Course
32 Lectures
6 Lectures 18:47

Just a quick introduction about how I got started in the professional photography business, my motivation, my passion and how you can also follow in my footsteps. If you follow this course and ask lots of questions, we will be with you every step of the way.

Course Introduction

Here are a few examples of my work and the results you can expect if you follow this course and ask lots of questions. We are always here to help.

Examples of what can be Achieved

One of the most critical concepts to understand in photography. We show you in a very basic way hwo to understand f-stops and how to decide on which aperture to use.

Aperture (f-stops) Explained

This is an age old question. There are always pro’s and con’s to TFP / TFCD and in this section we discuss the best way of going about this.

Should you do Time for Prints (TFP) / Time for CD (TFCD)?

An absolutely crucial part of your photo shoot is preparing your model. We talk about the what your model needs to do, the process, and the results achieved. This is one of the most important discussion in this course.

Preparing your Model for your Photo Shoot

The model is critical to the success of your shoot. In this section we show a good and a bad model and what to look out for. Finding the right model is extremely important.

Comparing Models
Shoot #1: Mechanic Workshop with Stacey-Lea & Sarah
4 Lectures 32:37

This setup shows you how to photograph a model with a main and a key light behind the model. We also use a scrim to reduce harsh shadows from a skylight above the model. There is also a lot of cool posing ideas to make your model look the best with the lighting we have setup.

Setting the Main light and Rim Light and using a Scrim

This setup explains how to isolate the model from a very busy background and shows different results from different techniques used. You can see from this module the difference between no background light, a white light, and a colored gel light. Watch the model pop out of the photo as you improve your lighting setup.

Coloring the Background and Isolating your Model

This setup shows how to use a light meter to measure light. We also show you how and why to change the light intensity simply by looking at the camera LCD screen to evaluate the photo. We talk about posing your model and positioning the lighting.

Using your Light Meter and Setting a Rim and Main Light (Welder)

Each magazine photoshoot needs at least two DPS options. We explain how to shoot a DPS for editing and magazine presentation. The use of colored gels and composition allow the models to pop out of the photos and leaves space for text for the feature title.

Shooting a DPS (Double Page Spread)
Shoot #2: Sandon Point Beach Shoot with Alix
5 Lectures 15:02

In this scene we demonstrate lighting your model outside in very harsh lighting conditions. We are shooting a DPS option for the opening double page section of a magazine feature. We also discuss the intricacies of posing the model in these harsh lighting conditions at the beach in the middle of the day and what to look out for. We use the Angle Finder C here too.

Creating DPS Options and Exposing for a Rich Vibrant Sky

We are shooting a second DPS option here to give the magazine editor choice between DPS options. This sections discusses posing the model, avoiding squinting and the general feel of the photo. We also highlight the importance of good communication with your model.

Creating a Second DPS Option and Controlling Squinting

We decided to shoot one more DPS using a different lighting setup. Facial expression and body posing is explained. The small details make the big picture. It is interesting to watch this video and the communication between the model and the photographer.

Creating a Third DPS Option and Posing your Model

In this scene we show you how to pose the model for a single page scene (portrait). We discuss the requirements for the magazines and demonstrate the use of a scrim.

Creating and Metering a Single Scene & Setting up for Magazine Print

It is very important to provide the editor with some variety of posing. In this scene we have our model on her knees arching to really accentuate her curves. We are using a rim light for a different effect and look to the photo. We also discuss the limitations of equipment and process required. The scene also shows how we communicate with the models and demonstrates the communication required to get the perfect shot.

Adding a Second Single Scene using a Rim Light and a Main Light
Shoot #3: Woonona Beach Shoot with Fran
5 Lectures 16:58

We discuss the scene we are shooting and preparing the model. The day was overcast so we show you the best way to shoot in that kind of weather. We are discussing the first DPS in this scene. This was a challenging day to shoot as the light continually changed.

Preparing your Model and Setting Up for the First DPS

This is the first DPS option with Fran. Fran has not done many shoots so we discuss the scene we are shooting and talk Fran through her posing. The key to getting a good shot is to communicate with your model. This is demonstrated in this section.

Creating the First DPS and Posing an Inexperienced Model

We explain why and how to use a Scrim. Again, communication is critical and we demonstrate here how to speak to the model and how to guide and encourage the model. This scene is a DPS scene.

Using a Scrim and why it is Critical to Your Success

In this scene we talk to the model, a lot! It is very important to communicate with your model and always keep an open dialogue. Different posing techniques are explored here too. What do magazines like and why? Detailed posing of the model. We shoot another single scene here and explain why and how to set up a single page scene. If you give the editors lots of room to edit the photos they will favour your when considering submissions.

Posing your model for a single scene & Model Communication

We discuss shooting the model and positioning the lighting in a single scene. We use the scrim here to diffuse the light. Posing the model and curves are explained.

Setting up and Metering your Scene in Direct Sunlight
Shoot #4: Fashion Shoot with Emma
6 Lectures 20:54

We asked our model Emma to stay still for an hour for our time lapse feature. Here is the start to end of the Hair & Makeup process, which is critical to the success of your photoshoot.

Makeup Time Lapse - from Start to Finish

For our first section we walk around and discuss the scene and the lighting placement.

Catalogue Lighting. Scene setup explained.

Interacting with your model. Making sure that she feels comfortable in front of the camera and in her environment. We discuss styling your shoot for the look you are going for. Lots of great posing tips for your models.

Interacting with your Model

Shooting a cover shot, also known as a Hero shot. Setting up for a pure white background with really edgy lighting on your model.

Shooting a Cover Shot

Assessing your environment and mixing up your shoot. It's always good to produce different looks and shots for your clients. We also shoot some natural light (from hot lights).

Assessing your Environment

Shooting Emma with a bounced light from the roof. This is a natural light scene and shows how different lighting positions result in a totally different look. There is a lot of model instruction and interaction in this scene. A great demonstration of working with and instructing your model.

Trying Different Lighting Positions
Studio Walkthrough & Interviews
4 Lectures 13:46

Our good friends at Sun Studios were kind enough to give us a studio for the day. This is our favourite shopping venue with the Pro Shop and of course one of our favourite destinations for photography. They have a rental section so any gear you need is available.

Sun Studios Walkthrough - A Professional Studio Location

Part of the shooting process with models under 18 is getting the family involved every step of the way. Emma is sixteen in these shots so her mother came along. Any issues down the track can be avoided as the mother was there the whole time. It’s interesting to listen to the mothers thoughts on the shoot.

Interview with Emma and her Mother

We speak to Kelly about Sun Studios. We discuss what Sun Studios can offer the professional photographer to get the most out of their shoot in the Sun Studios complex.

Interview with Sun Studios Sales Manager Kelly Hodge

Not everything goes according to plan. We had a lot of fun and a stack of laughs making this training course. Here are just a few of the out takes from over four months of filming.

Out Takes
2 Lectures 03:06

In conclusion, we go through the core principals of the training course. We are sure you enjoyed our course and please contact us with any further questions.


See whats coming next.. you are going to love our next shoot. We take an old World War II biplane out for a shoot. Fantastic dynamic footage and some great imagery coming soon.

Coming Soon...
About the Instructor
Learn Photography HQ
3.9 Average rating
97 Reviews
4,771 Students
1 Course
Professional Photographers with a Passion for Teaching

Jason Cole and Sean Murray, our two lead instructors at Learn Photography HQ, have many years of photography experience at a professional level. Both instructors are full time successful professional photographers with different styles and ideas but both with the same passion and commitment that has taken them to the top of their profession.

As instructors they both enjoy teaching students the techniques and shortcuts that took them years to learn. It has always been a passion of Jason and Sean to teach and instruct others. They especially like seeing the results that their students have created using techniques they taught them.

Jason is a master at outdoor studio lighting and has more than a decade of experience using professional outdoor battery-powered studio lighting systems.

Jason has photographed well over 400 published magazine shoots. Some of the Magazines Jason has photographed for regularly are FHM (Australia and International), Ralph, FUEL, 2DMAX, Alpha, Zoo, Ultra Fit and several other magazines.

Jason was voted by his peers at SWPP in the top three glamour photographers world-wide. His style is easily recognizable as he has forged his own look and feel to his photographs.

Over the years Jason has worked with many editors, art directors and other people involved in the magazine industry in the decision making process that hire and more importantly re-hire photographers for magazine submissions.

Jason is also one of the most sort after Wedding photographers in his hometown of Wollongong and has a diary booked solid for nearly two years ahead.

Sean Murray is a successful commercial photographer and our resident tech-nerd at Learn Photography HQ. Some of the companies Sean has shot for include: Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, Australian Navy, ASIC and celebrities such as Buzz Aldrin for Microsoft.