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Weight Loss Program : Slim thinking permanent weight loss

Get permanent Weight loss and beat cravings learn to change your relationship to Food and feel great without dieting
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Created by Alan Kirwan
Last updated 2/2015
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Weight Loss Program : Slim thinking permanent weight loss has been created to give a simular experience of many private therapy sessions with me.

Learn If you have been dieting with weight loss programs and never been able to maintain the weight loss and look you want , then this is the course for you because you will learn a technique that will help you to.

Eliminate chocolate cravings for speedy weight loss

Eliminate other specific food cravings for speedy and permanent weight loss

Eliminate comfort eating for permanent weight loss

To begin your permanent and easily manageable weight loss I will be teaching you a technique called EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique) that I will be teaching you in a step by step videos that will help you to eliminate cravings for specific foods that usually sabotage any efforts to remove excess weight and improve results for permanent weight loss.

I will be guiding you through each exercise to give you an easy to learn and use technique to begin making all the changes you desire. I will be teaching you how to eliminate chocolate cravings so that if you used to use chocolate as your drug of choice to feel good all that craving and calories will give you a speedy weight loss in less than ten minutes.

To prove this is possible I have added a recording of my work live on radio in Ireland with a radio presenter Gerry Kelly helping him to eliminate his chocolate craving.

I will also teaching you how to use EFT on any other cravings to reach your goal for permanent weight loss.

I will then be teaching you how to use the same technique for emotional triggers that have caused you to over eat and sabotaged previous attempts at weight loss that lasts.

But before you start to make any of those changes I will be guiding you through an exercise that I will have you visualize the way you want to look so that you know what you want from this course before you start to get that permanent weight loss so that after about 21 days you will have began to see positive changes in your body and life style and relationship to food only because you have fully engaged in this course.

Because I have created this course to simulate the sessions that I have had with successful weight loss clients here in my therapy room in County Cavan Ireland.I will also be helping you to program a new way of thinking with your own private hypnosis sessions again simulated from work with my clients to reprogram your mind to be a slim thinking for permanent manageable weight loss.

What you will get in this weight loss course

  1. Learn how to visualize how you want to look
  2. Learn EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique )and how to apply it
  3. Eliminate specific food cravings
  4. Beat emotionally triggered eating
  5. learn how to trigger a good feeling any time
  6. Listen to three specially recorded hypnosis sessions
  7. Review your progress with session debriefing
  8. After 21 days notice the results you are having and know you will continue to have because you took this course.
Who is the target audience?
  • This course was created for people who really want to make changes to how they feel about food
  • This is not for you if you are not willing to set aside 35 minutes each day and commit to making a positive change to your life
  • This course is created for people who are open to changing there relationship to food
  • only if you are committed to having an effective way to control over eating and have a permanent weight loss way of life
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What Will I Learn?
use this technique to overcome many of their limitations such as fear, anxiety, cravings eg. cigarettes and food
Change how you feel and respond to any situation in your life
Help friends and family feel really good
Reduce stress from your life with a simple technique
Access to downloadable mp3 files
downloadable pdfs
Eliminate chocolate cravings for effective permanent weight loss
Eliminate specific food cravings for permanent weight loss
Stop comfort eating by eliminating the emotional triggers to comfort eating and permanent weight loss
View Curriculum
  • Have an open mind and the intention to engage in all the exercises so that you will enjoy the benefits of using EFT
  • Have a quite place you will not be disturbed to complete all the exercises
  • Printer to print downloadable work sheets
  • If no printer is available a pen and paper
  • That permanent weight loss is possible without the need for will power or diets
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 32 Lectures Collapse All 32 Lectures 03:25:50
Welcome to the new improved you for permanent weight loss
3 Lectures 24:31

Welcome to being in control of changing how you look and feel for the rest of your life.

Preview 01:50

Listen in as Alan Kirwan Hypnotherapist demonstrates live on air on Irish Radio how fast EFT can work on any chocolate craving

Preview 11:20


3 questions

Most people who decide they need to loose weight focus there attention on what they look like not what they want to look like so how can they begin to change unless they know where they want to go in this exercise I am going to help you know exactly what you want to look like so that you will reach that destination by engaging in all the exercises in this course

New Image Generator for permanent weight loss
Learn what EFT is for permanent weight loss
4 Lectures 12:40

About EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ) and why you should learn how to apply this easy to learn technique

What is EFT with a downloadable mp3

Learn the EFT Tapping points and where they are located

The EFT Tapping points

A quick recap of where all the EFT points are and what meridians and organs they affect

Points Recap

Learn what energy meridians and major organs in the body the EFT points are connected to.

EFT Tapping Points and Energy Meridians they are connected to

Mind body

Mind body
1 question
The Mind Body Connection
4 Lectures 18:38

Experience how the mind and body are connected with this guided exercise

Proof that mind and body are connected

What is the setup phrase and why it is such an important part of what you are learning because the right words have the power to heal and you need to feel it to heal it while applying EFT

The Setup Phrase

Just as the setup phrase tunes you into what issue you want to work on the reminder phrase keeps you tuned in

The Reminder Phrase

The breathing exercise will teach you how powerful this simple technique is by having you experience a physical change in your volume of breath your lungs can use just by doing EFT

The Breathing Exercise with a downloadable mp3
Your Personal EFT sessions to eliminate cravings for Weight Loss
3 Lectures 28:59

In this EFT session I will guide you through the whole exercise to eliminate chocolate cravings so that you can remove the longing for eating chocolate.

Eliminate Chocolate cravings with EFT for weight loss

In this EFT session I will be guiding you through the whole exercise of eliminating specific food cravings and so that you get the most from this exercise make sure it is a specific food craving and not a general one such as ( Specific flavor of Biscuit YES ) (all types of biscuits NO )

Eliminate food cravings with EFT for weight loss

In this EFT exercise I will teach you how to eliminate emotional eating from your life

Stop Emotional Eating with EFT for weight loss


1 question
Mopping up to improve weight loss results with EFT
4 Lectures 15:50

Mopping up any remaining fragments of emotional charge connected to what you have been using EFT on

Mopping up with EFT with a downloadable mp3

Using color and shape , your visual senses on that remaining feeling while applying EFT

Mopping up with EFT using color

Forgiveness can be a vital part of releasing trapped emotional charge because anger can become like an emotional glue

Preview 00:42

Eliminate anger towards yourself and others because this emotion can become a big road block to changing any negative emotion and by using EFT on that anger that you have agreed to release from your life the changes in your life and towards those close to you will amaze you.

Eliminate anger towards yourself and others with EFT


1 question
Advanced Techniques for stubborn changes with EFT for weight loss
3 Lectures 17:19

A list of secret tips that will improve your results with EFT

My Secret Tips with downloadable Pdf File

This Technique may seem very unusual but it is amazingly effective because it helps to connect both sides of the brain so that both conscious and subconscious work together while tapping on one EFT point that can seem to shift the most stubborn issues

Advanced EFT Technique

Learn this advanced technique that I will guide you to access a great feeling you had at one time in your life that you will learn to be able to access this feeling again any time you wish so that you will be able to feel really good when ever you want.

Feel good trigger
Hypnosis your inner power
7 Lectures 16:14

All Hypnosis is self hypnosis because you must agree to accept to be hypnotized that is why Hypnosis is called a consent state of mind.

Preview 00:23

In this lecture I will show how thinking what you don't want actually makes you get even more of what you don't want and so by changing to thinking what you do want you will be more likely to achieve what you really want

Your subconscious mind always does what you want


1 question

Learn in this exercise how what you think in your mind effects your body

Power of your imagination Finger magnets

This second exercise will continue to prove to you that your thoughts effect your body and also feelings

Power of your imagination Hand magnets

Further exercises that will empower you by understanding that changing your thoughts with the power of your own mind and hypnosis will help you have the life you deserve and desire

Power of your imagination Balloon and book

Learn about the built in mechanism of resistance that stops you consciously making the changes you want in your life. Hypnosis is the key to bypassing this resistance to make the changes you want

Preview 02:03

Learn with this exercise how powerful the words and thoughts you hold in your mind effect your physical body

Preview 02:53
Your private Hypnosis sessions for weight loss
3 Lectures 01:10:00

This is you first Hypnosis session that will imprint an image of how you want to look in the future after loosing your excess weight so that your inner mind know exactly the destination you want it to get you to Listen to this recording only for the first seven days making sure you have a quiet place you will not be disturbed I have added a MP3 of this for you to download also so you can bring it with you just in case you have not got access to the internet

Week one New body Image Creator Hypnosis session for weight loss


2 questions

This Hypnosis session will program your mind to continue finding new ways to throw away your excess weight Listen to this recording only for the second week making sure you have a quiet place you will not be disturbed I have added a MP3 of this for you to download also so you can bring it with you just in case you have not got access to the internet

Week two Hypnosis Session Throw away excess weight and permanent weight loss

This Hypnosis recording is to continue helping you to maintain releasing your excess weight Listen to this recording only for the third week and anytime you feel the need after the 21 days to continue maintaining your weight loss. Again making sure you have a quiet place you will not be disturbed I have added a MP3 of this for you to download also so you can bring it with you just in case you have not got access to the internet

Week three Release excess weight Hypnosis session for permanent weight loss
Session Debriefing for your weight loss Results with EFT
1 Lecture 01:39

This recording will help tune you into the changes and results you have achieved while engaging in the whole program

Preview 01:39
About the Instructor
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I love to make positive changes in peoples lives by creating easy to follow techniques with impressive results.

I am a qualified in the use of Hypnosis and hypnotherapy with a private clinical practice in Ballyjamesduff County Cavan Ireland and I specialize in EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ) combined with Hypnosis and  NLP to help people overcome emotional disorders, diet free weight loss, quit smoking, overcome fear and pain control, I also help people with behavior problems and I have been a author and creator of self help videos and audio programs.

My passion is to discover new ways to help as many people as quickly and easily as I can so they can begin to overcome their limitations improve confidence and enjoy the life they deserve


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