Your level 2 and 3 Reiki Master course.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Your level 2 and 3 Reiki Master course.

Connecting more deeply to your personal Spiritual Reiki practice; feeling deeper peace.
5.0 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
14 students enrolled
Created by Deborah Casey
Last updated 9/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • The energy system; auras, chakras, meridians, nardis
  • The sacred Reiki symbols; how to draw, activate and use them
  • Conduct consultation and treatment with family and friends
  • Students will learn additional practice Reiki methods for their personal growth.
  • Level 2 and Master level attunements
  • Students will receive their level two and three master certificate
  • Students will complete assessment criteria i.e. write client case studies which allows them to gain their certificate
  • Students will complete their 21 day cleansing and self-healing process and keep a journal
  • Students will complete 21 hours of healing family and friends
  • Students will access a special Reiki prayer to aid their learning and development.
  • Students will access anatomy and physiology to supplement their practices.
  • Students will receive energetic, distance attunements through media source.
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  • Students will have completed level 1 Reiki training, have an open heart and an open mind.
  • Students will already be attuned to level 1 Reiki and be practicing Reiki each day.
  • Students will understand that energetic mastery includes developing self-awarenss and selfimprovement which includes being mindful of attitudes, beliefs and so on.
  • Students may have received level 1 Reiki from another Master and can take this course.

Deborah created Level one Reiki to provide a solid foundation in Reiki with the aim to meet the national occupational standards set out here in the UK.  As Reiki is truly Universal the level one course learning is applicable anywhere in the world.  This solid foundation of learning helps students to really grow and feel into Reiki.  Deborah loves traditional approaches to Reiki but also has researched modern science that compliments the ancient practices of Reiki.  

Progressing forward from the first level Reiki course your level two Reiki, Okuden course and Reiki master practitioner, Shinpinden course, continues with the same goal in mind which is to help students meet the UK national occupational standards, but at present unaccredited.  Students continue with their self-healing practices and healing others and pets.  Reiki is a magnificent tool to bring changes in life and to aid our resilience during difficult times.  This level of Reiki prepares students to accept paying clients as free-lance therapists.

Reiki level 2 teaches students about the sacred symbols, how to activate and use them, students also learn how to provide distance healing and create a distance healing dolly which can be really good fun especially if you have kids who love creating dollies and angels (Deborah has created many of these dollies and angels with her grand-daughter who loves Reiki too).  Reiki Master practitioner level attunes students to the Master symbol and increases their healing abilities, develops their intuition and psychic abilities; this course prepares students to move onto the Reiki Master teacher level. 

This course also includes Powerful Mantras and Mudras taught to Deborah by Reiki Master Martin Lee and The Meridian Grid with details of the meridians, energy highways, that can become blocked and which Reiki can gently clear, but Deborah also shares with you tapping exercises that will help to clear the energy blockages and restore balance.  There are also Meditation prayers that guide students into their learning as well as their attunements, certificates and lineage papers.

Students receive lifetime access, course manual, journal for case studies, and support - this course meets core skills training for the UK but applicable for anyone anywhere in the world.

***Upon completion and successful assessment students will receive their 2nd and 3rd degree Traditional Usui Reiki certificates and lineage certificate (Takata lineage)***.

Important Note: Prior to awarding level 2 and 3 certificate students are required to practice 21 hours self-healing and healing others and provide evidence of this in the form of: a personal journal of self-healing, 21 cases studies; 21 people receiving three healings on three seperate occasions and to provide written client feedback for each level.  Students then submit this for assessement.  Any personal information is confidential and protected.  This form of assessment requires submission of client consultation form, feedback form from your "client" and a record of your treatment.  Additionally students will  provide a 200 word synopsis of their learning and Reiki practices for each level.. this is simply an overview of students learning experience, how they have applied Reiki to their own healing... additionally please allow up to 3 weeks for your certificate to be forwarded to your chosen email.  Please be reassured that your personal details remain confidential and are only used in the digital awarding of your Reiki level 2 and 3 certificates and lineage papers.  This will meet the National occupations standards and core skills.

Who is the target audience?
  • Level one Reiki students wanting to progress their learning and development of Reiki skills, techniques and apply these to create greater healing.
  • Students who wish to work towards national occupational standards who want to learn Reiki that aims to meet UK core skills
  • Therapists and professionals who want to know more about Reiki and practice this in their settings
  • Level one students who have been attuned and taught by other Reiki Masters are welcome to sign up to.
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Curriculum For This Course
55 Lectures
Introduction and Welcome
7 Lectures 42:01

Welcome to level 2 Reiki, Okuden.  Okuden translates to 'hidden or inner teachings'.  This course takes you into the world of sacred symbols and developing our healing practice using the various methods within Reiki.

Preview 03:27

More information about this course

Preview 01:23

I share a prayer, summoning the assistance of Reiki as we move forward into level two.  Some of Mrs Takatas' handouts.

Preview 02:33

Your distance energetic attunement to Level two Reiki.

Level two attunement...

Before, during and after attunement to second degree Reiki recline, rest, relax, and allow Reiki to flow with ease; envision being cocooned in Reiki energy and feel this, see this energy penetrating all your cells... Return as often as you wish, Reiki healing meditaiton is bliss, peace and healing too.

Your 21 day cleansing healing meditation

This document briefly informs students about assessment criteria for this course.  Downloadable manual covers both first and second levels of Reiki and students have a journal to record their work directly into.  

Course criteria assessment

Reiki recap.

Reiki pillars
1 question
Some legislation, regulation, professional and ethical practices.
5 Lectures 17:18

Reiki and professional practices.  Consultation, diagnosis, prescribing.  When disclosure is relevant and to whom to disclose.

Consultation, record keeping and disclosure

Multi-disciplinary teams

Buidling upon earlier lectures we look at some workplace legal requirements.

Health, safety and security

Health, safety and security at work

Here in the UK everything is regulated by a Law!  Whether you practice in the workplace, if you are to practice Reiki at home, or in a clinic or other workplace you need to know about health and safety, lone working, and in the Master level of Reiki we look at mandatory training for working in health care settings!

A brief overview of UK regulations underpinning Reiki employment practice.
Level two teachings
6 Lectures 31:10

Students learn what each symbol means and how they can be used.

Sacred symbols; Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

A video to demonstrate drawing the three sacred symbols students learn at this level.

Drawing the first 3 sacred Reiki symbols

A further demonstration of drawing the first three sacred Reiki symbols

Drawing the first 3 sacred Reiki symbols

Background information about symbols.

Sacred Symbols

A demonstration of using the symbols to create a sacred healing space.

The complete process

A summary video of the process and practices

Sacred symbols outro

About symbols

Sacred symbols
2 questions
Healing others; family, friends and clients.
8 Lectures 50:27

We have looked at healing / curing here we take a look at Dr Usui's thoughts around this matter.

Dr Usui about healing.

My dear friend Kay agreed to be filmed for the demonstration of Reiki healing.  I have adapted the healing to the back and this is where the phrase "let Reiki guide you" is apt.

Reiki; healing others part 1

We continue the healing process.

Reiki; healing others part 2

Reiki; healing the back.

Reiki; healing others part 3

Level two Reiki, is primarily about Sacred symbols, healing clients, and healing people in other locations around the world.

Distance healing.

Client aftercare advice.

Distance healing... getting creative.. hand made, home made... and doesn't cost a lot to make.

Creative expressions for distance healing.

Demonstration of creating your wollen distance healing dolly
The light energy bodies; going a little deeper
4 Lectures 07:59

This is a meditation I was very lucky to come across and use personally.  I found it very helpful and share with students.

The Chakra balancing and energising.

Students learn how to open spiritual chakra centres.

Opening the Spiritual chakras

A demonstration video of the chakra balancing practices.

Chakra balancing practice

Deborah demonstrates how to use chakra balancing with Reiki energy to release fear, anxiety and panic.

Healing feelings of fear.

test your knowledge of chakras

4 questions
Mantras - ancient practices to aid Reiki practice.
4 Lectures 10:56

Introduction to mantra; "

“Repeating a mantra helps to transcend all mental activity and
experiences the ‘source of thought’, which is said to be pure silence,
‘pure awareness’ or ‘transcendental Being’, ‘the ultimate reality of
life.” (

Preview 01:08

We continue into Mantra

Powerful Mantra to aid your Reiki practices

Powerful Mantras to aid Reiki practice.

Powerful Mantras to aid Reiki practice.
Mudras and Mandalas - ancient practices to aid your Reiki practices
2 Lectures 14:23

Students are introduced to magical, mysterious mudras to aid their overall Reiki practices

Introduction to Mudras

Ancient practices to aid student self-healing

Introduction to Reiki master practitioner level
12 Lectures 01:11:54

Introducting Reiki Master level course.

Preview 02:04

Introduction to Reiki master practitioner level

About this level of learning and Reiki lineage

Preview 01:13

Level 3 Master practitioner course introduction

Students discover what is taught in the master level course.

Revisiting earlier learning

Prayer to ingite our learning

Students learn about what it is to be a master

Reiki Master Practitioner teachings

Intention, setting mindful life changes and meditation

Introducing the Reiki Master symbol Dai Ko Myo.

Introducing the Reiki Master level symbol

Dai Ko Myo, the power of symbols!

Reiki Master symbol; the fire serpent

Drawing and activating the Usui Dai Ko Myo, the Tibent Dai Ko Mio and the Tibetan fire serpent

Drawing the Reiki master symbol(s)
Addtional Reiki Practices to enhance your healing
6 Lectures 39:48

this segment is being recorded

Introdcution to addtional Reiki Practices to enhance your healing

A practice of Dr Usui; watch and join in with this practice daily - combines various practices.

Hatsurie ho

Worry, anxiety and feelings of terror steal our sense and state of being, creating physical ailments and dis-ease.  Help restore balance with this healing practice.

Healing worry

In a world where dishonesty exists we are challenged to remain in our integrity - here we cultivate honesty, reminding ourselves to move closer to living integrous lives.

Creating honesty

Anger is a normal emotion, bottling this up leads to problems of the liver and affects the whole being.  Releasing anger in safe ways is good for self and our lives...

Healing anger

Here students explore gratitude and instil balance of chakras.

Creating gratitude
Bonus section
1 Lecture 06:06
Transformational tools.
About the Instructor
Deborah Casey
4.5 Average rating
63 Reviews
791 Students
7 Courses
Holistic therapist, Reiki master teacher, course creator

I believe that as the worlds health care systems come under ever greater pressure, and the medicines to treat illness become ever more expensive, and that their side-effects can and do cause more harm than good, that a new way of treating illness and disease is to be found in the old and ancient ways of the past, referred to by some as 'quackery' .  I have a vision, a dream, of helping as many of my fellow human beings, people around the world, through this medium of Udemy, to learn and empower themselves with holistic therapy tools that can aid the balancing of mind, body and Spirit; this is truly liberating and taking back responsibility of our own health, well-being and gives us more choices.  I believe our physical ailments are our soul crying out to be heard, to be healed - we are provided early warning signs and we must learn how to hear and interpret these.  What you learn here is life changing, liberating and a pathway to empowerment. 

Disclaimer:  Please note however these courses do not intend to provide nor replace seeking medical advice, investigation, treatment or referral to other health specialists.  If you believe you have any medical concerns or conditions please seek qualified professional help and care.

It was the late 1990s when Deborah began her journey of holistic therapy and healing arts; healing is not akin to curing; the body can heal itself therapies and therapists are conduits to assist the body to restore it's own balance.  Deborah studied in Swedish Body Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian head massage, Reflexology, Hot stone therapy, Hopi ear candling, and many more courses.  It was during this time that Deborah was attuned to Reiki, and a little later Seichem, and experienced a deep Spiritual awakening.

Deborah digressed into nursing which provided many, many opportunities for learning and although this was not her path found Reiki to be deeply calming and supportive for elderly people with Dementias, and people with mental illness type issues.  Deborah has worked with traumatised souls infusing Reiki into her time with them.  

Deborah is a Usui Reiki Master, Practitioner and holistic therapist.  Deborah holds Diplomas in the various therapies she practices and shares along with her Reiki degrees certifications.  Deborah is also registered and a holds membership with the Guild of Holistic therapists. 

When creating these Udemy courses Deborah has been mindful of the UK national occupational standards and core skills curriculum and whilst the courses shared are unaccredited do aim to meet those standards and students are advised these are for educational and informational purposes only.  

Should you wish to learn any holistic therapy courses in the UK you will most likely be required to conduct in person training, at an accredited centre, which can be fairly expensive and have additional fees; registration, books and manuals, travel costs and certification can all add up.  But to become an accredited holistic therapy school there are huge fees involved too.

Deborah will update courses with additional information around accreditation etc as it becomes available.