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About This Course

Published 3/2015 English

Course Description

'Screenflow Superstar - 9 Ways To Make Money Screencasting' will not only teach you how to use ScreenFlow 5 like an expert, you will also discover nine specific ways that you can put your newly gained screen cast skills to use in the real world, and make money with your movies.


The course is two-fold:

  • It teaches exatcly how to use Screenflow screencasting and video editing software in easy to follow tutorials - from Beginner to Experienced.
  • It shows nine specific ways you can use your screen cast and video editing skills to make money and share your value with the world. I am also certain that these will inspire ideas of your own!


See exactly how I am using ScreenFlow 5 every day to generate nine different streams of income - everything from simple promo videos for local businesses to online workshops and software tutorials. Many of these methods and strategies also make money on autopilot once you get them in motion.

The course will teach you all you need to know about how to use Screenflow - from the very basics of opening a new Screen flow project, right through to actually delivering your content to your audience, both online and offline.

You will learn in simple easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials how to produce professional results using ScreenFlow to:

  • Capture your screen and create awesome screencasts
  • Edit your videos like a pro
  • The quickest, easiest and best ways to add transitions and effects
  • Ninja secrets to increase your productivty and video quality
  • How to export your videos for great results
  • How to create straight to camera videos that work and look great
  • Audio and video equipment suggestions for the best results without breaking the bank
  • Lighting techniques on a tight budget
  • Green screening tips and tricks
  • Using Keynote and Powerpoint together with Screenflow for excellent results
  • Other video generation software that you can use alongside Screenflow to add a little extra spice to your videos
  • Where to host your videos - both free and paid
  • How to actually deliver your videos online
  • Different ways to sell and profit from your video creations
  • Two places you can get professionally duplicated and printed DVDs created and sent anywhere in the world for just a few dollars

Plus a whole lot more...





If you plan to host your videos on Amazon S3 this in depth BONUS module will walk you through every detail you need to know to do so securely. Developed by a friend of mine who is an Amazon S3 expert, this additional module is worth the price of admission alone!


I always add new videos to my courses as I learn new things myself, and this course will be no exception - I already have some additional videos in the pipeline. As a student on the course, you get any additional training added to the course completely free of charge.


As a professional online trainer and a creativity coach, I already have well over 10,000 students on my courses, ranging from an online Bible school, online dance workshops, to training for writers, web designers, and entrepreneurs. I also run a sucessful local web design business that keeps me plugged in to my community and some of the challenges that brick and mortar businesses are facing today.

I love to teach and train others, and put new skills into their hands that they can then take and use to get their own unique creations and value out to a waiting world.

I am 100% committed to your success, and would love to see you on the course.

You are also covered by the unconditional, Udemy backed, 30 day money-back guarantee - but I am 100% confident, as we work together, you will succeed in all that you put your hand to ... just like my thousands of other Udemy students.

What are the requirements?

  • No prior knowledge of ScreenFlow is required.
  • You will need a Mac computer.
  • You will need to a copy of ScreenFlow software to actually put your new found knowledge and skills to work.
  • Enthusiasm, willingness to learn and act, plus a healthy dose of courage and ambition!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Totally rock at using ScreenFlow to create awesome videos!
  • Create professional looking screencast videos.
  • Edit video like a media rockstar!
  • Use ScreenFlow's easy editing capabilities for all of your video needs.
  • Put ScreenFlow's many features to work with ease.
  • Demo a piece of software.
  • Create great looking videos for local businesses.
  • Create top quality online courses that people will love!
  • Use Powerpoint and Keynote together with ScreenFlow and Create brilliant and engaging presentations.
  • Work with greenscreen for superb looking facing camera videos.
  • Create Video Sales letters that work!
  • Create a Udemy course just like this one!
  • Choose the right place to host your videos based on your purposes and end users.
  • Embed your completed videos on websites and other places, ready for a flood of traffic.
  • Take your new found knowhow and turn it into $$$.
  • Plus a whole lot more...

Who is the target audience?

  • People with something valuable to share, who want to know a great way to share that knowledge with the world!
  • Anyone wanting to learn ScreenFlow quickly and easily.
  • Udemy instructors (or those who would like to create a Udemy course)
  • Anyone wanting to create online demos or courses that they can give away or sell.
  • Youtubers, bloggers, video marketers, authors and content creators.
  • Anyone wanting to improve their video creation and editing skills.
  • People who would like to learn how to make money using ScreenFlow.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Before We Begin

Where to purchase and download ScreenFlow


ScreenFlow and Camtasia are the two big players for screen casting software. This video is a very brief comparison of the two.


There are lots of ways to make money with your Screencasting skills. These are some that I use myself, and I am sure with the inspiration you will be able to discover even more!

Section 2: ScreenFlow Basics

I would honestly love to hear what your goals are, and what you hope to achieve from this course.


Your first encounter with ScreenFlow need not be overwhelming. It is really a very easy program to use.


A quick access icon that you will use often.


A walkthrough of how to configure your recording and the options you have at your fingertips.


Sometimes you may not want to record something and just use ScreenFlows excellent editing capabilities. Here's how to open a blank canvas to begin your masterpiece.


ScreenFlow will autosave as you go along, but always a good idea to manually save every so often too. You can also duplicate a project to use again and again if you want to.


There are only really a few items that you actually NEED to get started with ScreenFlow - A Mac computer and a copy of the software. As you take things to the next level though, you may want to grab a good mic, and a few other items for your growing opportunities.

Section 3: Getting Media Into Your ScreenFlow Project

There are lots of different ways to add media to your ScreenFlow project library.


Bringing video media into your ScreenFlow project library.


Brining audio media into your ScreenFlow project library.


Bringing still image media into your ScreenFlow project library.


Bringing screen capture video media into your ScreenFlow project library.

Section 4: Video Editing Basics

An overview of the essential elements of the ScreenFlow dashboard.


Working with your ScreenFlow canvas size, colour and dimensions.


The all important timeline, where you will craft your video masterpiece.


The ScreenFlow media options panel.


There are all sorts of things you can do with your video media once it is inside your ScreenFlow project. The Video Options panel is where the magic will happen.


As with any other video you can do a lot with your Screen Recordings, and a whole lot more besides.


Changing the size of any element on the canvas is very easy in ScreenFlow. Here are a few ways to do this.


At times you may want to actually crop a video's dimensions, this is very easy too.


Transitions are a great and easy to use feature in ScreenFlow. Do be careful not to over do it though as it can look unprofessional. Carefully used they are a wonderful way to seamlessly move from one clip to the next.


At times you will want to split one or more clips on the timeline. Here's how.


Video actions give you a lot of control over what is happening on your timeline at any time. move items, change their size, and a whole lot more, all in real time, and without any big technical headaches.


Annotations are a really useful tool to add elements to videos to highlight or help people grasp what you are teaching or showing.


Add text to your videos and change it to suit your style.


Need to highlight something in your video? Here's how to do it.


Sometimes you make mistakes right? Not to worry, a simple undo is just a click away.

Section 5: Advanced Video Editing

A video with soundtrack is great, but what if you need to edit the video and audio separately? ScreenFlow makes it easy to split them into individual tracks, one for video, another for audio, and then work on each individually.


When capturing your desktop you can determine how many frames per second to capture. Automatic is usually fine at 30fps, but if you need to change it you can.


Slooooowwww down or speed up a clip.


Ripple delete can be a real timesaver once you get the hang of it.


Invoke a video action, and automatically return to your original state.


It is very useful to grab a freeze frame at time to extend a video or other use. Here's how to do it.


Another ninja feature is rolling edits. Very helpful and very easy.


Lots of tracks and clips on the timeline can become very confusing and hard to work with. Thankfully ScreenFlow allows you to group tracks together and work with them as one clip.


Nesting clips pulls several clip s together into one. Similar to grouping, but even more powerful.


Got that section down to perfection? Make sure nothing nasty happens by accident and lock them in place.


Colour your clips for easy reference.


Markers are useful for several things. Here's how to add and edit them on your timeline.


You can even add markers on the fly. Click as you record and its done.


Do you have a Video Action that you use again and again? Create a template and add it with one click any time you want.


ScreenFlow will happily chew up and spit out any unused media so you can keep your projects lean and mean.


Recording yourself talking to camera? Here's a few tips to help you along.


ScreenFlow has some basic chroma keys capabilities that can be easily applied to achieve some super results.

Adding Keystrokes To Your Screen Captures
Section 6: Audio Editing

Working with audio in your project is easy too. Audio Options is where you add effects, mute, change volume and more.


Just want the audio from a video clip - here's how to detach it so you can work with it alone.


Like video, you can add a few dynamic actions to audio too.


Automatically dull background tracks so your narration stays crisp and clear.

Section 7: Exporting From ScreenFlow

Getting everything in to ScreenFlow and editing is one thing, but how do you then get your finsihed project out in a form that you and others can use?


You have lots of preset options that will cover most of your bases when exporting.


Planning on delivering your video content online? This preset is a winner!


You can also apply custom export settings if you have specific needs.


Just want to export a section of your video? Here's how...


Exporting video can take a lot of time, particularly if you they are long and complex. The batch export feature will allow you to set things up to export several videos one after another while you enjoy a walk in the park or a well earned sleep.

Section 8: Using PowerPoint & Keynote To Create Great Presentations With ScreenFlow

Apple Keynote is a great partner to ScreenFlow. Here are a few tips how to export your slides to use in ScreenFlow.


Microsoft Powerpoint is a great partner to ScreenFlow. Here are a few tips how to export your slides to use in ScreenFlow.

Section 9: Mobile iOS Recording

There are specific requirements to record and iOS device. This short video walks you through them.


Recording an iOS screen is easy with ScreenFlow. Here are the basics to get you started,


You can add swipes, taps and more as callouts on your iOS screen captures.


ScreenFlow has a preset to output specifically for iOS videos should you need to.

Section 10: Cherries On Top

Need to watermark your video with your logo? Here's one way to achieve that directly in Screen flow.


Choose any frame in your timeline and export as an image.


Talking clip voiceovers direct from text.


Sometimes you may want to enrol the help of other software to create footage you can then pull into ScreenFlow. Here are a few good and economic options.


CrazyTalk by RealIllusion Inc. is a fabulous and fun addition to your video creation library.

Section 11: Hosting And Delivering Your Video Content

Once you have your exported videos in hand, you will then need to host them somewhere if you plan to deliver them to an online audience. Here are some of the most popular options you have to achieve this.


Finally - you have your video, you have your video hosting, now we just need a classy way to show your creation to the world. Here are some nice video player options to consider. Some of them do far more than just play a video too.

Section 12: Nine Ways To Make Money With Screen Casting And Video Creation

The goal of this course is not just to get you up to speed with how to use ScreenFlow, but also show some of the ways you can then make money with your new found screen casting skills.


A great and easy way to serve local businesses using Keynote, Powerpoint and Screenflow.


Teaching online is a big business now, this course is an example. You can do this too!


Helping people to get confident and comfortable with complex software is a real benefit to many people, who are more than willing to pay for your expert help and online tuition.


Similar to workshops, this uses Powerpoint or Keynote presentations, or direct to screen teaching, to share your knowledge and passion with the world.


Old school still works for many people. Here's how to get your movies onto DVD.


There are many people already selling products out there, and even more people looking for honest reviews of them. You can provide those reviews and make some good money doing it.


Video live events and sell it as a product. Do make sure you have rights to do this beforehand though.


Udemy has a massive and hungry audience that you can tap into straight away. A great place to get started, build a following, and make money helping people.


If you have your own products, you can use ScreenFlow to create professional, high converting Video Sales Letters.

Included in the Resources you will find the very famous “12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template“ by David Frey.

Section 13: Conclusion
Section 14: Resource File
2 pages

This file contains links to useful resources mentioned in the ScreenFlow SuperStar course, all in one place for your convenience.


A super powerful way to make ongoing evergreen cash with your video content, and get other people sending traffic to your video content day after day. This evergreen webinar strategy can pay for itself hundreds of times over, and do so while you sleep. :)

Section 16: BONUS MODULE: Using Amazon S3 To Host Your Files And Deliver Your Content

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David Lee Martin, Indie author, self publisher, entrepreneur, husband and dad!

David Lee Martin has a proven track record of producing training materials that actually get RESULTS for his students.

The real power is in the fact that what he teaches, he actually does himself in his own flourishing writing and publishing business. His training works in the trenches of real world business building and content creation.

But he has not always enjoyed the level of success he enjoys today. David has faced the same frustrations and roadblocks that most writers and entrepreneurs encounter as they forge their way forward. This honesty and transparency is apparent in all of his training products.

He is a no-fluff teacher with years of experience, who loves helping others move swiftly down their own unique pathway to success.

David is married to Larna, and they are blessed with four flourishing children. His greatest weakness is good coffee and a tendency to get carried away with his creative ideas!

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