Scala for Java Developers: Transition Up!

Scala for Java Developers: Transition Up!
10 reviews
  • Andreas Lauschke Business Owner of Lauschke Consulting

    Passionate Java, Scala, C#, F#, Mathematica, perl programmer

    Deep mathematical and programming background in financial derivatives pricing and risk management as well as optimization / operations research.

    Have been programming financial derivatives and combinatorial optimization codes since the early 90s. Have worked for major German and UK banks, and then moved to the US in 1998. Have worked for several investment banks and hedge funds, as well as Wolfram Research, the makers of Mathematica. I am now in Chicago, and I have switched almost completely from Java to Scala. For various reasons I explain in my Java -> Scala transition class, I see this as the future, and I think in the next 5 years Scala will replace Java in the professional space.

    I am also a very enthusiastic pilot, I have a commercial pilot license with instrument rating. I am also the CTO of the Volunteer PIlots Association (VPA),, and the CTO of the Air Care Alliance (ACA),

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Scala for Java Developers: Transition Up!

Scala for Java Developers: Transition Up!
10 reviews


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This class shows you how to easily transition up from Java to Scala. Not only will you be shown the basics of Scala, but you will also see how you can integrate the Java -> Scala transition in your daily work-flow. There is no need to abandon the existing Java code base completely, this class will show you a) the basics of Scala, and b) how to transition smoothly, painlessly, and guarantee you a soft landing as a Java programmer in Scala. Over 2.5 hours in 8 lectures, and we're expanding and adding new material based on students' feedback!

    • Over 8 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
    • teach you the basics of Scala
    • show you how to easily integrate Scala adoption into your daily work-flow
    • Java


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  • SECTION 1:
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    Technical Introduction -- Business Perspective

    This lecture is a technical introduction from the business perspective. We will show you have you can attain faster time-to-market, higher quality, faster turn-around-times, and the prevention of several software development problems in traditional programming languages. Fasten your seatbelts.

  • 2
    Technical Introduction -- Technical Perspective

    This lecture is the second part of the Technical Introduction. You will get a top-level, 30,000 ft. overview of the benefits of adopting Scala (in general, and in favor of Java).

  • 3
    Val vs. Var, Basic Types, and the REPL

    This lecture is the beginning of the code section. In this class we will cover basic, fundamental principles of Scala, such as values vs. variables, basic types, and the REPL. Get ready to type away!

  • 4
    Functions as Objects, and Loops

    In this lecture we'll show you how to set up your functions and objects for the extremely powerful functional and object-oriented programming paradigm that is combined in Scala. You'll learn how to handle and use functions, objects, and loops, to hit the ground running.

    In Scala, all functions and function values (including numbers and other primitives) are objects, which is an immensely powerful concept.

    Then we'll also look at for comprehensions -- a much more powerful extension of the "advanced for loop" in Java.

  • 5
    Higher-Order Functions, Lists, Maps, Arrays

    In this lecture you'll see how easy it is to set up higher-order functions in Scala and immediately start using them. You'll also see how powerful deeply ingrained concepts like lists, maps, hashmaps, and arrays are in Scala. You can use higher-order functions directly as functional arguments in those collections, and you get tremendous performance, including instant parallelism, if you choose so!

  • 6
    Classes, Objects, and Traits

    In this lesson we will cover the basic differences between Java classes and interfaces, and Scala classes, objects, and traits. Get ready for mind-boggling simplifications and easy-to-read, intuitive, straight-forward usage of classes, objects, interfaces, and mixins.

  • 7

    This lesson will focus entirely on actors, a much more powerful, flexible, and reliable concurrency system than Java's threads.

  • 8
    Practical Outlook

    Practical Outlook: how to incorporate the Java -> Scala transition smoothly in our daily workflow, and use of the REPL for TDD and EDD. Fasten your seatbelts.


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  • Neil Bliss
    Scala for Java Haters

    This course is equal parts recitation of the Powerpoint slides and bashing on Java. There is a little bit of high level overview of the language features of Scala, but nothing is discussed in depth at all.

  • Roberto Bertini Renzetti
    Great overview of the Scala language

    This course is a great overview of the Scala language, taught in a way that will make you comfortable with the new ideas and features that Scala has to offer. The pace is good and the teacher is excellent. The course will not teach you to program in Scala per se, but will it is a great start. I wish I had done this course before trying to learn Scala on my own - it would have made my life easier. I hope Mr. Lauschke ads more content to this course to make it more in depth.

  • Michael Lvov
    Very high level overview - waste of money!

    Maybe good to get general idea about Scala - too many text, very few code samples, almost half is about "perspective", missing good and deep coverage of scala functionality with examples. Very disappointed from level of courses on Udemy.

  • Shiva Komat
    Amazing explanations , simple and easy

    Before i bought this course i read some of the reviews, some people said that there is not much examples mostly explanations and its boring. Well i agree with those ppl that there is not alot of examples as i expected . this is where the author needs to improve on his upcoming videos. Even though with out much examples, the explaining of concepts of how scala works was well done . I am a java developer and it was little bit tough for me to get used to functional stuff and this guys videos really explained well about the scenes behind on scala does things and why its better than java in those areas. beautiful videos, thanks a lot for theses videos now i much more comfortable programming in scala . now that i understand how it works. awesome

  • John Erickson
    Clear explanations and meaningful examples

    Very clear explanations and I found the comparisons made to other languages in addition to Java particularly interesting. Lauschke has a real command of the theory of programming languages and I am looking forward to any follow up course.

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