Say Hello to the Future You: Doing Meaningful Work You Enjoy
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Say Hello to the Future You: Doing Meaningful Work You Enjoy

Use the 3-3-4 Conversation method to understand your job motivations, rewards and become a satisfied Future You at work
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
237 students enrolled
Created by Craig Forgrave
Last updated 7/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Discover what motivates you to do your best work
  • Define specific rewards you expect from your job and career
  • Develop plans to find meaningful, satisfying work that you enjoy every day
  • Learn how to execute your plans, take charge of your life and become the "future you"
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Are You Happy with your Working Life Every Day? If Not, Find out WHY and Change it with a Plan that will Work For YOU!

Life is a project and changing your life is a project. Everything today is a project. If you manage it, and that's what I do as a professional Project Manager, you increase your odds tremendously of being successful. By applying proven project management methods to the challenge of defining a Future You that is happy at work, you can be motivated to change your life and succeed. I've managed many multi-million dollar projects and I know, the best results are from teams of people who are motivated to succeed. I want you to be one of those people, with this most important project, becoming a Future You that is happy and challenged at work, every day.

Is your dream job consist of lying on a beach all day and pressing a few buttons on your laptop once in a while as the money rolls in? Can you see yourself developing web sites, making videos, selling shirts or ebooks or whatever, using the many platforms out there to reach a worldwide audience? Is this really your future? Will you be happy? Or is it just about the money? Working at home? Learning technical skills?

Take this course before you spend money on being a web developer or an EBay salesman or a YouTube creator or whatever you see advertised as a simple way to make $1,000 a week. Will this work make your happy and add meaningful work to every day? Only you know the answer, and everyone is different. Once you know your future you, you can take training and build experience and so on. But you are the key to a new, successful Future You.

You first have to know yourself, to see if this really is what you want. Or maybe it's just that you know what you don't want to do, which is your current job. Anything is better than your current work. Too many courses are all about following in the footsteps of someone else who has "done it" and will show you how they succeeded. That's fine, if you are EXACTLY like them! But you are your own person, your individual motivations will not align with anyone else. You have a project that you define the successful outcome.

What this course is all about is changing your work to align with what makes you happy. What motivates you to do your best work? Everyone is different. You have to define what you enjoy in order to find that rewarding job that will satisfy you. What you don't want to do is leap from one idea to another, spending energy and time and not finding what you need.

You need to define yourself, plan your change, make it happen and measure success. Four steps that are hard, but I've organized them into the 3-3-4 conversation and template to guide you through your project. I use an example from my own life, when I wanted to be a screenwriter, and I succeeded in optioning a script but after all that work, I knew in my heart that this job wasn't for me. My personal goals were never aligned with what it took be a screenwriter. If I had been honest with myself instead of blindly pursuing my "dream" job, I would have saved a few years of my life towards something more rewarding. Yes, it was fun but not meaningful for me.

So, learn from my example and follow my 3-3-4 conversation and template to discover your Future You project. Then make it happen. Say Hello to the Future You: Doing Meaningful Work You Enjoy. Don't be that Future You chasing yet another get rich quick scheme that ends in personal disappointment because the work is not aligned with your personal motivations and goals.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is not satisfied with their current job, career and opportunities
  • Anyone who has reacted in the past to situations without a plan or defined goals
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Curriculum For This Course
43 Lectures
The 3-3-4 conversation that reveals how you can enjoy your work every day
9 Lectures 33:08

This introduction provides background about myself and my experience leading teams in multi-million dollar projects and how success was dependent on managing motivated people who did great work every day. It was my responsibility as the project manager to understand each person's unique goals and motivations and then prepare the optimum work environment for them to thrive. Everyone is different and this is why I developed the 3-3-4 conversation technique to help people to understand their motivations, create plans and execute them to drive personal satisfaction in their job experiences.

Preview 04:06

Time is your enemy so every day you spend in a job that ain't workin' for you is a day wasted that you can never get back. It is hard to define your work problem because it is not about the work, but about you. Once you understand more about yourself and what motivates you to do your best work, you can move towards a satisfying work environment. The jobs don't really change, it is you who has to change your job situation to increase your satisfaction and enjoyment.

Preview 03:44

Here they are: the top 3 things that motivate you to do your best work:

  1. have fun
  2. explore options
  3. understand reasons
Preview 04:43

Learn why you need to prepare 3 plans, not just one. Also, why plan P has to be something completely different from A and B.

The 3 Plans You Need - Plan A. B and P

How to build a plan from the big picture to the details of each task you need to do. These 4 steps lead you to your destination by providing the detailed directions on how to get there.

The 4 steps - Picture It, Plan It, Do It, Done

Having a plan and a realistic view of your future will make you more positive and optimistic. It also improves your health!

Get Organized, Get Optimistic and Get Out of a Negative Situation

The best thing to do is usually not immediately obvious. You first need to understand your personal goals and understand that goals drive the best actions.

Doing the Best Thing vs. the First Thing You Think of

You can have a positive future if you know two things, your destination and the directions on how to get there.

From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Here are the major topics of the 3-3-4 conversation. A handy reference for you which explains the 3 motivations, 3 plans and 4 steps you need to get to that Future You.

Summary of the 3-3-4 Conversation
The 3 Motivations that Drive Work Satisfaction - What are you Working FOR?
11 Lectures 40:53

Here is a background essay on motivations for work and how I adapted previous work and my own experience to arrive at my 3 motivations approach.

The 3 Motivations and the Behavioral Science Behind Them

Everyone is different so your idea of fun may be completely different from your co-workers. The key is to understand yourself and identify those situations that make you smile or get you excited.

Working for Fun

Think ideas, not obstacles. Having options based on your goals is the best way to see past your current situation and towards a more optimistic work environment.

Working for Options

The reasons behind why you work is more than about money. You have purpose and passion in your life and they should be satisfied both at work and at play. Remember, work takes up your whole day, so satisfy your reasons and you will enjoy a meaningful work experience.

Working for Reasons

Many studies have confirmed that workers want to be free to choose how they work. Do the rewards you receive from doing satisfying work allow you to take a few risks? If so, how can you leverage freedom to define a new future you?

Rewards from Satisfying Work

Defining Your Work Motivations - All About You

This is an overview of the 3-3-4 template for this course, looking at all the sections and the process itself. Also included is a blank template for your reference.

The "Future You at Work" 3-3-4 Template

An example from my own life, defining what is fun for me.

Walkthrough of "Defining your Fun Goals"

My own life example of what options are most important to me.

Walkthrough of "Defining your Options"

My own life example of the reasons why I work every day and my example future you which carries on to the next sections.

Walkthrough of "Defining your Reasons"

Here is my completed 3 motivations template as well as blank templates in word and excel format if you want to use them for your own work. The blank pdf version can also be printed and used if you do not have any other software.

Defining the Future You - Say Hello
2 pages
The 3 Plans you need to Improve the Odds of Success
6 Lectures 14:57

Here are different approaches to consider when planning to reach the future you

Types of Plans for the Future You

Why Develop 3 Plans?

Here is a closer look at the 3 plans template and how to use it.

Walkthrough of 3 plans template

The conditions when you need to consider when switching plans, from A to B to P.

When to Shift Plans from Plan A to Something Else

The three plans you create need to answer these key questions: what, when, who, where, how and how much. Once you drive out these questions, you will have a realistic approach and a higher probability of success.

Defining What, When, Who, Where, How and How Much

Here are potential ways you can change your work environment through training, engaging with your employer and looking for alternative work options.

List of Potential Future You at Work plans
The 4 Essential Steps to Make the "Future You" Happen
17 Lectures 01:05:45

A detailed summary of each of the four steps: Picture it, Plan it, Do it and Done.

The 4 steps - Picture It, Plan It, Do It, Done

To develop a realistic plan, you need to visualize your future you and break down tasks you need to perform in order to get there.

Picture It - From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

It is key to identify the sequence of tasks and who is doing what. You really must "see" the work being done in order to plan.

Plan It - How and When Things Need to Get Done

This is where you actually do the work, measure your progress by results and try your best to keep on track to your plan.

Do It - Detailed Tasks and Outputs

Deciding when you are done is not as easy as you might think. You must decide in advance that pretty good is good enough or if you want perfection, but be prepared to take forever to get there.

Done - Knowing When to Stop

The 4 Steps You Follow for Every Plan

Now that you have done work, you can confirm or revise your estimates and make an evaluation of the value you have created with your plans. You can also make changes now that you have real work done, to focus on the why and ensure your work is contributing effectively to your future you destination.

Answering the Why, What, When, Who, How and How Much?

A detailed description of my plan A example to become a professional screenwriter.

Walkthrough of Plan A Example

A detailed description of my plan B example to become a professional screenwriter.

Walkthrough of Plan B Example

A detailed description of my plan P example to become a professional screenwriter.

Walkthrough of Plan P Example

Things never go exactly as planned, so understanding and controlling the variables in a plan is critical for success.

Controlling the Variables in a Plan

How to measure progress and identify your critical path are key ways to execute a plan and keep on schedule.

Executing your Plan

Getting the right people and the right skills all aligned to achieving the future you is the basics of building and leading your team.

Building and Leading your Team

Thinks happen, that is life. managing risk and adapting to events as they happen will increase your confidence in your future and smooth those bumps in the ride.

Staying in Control when Things Happen

About My Example of Screenwriting as my Future You - How That Worked Out...

here are all the notes and templates, in one pdf book format, for your reference

The Future You Reference Guide
25 pages

A summary and final conclusions on what I hope has been a valuable and satisfying course to discover the future you and provide a concrete and achievable way forward to your goals of satisfying, rewarding work.

Final Thoughts on Saying Hello to the Future You
The Future You at Work
0 Lectures 00:00

A short quiz to ask yourself some key questions to test whether you have arrived at your future you destination.

Has the Future You Arrived?
3 questions
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Craig Forgrave
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I am a published novelist (Devil Jazz, ENC Press), award-winning playwright (Karsh Gold Medal, Can. National Playwriting Competition), screenwriter (Writer's Guild, Canada) and I have been featured/quoted in The Globe and Mail, CNBC, CNN Entertainment and the LA Times. I am a professional project manager (PMP) with over 25 years of successful project delivery in the public and private sector. I specialize in business value discovery, creative project collaboration and strategic consultation on multi-million dollar projects and programs. I lead creative teams using my experience and proven methods that stimulates ideas, builds creative collaborative teams and inspires them to produce the best value outcomes. I believe we all have great ideas and just need the inspiration and perspiration needed to change our lives to align better with our dreams and goals, whether that is more time for family and fun or more money to pursue independent lifestyles and careers.