Sarah's Simple Solutions ~ top tips for better sleep tonight
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Sarah's Simple Solutions ~ top tips for better sleep tonight

Easy, effective, self help tips to help you calm your mind, relax your body, and create a more peaceful night's sleep.
5.0 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
670 students enrolled
Created by Sarah Hewlett
Last updated 10/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • choose from a range of skills learnt in this course to relax their bodies and calm their minds. The skills are designed to be used in the evening, when they go to bed or during the night. Students will understand how to create a more peaceful bedroom environment.
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  • You will need a chair and a bed. Hand cream or lotion and a towel if you want to but that's optional.

Learn simple, easy to follow, self help massage and deep relaxation techniques, to release tension in your body and calm your mind. Preparing your self for a better night’s sleep. A practical approach ~ no medical terminology. I demonstrate everything on myself so that you can easily follow.

You will learn effective techniques that you can use during the evening, before you want to drop off to sleep or during the night, if you wake up then.

I cover methods for releasing negative thoughts and developing more positive ones.

The importance of creating a peaceful, comfortable and attractive room space where you feel calm and can escape the outside world.

You will have a selection of tips to choose from, some will appeal to you more than others so try those first.

Find your favorites, make them part of your daily routine. Others to use, when you feel the need.

Keep practicing, it takes time to establish new habits. For sleep problems that you have had for many years or months, be patient with yourself. The progress for most people is steady.

You will need a chair and a bed, the towel and lotion are optional and a desire to spend time valuing and cherishing yourself.

The course has 9 lectures and takes about 30 mins.

The bonus ~ encouraging positive, uplifting, quirky, warm hearted messages... to make you smile.

DISCLAIMER: This course should not be taken by anyone who has high/low blood pressure, heart problems, breathing difficulties, circulation problems, pregnant, unstable diabetes or any serious health issues. If you do, please contact your medical advisor for a more suitable treatment.

All my tips and suggestions I am sharing with you come from 1000’s of client’s feedback, that they are effective. I cannot guarantee 100% they will work for you.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who is generally fit and well but has difficulty sleeping. This course is not for anyone who has health problems like high/low Blood pressure, heart problems, breathing difficulties, poor circulation, uncontrolled diabetes, is pregnant or any other serious health issues. Please consult your medical advisor for a more suitable treatment for you.
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Curriculum For This Course
Introduction to the course
1 Lecture 02:36

This is an overview of the the whole course, on how to prepare for a better night's sleep.

Starting with tips on how to release the tensions of the day, tapping it out of your body.

Then breathing deeply, down onto your belly.

Thinking about what is worrying today, being realistic, if you can't do anything about it now. Write it down so that you have a plan of action, for the next day. In that way, you can choose to give your "worry" thoughts permission, to take the evening off.

I then show you relaxation techniques that you can start in the evening.

The importance of massage, demonstrating so you can follow, working on you hands and feet.

Another relaxation sequence that you can do when you are in bed.

Finishing, with creating a calm, restful space, in your bedroom. Suggestions that will help you develop a peaceful sanctuary ~ where you look forward to going, to escape the a have a better night's sleep.

This course will give you many different ideas to choose from so that you can experiment. Some will appeal to you more than others, find out which work best for you. Keep doing them, make them into a regular routine as it takes time to form new habits.

Preview 02:36
Let's get to work learning to relax!
6 Lectures 23:26

Starting in the evening, releasing tension that has built up during the day.

We begin with massage techniques on your head.

Then tapping out any stiffness in your arms, your chest, the front of your legs, your bottom and the backs of your legs.

In more detail we work on your hands and fingers. Thinking about any particular frustrations or any negative thoughts that you want to release and let go.

To help calm your mind, before you want to sleep, it may be helpful to write down what is worrying you. If you have an action plan for tomorrow, you don't need to think about it until then. So you are more likely to sleep and recharge, giving you more enthusiasm, for the next day.

You will have learned tips to help you actively and mindfully, release the tensions of the day.

Preview 02:42

This is a demonstration of relaxing breathing techniques, focusing on your belly. Releasing tension in your body and increasing positive thoughts and contentment.

You start sitting on a chair, with your hands flat on your belly. Don't change your normal breathing, just notice your belly swell as you breathe in and fall as you breathe out.

As we breathe out, we let each area of our body relax ~ we work down the whole body.

When you are more relaxed, it is easier to think more positively. So focusing on all the good stuff that has happened during the day, being grateful and feeling more contented.

At the end of this lecture, you will have learned an effective relaxation technique, that you can use any time you feel the need.

Preview 03:06

Demonstration of massage methods on the hands.

We start with a general warm up.

Then focus in more detail on each finger, working each section, being aware of how each one feels.

Next, into the ball of the hand, the middle, the sides and base.

When we work into the big thumb muscles, noticing how tight they may feel. So warming and loosening that tension.

Then, turning you hand over we work the top. Between the fingers and across the tops, finishing at the wrists.

And shake it all out.

You will learn methods to release tension and become more body aware.

Preview 03:25

This starts with you sitting, ideally in bed. If you want to use lotion, have a towel under your feet to protect your linen!

It's not essential but does feel great, especially with lavender oil or some other relaxing scent you like.

Start by checking you are comfortable, can reach your feet easily and are not straining any part of your body.

We begin on the left foot, with general warm up techniques.

Then in more detail, with various methods, on each toe.

After that, working into the ball of the foot with a loosening, rolling movement.

Coming down into the middle area and then the heal area.

Next we work the outer edge, from little toe to heal and around the ankle.

After that, between the toes and down the top of the foot, to the ankle.

Then, the inside edge, from big toe to ankle.

Then, you can repeat this same sequence on your right foot.


This is a relaxation technique to use when you are in bed.

Start with your hands flat on you belly. As you breathe normally, let your belly swell as you breathe in and fall as you breathe out.

On each out breathe we focus, in detail, on releasing each area of the body from head to toes.

Starting with the head and neck. Face and jaw. Shoulders and arms, back. Chest and belly, Legs and feet.

Thinking also about feeling supported by the mattress, the textures of the linen and duvet or blankets. Feeling warm and covered and comfortable.

You will learn a deep relaxation sequence that you can keep repeating, to help calm your mind and focusing on your relaxing your body. You can use it when you want to drop off to sleep or if you wake up during the night, do some more then.


Creating a calm space.

I talk about the importance of creating a calm, restful space that you look forward to being in.

If you share your bedroom, it's important that you can negotiate some quiet time alone, when you need it.

How does your room look, does it need some decluttering, cleaning or re decorating... That can change and improve the whole atmosphere.

Do you have many electrical gadgets, can you simplify some of them....

Do you love the colour of the walls, the pictures, do you have fresh air, a plant..

You could think about what is your ideal, "dream" space to relax in, where you feel most peaceful....then see if you can work towards creating that... somewhere you go to feel rested and refreshed.

This lecture will give you some ideas and suggestions to spark your own imagination, to create a space that will increase your ability to sleep well.

Creating a calmer space
Summing up the course
1 Lecture 02:05

This is a recap of the whole course.

We started in the evening, by releasing tension in the body and any negative thoughts from the day.

Then relaxing breathing techniques, down into your belly, that you can do during the evening.

Then massage methods, in detail on your hands and feet.

A deeper relaxation sequence to use when you are in bed, when you want to drop off to sleep or if you wake in the night, use it again then.

The importance of having a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom, negotiating some quiet time to yourself,

how it looks visually, and what changes you could make, to create an enjoyable place to be. Your sanctuary...

This course will give you a selection of tools, try them, keep takes time to establish new habits.

My clients tell me they are easy to do, feel great and are effective.

I hope they will be for you too.

Wrapping up
I want to share some thoughts so you can be the best you can be.
1 Lecture 04:51
Bonus - more wise words!
About the Instructor
Sarah Hewlett
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Acupressure Therapist and Reflexologist

I have always had an interest in health and wellbeing and passionate about empowering people to feel the best they can. I started my career in 1981, qualified as a SEN nurse at St. Thomas's Hospital, London. 2001 as a Reflexologist MAR and then in 2006 as an Acupressure Therapist AOSM.

So, over the last 15 years I have treated thousands of clients. They tell me they like my approach because it's practical, effective and helps them to feel good.

I also design and draw artwork, with positive, witty, uplifting and quirky messages. An extension to all my therapeutic work, sharing wisdom and heartwarming thoughts. If you go to my Reflexology and Acupressure website link, then click on the Artwork tab, you can take a look.