Secret to Salsa Dancing - Easy 6-Step Formula
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Secret to Salsa Dancing - Easy 6-Step Formula

For the SOCIAL SALSA DANCER "On 1" who wants an EASY SYSTEM to BE A SMOOTH & CONFIDENT SALSA dancer in every night club.
4.0 (22 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
251 students enrolled
Created by Josie Neglia
Last updated 9/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Dance Nightclub Salsa with Awesome Skill & Flow
  • Josie Neglia & Javier demonstrate and teach with clarity and technique so you will never be lost, overwhelmed, or bored.
  • This is Los Angeles Night Club Style which is the most famous Salsa Style worldwide. This style is also called Salsa "On 1"
  • Men and ladies will be able to dance with any other dancer anywhere in the world! This style and technique is internationally known and the beauty of learning from an experience master, Josie Neglia who has taught and performed worldwide, will allow you to dance with complete comprehension and confidence.
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  • No pre-requisites are required. I will take you from the beginning. You will learn the most fundamental concepts, posture/stance, basic rhythm, frame, hand-holds, to the basic steps and turns. As the course progresses, you will be able to piece it together in a very logical way (simple format/formula). The lessons are fun and comprehensive. Josie Neglia has a way to make it very clear and easy-to-follow.

Salsa Masterclass: Your complete guide to dancing Salsa. From the foundation to being a show-stopper on the dance floor, Josie Neglia will take you step-by-step (literally) to fully understand and develop into a great Salsa Social dancer even if you have never danced before!

6 Modules broken down in an easy-to-follow format. Then once you have all the 6 working parts, you will put it together in a flowing way with Josie's 6-Point Salsa Formula™

Master teacher Josie Neglia has over 24 years experience teaching worldwide and has a very easy to follow system that makes even the most modest dancer move like a pro!

Who is the target audience?
  • Men and Ladies who want to know the technique and a new approach to mastering Salsa. If you are a beginner this course will take you from the beginning foundational steps to mastering the social dance floor. For the intermediate Salsa Dancer, you will gain a new perspective on how to lead and follow amazingly with great technique, confidence and flow.
  • For Men this course will be an approach like you have never heard before. You will learn an easy-to-use format (formula) to use in leading the next pattern and never leave you blundering on what to do next.
  • For ladies, you will learn the rules of following so that you can follow any pattern at any speed. You will understand slot and hand-hold details so that every partner will find you to be a skillful follower, a sensual feminine dancer and a pleasure to dance with.
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Curriculum For This Course
27 Lectures
1 Lecture 00:35
4 Lectures 06:27


The FOUNDATION of Salsa technique for styling and proper posture and foot placement.


a) Feet held in V-Shape (heels together, toes tuned out-how much turn out)

b) Hold Arms bent at Navel Level and hands for men and ladies

c) Stepping through toe/ball/flat

d) marching on the spot/forward and backward

Preview 01:12

The "On 1" Salsa Basic (L.A. Style/In Line Style)SALSA BASIC STEP

a) basic step

b) Man's count vs lady's count

c) *PUT ON MUSIC”* Salsa Basic With Music

d) A word about styling and hip action-

Preview 01:54

Fundamental Quick Quick Slow (QQS) Rhythm of Salsa. Quick, Quick, Pause and how it applies to the footwork.


a) Music 101 introduce 123, 567

b) Marching to the rhythm QQS- forward/backward

c) *PUT ON MUSIC”* Clapping to music

d) *PUT ON MUSIC”* march to music

*For more detail about Music and Rhythm, please see our MUSIC 101 BONUS VIDEO

*Also a great APP to hear the counts in Salsa Music is called "Salsa Rhythm" in the iTunes Store

Preview 01:18


a) Side breaks

b) Forward Breaks

c) Cumbia Breaks

d) Box step

e) Suzi Q's

*There are many more variations and shines but we will concentrate on these first.

Preview 02:03
3 Lectures 10:59

Frame of the man and lady for the most effective lead and follow.


a) Closed Latin Hold:

  • Posture
  • pressure
  • position to partner (right foot pointing between partner's feet

b) Two Hand Hold

c) Handshake Hold

d) Cross Arm Hold

e) Hips & Shoulders Hold (man hands on lady's hips and her hands on his shoulders)

f) Full body contact Hold:

g) Open – not a hold at all- dancing apart also known as SHINE POSITION

Preview 04:06

a) hooks- never fingernails into fingernails (perpendicular), man's hook with lady's hand in a softer hook

b) man's thumb across the center of lady's palm

c) flat hand

d) turning hand positions: man's center fingers and lady rounder hook

e) lady's left hand on his shoulder

f) palm to palm

g) V-grip

Hand Hold Positions

Techniques for the most effective, sensual and responsive lead and follow in Salsa.

  • SLOT: Understanding Slot and how it applies to leading & Following
  • lady's forearms and wrists
  • lady's hands in a soft hook, no thumbs
  • man's hands when turning the lady (middle fingers), fingers pointing inward, no thumbs
  • Lady's don't reach for men, let them reach for you
  • man is in charge of taking the ladies body or gestures to ask for the lady's hands. If he gestures to ask for your hand, you place your hand in his
  • Man dances in the FUTURE and lady dances in the NOW

8 Things Ladies need to do to follow anything

1. Keep the rhythm constantly with their feet and in their head
2. Lean forward with tone (not tension) in your arms and your hands in a soft arc
3. Keep elbows downward and wait for lead (do not anticipate)
4. Keep your sternum facing him (no matter what step or turn he gives you, return your sternum to him)
5. keep your spine and head vertical with a slight lean toward him- because if you tilt the head or spine, you lose balance.
6. Be responsive to lead (attach your body to your arms like a light touch handlebars- your arms should not move independently of your shoulders)
7. turn on the spot (staying in the slot) arms always hed at 90 degrees (holding an umbrella

8. Passes are all straight lines (never curve)

Leading and Following
2 Lectures 04:54

Technique and counts for lady's Right Turns with different partner holds.Right Turns for Ladies in Partner Holds

  • Closed Position into Lady's Right Turn with Man's Left Hand
  • Two Handed Lady's Right Turn with Man's Right Hand
  • Two Handed Lady's Right Turn with both Hands
  • R to R Lady's Right Turn with Man's Right Hand
Lady’s Right & Left Turns

Right Turn for Men in Different Partner Holds

Right Turn for Man with counts

Man’s Right & Left Turn
2 Lectures 04:57
Man's Left Passes How to properly lead and follow a man's Left pass also known as a cross body lead.

Back to Course

  • Two Handed CBL crossing the wrists on count “5”
  • Two handed CBL with Lady's double right turn with man's Right Hand
Man's Left Passes

Technique for man's right passes.


  • Open Break/Wide arms (Man's Left hand up and his Right Hand down)/Lady's Right Turn with Man's Left hand
  • Open Break/lead a Stir Under his chin (1/2 circle from man's Right Should to Left Shoulder with his Left hand)/Lady's Right turn under his Left hand around his head as he does a Cumbia step on “5,6,7” *man stays facing the same wall from start to finish and lady passes his right side and ends behind him)
Man’s Right Passes
2 Lectures 06:56

Flirtatious moves the leader leads while in any hand hold position or with his hands on any body part of the follower.


  • Head loops over lady
  • Hair Combs over man's head
  • Two hands into man's Left hand and loop it over his head, then side breaks to lift lady's arms up on “5,6,7”
  • Twist & sit “123”/body roll (chest/ belly-button/stand) on “5,6,7”
Closed Flirts

Flirtatious footwork and movements the partners do without touching. These solo footwork movements are also know as shines.


  • Side Breaks
  • Cumbia Step
  • Forward Breaks
  • Box Step
  • Suzi Q's
  • Cross-side break
Open Flirts/Shines
4 Lectures 40:08

6-Point Formula Routine 11. LADY'S TURN

  • Closed position: Lady's Right Turn with Man's Left hand
  • Man's Right Turn under his Right hand and Two Hand Hold on “567”
  • Two handed Left Pass
  • Open break, wide arms on “3”/Lady's Right Turn
  • Man's hair comb/slide down to handshake hold
  • loop over lady's head and release hold
  • 1 basic to make room
  • side breaks
  • cross side break
  • box step to go get her
6-Point Formula Routine 1

6-Point Formula Routine 2

6-Point Formula Routine 3

6-Point Formula Routine 4
3 Lectures 22:21
6-Point Formula Routine 5

6-Point Formula Routine 6

6 Point Salsa Formula Routine 7

1. Lady Turn

2. Man Turn

3. Left Pass

4. Right Pass

5. Flirt

6. Shine

6-Point Formula Routine 7
6 Lectures 40:17

Josie Neglia Neglia gives you insider tips on how to learn dance more quickly by following a few basic rules and sequences.The Success Plan for anything starts with a Goal:When Studying any New Dance Form:

Style Comes Last… As a dance student myself, from age 5, I had a natural ability to pick up movement quickly which helped me advance to the top of my class in every dance style.

Here are the tricks to picking up movement quickly:

You need to focus on the priority first:

First you must know what the feet are doing direction, size of step, placement (toe, heel, flat etc.)

Learn the rhythm or timing or count and arm actions (lead).

Then see the core of the body to see where the movement initiates from (this is the style). This is the finishing touches that help a movement look more polished. This is where you can learn the vertical and horizontal lines of body parts, torso rotations and undulations, leaning to one side, shoulder rolls, hip circles, styling the limbs, head placement, where the weight is distributed..etc.

This is the order! You cannot jump ahead to the body movement before you know what the basic footwork and rhythm are. This will save you tons of money in lessons, and allow you to truly learn your basics before you torture yourself learning advanced body rolls when you don't know which way to step!



1. Arrive early (many beginner students miss the first 5-10 minutes of class where we go over the basics and are lost for the rest of the class). It is also disruptive to the rest of class when you arrive late.

2. Learn what the feet are doing first and the timing/rhythm or count.

3. Learn the numbers- don't have the attitude that you don't want to learn the counts, because you just want to “feel it”- not understanding counts hinders your advancement.

4. After you know what your feet are doing, then learn the lead with the hands and arms and what count each lead happens

5. Don't worry about styling till the end

6. Don't talk in class: the lesson is only an hour or two and there are so many things to learn and memorize. It is not a time to socialize. Be flirtatious but wait till after class to hook-up

7. Be polite to everyone. Even if you feel that the student is less advanced than you, you can always learn something (either being a stronger leader to make it easier for the lady to follow, or for the ladies, having better core control so that when a beginner leads you incorrectly, you have balance and control of your step). It also creates a joyful, fun atmosphere. It should not be intimidating or too serious because someone is making you feel that you are not good enough.

8. Practice afterward (try the whole combination at least 10 times!) Yes, 10 times, because repetition creates muscle memory and soon the moves will be seamless without too much thought leaving you more focus on more advanced technique or styling.

9. Try to concentrate all your lessons in a short amount of time (i.e. don't wait 3 weeks between lessons) so you can immerse yourself into the dance and not forget the previous lesson.

10. Use your cell phone video camera to film yourself at the end of every class or film your teacher (if allowed) so you can review on your own time.

Watch this video to get a little style with your Basic Salsa Step

How to Learn Dance Movements Quicker

Josie teaches you the basics in understanding 4/4 Rhythm, counts and phrasing. Basic concepts in music for the dancer to understand how to find the “1” in the 4/4 musical structure as well as understanding how Salsa Music is arranged.

Great Slow Salsa Songs to Practice:Title and Artists

The slow Salsa songs are hard to find, so here are a list of great ones that I like:
"Porque Te Amo”-Nino Segarra
“Time to Spend” -Kevin Davis & Ban Caribe
"Sin Ella" -Gilberto Santa Rosa
"Lady" -Orquestra La Palabra
"Devorame Otra Vez" -Lalo Rodriguez
“Chan Chan” -Buena Vista Social Club
“La Llave” -Grupo Latin Vibe
“La noche mas linda del mundo” -Adalberto Santiago
“YAMBU” -Bobby Valentine
"De la Habana a Perú"... Barbaro Fines y su Mayimbe
"Apiadate" -Victor Manuelle
"Amores Como El Nuestro" -Jerry Rivera
"Un Tipo Comun" -Tito Nieves.
"Guaguanco Te Dedico" & "Nabori" -Cheo Feliciano.
“El Nazareno” -Ismael Rivera
“Me Dedique a Perderte” (Salsa version) Alejandro Fernandez
"Como el águila" -Ismael Miranda
“Lluvia” by Eddie Santiago and“Yamulemau” -the Latin Brothers
“La Llave” -Latin Vibe
“ACID” -Ray Barretto

-- Josie Neglia

Music 101

Josie Neglia and Javier show proper Salsa hip action and break down the technique so that you can look authentic in your Latin dance movement.

Salsa Hip Action for Men and Ladies

Josie Neglia gives the most important tips to ladies about following Salsa so that they can follow any lead in the social club setting.

Ladies: How to Follow Anything

Josie shows you the 7 parts of a body roll that can be used in all your Latin dances.Body Roll

Broken-down into 7 parts:

  1. Preparation (straight legs and bend forward 45 degrees at hips)
  2. Break the Neck
  3. Chest to ceiling
  4. Lean Back (45 degrees)
  5. Drop chin
  6. Drop chest
  7. Sit (back straight and vertical)
How to Do a Body Roll in Salsa & Bachata


a) Right Turn For Men and Ladies– same for man and lady, just different counts and styling.

b) Left Turn for Men and Ladies- same for man and lady, just different counts and styling.

*There are more advanced turns later. Master these single turns first.

Salsa Turns (Without Partner) Right Turn
About the Instructor
Josie Neglia
4.0 Average rating
22 Reviews
251 Students
1 Course
Latin Dance Master

A professional Latin dancer who sparks the global dance scene with her expertise and style.

Josie graduated York University, Toronto, with a Bachelors degree in DANCE and entered the ballroom/Latin field as a teacher for a private studio where she trained daily and began teaching and competing as a professional in International Latin dance.

Entering a Toronto Latin club, for the first time in 1990, Josie fell in love with Salsa.

Josie relocated to Los Angeles and single-handedly became a pioneer of the salsa video industry.

In 1996, JOSIE NEGLIA was the first to create Salsa instructional Videos and has since been a forerunner of the online Salsa dancing business. Her DVDs have been sold and used by instructors internationally.

Due to her presence on the internet and through her instructional video series, Josie Neglia has become one of the most sought-after instructors and performers worldwide. Josie is known for her easy-to-learn teaching methods and spectacular performance ability.

Josie Neglia was also a feature dancer in the movie "DANCE WITH ME" with Vanessa Williams & Chayanne.

Josie, with several professional partners, won Salsa and International Latin dance competitions in various cities and she has judged World-Class Salsa Dance Championships around the globe. Josie was awarded the Anibel Vasquez Award in Puerto Rico and Life-Time Achievement Award in Los Angeles and is continuously training instructors and teaching and performing on stage and film.

With a background of tremendous achievement and experience, Josie is both an inspiring performer and superb instructor.