Advanced Sales Training: Neuroscience & psychology series

Learn the art of selling to intelligent people with a psychologist and sales training coach
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About This Course

Published 11/2015 English

Course Description

Welcome to The art of selling to intelligent people, an advanced training course for sales professionals and anyone who needs to sell ideas, concepts or products.

Do you want to SUCCEED at sales?

Do you need to IMPROVE your reputation?

Do you need HIGHER conversion rates?

It all starts here: Resistance to persuasion is common among intelligent beings, Yet many sales professionals still try to manipulate clients through mental strategies, which is precisely why they fail to close straight forward deals that should have been closed easily. You are about to learn from two well known coaches: a psychologist and a trusted business adviser how to turn these challenges into sales opportunities.

Sales managers are still on the top 10 earners list in the world - hence mastery of the subject can have a profound impact on your lifestyle and earnings.

There are three groups of people who will benefit tremendously from this sales course:

If you already work in sales and perform well, but somehow find that over time your reputation suffers in the process.

If you are totally NEW to sales and would like to do it right from the start, you should master sales psychology so that you do not seem desperate in this profession.

If you work in sales, have a good reputation, but you need to increase your conversion rate to enjoy a better lifestyle.

So is the art of selling for you? That depends if you’re interested to engage more intelligently with people in both a B2B and B2C environment. If the answer is YES, it is probably for you. Our philosophy is to pursue smarter sales, not harder sales. The success of your deal does not depend on YOUR desire to sell. It is not about working 10X, 20X or even 100X harder on methods that don’t work. Sales success depends on your ability to understand the psychology of sales and to be a smart sales person, who can act confident, relaxed and stick to a set of winning rules.

Join this course when you are ready to take your sales skills to the point of mastery.

*Free E-book included*


The art of selling to intelligent people, is best used when selling the right product to the right prospect in order to safeguard the deal against any misunderstanding, misperceptions or mental obstacles so that the sale can be successful. It should not be used to manipulate buyers into spending their money on inferior products they will regret buying.

What are the requirements?

  • Have internet access and be fluent in English

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Experience higher success and conversion rates with neuro-selling
  • Apply the psychology of trust as a sales professional and boost credibility
  • Use the emotional sales model rather than rational appeals
  • Know how buyers think and why they buy - and act accordingly
  • Negotiate more effectively with BATNA
  • Be able to use reverse psychology in exceptional cases
  • Use a range of special sales tools to influence the process positively
  • Implement effective reputation management
  • Identify and combat buyers' remorse effectively

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who works with sales and human beings
  • Anyone who seeks to be more influential with clients
  • Most people sell in some way or another: If you do relational selling
  • This course is not aimed at online selling where direct human interaction is absent

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

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Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction

Meet the course teachers and introduction to the course

2 pages

This learning log will help you to be conscious of the changes you'd like to make as a professional. It includes a part that is completed at the end of each lesson, as well as a holistic questionnaire at the end of the course.

Section 2: The psychology of sales: Connecting with the buying brain

The 3 stage selling model replaces the conventional model of "ABC - Always be closing". It provides sales staff with a more comprehensive approach to customer understanding and satisfaction.


How to move from transactional to relational conversations to establish a better connection with customers


Master the aspects of personal and professional trust which leads to increased credibility


This is about the importance of developing both these critical skills and using them together

Section 3: The chemistry of trust

Learn what research has shown us about the chemistry of trust and apply this in your sales career.

5 questions

Consolidate the information learnt in Lesson 6 by taking this quiz.


Building trust has a specific formula: In this session, we share it all.

Section 4: The neuroscience of buying: How decisions are made

This lesson will help you understand how the "buying" brain makes it's decisions and how the process can be influenced at various stages


Here you will learn how sales professionals can engage with the emotional brain, rather than the rational brain. This will help you to avoid some of the most common mistakes when interacting with customers.

Section 5: The professional sales mindset: Useful tactics to improve deal psychology

BATNA is known as the "best alternative to a negotiated agreement". Learn how to strengthen your position.


Customer disqualification is one of the most used subliminal tactics. Learn the pro's and con's of using it.


Here we learn of ways that will improve our reputation and conversions at the same time


Learn how to shift the dynamics of the conversation to a long term objective


Whilst agreeing with customers on many issues, the element of surprise is essential to a good deal psychology


Immediately reverse the psychology of the deal before negotiations even start: Apply the law of scarcity


People today are flooded with choice, which can be counter productive. Learn how to overcome these challenges with innovative ways


See case studies that explain how to best price your products and services.

Section 6: Managing the after sales experience: Critical post purchase considerations

Methods to rebuild our reputation and 5 things to avoid in order to protect your long term reputation. This also deals with career protection and advises against overconfidence at the pinnacle of your career.


Learn some of the best tactics to eliminate buyers' remorse and protect your seller reputation

Section 7: E-book: Sales Training, the art of selling to intelligent people
The E-book guide to the course
34 pages

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Instructor Biography

Adriaan Brits, MBA Marketing Coach | Trusted business adviser

Adriaan Brits is a trusted business adviser in international sales and marketing, with leadership experience in digital publishing, sales training, luxury brands and integrated marketing projects. He teaches on high quality platforms such as Lynda/Linkedin and Globalcademy as well as some courses on Udemy. As a consultant he uses cutting edge digital marketing technology and oversees several affiliate and publishing projects. As a pioneer of concepts such as dynamic copywriting for the web, based on realtime competitor, he managed to re-define the benchmarks of modern copywriting and digital PR.

By taking his courses on Udemy, you can save thousands in consulting fees and have access to some brilliant actionable marketing advice:

Gain intensive knowledge on how to benefit from multi billion dollar ecosystems such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple

Learn from experts how to generate a serious income online using proven platforms

Get career coaching to become a professional marketer or consultant

Adapt your existing business to benefit from digital revenue streams

Spend just a fraction of the price large companies pay for the same advise and learn some really potent marketing concepts: Adriaan Brits provides consultancy to large organizations and start-ups, working with interesting teams of growth-hackers and social media experts. International, Luxury and Digital Marketing are his passions, in which he holds a MSC degree from Oxford. He is a firm believer in continuous development and a dedicated researcher in his field.

Is your company too small to hire a full time Marketing Director or Chief Technology Officer? Join Adriaan's courses on Udemy and gain valuable insight.

Adriaan says: "I really look forward to meeting you and engaging with you on the course. It is an interactive environment where our sole purpose is to help you gain valuable business skills that you can turn into profit. Through Udemy, I aim to make excellent advice available to forward thinking business people, thereby creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs"

Instructor Biography

I have a broad educational background in psychology and cognitive neuroscience and I currently work in digital publishing.

As a researcher, I used eye-tracking technology exensively to investigate how people process online texts and I have been able to use this knowledge to advise my clients about digital publishing. Working together with other sales and marketing consultants helps me to develop a wide range of competencies.

I'm also in the final process of releasing a comprehensive course on the neuroscience of selling (neuro-sales) and influencing behaviour. I look forward to using skill set to help you get into the minds and hearts of your audience through social media.

Join one of my courses and start an exciting new journey!

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