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The Rule of W Masterclass

Understand the Power of The Rule of W
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Understand the Power of The Rule of W by delving deeper into this tried and tested risk management tool, which can be used in every area of your business and personal life. Over 13 videos, watch case studies from real businesses that detail the results of using The Rule of W, to understand how to really use this tool. Gain an understanding of how to be an authentic leader within your business and learn tips on self-care which is essential in long term business success and personal success by Executive Business Strategist, Millie Swann, an expert in Business systems and success for over 25 years.

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Rule of W Course
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We are going to do a Masterclass about The Rule of W and some of the other things. Now, we're going to look at it from a problem-solving point of view because these are the things I've been asking you guys and sort of checking in with Helen, Monica’s been asking and just knowing what's going on as well and just having these conversations with you guys on the phone about that sort of stuff. So thanks so much for doing that because it helps me keep you going really quickly and it doesn't take long, does it? Like half an hour or one hour maybe? Don't you ever stop shouting out because what you have to say is really valuable! If it was B*&#$@! I would have cut you off.

“I was waiting for it, but it didn’t happen”

Anyone who doesn't want to listen to your stuff darling's a fool. So, and you know that. Yeah, exactly! That's why I'm staying away from my man for a couple days and hasn’t he sooked up big time. He started change work with me and you know the story of how everything seems to be falling apart just before it falls into place? Well, he's been getting the universal lessons for about 12 months now. And about four weeks ago, he went, "that’s it, I'm coming to work with you. I have to do it. I can't stand it anymore”. I went, really? Ok. But it's true, when you first start to work, it all falls apart because we shed all the old stuff and then you start stepping into your identity and then you pull it all in. Well, what supports is it this masterclass stuff of how you go forward because I can do the change work but you must also take the right action steps as well. And there is some change stuff that you can do for yourselves anyway. And eventually you'll get there, but, you will at some point, sometime in the next whenever you will be ringing me about going, "Now, I'll go, ok now.” Now, you can come. And these are the things that are going to happen. I mean, that's your experience. I'm sure that it's the change work with the actual steps. You actually know exactly what to do which supports the identity reestablishment which is what you're doing, creating your own identity instead of loving everyone else to death and trying to save everybody else. Because that's what you all do, you know that gets exhausting after a while.

So, these are the game-changers really. They appear very simple but anything that's so profound always is. And it's like Lisa said, "Oh, one of the other clients I spoke to, she went and slept for 14 hours after your session." And I said, "Well, how? I've never done that” and that's like, you don't need to. That's her energetic makeup, you know. And so, it's different, but when you put all this Rule of W behind, it’s really highly supportive because you start to just really line up. I want to talk about it as from a problem-solving point of view for yourself and also a way to actually use it to understand what's going on with your clients, which is something that we talked about the other day. The game-changing questions, they’re the two that I don't put on The Rule of W because what I don't want to do when I teach this initially is to overwhelm people. Because people think, "I can't do it is too hard”. You know? And sometimes it takes clients a few weeks to get it and when they get it they go, "Oh, now I understand."

Preview 03:33

We've just completed, I put a video I think on my personal Facebook page about a road works that we're doing on the ring road. I can't think of the name of the bridge at the moment but it's a contract that's coming up that we're a preferred supplier to John Holland. I'm actually an interim CEO for an organisation called Crane Lift Australia. Greg's one of my clients. Somebody might have known Greg. Greg's been with me for a little while. Now I’ve stepped in to doing a massive restructure of the business which is what really my very core thing. I only do that with very particular businesses. We did three months of planning if not four using these, just these, very simple rules to deliver a three-million-dollar project in six weeks. We had two people leave the business, the director and another person and 2 staff and another 2 are about to go. We did 18 months with a business in six weeks. Just on one contract plus we grew the base clients as well during that six-week process. Greg has never enjoyed his business so much in his whole life. He's the only person that didn’t get sick. We had a hundred guys on. He’s the only person who didn't get sick. He did big hours; he didn't have an argument with his wife which believe it or not was actually one of his biggest concerns. And we're now the preferred supplier. They sacked other companies are providing similar services because of the way they went about the process. We just use these rules, he used it first as a problem-solving tool initially and then to ask for what he wanted. We're about to go and invest in three new machines and another two later in the year and we have ongoing work. We've had an extended contact with these guys. This stuff is really simple. I've run billion-dollar housing programs with this stuff and managed to keep everyone in the room calm. You can imagine the hissy fits and stuff that goes on with that stuff. But it also helps me decide on what I'm going to wear to go to work. It's very powerful. Don’t dismiss it. This stuff, the more and more you use it, it takes all the pressure and all the challenge off you. You don't have to think, you don't feel wrong, and you don't make your clients wrong and all these sort of things. It keeps you emotionally centred and grounded. And I want you just to really practice these today.

The Importance of Planning

What's been happening with you guys since I saw you last? Lots has been happening to you apart from moving house. How's the business going?

Marianne: Yeah, I actually worked out on the way here, it’s 18 new students. That's been really, really good. And I changed my form and put a bit of a bio about who I was and the fact that I have 30 years’ experience to offer.

Speaker: How many?

Millie: Oh, I know, she must have started when she was about five, right?

Marianne: But yeah, I wrote a bio about myself and why they would want to hire me as a teacher for their kids and then I went on to explain the program and then I went on to explain how much it was and everything. But yes, that's probably one of the biggest intakes I've had this time over the year.

Millie: 18 students? So, what would you have like doubled the business? Doubled the business, have we?

Marianne: Not double the business but injected certainly.

Millie: That's what I want to know. How much more have you gone up? So, how many did you start with?

Marianne: I think 75.

Millie: So, you've gone, "Oh ok, that's pretty good. That's 30%."

Marianne: And they just keep coming in.

Millie: Oh, my God! And they just keep coming in.

Marianne: Yeah, I've had this conversation with Millie about one student who I really thought was coming in and didn't. I've got a bit upset about it because it was a friend’s daughter and then Millie started chatting about it and then she said, "Then what happened next?" I said got an email about twins wanting to join. So, all of a sudden "bang", you know double the amount of money came in.

Millie: So, let's talk about that. So, what happened was, can you explain the full situation?

Marianne: I have a really good friend at the Greek school where I teach at. She's been wanting me to teach her daughter for ages. She always insists how wonderful I am and promotes my program to anyone and everyone. Her sister-in-law’s kid learns with me and she's always said, "I want my daughter to learn with you." And then finally I offered free lessons to the kindergarten kids to promote the program. And this child had a lesson but she had it at the Primary School not the ELC because she wasn't well. And I covered as many instruments as possible but especially the piano and I told her mum that she was a born piano player. We only had a quick 5 minutes I said, “She’s got really good coordination skills." She goes, "Yup, yup, we're going to join. Just send me the details, so I sent her the details."

Millie: The mother made a big deal about the fact that she was going to start. And Marianne thought, "Great, a new student." So, there was this expectation that Marianne had done a free class and the mother had gone to a quite a lot of lengths to say that she was going to start, didn't she? And then what happened?

Marianne: And then I get this text just before the weekend. And so, I'd see her on Wednesday, it was all go and then on Friday I got this text saying, "We've decided that we're going to enrol Georgia with the piano teacher who teaches our other daughter and do them back-to-back because it just works out better for us. I hope you have an awesome weekend." I'm shocked.

Millie: A text message?

Marianne: I just felt like I’d been kicked in the guts because this lady, we're such good friends and she's hugging me and telling me how wonderful I am. She's always promoting me in every which way she can and then I get this text. I just thought "Wow, it’s ok if you don’t want to do lessons but everything indicated that she did. And I thought, I wondered if it was the husband.

Millie: Then how did it make you feel?

Marianne: I felt like crap.

Millie: And she felt like crap. And what was the other thing you had; she had an expectation that she was going to come on.

Marianne: Because everything seemed to indicate.

Millie: Yeah, she had an expectation that she was going to come on and as soon as she got over this pissed off feeling and expectation, how many hours later?

Marianne: I think within 24 hours I got this random email from this lady from the German school saying, "I'd like to enrol my twins”. “What the?”. She hasn’t even rung me and I realise it starts this week but we’re going on holidays, so I’ll put the money into your account and they can start the following week and there was almost $800 in my account and I’ve gone, “whoa, I like that”

Millie: So, this is the point, as soon as you let go of the expectations, this is what happens.

Now, I spent some time with Carol. Carol couldn’t decide whether she wants to come on or not. Carol sent me a text message. When Carol decided, she did want to start and then she didn't. The minute Carol said "No" and I went, "Oh, I feel really sad for her." I found a new client that paid me 5x as much. And I said to Carol, "You're the only that's going to lose." It happens to me all the time but I don't have an expectation because it must come from the person who really wants to do the work. I'm winning. I got the client who wants to do the work. It's a better setup. They’ve paid me in advance. This is what happens; it means you can work with people exactly like that. I want to show that this happens to me too. But it must come from the person, when you're vibrating like that, when you’re energetic, and again that's what it is. When you're energetically vibrating like that, and you just allow it to come in. And you take massive action like you have done in the last month. And you come to the two workshops. You've let me do the energy work with you. You've made some real changes. You've talked to me three times, is it? So yeah, you've used me the way I've asked you to. You've gone on the Facebook page, you take strong action all the time. And you have these little bumps in the road like pebbles in your shoe. And then when you start to re-frame; so, I've re-framed everything for you.

Marianne: but it's funny because I had another new kid who had a free lesson last week and then I've wrote a letter saying, "Have you enjoyed it?" on email and if they wanted to come on board to register for the normal lessons and nothing happened. So, I went, "Oh well, whatever." The next 24 hours, "Oh look, I missed your email. Can we still join?" And I just went, it’s happening again.

Millie: Oh, let's have more of that! So, we're going to do more of asking for what you want, use a little detail. So, why don't you do that for that one because this is how I function. So, clearly, I've got a couple of client’s finishing at the moment, and then it’s like, "I want some more really good clients." Then they just started to fall in really nicely. It's a different kind of client, it’s okay. You know these are the kind of things; this is what I want you to understand. This is exactly what happens. This is how it works. And so, the harder you tight, the harder you squeeze; the tighter and the harder you hang on the more you squeeze the life out of everything, you know?

Case Study: Results of Using The Rule of W

This will explain a little bit about the way fear gets you.

Start of Video

Man from Video: But  I don't negotiate with my mind. I run this in my heart and soul. I don't let the brain run. I use my brain, I don't want my brain use me. The easiest way to deal with the fear of failure is to be more fearful of not taking action. To be more fearful of settling for a life that is far below what you deserve and what you desire. Everybody has a place where they get fearful. It's just the human mind it's there; it's not that you're not going to be fearful. I think what it really is, is just again training yourself to say, "I can be fearful and I can do it anyway. I don't have to get rid of the fear. I just have to dance with it. I have to use the energy of it to move myself forward." And I found in the early days I used to like when I was trying to make a decision; I would do what I called my rocking chair test. I took a helicopter ride one time and we're flying straight across all the people bumper-to-bumper, no stop, this is the way to live. What would it take to get to learn how to fly a helicopter? Money, time, energy, where am I going to fit all these in. What would life be like, I'm 85 years old, I'm in my rocking chair and I flew helicopters and I took my friends and family, took the doors off, scream down on the water. And we've lived this life where you could go wherever you want, the way you want it. I was like, "Wow!" I looked at what that life would be, felt it and it felt incredible.

And what if you never learned? What if you come up with all these fears? "I don't have time. I don't have the money. I don't know if I can do it. Look the fear has dominated me and I never learned to fly a helicopter. I'm 85, in my rocking chair and I look back on my life and I missed out on all that." But the fastest way to deal with fear is do it anyway. You don't have to feel good to do stuff, that's an illusion. Make yourself do it. What I've trained my brain is; when I say do it, we do it. It doesn't matter if it feels good. It doesn't matter if that's too cold. It doesn't matter if I don't feel it. It doesn't matter if I'm fearful, I do it anyway. And when you train yourself to do it anyway; you have a freedom that most people never have.

End of Video

Millie: So, that is so true and that is how I live my life. Now, all of you in this room here are in some form high esoteric. And the reality is, you're always going to be living in fear. You're always going to have fear. You're always, always, always going to have this in your guts, "am I ready?" feeling. "Is the time right?" All these things, get used to it because it's never going away; it's always there. And when you step into it and you go [sigh of relief]. There's another video on one of the Facebook pages where it talks about anyone who did anything significant is exactly the same as you. They put their undies on, their pants on, their shoes on, their clothes on the same as you. They eat and sleep and go to the bathroom the same as you. They just faced the fear and they just stepped in. You're always going to live a little bit in fear.

Change work or not. I still have it. I have moments when I deal with clients.

It’s not fear it’s more like lovely nice kind a little in your tummy anxieties of like ooh this is exciting anxiety. It’s not that horrible stuff that makes you want to throw up. It’s not that. And you know that’s dissipating. So it’s a very different kind of energetic feel. And you are going to have to get used to it. Because you either address it and keep going or don’t address it and end up in a pool of gooey poo on the floor. 

In 12 weeks Marianne’s managed to completely transform her life. And got herself out a situation that a lot of people stay forever and now all she has to do is ask for what you want darling. The other stuff when you’re ready we will sort that out later. The money blocks and those sort of things. Everyone has a natural barrier, natural money line and I’ve talked to you about this before, you have to build the foundation underneath you know, Helen’s foundations are starting to become very strong. She’s going to go another level. And this is the constant little bit of anxiety and fear that keeps coming. So this is just the way the world is. You’re either going to have it done to you or you’re going to be able to direct it. 

My partner started change work with me a couple of weeks ago. Two key people in his business. One never showed up, and he's not coming back yesterday. The other one gave him 3 days notice. They were with him from years. Not very happy was he on the phone last night. He needs to do another change session with me and he needs to get out of his business. He needs to hand it over. He’s been given lessons for the last 12 months, lots of them. He just got the biggest smack in the face that he ever got yesterday. And if he doesn’t address it, it’s going to be taken away. And it’s going to affect his health or something like that, he knows it too. He's got this fear thing going on about handing the baby over, as soon as he hands it over, his thing of making money and all sort of stuff is just going to go. I watch him, I watch him pull in deals like that. He wants something he goes and get hundred thousand dollar deals happen was like *clicks fingers*. Did that in a day. You know it’s ridiculous. It’s just a slightly bigger version of exactly what you’re doing. And I’ve watched you do it too. You’re getting sorted in a different direction and you’ve started as well. You are going to get going. But it’s got to be up to you. I’m so glad you've come today. To stay home to stay away is nothing. The other girls that aren’t here today. They’ve spoken with me over the phone, a lot. Kim’s coming in a little while I think, she’s got delayed but stepping into the fear all the time. 

You can either step in and direct it, drive where you want to go. Or you can have stuff happen coz it’s going to happen anyway and you going to keep pulling in the crappy stuff. 

How Fear Affects You

If you can just use those 3 questions for everything that you do. Why are you doing something? Why are you doing it and when are you doing it? Then you can start get huge amount of clarity around things. When your problem solving. When you’re problem solving it’s really important to try and keep it really short. Because you can, often a problem is more like a festering sore you’re getting. You got a graze on your knee and you put a bandage over it, but you keep bashing you knee all the time on the same spot on the desk and it keeps grazing your knee. SO, the problem is that you have to do something other than sit at that desk. Because you keep hurting yourself. It’s not that you need new bandage every day and you need a cream on it. You need to actually deal on what’s really going on. And so, by going through particularly these 3 questions round and round and round. And allowing the answer to come up you can get to underlying deep issue. I sit and I am very patient and I guide you through the outcome frame. I don’t let you get away with anything. Why are you laughing darling? But it’s held the space in a beautiful, loving way, isn't? And you’re highly supported and you don’t do anything wrong, there’s not one thing that’s wrong. But the reality is that when you can come back through these questions all the time. Why, what and when. These others are important too. But these are the ones. This is for problem solving okay. Why is this still happening to me? Because when you give something a charge, it’s the power behind everything. Why am I still with this crappy relationship? Why am I still here? Why am I still accepting this shit behaviour? Why am I still putting up with this? Because when you’ve got that going around you’re playing that pattern in your head all the time, how the hell can you even focus in your business, or any pleasure or in your life? SO, what you start to do is you start asking what you need and a little bit of extra. And you get clarity around it. The other option is you run away from that, which is what a lot of people do, they don’t face it, they don’t deal with it. Which is why it’s so exciting for Marianne to go and have her own place. Because she had the opportunity to work with Helen for a little while, to get massive clarity. She knew what the problem was. She knew that she's wasn’t happy but she couldn’t quite get there, could you? So, this is the power using this outcome frame when you’re working with your clients okay.

Outcome Frame With Clients

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