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Ruby, 1st script to expert scripter

Learn ruby programming with 'mobile view' optimized video course. Create your first script today with RUBY !
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What Will I Learn?
Learn to install ruby and create ruby files
Learn to code smoothly using ruby as scripting language
Learn to configure eclipse to code in ruby
Learn Object oriented concepts like classes and objects
Learn inheritance, mixins and other concept in ruby by practical approach
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  • Eclipse software (available for free)
  • No programming experience is required but little basics will help
  • We recommend to use headphones and practice with us during course

Learn Ruby programming with Highly mobile optimized video tutorials

A lot of programmer tries to find a language which is completely Object oriented, easy to learn and implement. Your search will end by finding Ruby programming language. Ruby is a true object oriented programming language which is easy to use and you will complete all task without getting buried inside deep documentation. Everything in ruby is an object, even classes are also object in ruby.

In this entire mobile optimized course of ruby programming, you will learn basics of ruby like operators, variables, If and if else. After grabbing basics, we will move on to loops and switch cases of ruby. We like to deliver knowledge in sharp and to the point videos. In this entire series, we will focus on working with eclipse IDE because it is free and ruby can be configured in ruby easily with eclipse.

You might have intention to move into “Ruby on Rails” or just automating the things by ruby, this course will give you quick but comprehensive start in ruby programming. In the competitive and keep on changing programming paradigm, programming languages keeps on going. But ruby is a bit different. It came as a fresh language and reached to the top programming in 2014 and is expected to be growing in programmers favorite list because of its high end features, easy syntax and dedicated object oriented approach.

Ruby was designed to be more powerful that Perl, and more object-oriented than Python, and has gained in popularity due to its power and ease of use. Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. It was designed and developed in the mid-1990s by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto in Japan.

Features of Ruby programming Include:

    ·Thoroughly object-oriented with inheritance, mixins and metaclasses

    ·Dynamic typing and duck typing

    ·Everything is an expression and everything is executed imperatively

    ·Lexical closures, iterators and generators, with a unique block syntax

    ·Literal notation for arrays, hashes, regular expressions and symbols

Who is the target audience?
  • 1st time programmer
  • Programming students
  • web designers, who wants to learn ruby
  • interested in scripting with ruby
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 41 Lectures Collapse All 41 Lectures 02:46:31
Ruby Coding module 1
5 Lectures 20:59

Installation of ruby is not that much tricky. It come default for MAC and linux users but windows users have to install it. In this lecture you will learn to install ruby on a windows system. Download the ruby from the link mentioned in the video and follow the steps to install ruby in simple and precised manner.

Preview 02:13

Ruby has many paid and highly comfortable software to be used as IDE. But Eclipse is programmers all time favorite. In this lecture, you will learn how can configure eclipse into IDE suitable for ruby programming. Eclipse is free to use and come lots of functionality to give you charms of coding

Preview 08:33

Using an IDE is not at all a compulsory requirement for the ruby. Any text editor will work like notepad of windows or text wrangler in MAC. If you wish to follow this path then I suggest to go for Notepad plus plus. Its a great and simple editor and comes with colour coding too

Notepad plus plus as alternative

Comment in ruby are used for the human reading purpose. Ruby interpreter will ignore the comments. Writing comment makes it easier for the other programmers to read and understand your logic quickly. Even when you will see your code after couple years, you will quickly remember your logic and intention of writing that piece of code

Comment begin and end in ruby

Here are the exercise files for Module 2 for Ruby Course

Module 1 Source code Files
Ruby Coding module 2
9 Lectures 40:47

We will discuss classes in more details at latter stage but a quick intro is very helpful at this time. In ruby everything is an object, even classes are also objects. You will quickly learn as a fresh programmer the basic concept of classes and objects, so that rest of the course becomes very easy to you.

Classes and Objects quick guide

Ruby supports different types of variable and every variable has its own scope. There are local variables, class variables, instance variables and few others which are discussed in detail in this video. Understanding the variable in ruby will give you more understanding of the basic structure in ruby.

Types of Variables in Ruby

Ruby supports all the basic literals like Integer, floating and string literals. These literals are the basic block of structure in ruby. Every integer also have a class and at latter point these topics are taken again to take things at much more depth

Basic literals in Ruby

many operations are supported by ruby and arithmetic is one of the very basic operation of ruby. This lecture will explain about arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and modulus. As a programmer you will need to automate a lots of mathematical application like banking accounts. In these cases ruby's arithmetic operation will help you.

Arithmetic operators in ruby

Ruby supports a variety of comparison operations. As a programmer you have to learn to compares values because latter on conditional programming, the comparison is used a lot and comparison is the evaluation point for deciding, which part of code should be executed

Comparision operators in ruby

Assignment operation is performed when you need to assign a value to a variable. In this lecture you will learn the various methods to assign values to variables.

Assignement operations in ruby

Ruby supports all logical operations like AND and OR and other such operations. These operations are valuable when you need to check 2 conditions at a time. The logical AND operations gives a TRUE result if both the conditions are true but logical OR gives a TRUE if even one condition is true

Logical and range operations in ruby

We can call a module method by preceding its name with the module's name and a dot and we reference a constant using the module name and two colons. Learn more details in this lecture

Dot and double colon operators in ruby

Here are the exercise files for Module 2 for Ruby Course

Module 2 Source code Files
Ruby Coding Module 3
8 Lectures 27:07

Most of the time in programming we want to write conditional programming codes. If is used to check the conditions and only when the condition match, then the following code is executed in the code snippet. But if you want to work other way, then we have another option of Else. When the if condition fails, Else code is executed

If ElseIf and if modifier in ruby

The unless statement is the ruby executes the code if conditional is false. If the conditional is true, code mentioned or written in the else snippet will be executed in this unless.

Unless usage in ruby

In ruby case and when are just like case and switch in other programming languages. First we define many cases for which our code checks a defined value. If the value is matched for any any case, the snippet in that part is executed.
if nothing is matched then we can also define a case that get executed if nothing is matched.

Case and when in ruby

looping is a integral part of coding. We write a part of code and ask the interpreter to repeat the code for a specific period of time. In while loop the important things are initialization of loop, condition of loop and increment or decrements of loop. This lecture will explain the while loop in quick and easy way

While loop and modifier in ruby

Untill statement in ruby is used to execute code while condition is false. An untill statement's conditional is seperated from the code by the reserved word do or a new line.

Until loop and modifier in ruby

looping is a integral part of coding. We write a part of code and ask the interpreter to repeat the code for a specific period of time. In for loop the important things are initialization of loop, condition of loop and increment or decrements of loop. This lecture will explain the for loop in quick and easy way

For and each loop in ruby

Looping sometime require extral control feature. Break, Next and redo are the important loop control statements.

Break keyword terminates the most internal loop.

Next keyword jumps to the next iteration of the most internal loop.

Break, Next and redo - Loop Control statements

Here are the exercise files for Module 2 for Ruby Course

Module 3 Source code Files
Ruby Module 4
9 Lectures 41:49

Methods in ruby are just similar to the functions in other programming language. Ruby methods are used to group a few lines of together and execute them on a single call. Method name should begin with a lower case.

If you will begin a method name with an upper case, it might be treated as a constant

Creating Methods in ruby

The return statement in ruby is used to return one or more value from ruby methods. Every method in ruby returns a value by default. This returned value of the last statement.

Return statement and variable parameters in ruby

Alias is a very important and interesting feature of the ruby. With the help of alias you can change the name of any method. Now you will have the ability to call the same method with both the names.

Make a alias of method

A block consists of chunks of code. we can assign a name to block and can execute that lines of code in that code block. It is preferred that code in the block is always enclosed with the braces

Code blocks in ruby

Code blocks and yield are closely interrelated in ruby. In this lecture you will understand the deep importance of the yield along with the implementation

Explaining yield in ruby

A string in ruby hold an arbitary sequence of one or more bytes. The simplest string literals are enclosed in the single quotes.

If you need to put a single quote inside the string, make sure that it follows the backslash to make it work.

Strings in depth in ruby

Ruby arrays can hold objects such as String, Integer, Fixnum, Hash, Symbol, even other Array objects. Array indexing starts at 0, as in C or Java.

Array in depth in ruby

A Hash is a collection of key-value pairs like this: "month" => "march". It is similar to an Array, except that indexing is done via arbitrary keys of any object type, not an integer index.

Hashes in depth in ruby

Here are the exercise files for Module 2 for Ruby Course

Module 4 Source code Files
Ruby Module 5
9 Lectures 33:02

When you define a class, you define a blueprint for a data type. This doesn't actually define any data, but it does define what the class name means, that is, what an object of the class will consist of and what operations can be performed on such an object.

A class definition starts with the keyword class followed by the class name and is delimited with an end.

Classes and instance in ruby

This lecture will help you to understand the flexibility in methods. Many times the situations arise that we need to make our code flexible and independent. In this lecture we will create an example that will give you inside tips and tricks to work on with attributes in ruby.

Flexibility with attributes in ruby

Just like in other languages we have getter and setters, in ruby we have reader and writers. reader is used to read the value and setter is used to set the value. In typical programming approach, we like to keep all the functions that read the value separate from all the functions that write the value.

Reader writer and their shortcuts in ruby

Just like we have methods in classes, that can be called using dot operator in ruby. By default in classes we see that we only have new method to create object from any class, in this lecture you will learn to create more inbuilt method in any class.

Class methods in ruby

Inheritance is the property to take functionality from parent class into child class. Ruby only allows one level of inheritance. If one need to import more level of inheritance, we can use something known as Mix-ins.

Inheritance in ruby

Modules are a way of grouping together methods, classes, and constants. Modules give you two major benefits.

  • Modules provide a namespace and prevent name clashes.
  • Modules implement the mixin facility.
Name clashes and namespaces using modules in ruby

When a class can inherit features from more than one parent class, the class is supposed to show multiple inheritance.

Ruby does not support multiple inheritance directly but Ruby Modules have another wonderful use. At a stroke, they pretty much eliminate the need for multiple inheritance, providing a facility called a mixin.

Mixins give you a wonderfully controlled way of adding functionality to classes. However, their true power comes out when the code in the mixin starts to interact with code in the class that uses it.

implementing a mixin in ruby

Handling files in ruby in very easy. Ruby IO module gives you access to kernel operations, making it easy to copy, edit, replace, rename and delete a file. This files contains a simple example to work on with files.

Handling files in ruby
2 pages

Here are the exercise files for Module 2 for Ruby Course

Module 5 Source code Files
Final Note
1 Lecture 00:45

Final quiz to check your knowledge after course.

Final quiz to check your knowledge after course.
5 questions

Thanks for taking Ruby, 1st script to expert scripter course. Hope to see you out there in some other courses too.
Keep coding!

Final Note
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