Rise To Your Amazingness - 10 Steps To The Life You Desire
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Rise To Your Amazingness - 10 Steps To The Life You Desire

Start telling empowering stories about who you are and watch as life dances to your tune - say goodbye to your limits
5.0 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3 students enrolled
Created by Sharm Siva
Last updated 7/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Appreciate the amazingness that you truly are and rising to it everyday
  • Realise that your inner voice is the only voice that matters when charting the course of your life
  • Understand that you have the power to create the life you want, and live by your own terms
  • Have empowering thoughts about yourself and your life, no matter what people think of you
  • Start witnessing the best of life manifest in your physical reality
  • Know that everything you desire can be yours once you change the stories you are holding on to
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  • A laptop with internet access. I've made the videos short, so you wouldn't have much issues with streaming
  • A notebook or journal for the exercises - some ripping of papers would be necessary ;)
  • Come with an open mind :)
  • Have belief. Believe that you will gain insights and answers from the course, which will directly answer some questions you currently have
  • A desire to want to see a positive shift - because you will :)

One of the most dominant thoughts in the human mind is "What is my purpose in life?" Most of us live this life wanting to know why we are here. And this course is here to answer the question. The purpose of your life...is what you make of it.

Yes! What you are here to do is exactly what you say you are here to do. Whether you want to become a best-selling author, travel the world, become a CEO, become the best father or mother, earn lots of money, become a contributor to the society - whatever it is you truly desire within you, is exactly what your life can become. And the secret lies in the stories you tell about who you are and about the kind of life that you're living.

Many of us hold on to limiting stories and beliefs about who we are and what we can do, resulting in a life that will always hold us back. If we could only change these stories from "I can't" to "I can" or from "I'm incapable" to "I'm capable", if we can only change our beliefs from "Life does not serve me" to "Life loves and supports me", we will see dance begin to dance to our tune.

The only trouble is, that most of us are unaware of the damaging stories and beliefs that are keeping us stuck to where we are. And it really does not have to be so.

Through this course, you will learn how to clear the blocks that have been holding you back for so long, in the form of the stories you have been holding on to, that have not been serving you. 

You will find a series of:

  1. Video lectures - of the concept behind this idea of rising to your amazingness
  2. Exercises - of how you can practice what you have learnt in your daily life

The entire course will take about 1.5 hours to complete, but don't feel the need to rush through it. This is YOUR development and YOUR life, so learn the way YOU feel best - that's the main idea behind this course anyway.

Amongst the key learning takeaways you will enjoy, are:

  1. Identifying who you have always believed you are through the stories you have been holding on to
  2. Changing these limiting stories to more empowering ones
  3. Appreciating that you are amazing as you are
  4. Believing that you have the power within you to bring about the life you desire
  5. Repeating your new empowering stories  
  6. Witnessing your stories manifest in your life

As you progress along the course and do the daily exercises recommended, you will witness your life shift. You will notice these amazing changes slowly (but surely) at first, and then more regularly. I would like it if you could share these experiences with me - who knows, I might even write them into a book :)

I hope you enjoy this learning experience and course. Thank you for inviting me to join you in this journey of self discovery and personal transformation.

Sending you much love,
Sharm Siva

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is perfect for you if you are ready to experience a positive shift in your life
  • This course is a good guide if you believe that you are living a less-than-ideal life, and want to know what you can do to change that
  • This course can especially help you see difference if you're experiencing issues in any particular area of your life - e.g. money, health, job, etc
  • This course is a good addition to your current personal transformation journey
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Curriculum For This Course
32 Lectures
Welcome to Rise To Your Amazingness!
3 Lectures 09:35

Welcome to Rise To Your Amazingness! Here, you will understand more about the concept behind the call to rise to your amazingness, as well as a short introduction to this course.

Preview 01:59

Here, you will learn more about the course creator and her inspirations to create this course.

My Story

Here, you will better understand how this course can benefit you in your own journey of personal transformation

Your Journey
The Concept
3 Lectures 08:59

Let's take a quick look at the underlying concept behind rising to your amazingness - basically, the main message of this course. Though simple, it is very fundamental and is necessary to be understood.

The Course Concept

It's time we understand the true power we have within us, to make or break our lives. And this power lies within the stories we tell about who we are and about how life is serving us.

The Stories You Tell

Now that we understand the power we have within us and in our stories, let's start accepting how telling better stories will result in a better quality of life.

Telling A Better Story
Who You Are
2 Lectures 05:56

Before you can truly rise to your amazingness, you must first know what you're rising to. It is important for you to know and understand who you are.

How You See Yourself

This is a very fulfilling exercise, and you'll see why in a bit. Here, you will get a chance to evaluate the good and not-so-good things that people have been saying about you - and to determine what you want to keep and what you want to throw away. This exercise will fill you with power!

Preview 02:25
Who You Are Not
7 Lectures 16:24

In trying to identify who we really are, it is important to know who we're not. This lecture explains why it is important not to allow external factors to define who we are.

Preview 02:11

This lecture will remind you how you are not other people's fears or limitations. Just because someone believes that they can or can't do something, does not mean it needs to be true to you. Sometimes, without realising it, we have been living our lives based on someone else's fears. Let's stop now. This does not define us.

Other People's Fears

Most of us believe that our parents' lives are ours, and that is an unfair thing to do. Here, you will learn why you are not defined by your parents or your genes. Yes, they are your parents and you love them, but their lives do not define you. Let's find out more.

Your Parents and Your Genes Do Not Define You

Your job, employment status or income does not define you. It may be something that takes up many of your waking hours, but it does not make you. Who you are is deeper and more significant that what your job is. Always remember that. 

Your Job Does Not Define You

Who you were does not define you. You may have made certain choices and decisions in the past, but that does not have to affect how you live your life today. The quality of your life today is determined by the new choices you can make today. And no horoscope, astrologer, palmist or fortune teller should convince you that you have a less-than-ideal future, because that's in your hands too. Past memories or future stories, you have control over what you want to remember and live.

Your History and Your Horoscope Do Not Define You

Though people recognise us through the cultures and traditions that we were born into or that we have chosen for ourselves, it is important to know that our culture, tradition, race and religion do not define us. 

Your Culture and Traditions Do Not Define You

Time to really put into practice what you now know about who you're not. This exercise is one of my favourites. It involves some ripping and throwing :) You'll enjoy it.

It's Your Life
1 Lecture 03:58

Truly understand how to embrace the power you have within you to create and live the life you really want. When you realise this, you'll know that nothing is beyond you. Shut out the external noise and drama and listen to YOU.

No One Can Determine The Life You Live
The Power In Your Words
4 Lectures 09:05

Your words have immense power, and that's what most people give very less credit to. Instead of absorbing what other people think or say about you and making them your stories, realise that your words become your declarations of life.

Everything You Declare Become True For You

Declarations are one of the most powerful personal development tools ever discovered. What you say, you become. So start saying and declaring good words in your life.

Power of Declaration

Knowing now that you have a wealth of power within you to determine how your life story turns out, through the power of your declarations, it's also time to realise that since your words are so powerful, if you have been saying limiting or damaging things about yourself or your life, then it's time to stop. Because most of the time, the one thing that has been holding you back for years can be your very own words.

Preview 02:18

In this exercise, you will identify some limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, and you will use the power of your words to change this belief into something that serves you better.

Speaking Power Is Declaring Power
2 Lectures 05:46

If you could speak power into every area of your life, how would these words sound like? This lecture will show you some examples of very empowering declarations that you can use in your life. Declare amazingness in your job, relationships, health, luck and financial situation. This is your new story from now on. Believe it and witness it come to life in your physical reality.

Speaking Power Onto Your Life

This exercise will need you to refer to the last exercise you did. The idea is for you to start writing new declarations about your life. Now that you're aware that there lies an ocean of power within your words, let's aim to make the words we speak, especially about ourselves, positively empowering ones. 

Speak To Yourself Everyday
5 Lectures 10:21

Do you know that you're your biggest cheerleader? Say you have an idea, and you share it with the people closest to you. You will have some people who will support this idea, and the rest who don't. I'm here to tell you that no matter what people think about your idea - or about you or your life - it will not matter if you realise that YOU are your biggest supporter, and that with your support, any idea of yours, any dream, any goal will become a reality. 

You Are Your Biggest Cheerleader

A method that has worked wonders for me, I'd like to introduce the art of speaking to yourself :) Since you're your biggest cheerleader, then you are the only one who has any power to empower yourself. I speak to myself everyday, and I suggest you try it too. The Morning Mantra is a collection of words and phrases you tell yourself every morning. Isn't it refreshing to know that the first voice you listen to every morning is yours? And that it's words of encouragement, love, hope, power and amazingness?

Preview 02:10

Now, it's time for you to create your very own Morning Mantra. Speak power and love to yourself first thing in the day, and watch how amazingly your day pans out for you. It really works!

Exercise 1

Another amazing tool to use is the Evening Mantra. It's basically words you tell yourself just before you fall asleep at night. Instead of dwelling on the day's challenges or wondering why life is not working, let's shift our focus on something more empowering.

Evening Mantra

Now, it's your time to practise this Evening Mantra. Allow yourself the luxury of going to sleep with a peaceful mind and happy smile. You know you deserve it.

Exercise 2
Embracing You
2 Lectures 02:31

LOVE. Something we can so easily do and express to other people, to our pets, to our family members, to our partner or spouse - and now, you are going to start expressing love to the most important person in your life - YOU. 

Loving Myself

Practice loving yourself and embracing your amazingness through this exercise of literally saying "I LOVE YOU" to yourself. A very simple exercise, but a very powerful one, especially if repeated.

Realising Your Desires
2 Lectures 03:28

Now that you know who you are and who you're not, now you realise how amazing your life can be and how the power lies within you to chart this amazing life, it's time to move on to having clear desires about your life. Many of us have desires like having a new car or getting a better job, but until and unless we love ourselves and believe we can, we will experience our desires eluding us. Now that the foundational prep work is done, let's start getting clear about our desires.

Your Desires

This exercise will help you identify what you want in your life. A really powerful exercise. If you don't know what you want, you will be moving very fast in life in no particular direction. That's something we don't want.

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About the Instructor
Sharm Siva
5.0 Average rating
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3 Students
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Personal Transformation Author

My Purpose and Passion

Through my own journey of personal transformation, I have learnt that the best life is one lived with genuine happiness. Dancing to someone else's tune to make them happy, or doing things for short-term gains are ok, but nothing close to the magnificent life one can be living and enjoying if the main purpose is happiness. Ever since that major learning, I have dedicated my life to wanting to share this to as many people as possible. 

The Message

No one can possibly know more about us than ourselves. This is a very important message, because when we believe that people external to us must know more about us than even we do, what will result is a confusing, painful life, where decisions and choices are made for the wrong reasons. Believe that the only voice that does matter in charting the course of our life - is ours. It's time to let our inner voice be heard and the external noise and drama to be silenced. And witness all desires find themselves to you.

About Me

I am a Personal Transformation author and teacher and a Law of Attraction coach, currently based in Melbourne Australia. I am very happy with myself and with life right now, and can genuinely say that I am in love with life. This realisation came to me after decades of living a limiting and damaging life of pain, anger, guilt, fear and depression. But I got out of it through my learnings, and I would like to share them with you, in hopes that they will help you in any way you need, at any time in your life.

Contact Me

You can contact me at sharm79@gmail.com or info@risewithin.org anytime, with course enquiries or just to share your experiences.