RF Fundamentals,Basic Concepts and Components (RAHRF101)
4.4 (64 ratings)
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1,180 students enrolled
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RF Fundamentals,Basic Concepts and Components (RAHRF101)

RF Fundamentals is a quick start to the RF topic and the prerequisite for Rahsoft RF Certificate
4.4 (64 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,180 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • This is a very basic fundamentals of RF, The main purpose of this course is to simply without providing any formulas or engineering skills provide the basic knowledge and topics needed in the RF field. At the end of this course you would have a general idea of Radio Frequency and related topics and components used day to day on this topic. This course briefly explains the topics without getting deep into each discussion just to have the student get a general idea.
  • The student can then choose to go toward the RF Certificate provided by Rahsoft which in there we would be going deep into the topics by providing hand on design and examples from the industry. At the end of the certificate the student would have a complete knowledge of RF as well as some actual simulations such as Power Amplified Design to add to his resume. Again this would be for a person who would be taking all 15 courses which starts with this course as the first one.
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  • This course itself is the prerequisite for the RF Certificate of Rahsoft
  • This course is made to be as simple as possible for students to get the basics before jumping into complicated topics in the coming RF courses.

Welcome to first course of RF certificate series. In this topic we are going to explain the basic concepts of RF design in a simplest way possible. The audience for RF basic course are Electrical engineers, technicians, sails engineers and other employees of an RF related company who want to have general idea of RF basic concepts. At the end of this course you would have general knowledge of the fundamental topics discussed in RF industry. This course is a great crash course for people who have interviews and need to wrap up the RF topic within a few hours and become from zero knowledge to have an understand of most topics in a general matter.

One of the most important things for us to have a most updated materials needed in the industry. Ahsan Ghoncheh, our Co-Founder and Technical Adviser consults with different RF engineers at Broadcomm, Qualcomm, apple and Skyworks on building practical circulim and topics that are needed and in demand  in the industry. So instead of going academic approach we are going to an indsutry approach.

I want to thank you for choosing Rahsoft and trusting us. please feel free to contact us. We are truly excited and grateful on going with you through this journey on becoming an RF expert. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us. 

Instructor: Ata Sarrafi 
Advisor: Ahsan Ghoncheh

quizzes and coding exercises) below.

Section1: An introduction to Rahsoft and the instructor Lecture1:Intro Rahsoft Ad(Preview enabled) Lecture2: Introduction(Preview enabled) Section2:FrequencyStarting from the scratch Lecture3:What is Radio Frequency ?(Preview enabled) Quiz1:T01_L01_P01 Lecture4:Application VS Frequency(Preview enabled) Quiz2:T01_L01_P02 Section3:Noise Lecture5:Noise 1 Quiz3:T01_L02_P01 Lecture6:Signal to Noise Ratio Quiz4:T01_L02_P02 Section4:V-I-F-Z Lecture7:V-I-F-Z(Preview enabled) Quiz5:T01_L03_P01 Section5:Power Lecture8:Power Quiz6:T01_L03_P02 Section6:Transceiver , Transmitter, Receiver Lecture9:RF module, transmitter, receiver(Preview enabled) Lecture10:RF Transceiver Quiz7:T01_L04_P01 Section7:Antenna Lecture11:Antenna 1(Preview enabled) Quiz8:T01_L05_P01 Lecture12:Antenna 2 Quiz9:T01_L05_P02 Section8:Filters Lecture13:RF Filter 1 Quiz10:T01_L06_P01 Lecture14:Filter Types Quiz11:T01_L06_P02 Section9:Components Lecture15:Active vs Passive Components(Preview enabled) Quiz12:T01_L07_P01 Section10:Low Noise Amplifies Lecture16:Low Noise Amplifer (LNA)(Preview enabled) Quiz13:T01_L08_P01 Section11:Mixer Lecture17:Mixer Quiz14:T01_L09_P01 Section12:VCO and Oscillators Lecture18:VCO and oscillators Quiz15:T01_L10_P01 Section13:Phase Lock Loop Lecture19:PLL 1(Preview enabled) Quiz16:T01_L11_P01 Lecture20:PLL 2 Quiz17:T01_L11_P02 Section14:Power Amplifier Lecture21:Power Amplifer (PA)(Preview enabled) Quiz18:T01_L12_P01 Section15:Modulation Lecture22:Modulation (Analog) Quiz19:T01_L13_P01 Lecture23:Modulation (Digital) Quiz20:T01_L13_P02 Section16:Linearity Lecture24:Linearity Quiz21:T01_L14_P01 Section17:Phasor Lecture25:Phasor Lecture26:Phasor Quiz22:T01_L15_P01 Section18:Matching Lecture27:Matching Quiz23:T01_L16_P01 Lecture28:Matching Quiz24:T01_L16_P02 Section19:Attenuator Lecture29:Attenuator Quiz25:T01_L17_P01 Section20:S-parameter Lecture30:S-param Quiz26:T01_L18_P01 Section21:Smith-Chart Lecture31:Smith-Chart Quiz27:T01_L19_P01 Section22:Software Lecture32:Software Lecture33:Software Quiz28:T01_L20_P01 Section23:Measuremet Devices Lecture34:Measurement Devices Lecture35:Measurement Devices Quiz29:T01_L21_P01

Section1:IntroductionAn introduction to Rahsoft and the instructor

Who is the target audience?
  • Prerequisite for students planning to get Rahsoft RF Certificate which is a complete RF course package directing students from basic or zero knowledge in RF to becoming an Expert in the Radio Frequency Industry .
  • This course is set for professionals working in the Radio Frequency and Communication industry whom need to have a general idea of RF in order to understand main topics at work.
  • Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Students
  • Sales Engineers in the RF Industry
  • Project managers in the RF Industry
  • Test Engineers in the RF Industry
  • RF Technicians
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Frequency versus Application

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Noise 1

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Signal to Noise Ratio

3 questions
1 Lecture 08:16

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dB and dBm
Transceiver , Transmitter, Receiver
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About the Instructor
Rahsoft RF Certificate Irvine, California
4.5 Average rating
69 Reviews
1,186 Students
2 Courses
Radio Frequency Engineering Certificate

Ata Sarrafi

RF and Analog Design Engineer at Rahsoft

Doctorate Candidate in RF Engineering, Ata has a proven track of Analog and Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design. Ata works on Rahsoft's RF Certificate to include the most updated criteria in the courses.

Ata is an RF design engineer at Rahsoft and an Electronics engineering graduate with specialization in Radio Frequency and Analog/Mixed Signal Design. He is experienced with designing various classes of integrated CMOS power amplifier. He has designed and fabricated different types of Low Noise Amplifier such as low power, variable gain and UWB LNA and voltage controlled oscillator.

Ata completed his bachelor’s degree in University of Tabriz in Iran in the field of electronics engineering then he moved to Turkey to continue his education in Bogazici University. He started his master’s degree with focus on Analog/mixed signal IC design. He gained a lot of experienced in design tunable analog blocks in both schematic and layout level. He started PhD in the same school with doing research on RF circuits and since that time, it has been 3 years that he is doing RF research and design. In 2016, He was offered an opportunity from Rahsoft Company to design and produce RF modules with specialization in power amplifier design. In addition to an eventual goal of producing a full RF course in Rahsoft.

Ahsan Ghoncheh

Technical Adviser and Board Member at Rahsoft

Ahsan is Founder and Technical Adviser at Rahsoft. He has worked on the latest technologies in the top semiconductor companies, Broadcom and Qualcomm. His expertise is in RF System, RF Test mainly working on WLAN and Bluetooth RF Characterization . Transceiver, Switches, WLAN and Bluetooth Chips Ahsan as a team member has worked on  many devices and projects which results can be found most devices in any home or office and has ended up being used in development of products of  companies such as Apple., Samsung, Panasonic,LG , Amazon and Google. He also has a great portfolio in the Aerospace and has been a member in the design team working on hardware designed to be used in the Consumer Aircraft of different airlines.

He has also is the founder of Rahsoft which is a multi-functional company active in Application Development , Hardware and Software, with over 15 Applications and hardware available in the App Stores and market, Staffing Services servicing startups in the Orange County Area,Career Coaching as Well as Professional Education. The Professional Education Division has had over 1200 students enrolled and is one of the few complete online and onsite RF Certificates in the industry.