How To Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes Naturally and Easily

The Easiest and Fastest Way To Restore Normal Blood Sugar
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About This Course

Published 2/2016 English

Course Description

This is a course in which you'll be able to fully understand...

- WHY you developed Type 2 Diabetes

- WHAT were the factors that contributed to this

- WHAT YOU CAN DO to effortlessly reverse it naturally and restore normal blood sugar levels

You'll discover EVERYTHING you need to know about nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management to reverse your diabetes and reclaim your health naturally.

Actually, the course also contains a 30-day program at the end which guarantees that, if you follow along with it, you can achieve normal blood sugar levels.

Make no mistake about it - this is THE BEST program out there on reversing Type 2 Diabetes as fast as possible.

This is a simple course that literally anyone, with any education, can easily understand. You can go through it at your own pace.

What Are The Requirements:

A willingness to learn and understand simple-to-grasp concepts and a willingness to apply them to your daily habits.

ANYONE, with any education whatsoever and with only a bit of desire, can tremendously benefit from this course.

What Am I Going To Get From This Course?

Follow the easy 30-day program that will transform you into an "Ex-Diabetic" in just 30 days

Find out what you need to do after you've restored your normal blood sugar levels and how to continue improving your health.

What are the requirements?

  • Everything the student needs will be included in this course

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Fully understand why you developed type 2 diabetes and clearly understand what you need to know (you won't find this anywhere else in any other books or courses)
  • Debunk some of the most common diabetes myths that are keeping you sick and unwell, as well as finding the real truth beyond them
  • Avoid the biggest danger in diabetes reversal (which can be life-threatening) and you'll learn how to slowly get off medications in the safest way possible
  • Learn everything you need to know about nutrition - the top 10 foods which reverse diabetes and the worst 10 foods for your blood sugar
  • Discover how to drastically improve the quality of your sleep (and you much you REALLY need to sleep) in order to automatically reverse diabetes while doing so
  • Apply secrets that unlock your motivation and make implementing healthy habits effortlessly so that you reverse diabetes with no effort whatsoever

Who is the target audience?

  • Persons who are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, prediabetes or high blood sugar.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: The 5 Diabetes Myths That Are Killing You

This short lesson will outline the credentials of Dr. Iulian Novac and why he's the best choice when it comes to reclaiming your health and reversing your diabetes.


This lesson will clarify what you'll be learning from this first module - as well as tackling the most dangerous diabetes myths


Does diabetes "run" in the family - and do your genes control your health? Find out in this lesson.


Do you have to take drugs for the rest of your life to control diabetes? Find out in this lesson!


Do you need to keep a very strict diet to control diabetes? Find out in this lesson...


Do you have to exercise every day to control diabetes? Find out in this lesson...

Myth #5– Is Fat Truly Bad For Your Health? Find out in this lesson...

What is the real solution to reversing your diabetes and taking control of your health? Find out in this lesson...

Section 2: How Did You Get Diabetes?

In this lesson you'll learn about the latest scientific advancements when it comes to understanding and reversing diabetes...


How did you REALLY develop diabetes? Find out from this enlightening lesson...


Discover the REAL scientific mechanism through which diabetes develops in your body - and by the end of this lesson you'll understand diabetes better than 99% of doctors...


Why is metabolism crucial to your health - and how does it influence it? Find out in this interesting lesson...


This lesson comes full circle to helping you understand exactly why you developed diabetes and how your health is dictated by your metabolism, which is influenced by your daily habits.

Section 3: What Are The Numbers To Track Your Diabetes Reversal?

Which numbers are essential to track in your diabetes reversal journey? Find out in this lesson...

Section 4: How To Safely Reduce Drugs Consumption

Keeping consuming the same quantity of blood sugar reducing drugs while making lifestyle changes isn't safe or healthy. You must consistently lower your doses while maintaining a vigilant eye on your blood sugar numbers. Find out how to do this more precisely in this lesson.

Section 5: What Should You Eat For Diabetes Reversal?

This lesson is very important as it outlines the essential 5 principles you need to respect to ensure you'll eat the right foods and adopt the right attitude towards eating for diabetes reversal.

Find out which these 5 principles are in this lesson...


Everyone thinks fats are bad for your health - but is this really true? Find out the REAL TRUTH about fats...


Does increased consumption of protein damage your kidneys? Is protein bad for your health?

Find out everything you need to know from this lesson...


What are carbohydrates? Which are the healthiest sources of carbohydrates - and which ones are the worst ones?

Find out everything you need to know about carbohydrates in this lesson...


Do you REALLY need to drink 8 glasses of water per day? Is salt truly bad for you?

Find out the TRUTH about water, salt and electrolytes in this lesson...


Many people have a "crash'n'burn" attitude. This program isn't a "diet" - it's a lifestyle. It's a way of eating and living - a much healthier, natural one.

Find out in this lesson what's the right attitude you should employ...


Did you know that there are 10 foods which, when eaten on a daily basis, automatically reverse diabetes in a delicious, satisfying and filling way?

Find out in this lesson which these 10 foods are...


Did you know that there are 10 foods which, when eaten on a daily basis, automatically WORSEN your diabetes?

Find out in this lesson which these 10 foods are...


Besides eating the best foods to reverse diabetes and avoiding the ones that actually worsen it, you can accelerate your progress even further by consuming more of these superfoods.

Find out in this lesson which those 6 superfoods really are...


Many people are confused as of how many meals they should consume per day.

Although the answer is tailored to every individual specifically depending on their situation, there are some general guidelines you should respect to get the most out of this program.

Find out in this lesson which these guidelines are...


You're very busy and you don't have "time" to occupy your whole life with eating. I understand. That's why there are some additional 9 principles which, when applied, will skyrocket your results even faster.

Curious about them? Find out which these results are in this lesson...


There is an unpleasant phenomenon which occurs in the lives many people due to a high stress lifestyle. This is called the "Dawn Phenomenon" and many diabetics experience it in the morning.

You'll find out everything you need to know to treat and prevent it..


This lesson will detail everything you need to know if you have special nutritional requirements - such as being a vegetarian or a vegan.

Find out what you can do to make this program work for you and get around around special requirements...

Section 6: Fasting To Accelerate Diabetes Reversal

A quick introduction to fasting - what is it, what different types of fasting are there and which one is the best for you?

Learn all of this in this introductory lesson...


There are many types of fasting - some are more effective than others and some are more popular than others...

Find out in this lesson which are the easiest and most effective ways to fast to accelerate your diabetes reversal...


What is intermittent fasting, how does one go about practicing it and how can you do it safely and with great results?

This lesson will give you the essential of what you need to know to start reversing your diabetes today...


Should you fast for 24 hours? Is it safe or even healthy? What are the benefits of it - and what's the similarity between this and 10.000$ Hollywood treatments?

Find out everything you need to know in this lesson...


Should you ever fast for more than 24 hours? For what purposes - and how does that help you with reversing your diabetes?

Find out everything you need to know in this lesson...


If you want to fast safely and with the best results, you must follow some basic rules.

In this lesson you'll discover everything you need to know about fasting safely and lowering your blood sugar levels even more in the shortest time possible...


So what can you do RIGHT NOW to start reversing diabetes and lowering your blood sugar levels?

This lesson will show you exactly how to go about it and how you can start reaping great results today...

Section 7: Avoiding The Biggest Danger In Diabetes Reversal

What is hypoglycemia? Wasn't it supposed to be a "good" thing, considering that you're trying to lower your blood sugar levels?

Find out the TRUTH about hypoglycemia in this short lesson...


Prevention is the best medicine, they say - and this is certainly true when it comes to hypoglycemia.

However, you need to be prepared for the worst - especially if you're in an advanced condition. This lesson will show you everything you need to know about treating hypoglycemia if or when it occurs...

Section 8: Effortless Movement For Diabetes Reversal

Do you really need to "push yourself" to lose weight, get fitter and lower blood sugar levels? Does exercise have to be this torture that everyone avoids?

In this short lesson you'll learn the TRUTH about the most effective ways to gain the benefits of exercising without really exercising...


What's the best way to burn calories, shed fat quickly and reverse diabetes by moving easily and joyfully?

You'll be VERY surprised - find out in this short lesson...


"Working out" for one hour per day might seem enough - but it's not. Actually, it can produce more harm than good.

That's why it's very important to keep moving during the day. Discover the simple things you can do on a daily basis (that take less than 2 minutes) than can make you healthier, skinnier and with lower blood sugar levels...


Many people just want to "get by" because of time constraints, or maybe they just don't want to gain more health benefits... and that's perfectly alright.

This lesson will uncover the absolute minimum you need to do on a regular basis to move your body so that your diabetes reverses on automatic pilot and your blood sugar levels are lowered consistently...

Section 9: The Crucial Importance Of Sleep In Diabetes Reversal

Sleep is surely the most under-rated component of keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Without sleep we would get sick quickly. Find out in this short lesson why sleep is so important for diabetes reversal as well...


Many people are confused on how much they should sleep - is it 6 hours? Is it 8 hours?

It depends on the individual, of course - but there are some basic guidelines you should respect as well.

Find out in this short lesson what's the absolute minimum you should sleep on a daily basis - and why quantity isn't everything either...


Sleep quantity isn't everything - you also need to implement habits that will also make the most out of those sleeping hours.

Unfortunately very few people know of these tips, even more rarely they apply them.

This lesson will share with you the most important 12 tips you apply to drastically improve your sleep so that you rise fresh, energetic and happy in the morning - while automatically reversing your diabetes and lowering your blood sugar levels...


This final lesson will remind you of the most important principles when it comes to sleep and why it's such an important component to care for while reversing diabetes...

Section 10: The Destructive Impact of Psychological Stress On Your Diabetes

Does stress TRULY impact our health - or is it all in our minds? Is it the case for diabetes as well?

You'll find everything you need to know about the impact of psychological stress on diabetes and general health in this lesson...


Now that it's clear that psychological stress negatively influences your health, what can you do about it?

Most scientific researchers claim we can't really do something concrete about it - and on the other hand motivational gurus claim that it's all in our mind.

So what's the TRUTH? It's somewhere in the middle, as usual... and in this lesson you'll start discovering efficient, proven methods of easily dealing with psychological stress.


Now that we discussed the more physical strategies with dealing with psychological stress, it's time to tackle the more "subtle" part of managing stress as well...

In this lesson you'll find out about proven, efficient psychological methods for minimizing psychological stress...


You might be tempted to shrug the importance of stress management in dealing with your diabetes reversal - but you would do a grave mistake.

In this short lesson we're going to remind you of the important of managing psychological stress and why it's so important for reversing diabetes...

Section 11: The Best Supplements For Diabetes Reversal

Supplements are a big industry - which ones can you trust? Do they truly work or are most of them "scams"?

In this lesson you're going to learn the TRUTH about supplements - and how they can complement (not REPLACE!) your diabetes reversal program.

You'll also discover the best 10 supplements that have been proven, time and time again, to help reverse diabetes and lower blood sugar levels consistently...


Besides using supplements, there are also some "food hacks" that you can use to lower your blood sugar levels naturally even more - while reversing your diabetes faster and easier.

In this lesson you'll discover the most powerful 5 food hacks that can help you achieve all of this...

Section 12: The "30 Days To Normal Blood Sugar" Program

Before you dive into the program you need to take a couple of days to maximize the results you're going to get.

Time and time again, there have been 5 crucial actions that have been proven to help a person reverse their diabetes in the following 30 days.

In this lesson you'll find out which these 5 actions are and how to implement them as soon as possible...


This lesson goes into great details into what it is exactly that you need to do to reverse your diabetes.

You'll discover the 3 phases, what each of them mean and how to immediately start implementing them in your life to reverse your diabetes in the next 30 days...

Section 13: What You Need To Know About Life After Diabetes

If you made it until here, congratulations! It means that you're now diabetes-free and you have achieved normal blood sugar levels consistently.

However, this is not the end of the road. In this lesson you'll find out what you need to do after this program to remain diabetes-free and how to further protect yourself from chronic health issues...

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Instructor Biography

Dr. Iulian Novac, Medical Doctor and Entrepreneur

I'm a Medical Doctor and entrepreneur. My purpose is to create systems that spread knowledge that empower people to live healthy, happy and productive lives.

I believe that natural daily habits are the best way to achieve this goal - and we can practice them in the easiest and pleasurable way possible!

My studies have begun in one of the finest medical schools in Europe, in the heart of Transylvania - in Cluj-Napoca. Besides studying alopathic medicine I have also immersed myself in holistic healing and alternative medicine, studying the best materials I could find.

Chance would have it that I could learn from the best experts in the world when it came to natural healing and holistic health. I also worked with hundreds of individuals with impressive results. However, it is not I who have given them those results - they put in all the effort and Nature only responded to their right actions. I was merely a guide for them.

It took a total of 10 years and studying at least 1.000 books to get a complete view on holistic healing and natural healing - but now I can proudly say that I can help anyone with any health condition, regardless of how advanced it is or how resistant to "traditional" treatments it is. Nevertheless, my education will never end as I am a long-life learner.

To help as many people as possible I have created Real Health Institute, one of the most reputable organisations out there that empowers people to reclaim their health using simple, natural and proven strategies to reverse chronic health issues.

Although the methods I recommend are simple and straightforward, many times people need an individualized, specific approach to their health issues. If you want a personal consultation make sure to contact me and I'll do my best to assist you.

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