Relationship Breakup Masterclass: Get Your Ex BACK

Cheating? Broken trust & heart? Fighting? There are ways to fix all of this. Take this course & save your relationship!
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About This Course

Published 9/2016 English

Course Description

You've just broken up with your girlfriend or with your boyfriend. Doesn't matter if it was from your initiative or your partners. The point is - there was no closure. Might have been a fight over something stupid, over something serious. Maybe you caught your partner cheating or you were the one cheating. Maybe the relationship just became boring and the chemistry disappeared. There can be a million things that happened but let me tell you one thing. Everything is fixable and this course will help you to do just that - fix it. 

This course was designed to help people who simply want their Ex partner back. There was love once. And these feelings do not disappear just like that. We can wake it up again. You just need the right information and you need to take the right action. Everything you need to know is in this course. You just need to implement every advice. Then your chances of getting back together are pretty damn high. Remember. Sadness, anger, hate - all of these are very strong emotions. Where are emotions, there is interest. We can work with negative emotions and turn them into the positive ones and together we will make your partner wanting you again. 

Don't wait any longer. We are counting minutes here. When it comes to getting your Ex partner back. Time is everything. We need as much as we can and use it wisely. 

What are the requirements?

  • Remember. Give your Ex the chance to miss you. Use the time to watch this course and save your relationship. There is nothing better you can do now.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand women/men more and the way they think
  • Be able to always say things on point at the right time
  • Be able to solve fights in the right way without yelling
  • Will know what to do to make their crush want them
  • Will know what to do to make their crush take the initiative
  • Will become the best version of themselves, self aware and in control
  • Obviously - there is a significantly high chance of getting your Ex BACK after watching this course and implementing all that is advised

Who is the target audience?

  • Brokenhearted partners who want their loved ones back
  • Any person who want to prevent that kind of breakup where you come out as the desperate one
  • Any person who want to know more about on point texting that will get you where you want to be

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
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Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction

Introduction to the course - you will know you did everything you could, you will become stronger, more independent, more attractive to the opposite sex. You will be the one leaving relationship never the other way around. If you have any questions I am always here for you. 


Every problem can be fixed. Don't take the breakup as a bad thing though. It's a very good thing. You are smarter now. You are on your way to start a NEW relationship - with the same person - without making the old mistakes.

Section 2: Let's make them jealous!

So what actually happened? Without any brain farts. What truly actually happened? I am not asking. I will tell you in this section. :) 


What was the main cause of the end of the relationship? We need to analyse your fights and go deep to the root of the problem. More in the video.


The main reasons why men leave relationships


The main reasons why women leave relationships.


Do you truly want to get back together? Or is it because some of these unhealthy reasons: 


1) Take a piece of paper: Write down ...

2) ...

3) ...

Section 3: It's all about YOU now

You first need to heal. No one wants a loser and we need to give your Ex time to develop the feelings of missing you. So now it will be all about you. You need to pick yourself up again! Work on yourself! YOU will feel way better therefore everyone will perceive you way better and that's what we want. 



1) Checking your phone

2) Eating junk food



  • Don't go on Facebook or other social media of your Ex
  • Don't torture yourself over your common pictures
  • ....
  • ........

The last thing you want is to be home in your bed and eating junk food. You're probably not going to like this but get up and get active! Eat nourishing food and take care of yourself! How do you want your Ex to see you? With pimples 10 pounds heavier or toned and full of confidence?


Don't bring up your insecurities and live by them. You and your Ex might have .......


A story about my old boyfriend "Jak The Stalker"


To not drown in it use the powerful tool of affirmations. Say these to yourself any time during the day when you feel like going crazy:

  • My insecurities do not reflect what happened in this relationship
  • ....
  • ....
  • .........

More in the Action checklist!

Section 4: Make them miss you

This section may break your heart again but it's much needed. You need to .....


28 days of pure self care. Crucial is NO .......


Use this time to:

  • Catch up on an old hobby
  • Reconnect with old friends
  • ...
  • .......


NOT DO: Sleeping all day/ Refusing invitations to go out/ Constantly talking about it/ Pretending to be sick/ Drinking/ Eating junk food


Play it cool: Don't be rude, make the eye contact say .......


28 days are over! Congratulations to the BIG shots and...

Section 5: HERE-YOU-COME!

The days of play are over. Here will look at the main strategies on how to reach out for your Ex again in the most efficient way. Also we will check out some text messages to send and how ot construct them. At the end of this section there is also a PDF file with prepared text messages. 


You can leave a voicemail if you feel confident I do not recommend though you can end up just mumbling and you don't want to mess up now ......

Text messaging is in my opinion the best - you have time to make the one perfect message every time.

If your Ex calls you - obviously a great sign - let them talk so you know what they want. If they want to hang out tell them .......


The main rule for texting has been revealed! 


How can you use this strategy and what does it mean?


What does it mean? And how to use it?


Answer these and you instantly have million topics to build on!


Keeping it positive: Texting open minded, lighthearted, no intellectual work for your partner. Do not ask your Ex to meet now. 

Giving compliment: "Paul, thanks so much for t............" 


Types of replies and how to react to them



  • Focus on the future
  • Be positive
  • Lig.....


  • No mea.......
  • ......
  • .....
  • .....

It's a matter of time now - you are exchanging messages

If no direct invitation from your Ex do this: ........

Leave hooks in messages - "Oh god just saw the new "XXXXX" trailer. It looks amazing. It's coming out next week. Can't wait! Then add some one liner about whatever you were talking about before. 


Let's grab that phone and start


I hope you like the course. If not I will definitely do my best to get better next time! However please leave a review. It will help the course and of course me. Thank you and have a great day!

Section 6: Reunion!

Texting after the first date, How to make it work again, Keeping the spark, Communication


You already know all! You know this person!

Overall though what to do: ........


Show how you've grown as a person

  • New hobbies
  • New interests and passions
  • Working out
  • New friends
  • Think about how you portray yourself
  • Don't try to impress too much, naturally talk about what you've been up to

Rely on the feeling in your stomach:

Feeling it? Go for a hug, do not kiss or get too touchy. Not feeling it? Just say Bye and smile, maybe touch shoulder but that's it.

After the first date message:

  • Positive feeling - .......
  • Neutral .....
  • Negative

Yourself: Keep up with the good work, take care of yourself/ Read what you've written 30 and more days ago, remember the paper with your "current feelings"? Read it - any progress? Write down your feelings again.

Appearance - good fitting clothes, tan, hairstyle, women put on make-up

It's all about feeling good about yourself - when you feel you take care of yourself you feel good - that's what we want


How you feel after few dates?

Confident? Self assured? Nervous? Confused?

What to do

  • ........
  • ....
  • ..

Learn from the past

  • Don't do same mistakes, you've worked too hard
  • Embrace the future
  • Let go of the past: Decide to forgive
  • ......
  • .....
  • ....

They might not like your Ex because they went through your breakup with you - just explain and say you were hurt and over exaggerated some stuff. Ask the to accept your Ex again in their lives.


Let's go for it!

Section 7: When kids are involved

Here is contact inevitable just try to minimise it. Use days of play to improve your relationship with your kids. Never talk .........

Section 8: When it's time to move on

If you really ..really did everything I told you to do and you still are not with your Ex. Well unfortunately it was probably truly not meant to be. I feel very sorry that it didn't help you but unfortunately nothing works for 100%. In this section I have prepared for you a list of situations when it's better to let go. 


When it's time?

  • He/She completely ignores you 
  • Their negative attitude will never change
  • Not able to let go of the past
  • Their bad habits drive you crazy and they're not willing to compromise
  • He/She is abusing you - Go away as fast as possible - can be physical or emotional abuse - go as far as you can NOW

If some of the mentioned above is your case - it's time to move on. Look at it this way - you've done an amazing job! 

  • Keep up with the good habits
  • Keep....
  • .....
Section 9: Conclusion

Final thoughts


If you feel like a breakup is coming - be ready to blow your partner away with your reaction, increasing your chances to get back together a TON

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Instructor Biography

Adelka Skotak, Sociologist, Relationship counsellor, Tantric Lector

I was born and raised in the Czech republic. I currently live in the great city Prague which is the capital of Czech republic. I am a sociologist focusing on behaviour within large groups, my main focus though was always on individuals and the change in their behaviour while being influenced by random factors. I also am very interested in Tantra which is basically a term framing a certain lifestyle. This lifestyle allowed me to deeply understand relationships and the way they work but more importantly Tantra helped me to understand people and the way they think. Since I had a very good starting point thanks to my university I quickly found my way around and was learning and implementing everything I could. Tantra helped me to understand how and why people deal with problems. How and why they structure their reactions in certain situations in a certain way. Therefore I was/am able to help others not only to analyse their current state but also to determine the underlying problem that triggers all. Some consider me young. I will be learning my whole life that's for sure but I do believe that even now thanks to my education, personal experience and most importantly thank to the access to a large community of otherwise hardly reachable relationship tantric masters I am able to help others. And that is what I am going to do. 

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