Simple strategies to create more enquiries, sales and profit
4.9 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Simple strategies to create more enquiries, sales and profit

Learn how to harness the 5 principles of success to create the kind of business you’ve always dreamed of.
4.9 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,334 students enrolled
Created by John Rees
Last updated 10/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • Reinventing the Sale will teach you how to build the 5 Principle of Success into your business. You will learn how to;
  • Create unique and powerful messages that describe your unique difference
  • Develop the right strategy to take a product or service to market
  • Select the best channels to sell through
  • Build an audience that's interested in you
  • Generate high quality sales enquiries
  • Communicate in a compelling way that attracts attention and motivates people to buy
  • Use the right sales skills to win business
  • Develop long-term mutually profitable relationships
  • Build a 'fan base' of Advocates who will buy again and refer others to you
  • Improve everything you do to stay ahead of the competition
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  • No previous sales or marketing experience is required to get the best from this course. It has been specifically developed to be easy to understand in language that anyone can follow. The aim is to simplify and demystify the whole process of sales and marketing, and enable complete novices to understand what it takes to succeed. The only thing you will need is a desire to learn and a commitment to take action. That’s the only way you will see results, because knowledge without action will NOT deliver results! So go ahead, dive in and (re)invent the way you sell. If you do get stuck at any point, I’m very happy to help so please message me. In the meantime, thanks for taking the course and good luck!

Every business owner knows how hard it is to drive sales success. But being good at selling is only part of the equation. There are other skills you must master to maximise your business potential.

For more than 30 years I’ve worked with some very successful companies, and some that failed. I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t, and I’ve identified the 5 Principles of Success that drives strong and sustainable growth. And this is what you’ll learn with Reinventing the Sale.

It will teach you simple but powerful and proven ideas and skills that will make an immediate impact on your success.

One of the biggest barriers to success is complexity. That’s why the program focuses on simplicity. You get essential information rather than too much detail you can’t absorb. Each of the 50 videos is short and punchy, and the 6 workbooks summarise key points to help you build the 5 Principles of Success directly into your business. It also has 4 quizzes with explanations to test your knowledge and reinforce learning.

The program has been careful designed to deliver maximum benefit in the shortest time possible. So for the best results, start at the beginning and work through each section. This is very important because you must build the right foundations which are;

  • Creating messages to describe your unique difference;
  • Identifying your audience;
  • Communicating with them to develop a relationship;
  • Building a ‘fan base’;
  • Continually improving to stay ahead of your competitors.

Unless you follow this sequence you risk failure. I’ve know because I’ve seen it happen many times before, so trust me on this!

Reinventing the Sale isn’t theory, it’s based on my personal success experiences. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch with me directly.

Thanks and good luck!

Who is the target audience?
  • Reinventing the Sale is designed for anyone who has a product, service or idea to sell.
  • Applies to any industry sector, but more suited to business-to-business (B2B);
  • Single person (solopreneur) business;
  • Founder of a startup with great ideas but limited sales experience;
  • Owner, Director or Manager of a business who wants to drive sales growth;
  • Marketing person who wants to produce more compelling content and develop their range of skills;
  • Salesperson who wants to hit target and make more money;
  • Student or educator who wants to learn about the practical experience and the harsh facts of life in a competitive business environment.
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Curriculum For This Course
54 Lectures
Introduction to Reinventing the Sale
3 Lectures 09:06

Welcome to Reinventing the Sale, the programme that will help you to make rapid and dramatic improvements and build a better business.

If you are a sole trader or small business with a product or service to sell, you know how hard it is to succeed. Although the ability to sell is very important, there are other skills you must master.

During this course you will learn about the 5 principles of success that must be at the heart of your business.

Only where they are, will you truly maximise your potential. And that's exactly what you'll achieve with Reinventing the Sale.

This unique online programme has more than 50 videos and 6 workbooks to teach you the skills and strategies you need to build success into your business.

Although you may be tempted to dive in to certain sections, you'll get the best results by starting at the beginning with and working your way through. That's because the programme has been built in a logical way, to take you through from setting up, to becoming truly world-class.

Preview 05:17

Workbooks are an integral part of the program. They summarise and reinforce what you’ve learned and they also provide a great framework for implementing the ideas, techniques and strategies directly into your business.

Workbooks are yours to keep so for best results you should print them off, personalise and use them to help you build a better, more successful business.

Preview 01:52
Creating messages that get you noticed and motivate people to buy
12 Lectures 48:35

Having a great business idea, product or service isn’t always enough to succeed. You must attract attention and arouse interest or you’ll be invisible. That’s why it’s so important to develop messages that motivate people to buy.

Preview 02:01

The easier you make it for people to understand and be enthusiastic about your idea, the more successful you’ll be. And you do that by making messages clear, concise and compelling.

What Makes A Great Message?

The best way to make message clear is to keep it simple, cut the padding, lose the jargon and make it personal to your audience.

Keep It Really Clear

Being concise means getting to the point fast. It also means saying exactly what you mean so people easily understand your message. Using power words helps because these have real impact.

Cut The Weasel Words

To be compelling, a message must emphasise what’s in it for your audience. When they can easily understand the benefit, there is a greater probability they will buy.

Tell Me Why I Need This?

A headline is a signpost that attracts attention. It’s also the most important message you’ll ever write, because it must motivate your audience to read the rest of your message.

Preview 05:42

Message Stack is a proven way of creating great messages. It guides you through the steps you must take to create an Inspiring Vision, Power Summary and Engaging Story.

Preview 03:23

A vision describes your core values, beliefs, ethics and ambition. It should be a key driver of your go to market strategy and an inspiration for your audience, employees and partners.

If You Have No Vision, You're Running Blind

Enthusiastically describe the problem or opportunity you saw, and why you wanted to do something about it. People will always find this far more interesting than a dull description of what you do.

What Do You Really Stand For?

When someone asks you ‘what do you do’, make sure they quickly and easily understand the value you deliver. If this is interesting to them, they will want to know more. And that’s how a conversation starts!

Taking The Elevator Message Up A Few Notches

Take the Power Summary to the next level and describe the full impact of what you can do. Expand your story but make sure it’s always clear, concise and compelling.

So What's Your Story?

Brands are not just for big businesses. By using consistent typefaces, colours and style guides, you can create a recognisable and very professional identity. These simple guidelines will help you on your way.

Why Brands Are Not Just For Big Businesses

A simple test (and a bit of fun) to see how well you remembered this stuff!

Do You Get The Message?
15 questions
How to take your idea to market
8 Lectures 30:44

Every business needs a plan to focus attention on achieving goals. And the easier this is to understand, the more chance you’ll have to execute it.

Preview 01:52

To run a successful business, you need a viable market with good long term growth potential. Stagnant, saturated or declining markets are not good, unless you can revolutionise them with a new product or service. So you must confirm (or re-confirm) that you have a great opportunity. And the best way to do this is through an opportunity assessment.

How Do You Know Your Idea Is A Good One?

The price someone is prepared to pay for something reflects what it’s worth to them. That’s why setting the price can be tricky. There are many ways you can generate revenue, but not all of them will fit every business. Here are 6 different business models you can use.

There Are Different Ways To Make Money

Goals define what you want to achieve. They are the benchmarks against which you measure your progress. And the best goals are very specific, realistic and achievable.

To Measure Success You Need Goals

You must be clear about who you are selling to. The more you know about your audience and their needs, the better you will be at creating messages they will respond to.

Preview 01:30

There are 3 channels to sell through - direct, indirect and online. Some products and services are best sold through one channel but others can be sold through all 3. When you develop your plan, your aim should always be to make it as easy as possible for people to buy.

What's The Best Way To Get To Market?

There are many different factors that can impact your performance in a positive and negative way. These are called Forces. Some you can harness and use to your advantage. Others you must manage to minimise any negative impact. Internal Forces are within your control and these include your strategy, products and services, people, culture and organisation.

Things That Can Effect Your Performance - Part One

External Forces are generally outside your director control. These include competitors, the economy, legislation, political and social events and natural disasters. You can plan for some, but others you’ll have to assess and manage to your advantage.

Things That Can Effect Your Performance - Part Two

Go To Market
15 questions
How to build an audience that wants to buy
12 Lectures 01:01:41

Building an audience is often called pipeline development or lead generation. And for many businesses, this is where the problems start. They use techniques that don’t apply to today’s connected world, where buyers are more informed than ever. These 8 ideas are proven and they work very well.

Preview 02:20

Your website must attract attention and help you build an audience. And to do that it must look great, be easy to use and provide valuable information for visitors. Design is not just about looking great, it must also make it easy for visitors to get the information they need as fast as possible.

Making Your Website An Attention Magnet

Reaching someone you have no connection with can be a challenge. But if you follow these proven and simple guidelines it’ll be a lot easier than you may think.

How I Reached Someone Who Didn't Know I Existed

Although email is sometimes seen as an old-fashioned alternative to social media, it’s still the most widely used method of communication. That’s why it’s a very important tool for building a network. But creating email that gets read is a not as hard as it sounds if you follow a few simple rules.

Writing Email That Gets Read

LinkedIn is a great way of building an audience and generating sales enquiries. It can also be a powerful peer review network, where your contacts endorse your skills and recommend you to others. But the way you create a profile and build a network, determines just how useful LinkedIn will be.

Linkedin Can Work If You Do It Right

The best way to build an audience, is to attract one through the strength of your ideas. This means publishing original, and thought provoking ideas that your audience will find valuable.

Preview 04:28

Social media covers any website or application that enables people to share content. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and the rest, can be a powerful way of building momentum in your business. But only if you use them in the right way. And these 6 simple rules will help you get maximum benefit.

Social Media Isn't Magic But It Can Work Wonders

At any event the aim is usually to meet potential buyers. And at these events, your people are the public face of your business. That’s why they must be able to engage visitors in intelligent and meaningful conversation. There are certain standards of behaviour they must adhere to, and that’s what’s covered here.

How To Exhibit Without Exposing Yourself

Unfortunately the telephone is synonymous with ‘telemarketing’ and nuisance calls. But it has it’s place because it’s fast, efficient and it can be a very personal form of communication when it’s used in the right way.

Preview 05:14

Direct Mail is slower than digital messages, it’s also more expensive and it also takes more effort to produce and get in the hands of your audience. However, if everyone else is sending email, you can stand out and attract attention by being different. You also have more scope to be creative and produce something memorable.

Why Snail Mail Maybe The Quickest Way To Reach Someone

Exhibitions, Conferences and Seminars can be very effective, because you can connect with a large number of people in one place over a relatively short time period. But they can also be expensive, so you must ensure the event gives you the best possible return on your investment. These guidelines will help you do just that.

How To Be A Great Exhibitionist

Networking events can be a good way of increasing your visibility and broadening your network. But many people are uncomfortable in these events, mainly because they are not sure how to go about it. These simple guidelines will help you to get the best results whenever you attend any networking event.

Network With Total Confidence

How Well Do You Promote Yourself?
20 questions
How to win business and create a 'fan base'
19 Lectures 01:21:03

Selling creates wealth. Without it, companies and economies have no future. Selling isn’t about punting a product or service, it’s about solving problems. That’s why the best salespeople are seen as problem solvers, trusted advisors who can be relied upon to give great advice.

What Is Selling?

Are great salespeople born, or can they be created? While personality does play a part, being successful requires more than a pleasing demeanour and a nice smile. It takes work to develop the 6 key qualities that all top performers possess.

Preview 04:38

Buyers and sellers see the world from different places, but one is really the mirror image of the other. The key to success is to understand how people buy and then align your sales process with that. And that’s what a sales process will help you to do.

Two Sides Of The Same Mirror

Navigator is a sales process that’s been developed based on proven success over decades. It’s a simple 4 part process that will help you to improve your performance and win business in a faster, more cost-efficient way.

Navigating Your Way To Success

Stage One of Navigator sales process is called Screen. And this is where you decide whether you have an opportunity you can and should pursue. This is the most basic rule of successful sales. If you talk with the right people, you’ll sell more.

Don't Waste Time With People Who Can't Buy

The ability to ask great questions is a key skill that all top performers have. They know that communication is a 2-way process, so instead of pushing their product or service, they ask questions to discover people’s wants, needs and motivation to buy.

Preview 02:53

It’s very important to create a sales plan as soon as possible. The purpose of a plan is to understand the motivation to buy and then work in a structured way to satisfy it. And the simpler the plan, the more effective it will be as a guide that helps you win business.

Why You Need A Cunning Plan

Navigator sales plan has been specially designed to guide you through the key stages of a sale. The 6 sections will help you to get the information you need to succeed.

The Template That Can Make You A Lot Of Money

When you actively engage in a sales opportunity, you will use a range of communication skills. These will help you to understand more about the buyer’s motivation, and help you position your solution in the best way possible.

Time To Get Active

To be a successful salesperson, you must be able to share your ideas with an audience. It’s a mandatory skill. But for many people, this is where it all goes wrong!

Presentation Pitfalls To Avoid

The key to a successful presentation is to plan your approach before you dive into Powerpoint, or any other software tools. This enables you to design the right flow to achieve the results you would like.

A Little Planning Goes A Long Way

The foundation of a great presentation is a strong story that captivates attention. The foolproof way of developing a story is to decide what your ‘Big Idea’ is craft it into a compelling headline. Then you expand that into the story you will tell.

Preview 04:35

Designing a presentation is more than choosing a template, colour scheme or font. It’s not just about style, it’s about providing a better user experience which makes it easier for the audience to understand your story and get excited about it.

How To Design A Presentation Like A Pro

Here are examples that show how you can design presentations for maximum impact.

Hey Good Looking

We often hear people say that truly great communicators are born. It’s a fact that some people do have a natural skill, but the truly inspired communicators have an obsessive attention to detail, and total commitment to getting it right. Here are 4 things you should think about to perfect your technique.

It's Showtime!

The end objective in every sale is to get the buyer to say ‘yes’. This is often called ‘closing’, but it’s where many people run into problems. That’s usually because they don’t approach this phase in the right way.

Getting To Yes

In any sales situation, there are times when things don’t go according to plan. The buyer raises questions, resists your attempts to get them to take some action or make a commitment or buy when you ask them to! These are typically called objections. And the way you handle them is all about your attitude and a very simple approach that works every time.

How To Handle It When They Say No

Forecasting the flow of revenue in any business is critically important. Unless you have visibility on where the business is going, it’s hard to make plans for the future. But this is an area of weakness in many businesses. The best approach is to align this with your sales process because this is far more realistic and accurate.

A Foolproof Way To Forecast Business

When a sales is won, it’s not the end. It’s the start of the process of developing a relationship and creating an advocate. The value extends well beyond the initial transaction though.

By listening and learning, you’ll be able to harness ideas to improve your products and services, simplify your processes and generally make it easier for people to do business with you.

Why A Sale Should Not Be The End

How Well Do You Sell?
20 questions
About the Instructor
John Rees
4.9 Average rating
5 Reviews
1,406 Students
2 Courses
Success Coach and Interim

Want to drive strong sales growth, but not sure how?

We all know it’s hard to succeed because the rules of success have changed. You can’t just sell at prospects any more and hope they’ll buy. The internet made that approach obsolete.

You must stand out from the crowd. And the best way to do that is to tell a story that’s clear and compelling enough to grab attention and keep it.

But this is hard to achieve, especially for a smaller business with limited experience and resources. 

That’s exactly why I created Simple Success Strategies.

These make it easier to succeed because they simplify marketing, sales and business development. They cut through complexity to focus on simplicity, clarity and decisive action. 

Simple Success Strategies will help you to;

  • - Create clear, concise and compelling messages and value propositions;
  • - Develop brilliant presentations to captivate an audience;
  • - Generate a vibrant sales pipeline to drive revenue;
  • - Build a network of partnerships and alliances;
  • - Manage sales and negotiate contracts;

These strategies are based on my own experience over more than 30 year and hundreds of millions in sales. 

They worked for me, and I know they can work for you too. So what are you waiting for?

Start learning about simple success strategies now!