Reiki Level 2 (Usui-Do Okuden)

Usui-Do is the original style of Reiki that is directly from Usui's original students in Japan. This is Level 2.
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About This Course

Published 8/2015 English

Course Description

Usui-Do is the original style of Reiki. When Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki in Japan, first started his 'Method of Personal Perfection' it was focused on developing onself spiritually. His original students called this 'Usui-Do' (way of Usui).

BEFORE joining this class you MUST first have completed Reiki Level 1!!

This course is the second level of Usui-Do which was traditionally called Okuden; the Deep Inside. In this level you'll explore the essence of Reiki more deeply as you are introduced to the SYMBOLS and KOTODAMA (spirit sounds) that Usui originally taught.


Reiki Level 1 student says, "Wonderful Experience. I have loved this course. Carmen is a wonderful lecturer whose enthusiasm shines through. I have learnt so much & cannot wait to see what happens in my life now I open to the gorgeous energies. Thank you so much Carmen xx" ~ Dayle Hill


Training in Usui-Do, or as otherwise known as Reiki, is a non-religious practice of spiritual and personal development. Usui-Do is the name Mikao Usui's (the Founder) students called this spiritual practice (Way of Usui). When this practice first came to the Western world it travelled to us through Dr. Hayashi's student Hawayo Takata. As Dr. Hayashi was focused mainly on the healing abilities our Western world became more familiar with Reiki as a way of healing others.

The original students of Usui knew this as a method to achieve personal perfection. They focused on reciting the five precepts in meditation daily and practiced the energy exercises.

They received regular Reiju known as "Spiritual Blessings". In our Western version called Reiki we know these as "attunements" which were only given to "attune" a student to the different levels. In Usui-Do Reiju was given regularly to enhance the student's connection to the Universal Energies. Although there were many health benefits of practicing Usui-Do - these were not focused on.

When learning and practicing Reiki it's important to acknowledge its original form. Interesting to note, is that Usui always first focused healing on the head.

It has become well-known that our thoughts create our reality, including our illnesses and dis-ease. Usui was aware of this as he always focused on the head first. When our thoughts are peaceful and joyful our lives improve. This fact is now well known in Positive Psychology. The more positivity (love and joy, etc) we experience in our day-to-day lives the healthier we are including an improved immune system to combat colds and flus, reduced blood pressure, relieve stress and anxiety (and their symptoms), the lessening of headaches and migraines, and so on.

Reiki has now been proven in scientific research as an effective way to help and heal many ailments and diseases. I've included some of the valuable research in this course for your to peruse.

But most importantly, you'll be introduced to the traditional techniques of Usui-Do which are powerful energy exercises to boost the overall flow of Universal Energy throughout your body to increase personal change and improve your life.

This is a very valuable course that you're sure to love. In this course you'll receive:

  • Traditional Healing Techniques
  • Three Original Reiki Symbols
  • Three Original Kotodama (spirit sounds)
  • Usui's Crystal Method
  • Your personal Reiju experience.

After this course, you'll be fully certified in Reiki Level Two.

You are encouraged to first focus on healing yourself to improve your thoughts, clear your energies, increase the energy flow throughout your body, and heal past and present issues. When you feel you have a more expansive way of living you will naturally give this healing vibe to others.


What are the requirements?

  • This course is ONLY for people who have completed Reiki Level 1.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Write and say the three traditional Usui-Do Okuden (Reiki Level 2) symbols.
  • Tone the Usui-Do Okuden (Reiki Level 2) Kotodama (spirit sounds).
  • Use Usui-Do traditional healing techniques.
  • Send long distance healing to the past, present or future.

What is the target audience?

  • This course is for dedicated Reiki practitioners and healers who want to expand their knowledge of Reiki.
  • This is a Reiki Level 2 course, please join my Reiki Level 1 course before you enter into this course.
  • If you haven't taken Reiki Level 2 (please see my Udemy course) then you will find some of the names and references confusing.

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Section 1: Welcome to Usui-Do - Reiki Level 2!

Welcome to Usui-Do Okuden - Reiki Level 2 where some of the videos are recorded in the Australian bush with the beautiful sounds of birds all around us! :)


Reiki Level 2 is Okuden - the Deep Inside.


If you studied with Usui you would be in Okuden training. Learn what Usui's original students in Japan say they studied in Okuden.


It's absolutely important to remember to focus the Reiki healing to yourself first. Reiki is all about empowering yourself to improve your life.

Section 2: The Reiki 2 Symbols
An Introduction to Reiki Symbols

In this lecture we'll go over the Reiki Level 2 symbols and how to use them.


This is the Cho Ku Rei or Power/Focus symbol in Reiki Level 2.


Sei Hei Ki is the emotional healing symbol in Reiki Level 2.


Introducing the amazing long distance healing symbol: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen!


In Reiki Level 2 there are Kotodama which is the Spirit Sounds of the different symbols. Here's an example of how to tone the Kotodama.Please also refer to the attached PDF.

Section 3: Traditional Usui-Do (Reiki Level 2) Techniques

Usui used a few different methods to stimulate the energy when doing healings. This one is Uchi-te Chiryo ho - Patting or Tapping.


Oshi-te Chiryo Ho is to push or pulse with your fingers or palm to stimulate the energy movement.


In Reiki Level 2 you're introduced to different ways of performing a Reiki treatment. Here is Nade-te Chiryo ho - stroking or waving.


Introducing Koki-ho where you use your breath to send healing.


Did you know that you can send Reiki, with your intent, by gazing?


Seiheki Chiry ho is a very powerful Reiki Level 2 technique that will transform your life!


This is the Reiki Level 2 Long Distance Healing method.

Section 4: Healing Techniques

You'll be absolutely amazed how you can use Reiki Level 2 powers to heal the past. Well.... you can't actually heal the PAST because it's in the PAST and you can only work with the PRESENT, but the past does indeed influence your energy patterns today... and THIS you can change! Healing the past with Reiki involves enlightening and energising your current energy patterns and uplifting anything that bogs you done from the past.


With the powerful Reiki Level 2 symbols and kotodama you can send energy to a future appointment.


Intend, with the power of the Reiki Level 2 symbols and kotodama that you will have extra protection on your journeys. Give your loved ones extra protection too.


Sensei Usui's Crystal Method

Section 5: Reiju Empowerment

This is the empowerment procedure that was given to Usui's original students. According to Usui's students, it originates from Tendai Buddhism. Receiving Reiju regularly and often (perhaps once a week) was a key element in their training (and very different from receiving "attunements" only as a one-time initiation at each level, which became the procedure with Hayashi and Takata).

Prepare yourself for Reiju and invite it in whenever you are ready to receive.

Section 6: EXTRAS!

The Tibetan 5 Rites were introduced to me by my first Reiki Master in 1997. They are powerful energy exercises that are said to be the "Fountain of Youth". Download the PDF and practice the Rites every day. At first you start with doing only 3 of each of the Rites - do this for a week. Then you do 5 repetitions of each rite the following week, and so on. Until you get up to about 21 Rites. I find that 21 Rites is too much energy for me, so I do a maximum of 11. :)


Reiki is such an amazing energy power that you can use it in a meditation to visualise world healing.

Section 7: Summing UP

Let's sum up what we covered in Reiki Level 2.

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