Reclaim Your Life By Setting And Achieving Meaningful Goals

Your 1-hour roadmap for figuring out your life goals, accomplishing them, and managing bumps in the road along the way
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About This Course

Published 12/2015 English

Course Description

Ever get that feeling that you have too many things on your plate and don’t know which one to tackle first? Saying yes to everything that comes your way and getting stuck because you feel pulled in a million different directions?

5 years ago my life was falling apart and I felt like I was going crazy. But I finally got rid of everything that no longer served my happiness, and have designed a life I now enjoy.

That is why I put together this course, to help you figure out goals that are personally important to you. You will learn how to avoid chasing goals that everybody says will make you happy, but that actually don’t. This course will teach you how to focus your time and energy to accomplish these goals swiftly, and avoid getting burned out. And it doesn’t have to take 5 years for you to be able to do all this.

What are the requirements?

  • You are determined to say no to the things that don’t make you happy
  • You have a strong desire to regain balance in your life

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Figure out the most important goals in your life, so you can go after those things with a laser-focus
  • Finally finish those personally meaningful projects that you abandoned midway, or never even started
  • Stop feeling stressed out about all the things you are unable to do
  • Find the time and energy you need to accomplish your life’s most important goals
  • Get yourself back on track to achieving your goals when life gets in the way

Who is the target audience?

  • You are working 50+ hours a week and still feel like you can’t get everything done
  • You have more interests and social commitments than you have free time to pursue them
  • You want to feel more in control of your life, but don’t know where to start

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

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Get rewarded.
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Section 1: Introduction

Overall introduction to the course


Understand the overall structure of the course


Know what qualifies me to teach this course

Section 2: Figure Out Your Goals

Overview video Intro to module on figuring out your goals

Real Life Application: Complete step 1 of creating YOUR personal roadmap and get on the path to defining and realizing your dreams.


Share about your path and obstacles so I can help you invest mentally and emotionally in your own success.

Real Life Application: Complete step 2 of creating YOUR personal roadmap and start putting words and ideas to your dreams


Describe and connect with what and whom you love and how it relates to your most important goals.

Real Life Application: Complete step 3 of creating YOUR personal roadmap and brainstorm your overall direction for the coming year


Determine how to differentiate between your survival needs and your lesser wants and desires

Real Life Application: Complete step 4 of creating YOUR personal roadmap and get specific about exactly what you want to accomplish


Identify things that aren't serving you or bringing you happiness and disengage from them

Real Life Application: Complete step 5 of creating YOUR personal roadmap and get specific about what goals you will accomplish in the next year


Me practicing saying "NO!!!" in different ways

Real Life Application: Complete step 6 of creating YOUR personal roadmap and define when and how you will accomplish your goals


Detailed walkthrough of how to use the included Personal Roadmap document to create your own action plan.

Real Life Application: Complete step 7 of creating YOUR personal roadmap and plan next steps for what to accomplish FIRST to get some traction on your goals.


I walk you through the entire personal roadmap creation process and document so you can get started making your dreams coalesce and come true!

Real Life Application: Complete step 8 of creating YOUR personal roadmap and take easy first steps and get some inertia on realizing your dreams.


My 2015 personal roadmap and how I used it

Real Life Application: Complete step 9 of creating YOUR personal roadmap and continue taking action, this time on the crucial goals that will help you feel most satisfied.

I wrote a post detailing how many of these 2015 goals I actually met on my blog, Mindful Polyglot. If you want more information, see post here:


My current personal roadmap for 2016

Real Life Application: Complete step 10 of creating YOUR personal roadmap and determine and plan for needed resources to meet your goals on time and on budget.

I wrote a post about this plan and what it means to me on my blog, Mindful Polyglot. If you want more information, see post here:


Sam's Annual Plan Roadmap for 2017


Module Conclusion

Real Life Application: Complete step 11 of creating YOUR personal roadmap and choose a theme for your year


Thank you for investing in your own success and clarity by engaging with this course!

Real Life Application: Complete step 12 of creating YOUR personal roadmap, finishing it completely and turn your roadmap into action!

Section 3: Achieving Your Goals

Introduction to module on achieving your goals


Not all time is created equal - how to recognize the value of each moment and use time quality to your advantage

Real Life Application: Spend a couple of minutes thinking about your energy level and productivity throughout the day. When do you work best? When do you struggling most to be productive? Incorporate what you learn into your daily routine and work habits.


Key concepts for high-productivity time management

Real Life Application: What is your "Big Scary Task" for today, the one you've been procrastinating on? When is the soonest you can tackle it? Can you do it RIGHT NOW? In an hour? Tomorrow morning first thing? Whenever that is, make a plan and stick to it.


How I use the "Pomodoro Method" for 25 minutes of high productivity followed by 5 minutes of mental rest

Real Life Application: Try out the Pomodoro method for one day. Use an egg timer, your phone, an app, or whatever works for you.


Demonstration of how I use a dry-erase board to structure my productivity for the day


Strategies for success before, during and after starting new projects

Real Life Application: Do you have a big project coming up, or one that has been languishing and need to be restarted? What things should you wrap up before you get started with it? Make a list of loose ends and a timeline for completion, and when you will start working on the big project after that. Be as specific as possible.


How to manage big projects and goals so that you can actually complete them, rather than avoid them or abandon them in the middle

Real Life Application: Do you have a big project that feels overwhelming right now? Take a few minutes and break it up into chunks that feel more manageable, then set a specific timeline for each of those sub-goals.


Conclusion of module on achieving your goals


My goal in this course is to help you define and meet yours. I have a favor to ask...

Section 4: When Things Fall Apart

Introduction to module on how to manage yourself and your projects when things fall apart


Strategies for keeping your mind, body and spirit at peak operating levels for long periods of time.

Real Life Application: Take a few minutes and think about your current self-care routine. How could you optimize it? Do you need to prioritize sleep/rest and take a nap daily? Or add a healthy snack at a certain time? Or figure out how to move around more frequently?


Strategies for injecting daily doses of self-care into your routine, rather than delaying for large future payoffs, vacations or rest periods that may never arrive.

Real Life Application: How much downtime do you absolutely require in a day? Are you getting it? If not, can you schedule it into your day and calendar?


The benefits of laughing at yourself to perspective, and the importance of integrating play into your daily habits to maintain creativity and happiness.

Real Life Application: Spend 5 minutes doing something creative and/or unstructured today. Consider writing, painting, drawing, singing, walking in nature, or simply meditating on things you are grateful for.


Strategies for preparing for and gracefully handling the inevitable wrenches that life will throw into your best-laid plans


Strategies for managing emotional overload and maintaining balance and control in the midst of chaos

Real Life Application: Where are you right now on the stress scale? 2/10? Fantastic. 7/10? What can you do to make sure you don't lose your mind when something else comes up? 9 or 10/10? GO HIDE IN A CAVE. Okay just kidding, but do take a little time to figure out where you are and what actions you should take based on that.


Importance of preventing burnout and treating it once it occurs

Real Life Application: close your eyes and listen for a few moments to your heart, mind, soul and body. You can do this sitting, or anywhere you can think and be undistracted, such as in the shower, while jogging, or while taking a walk. What is your body/mind/soul trying to tell you? Is there one action you can take, or stop taking, right now that will help you feel more at ease?


Conclusion to module on "when life gets in the way"

Section 5: Final Review

Review of entire course and next steps

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Instructor Biography

Samantha Alvarez, Mindful Polyglot

I have lived in 8 countries over the last 5 years, and learned to speak 6 different languages. I am able to sustain this nomadic lifestyle through my location independent positions - one as a sales expert for a medical recruitment company, Trialfacts, and the other as a clinical professor for nurse practitioner students at Walden University.

I left my well paying, but energy-draining job as a nurse practitioner in the US to live this nomadic lifestyle, because it makes me happy. I may no longer be a nurse, but I am still a helper at heart. That is why I have created these Udemy courses.

If you dream of exploring the world, learning new languages, and meeting new people, I invite you to join one of my courses and take the first step toward making your dreams come true.

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