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Have a Healthy Voice for Life!
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Instructed by Beth Lawrence Music / Vocal
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About This Course

Published 11/2014 English

Course Description

'Reboot Your Singing Voice' will get you started on the road to 'vocal recovery', whether that's curing nodules without surgery or simply singing Soprano in your church choir without squeaking out uncomfortable high notes. This is an INTRODUCTORY COURSE that will introduce you to the Lawrence Vocal System and Bel Canto singing techniques.

I finally solved all of my own vocal issues (including nodules on my vocal cords numerous times) by learning how to sing correctly. It's that easy. If you're having chronic vocal problems, I want you to know that finally, there's hope and help. Start here, with 'Reboot Your Singing Voice'.

5 Video Learning Lessons: You'll learn the basic foundations for the Lawrence Vocal System based in Bel Canto singing.

You will learn the concepts of:

- Breath as Energy

- Conscious Breathing - the engine that powers the Energy

- Body Placement - the resonance chamber that amplifies the Energy

- The Open Throat - the portal that directs and colors the Energy

- The Organs of Speech - the articulators that form the sound

Initial Baseline Self-Evaluation Form: Assess your level of mastery and confidence in your voice that you'll use to 'Chart Your Progress' throughout the program.

5 Lesson Reviews: Each Review will remind you of the important takeaways you're learning at each Step.

Chart Your Progress: After each Lesson you'll 'Chart Your Progress' with another valuable evaluation.

'How's It Going So Far?' Check in: You'll have the opportunity to explore the ongoing breakthroughs and 'aha' moments you're experiencing.

Lesson Exercises: Each Lesson will have one or more exercises for you to do that will build your awareness of how to create lasting improvement in your singing. I suggest that you do each Exercise for at least ONE WEEK or more until you move on to the next Exercise. You've got to PRACTICE each exercise in order to have it become a natural part of your singing routine.

Final Program Review: We'll go back and revisit all 5 Steps in the Lawrence Vocal System - this is the foundation that will help you change the way you use your voice and give you a healthy voice for Life.

Final Evaluation: Your Final Self-Evaluation form is going to show you exactly how far you've come on your heroic Singer's Journey. Once you have the basics, you are free to sing with a new, lasting confidence.

What are the requirements?

  • As you start out on your Heroic Singer's Journey, you don't need anything but an open mind, a willingness to change, and the excitement of knowing that you can easily have the voice you've always wanted, finally.
  • It would be helpful to have my book 'From Shower To Stage....7 Easy Steps for Singing Like A Pro!' as your workbook for this program, but it isn't necessary for your ultimate vocal transformation.
  • We will be learning the basics of the first 5 Steps in the Lawrence Vocal System, and 'From Shower To Stage...7 Easy Steps for Singing Like A Pro!' goes into these 5 Steps in depth, and more. Doing this foundational program is perfectly fine without the book, it's up to you.
  • There will be exercises in each of the 5 Modules that you will want to work on to get the most out of this program.
  • In order to get the most out of this program, and make lasting changes in your voice, YOU'VE GOT TO PRACTICE THE EXERCISES.
  • Don't move on to the next exercise until you've MASTERED each exercise. PRACTICE! Changing old habits takes time and effort!
  • You will want to fill out your Baseline Self-Evaluation, and Final Self-Evaluation for maximum added value.
  • Be aware that I shoot my videos outdoors in beautiful surroundings, so there may be some ambient noise which won't interfere with the lesson.
  • I don't use a teleprompter or notes - I share my knowledge and experience spontaneously, so my delivery is fun and natural.
  • Don't expect perfection of yourself; allow 'Reboot Your Singing Voice' to be a fun and exciting learning adventure without self-judgement.
  • The 'Lawrence Vocal System' may be very different from what you've learned before. Phew. Finally - Results.
  • You'll learn to use your voice correctly, which means you can sing ANY style of music

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Discover and utilize the healing concepts of the Lawrence Vocal System, based on the Bel Canto singing method
  • Experience the 'Grammy Award' feeling of having a voice that healthy and dependable
  • Step into any Spotlight with confidence in your voice
  • Reboot your singing voice with the proven fundamentals for a healthy, powerful sound
  • Throw your bad vocal habits out the window where they'll never bother you again
  • Move forward boldly on your Heroic Singer's Journey
  • Give up the struggling and self-judgement, and finally learn to love your voice

Who is the target audience?

  • Shower singers to gigging pro singers. If your voice isn't performing the way you'd like it to; if your voice isn't strong and healthy all the time; if you aren't totally confident each and every time you sing, then you need this program.
  • Singers with chronic vocal problems at any level will learn to identify the bad vocal habits that have held them back from having a free, open and powerful voice, and replace those habits with new skills that are based in the proven Bel Canto method. Any singer who wants to have a healthy voice for Life can benefit from 'Reboot Your Singing Voice'.
  • 'Reboot Your Singing Voice' is for people who are sick and tired of being frustrated with their vocal performance, and want to find a new way to use their voice.
  • You don't need this program if you're totally happy with your singing voice.
  • Don't take this program if you've had voice lessons before and refuse to be open to a better, and different way to sing.
  • If what you've been doing up until now has solved all your vocal problems, you don't need this program.
  • Great singers have their own unique sound, and I want you to develop YOURS. If you want to sound like everyone else, don't take this program.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Ready to Reboot - Getting Started

I'm so excited to have you join me on this heroic Singer's Journey! You're about to discover the first of Five foundational steps in the Lawrence Vocal System -- a singing method based in Bel Canto. It is this system that rescued my voice many years ago when I was starting my singing career in L.A.

2 pages

Get the most out of Reboot Your Singing Voice. What you'll need to know before you start.

Section 2: Why You'll Get Results - My Reboot Story

My Story -- I went from having vocal nodules to working on Broadway because I found the right teacher. Every wonderful thing I've done in my career as a singer, composer, producer, and holistic voice practitioner and coach is a result of getting the RIGHT help, and I'm grateful every day for the blessing of a healthy voice. There's hope for your voice no matter how damaged or unreliable it may be. I know, because I was there myself. You CAN Reboot Your Singing Voice! I did!

Read more about My Story here.
Section 3: Your Baseline Evaluation - Where you are NOW
Listen to this BEFORE you start your Lesson Modules.
1 page
This Baseline Evaluation will give you an accurate picture of where you are RIGHT NOW with your voice. It will give you clear insight into where you are starting, and where you may have concerns about your singing voice. Then, your Final Evaluation is going to have you celebrating just how far you've come! Take advantage of this powerful tool for self-discovery and growth.
Section 4: The Lawrence Vocal System in 5 Steps
1 page

About Step #1 of the Lawrence Vocal System!


In Step #1 - "Breath" you'll discover that in order to be be a masterful singer you've got to have the 'IT' factor. What is the 'IT' factor, and where does it come from? In this Lesson you're going to learn about the Energy of Breath. This is where the Lawrence Vocal System begins - with 'Breath'.

1 page

Review the major benefits and 'takeaways' from Step #1 - "Breath". See how you voice has improved as you Chart Your Progress with two quick vocal assessment questions. Download and print this form so that you can fill out the two vocal assessment questions and keep on hand.

1 page

About Step #2 of the Lawrence Vocal System!


In Lesson #2 - "Conscious Breathing" youll realize that true'vocal power comes from your breathing mechanism, never your throat! Breathing is natural and intuitive, but most people breath incorrectly, and this negatively impacts their ability to sing easily. Here's how to open up to 'conscious breathing' and get it right!

1 page

Review the major benefits and 'takeaways' from Step #2 - "Conscious Breathing". See how you voice has improved as you Chart Your Progress with two quick vocal assessment questions. Download and print this form so that you can fill out the two vocal assessment questions and keep on hand.

And now it's your turn to let me know what exciting breakthroughs you've had -- Check out 'How's It Going So Far?'

1 page
I'm checking in - it's your chance to give me your feedback!
1 page

About Step #3 of the Lawrence Vocal System!


In Step #3 - 'Placement', you'll discover how using your body as a 'resonance chamber' can give you a big, powerful voice without any effort! Once you learn to keep the voice anchored in the body you can soar on high notes while keeping your rich, full tone; never again going into that tight, pinchy, tiny sound that has no volume.

1 page

Review the major benefits and 'takeaways' from Step #3 - "Placement". See how you voice has improved as you Chart Your Progress with two quick vocal assessment questions. Download and print this form so that you can fill out the two vocal assessment questions and keep on hand.

1 page

About Step #4 of the Lawrence Vocal System!


In Step #4 - 'The Open Throat', you'll find a rarely taught secret that can change your singing forever. You may have heard about 'singing with an open throat', but has anyone ever told you how to do it? Not until now!

1 page

Review the major benefits and 'takeaways' from Step #4 - "The Open Throat". See how you voice has improved as you Chart Your Progress with two quick vocal assessment questions. Download and print this form so that you can fill out the two vocal assessment questions and keep on hand.

1 page
You're almost done - talk to me!
1 page

About Step #5 of the Lawrence Vocal System!


In Step #5 - 'The Organs of Speech', you'll become aware of habits you've developed that may be impacting your singing voice, and learn how to get rid of those bad habits. You'll get more volume and a clear, rich tone when you learn to 'tame' the lips, jaw and tongue.

1 page

Review the major benefits and 'takeaways' from Step #5 "The Organs of Speech". See how you voice has improved as you Chart Your Progress with two quick vocal assessment questions. Download and print this form so that you can fill out the two vocal assessment questions and keep on hand.

Section 5: Let's Review all 5 Steps - Reboot Your Singing Voice

We're going to REVIEW all of the vocal skills you've just learned in the Reboot Your Singing Voice Program. It's been great having you with me. I created this foundational course so that you could get the basics of healthy singing with the Lawrence Vocal System without spending a fortune on private lessons with me. Congratulations! You've completed the first steps on your heroic Singer's Journey!

Section 6: Chart Your Final Progress!
1 page
1 page
You'll compare this Final Evaluation to your Baseline Evaluation in order to assess your own efforts, celebrate your accomplishment, and determine where you need to improve. Realizing how far you've come since the beginning of this program is going to give you incredible self-confidence in your ability to have a healthy, powerful voice. Congratulations!
1 page

Where do you want to go from here?

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Instructor Biography

Beth Lawrence, Helping you have a Healthy Voice for Life

Beth Lawrence is the author of From Shower To Stage…7 Easy Steps for Singing Like A Pro!, a book about healthy singing for Life. Based on the concepts of Bel Canto Singing, the Lawrence Vocal System, developed by Beth Lawrence, takes a holistic approach to vocal rehabilitation and confident communicating skills. As a result of suffering from vocal nodules early in her career, Beth Lawrence found a lasting solution to her own vocal problems, and now helps others have a healthy voice for Life.

As a singer, music producer, and songwriter, Beth Lawrence has composed for Broadway, Film, the U.S. Olympic Committee, and has won awards from Billboard Magazine; The American Song Festival; Parents Magazine, the National Parenting Publications Gold Award; and L.A. Jazz Scene Magazine.

Beth Lawrence believes in the transformative power of music and loves developing the brilliance in others. Her own life was changed with the help of Giuseppe Balestrieri, the vocal mentor who saved her voice and singing career.

Offering private, group, and online programs for those seeking solutions to their vocal crisis, Beth Lawrence helps people communicate with confidence, clarity, and charisma.

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