Discover Your Life Purpose Through Yoga Nidra
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Discover Your Life Purpose Through Yoga Nidra

Your true life purpose is waiting; open your heart's wisdom. Propel your personal transformation through Yoga Nidra.
Best Seller
4.7 (43 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,479 students enrolled
Created by Sharon Ramel
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What Will I Learn?
  • Define the primary purpose of your life and learn to align fully with what is happening in the present moment.
  • Discover ancient yogic concepts and how to use them today for health, healing and discovering your life purpose
  • Understand how to utilise the benefits of Yoga Nidra to discover your life purpose
  • Draw the power of intention to find your life purpose
  • Recognise and open to presence as the eternal “I am,” the intelligence found in stillness, and awakening to the beauty of simply being
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  • This is an applied learning course. There is a workbook that accompanies it, and it is important to complete the workbook exercises for each lecture
  • You will get the most out of the course on the first time through if you watch the videos and do the meditations as they present. Adult Learning Theory has been applied throughout the course, and skillfully uses both visual and auditory cues to ensure effective learning
  • Come with a open heart and mind
  • This course probably isn't for you if you are looking for a quick fix and are not interested in self-reflection.

Welcome to discovering you life purpose everyone. As of September 22, 2016 this course in being updated, closed captions are being added and the MP3 audio meditations are being converted to video format. The audio files are still available. Please be patient - it takes considerable time to convert and transcribe!

Your guide Sharon Ramel is here with you daily to assist answering your questions.

Do you identify with Bono singing in the U2's song, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for."? Then this life purpose course is for you. Prepare for personal transformation, you have the ability to engage in a deep spiritual way that will empower and transform your life. You will learn very specific Yoga Nidra Meditation techniques to discover your life purpose.. Be patient as Rome was not built in a day! Do the ground work and you will be rewarded.

Why are we on this planet and what are we really meant to be doing? What is this thing called 'life purpose' and 'personal transformation'. Every being is intended to be on earth for a certain purpose." Sa'di, 12th Century Persian poet

Everyone feels a pull towards some defining life purpose, no matter how much it may have become shrouded over along the way. Personal transformation begin with you taking the first step to realise your absolute potential.

There are consequences to not knowing or finding your life purpose. People describe feeling "off-track" in some way, or incomplete, despite a conventionally successful life. Sometimes they wonder if they've been on the "wrong" path all along, chosen the wrong career, or life partner. Or that perhaps they haven't realized that their chosen path could be more meaningful or purposeful for them. This can bring an absence of inner peace and a sense of not being fully in sync with the inner self. The path to personal transformation begins here and now.

This course helps you to discover our Heart's Desire - your Life Purpose

This personal transformation life purpose course is designed in building blocks. Please, take one step after the other, do not skip forwards or backwards. For the best possible outcome commit and do it in the sequence it is presented in. It is time for you to stop struggling. For the primary purpose of every human being is simply to be: fully engaged in this moment, and aligned with the natural flow of reality itself.

  • The beauty of effortless being, and how to awaken to it through Yoga Nidra
  • Tapping the vast power and intelligence of stillness within Yoga Nidra Unfolding your purpose through actions in alignment with the timeless present.
  • We will use a combination of ancient yogic philosophy with it's treasure trove of wisdom to draw us into the mysteries of the heart and how to use this wisdom today.
  • Integration workbook exercises to enable deep reflection on the meditations and knowledge revealed to you. This will assist you in a practical reflective life purpose discovery tool.
  • This course is designed to be self-paced, however a regular commitment is required for you to gain the skills to remain relaxed and focused on your purpose even if inner confusion and conflict arises. This will help you become the co-creator of your life purpose, with personal transformation events and challenges unfolding with a new found grace and ease.

Some student reviews from my other courses:

"This a beautiful course I highly recommend it!" Gayla M

"Wow! I'm so glad I took this course! Sharon's passion and enthusiasm are positively contagious! I've taken several Udemy courses on similar topics and while I've been pleased most with all of them, Sharon's courses are much richer in content. She is a wonderful teacher and extremely knowledgeable. I've already signed up for 2 of her other courses and have started them and am just as thrilled as I am with this one. THANK YOU SHARON!" Lisa

"I enjoyed this Journey with Sharon and learning the rites. Thank you Sharon for having this. I grew in my spiritual walk as a healer. I look forward to continuing my learning as a Shaman" Thomas

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The material on this web site is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for individuals genuinely wanting to create change in their life. You may be new to personal development or a seasoned seeker and if you are willing to put the energy into yourself you will benefit from this course.
  • This course takes you on an increasingly deep guide into your true purpose and desire, you need to do the work required to ensure you get the most out of it
  • Anyone interested in escaping the trap of compulsive thinking, and awakening to the beauty of simply being.
  • If you are lazy and think you can just half attend then this is not for you
  • There are no short cuts in life, nor within this course
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Curriculum For This Course
46 Lectures
Realise Your Life Purpose, Connecting Heart's Desire for Personal Transformation
2 Lectures 06:48

Please be aware that Udemy asks you to review all courses very early. Generally way too early to get into the nitty gritty of the course. You do not have to review at this time, it is your option to review later.

Dear friends

I have personally used this exact same method I describe here to manifest my beautiful partner Jorn, a true soul mate, to bring a new business in being four years ago. Along with this online teaching which had its seeds sown back in 2008.The time and space to dream and create has been been gifted to me through this practice.

Here you can create a life you want and deserve. Together we will be taking the next crucial steps for you to make it possible.We will:

• Identify your most authentic hearts desire.

• Eliminate your obstacles you may have placed in your way.

• Make choices that aligned with your inner knowing to create or re-create your path.

• Relax as you explore, knowing you are on the right path.

Please be patient, go through this initial phase, fill in the worksheets, it may seem tedious because you want lectures, videos, meditations and more. The time you take now to really think about the questions and answer them honestly will reward you as you move forward.

 This course will follow the ancient yogic pathways into discovering our true purpose in life. My aim is to present this material in a way that is accessible for you to integrate into your life with ease. Sometimes people are put of by the use of Sanskrit, I keep this at a bare minimum, only using Sanskrit to assist you, especially if you with to study further. Then it becomes important that you are aware of where the concepts arise from.

The wisdom I present here is nothing new! Many thousands of years in the making. I am indebted to my teachers, too many to mention here. I continue my learning, diving deeper and deeper into the sacred vault of wonder filled teachings increasingly available for us to learn from.

My journey into my own truth and authenticity began in my mid twenties, earning very good money doing what I thought I wanted to do (being well known and earning lots of $). Well the dollars I certainly enjoyed however it was devoid of any passion, mechanistic and soul destroying. Eventually I realised that it did not matter how popular I was within my work nor how much money people were prepared to pay for my services, I was officially empty vessel in an expensive outfit. My answer was to turn inwards. Luckily, living in Bondi meant there was a great body of amazing people available at my doorstep to assist in the re-discovery of me. I quickly tapped into their teachings and discovered they were in fact teaching universal wisdom that struck a sweet note in my core and that that learning I engaged in was there to be passed onto those whose hearts are open and ready!

Abundant blessings on your path


Preview 04:36

Coming to her from the spiritual Murujuga National Park in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

There is a workbook here in the resources section - please download it as it will assist you in your preparation for the course work ahead. By taking some time out right now and making foundational notes you will be able to look back and see how much you have learned, how much you have altered, and what you have achieved by the course end. There is no right or wrong answers here, this is a reflection of where you are today. Please be honest, actively engage. Please take as much time as you require to complete this workbook. There is no rush.

Starting can be the toughest decision we make. Please know that you are fully supported on the pathway into your Life Purpose. Jump in and surprise yourself.

Preview 02:12
Find Your Purpose in Life to Give You Direction, Value and Meaning in Life
4 Lectures 38:25

Overview of this section


We will journey into the concept of purpose and how it directly relates to you, your life and its true direction. Learn how purpose manifests in different areas and stages of your lfe.

Meditation Practice:

There are two meditations for you, a contemplative one called "What is your purpose, where is it" and "Flat out meditation". I encourage you to engage with them at least three times this week (daily would be best).


When you are ready please complete your workbook to assist integration of the core teachings of this section.

Are you ready to embark on a journey into personal transformation? Yes, then let's do it.

Take your time so understand the nature of purpose and how it relates to your life and its direction. Bring focus and purpose into your life. See the word as an umbrella concept that is useful when you are seeking direction and focus on what really matters to you.

The exercises within are designed to help you formulate your sense of purpose, what is it? Do you have one? Please take your time, there is no rush. However do not over intellectualise it, be honest. There is no right or wrong answer

Preview 01:12

We will use the word purpose as a concept for you to find direction in your life. In this section we will journey together discovering the different forms that pupose may take in our lives.

Find purpose in life to give you direction, value & meaning in life

Course Update September 2016 - the former mp3 audio meditation is now available for you to download. I have also added a script of the meditation, plus this video comes with closed captions to assist you all.

Many Friday evenings we visit the local Buddhist Temple. Sometimes we are privileged to have a beautiful monk called Ajhan Brahm taking the Friday night meditation and talk. "Flat out meditation" is his term for meditation whilst laying down. I love it so much I decided to use his term.

In this flat out meditation practice, you lie on your back with your arms away from your body, palms turned upwards. Your feet should be hip width apart, with your toes falling outwards. Your eyes remain closed throughout the practice.

Another gem from Ajhan Brahm: One of our mains aims is to cultivate a relaxed mind and body. Here is a simple starting exercise for you if you live in the city. When ever you come across red lights for either car, pedestrians or bikes. Instead of seeing them as stopping you. See them as a chance to relax, red lights are relax lights.

If you enjoyed the beautiful music in the background it is called Grace from the album A World of Peace and is by the amazing Christine Morrison from here in Perth, Western Australia. I will provide links to her music in the final section of this course.

Guided meditation - flat out relaxing

Course update feature!

This meditation is now available in either video format - uploaded 22nd September 2016 plus the notes are now available as a PDF for you to download. Closed captions have been added to assist you all. The original MP3 is still available however for you download as a course resource.

This meditation is focusing on your life as it is right now. As you draw yourself into the meditation you will reflect deeply and develop a sense of what it feels like to have, or not to have a sense of purpose in your life. You will use the seeds that come up in this meditation as a tool for the rest of the course.

Guided Meditation - What is your life purpose, where is it!

Find purpose in life to give you direction, value & meaning in life
2 questions
Live and Learn a Structured Spiritual Life Through the Four Spiritual Aims.
7 Lectures 51:13

Overview of this section


For more than three thousand years the people of India have grown up being guided by four main guiding life principles. Together we will explore them. They are considered divine attributes as they are the names of gods. They come to us as innate wisdom for us to tap into and dream our lives into being.

Kama - desire, pleasure through the five senses, the pure joy that comes when we attain our goals

Artha - success including wealth, friends, possessions, the means we utilise of obtain our goals

Dharma - Adherence to the universal laws, harmonious and virtuous aims to see you fulfilling and living what you are born to do

Moksha - the liberation of yourself, of letting go when it is time to move on

These aims are connected into the web of life,understanding how they play out can assist you greatly on your discovery.

Meditation Practice:

There are two meditations for you, a contemplative one called "Meditation of the four pillars of life" and I encourage to continue using "Flat out meditation" at least three times this week (daily would be best).

Workbook - Please Download it Here From the Resources Section

When you are ready please complete your workbook to assist integration of the core teachings of this section.

Preview 01:32

Dharma is a core concept in Indian philosophy and religion. It is difficult to provide a single concise definition for dharma, as the word has a long and varied history and straddles a complex set of meanings and interpretations. There is no equivalent single word translation for dharma in western languages. Dharma is the moral law combined with spiritual discipline that guides one's life. Hindus consider dharma the very foundation of life. For our purposes traveling on this course it is finding our true life purpose, the road best to travel to create a harmonious life.

Dharma - is to know your individual life purpose, the footprint of your life

Artha is connected to the three other aspects and goals of human life - Dharma (virtuous, proper, moral life), Kama (pleasure, sensuality, emotional fulfillment) and Moksha (liberation, release, self-actualization).

In an individual's context, artha includes wealth, career, activity to make a living, financial security and economic prosperity. We will be focusing on the means required to attain our purpose.

Artha - is the means to attain your purpose to enable you to live a happy life

We are looking at the enjoyment that will come from attaining your purpose.

A life without pleasure and enjoyment - sexual, artistic, of nature - is hollow and empty. However inner balance is sort so that we live a truly satisfied life. Just like good food is necessary for the well being of the body, good pleasure is necessary for healthy existence of a human being. Just like no one should stop farming crops even though everyone knows herds of kanagroo's exist and will try to eat the crop as it grows up! Kama should be followed with thought, care, caution and enthusiasm, just like farming or any other life pursuit.

The Sanskrit word Kama means enjoyment. Its higher meaning, i.e., para-kama, refers to a higher desire for the Supreme and apara-kama, lower meaning, refers to base desires such as sexual enjoyment.

Please do not confuse it with karma. Karma is a fundamental concept which has no direct translation into English. It has multiple levels of applicability and can approximately be defined as the natural order of action and each action has an associated result (often called fruit of the karma).

As you sow, so you reap is the gist of the theory. Each action has a fruit and it depends on many factors:

  • sincerity in action,
  • the purpose of action,
  • the means chosen, and
  • righteousness of action - (Dharma)
Kama - means the pure joy that comes from attaining your true purpose

Moksha means freedom, liberation.
  • Do you ever feel like dropping everything and making a clean break? Will it work, or will you again feel entangled? Would it be responsible? On the other hand, can claims of being responsible be excuses for not moving forward? Why do we sometimes remain attached to situations that give us pain?
  • Do you ever feel that you are not really free, even when you are apparently enjoying yourself? What is the nature of freedom?
Moksha - the ability to let go, to allow completion of a purpose or attachment

As above so below! This meditation is available in Mp3 format in the resources section. 

Please do not skip this meditation just because you did it last time. It is integral that as you travel along this unfolding path the meditation takes you deeper. Sometimes to new levels of relaxation or a light bulb moment that ultimately reveals your true nature.

In this meditation practice, you lie on your back with your arms away from your body, palms turned upwards. Your feet should be hip width apart, with your toes falling outwards. Your eyes remain closed throughout the practice.

Guided meditation - flat out relaxing

October 8th, 2016. This meditation has been converted to video and format and the audio has been updated. The original mp3 is available for you to download in the resources section. The script for the meditation is now available for you in a PDF, once again in the resources section. Closed captions have been included in the video format.

This meditation allows you to look deeply into your purpose (dharma) and whether it is aligned with all other aspects of your life (artha, kama and moksha). It shows you how these four aims are always linked in a flow from start through to completion. You will gain the necessary tools to be able to engage deeply and tune into your needs.

If you enjoyed the music it is called Abundance from A World Of Peace by Christine Morrison. Link to her music and website are on a downloadable PDF in the last section of the course called Gratitude

Meditation to draw deep into the realms of kama, artha, dharma and moksha

The Four Spiritual Principles
4 questions
Deep Relaxation Using Conscious Awareness for Personal Transformation
5 Lectures 43:28

Overview of this section


You will be given the tools to create a relaxed state of being that has the ability to bring insights from deep within your core to the fore. You will be introduced to the

meditation called Yoga Nidra and the concept of a Sankalpa - a vow made before and after the practice of Yoga Nidra

Meditation Practice:

There is one meditation for you, a contemplative one called "Unwinding Meditation", please engage with this at least three times this week (daily would be best).

Workbook - Please Download it Here From the Resources Section

When you are ready please complete your workbook to assist integration of the core teachings of this section.


Preview 01:37

Dive inside the realm of Yoga Nidra and the benefits you stand to gain by deeply engaging in the practice. We often equate 'relaxation' with activities like listening to music or walking in nature, or simply having a quiet time. Relaxation is something most of us do naturally..

However, deep relaxation is something very different. It quietens your mind and releases physical tension in your body. In a state of deep relaxation, your heart beat and breathing slow down, and your body and mind become deeply calm.

There are many techniques to help you relax deeply, including the practice of Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is a very ancient tantric meditation technique done in the posture of shavasana (lying on your back) your the body is totally relaxed while the consciousness remains awake and alert. Ultimately, Yoga Nidra is a doorway to uncovering your true nature. It is an invaluable tool for releasing deep seated emotions and limiting thought patterns that obscure the truth of who we really are. We are being guided during Yoga Nidra to completely let go of all tension and holding patterns in the body, which allows for any stored memories, feelings, and emotional or mental blockages to surface and dissolve. When we free ourselves from these blockages, we free our body, minds and hearts, and we are able to live in total peace, joy, and freedom.

Of all the meditation techniques available, Yoga Nidra may well be one of the most accessible and powerful techniques for individuals of all levels of experience. What makes this meditation technique so appealing is that it's done while lying on your back while remaining completely relaxed. You honestly couldn't ask for more comfort when it comes to ancient yogic techniques! Even for the experienced meditator, Yoga Nidra provides an excellent alternative or companion to each one's meditation practice, especially in times of mental, emotional, or physical stress when sitting meditation becomes more difficult. Yoga Nidra is not only an incredible technique to help realize your true nature, it is a priceless resource for recovering from any physical, emotional or mental turmoil you have experienced in your life. Stress, fatigue, anxiety, ill health, confusion, and unwanted habits can all be removed with the help of Yoga Nidra. Insomnia can be tamed and the ability to experience deep, restorative sleep can be attained. In fact, during continued practice of Yoga Nidra, you should expect to find your sleep patterns improve dramatically, even to the extent of needing less time for sleep while feeling completely rested and rejuvenated.

How to harmonize your purpose with ease by harnessing your subconsiouness

Learn how to harness the power of your deep subconscious being.

Discover that you have the ability to shake of behaviours that no longer serve you through commitment to this practice.

Relax and rejuvenate with Yoga nidra

The practice offers assistance for those suffering stress on the treadmill of life

It is a deeply meditative experience that has the ability to awaken skills and strengths that lay dormant within you

Yoga nidra is your first step on the journey forward to enlightenment

Part B: Harmonize your purpose with ease by harnessing your subconsiouness

Your guidelines to practice. Please note that even if you already meditate using Yoga nidra - do not skip this step as it is integral in the journey through this course.

Yoga Nidra Practice Guidelines to assist your journey

Welcome, the video with closed captions format has now been uploaded. Personally I prefer the audio mp3 format, however many of you have have requested a video format so here it is. Enjoy! The transcript is now also available for you in the resources section (along with the audio format file)

This is a relatively short introduction to the practice of Yoga Nidra. This introduction is without asking you to make a resolve or Sankalpa at the beginning and end of the practice.If you have one then please add it, it not relax, it will evolve as you do.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati founded a very famous school of yoga called the Bihar School of Yoga. He both created and popularized this amazing meditation. It is deeply restful, terrific for a quick pick me up at any time of the day.

Nidra means sleep

Yoga means conscious union

thus you will be almost be sleeping however with an awareness that is timeless and very deep

Theory and practice of yoga nidra

The theory behind yoga nidra is that it works on something called our body of energy or life force. In India this energy is known as prana, and in China it is called chi.

Nearly all spiritual traditions acknowledge the existence of a body of energy that permeates the physical body and is responsible for our health and well being.

Yoga nidra also aims to enhance and balance this energy. Moreover, it does so in an enjoyable and effortless way that involves no costly equipment or training. Some practitioners describe yoga nidra as a form of self-administered acupuncture. All you need is a warm, quiet space and listen to this audio recording of yoga nidra.

In yoga nidra practice, you lie on your back with your arms away from your body, palms turned upwards. Your feet should be hip width apart, with your toes falling outwards. Your eyes remain closed throughout the practice.

Make sure that your body is lying symmetrically. It may help if you imagine a centre line running between your navel and throat.

Yoga nidra puts a strong emphasis on the way your body is laying. Practitioners believe your relaxation posture influences your consciousness, and that this supine position prepares you for letting go and helps to balance the flow of life force in your body

Unwinding Meditation - Yoga Nidra from the Bihar School of Yoga

Deep Relaxation - Yoga Nidra
2 questions
Harness You Intention, Make a Resolve to Harness Your Inner Power
4 Lectures 52:30

Overview of this section


We all have the ability to create positive changes in our lives and to fulfill our heart felt desires. These changes occur within you and you alone are responsible for making the changes you wish to be.

You will learn what a sankalpa is. How to create both long and short term sankalpas. The role that planning has in you achieving your heart felt desires.

Meditation Practice:

There are two meditations for you, a contemplative one called "Meditation on making a Sankalpa as a guiding life light"" and "Heavenly deep yoga nidra" at least three times this week (daily would be best).

Workbook - Please Download it Here From the Resources Section

When you are ready please complete your workbook to assist integration of the core teachings of this section.

Preview 00:42

Hello everyone: This lecture has been updated with closed captions added 21st Oct, 2016. Enjoy

Sankalpa (Sanskrit: संकल्प) means conception or idea or notion formed in the heart or mind, solemn vow or determination to perform, desire, definite intention, volition or will. (source Wikipedia)

The secret to harnessing and understanding your ability to fulfill your desires

This meditation is still available in its original mp3 format in the resources section of the lecture. Video and closed captions are now available along with the downloadable transcript. Oct 19, 2016

Welcome to a brief meditation to bring you further along your path to make a Sankalpa. Do not worry if nothing comes to mind just at this moment. It will happen, This meditation focuses on both short and long term Sankalpa's. On being the witness in your life and relaxing deeply into the core of your being.

Meditation on making a Sankalpa as a guiding life light

This lecture has now been converted to video, with closed captions and the transcript! Please note that it is preferable not to watch the video... even though I have made it simply using calm colours with flowing water. Udemy prefer video thus it is here in this way. The mp3 is here in the resources section for you to download and use at your leisure.

Receive a breath from the universe and take the challenge. merge your sacred body deep I to the belly of our Mother Earth. Receive your breath from the universe, allow it to cleanse, nourish and energise your being. Join me as we dive deeply Into this potentially life engaging changing practice to journey from the you you currently manifest as to the you you are becoming.

Heavenly Deep Meditation - Yoga Nidra from the Bihar School of Yoga

3 questions
Discover Your Primal Motivation Behind Your Actions and Purpose in This Lifetime
5 Lectures 55:02

Overview of this section


Examine the concept of desire and reflect on your own desires as they relate to the various aspects of your life.

Our purpose is fueled by desire, they come in and endless stream. However the discovery of which ones to pursue and which will bring us peace and lasting happiness is the purpose of our learning.

Meditation Practice:

There are two meditations for you, a contemplative one called "Dive into witnessing your desires" and "Yoga Nidra, desire - who am I" at least three times this week (daily would be best).

Workbook - Please Download it Here From the Resources Section

When you are ready please complete your workbook to assist integration of the core teachings of this section.

Preview 00:49

Our desires are the prime movers underpinning all of our actions. Your desire pushes and motivates you to get you where you are going.

Desires are strong primal forces within us that well up from deep within the core of our being that take the form of an idea, a feeling, an emotion. Knowing what you really want from this life is the initial step to creatively engage with life to achieve deep lasting satisfaction.

Your skill in forming a healthy relationship with your desires as they rise and fall is your key to achieving your true purpose. Without understanding this you can simply be dragged along by life, those endless un-reigned desires causing conflict and feelings out of control.

Time to step back, go within and sort it out, yes you can!

The secret to observing your desires arising from deep within your being

This is a very important meditation. Your initial aim is to cultivate awareness, to observe just how busy your mind is. There is a desire at the seat of everyone of those thoughts, feelings and images that flow continuously. Simply be the witness, observing without attachment. See the thought rise and fall.

I cannot stress how important it is to be relaxed during these observations into the goings on of your mind. Becoming the witness in your life, not lost in the emotional patterns require patience and perseverance.

When you are beginning it is important not to follow the train of thought and react with it. Simply observe, maintaining self-awareness as the witness in your life. Allow them to come and go.

If your thoughts are charged with deep seated intense emotions this can be difficult. However with practice, patience and perseverance this technique will teach you to become more relaxed during turbulent times in your life. You are looking at the parade of thoughts from a distance, this gives you self control and clarity. This meditation will bring you a great awareness, assisting you to become more conscious of your inner self, ultimately it will help free you from becoming overwhelmed by emotions and desires.

With practice you will be able to apply this skill to everyday events before they unfold, making riding through those stressful busy times in a more relaxed and focused way. You will come to see and know a deeper purpose to your life and how to bring it into be-ing.

If you are ready then form your Sankalpa, if not, relax and come back to the meditation as often as you need.

Dive into witnessing your desires meditation

It can be a little intimidating to begin with. However a desire differs greatly from a sankalpa. A Sankalpa is a vow, an intention, a purpose that is born from a desire. Beware however, if you grasp your Sankalpa too hard, it will become a desire! This lecture will assist you in keeping it sorted out!

Desire versus Sankalpa - what is the difference?

Within this practice of Yoga Nidra we ask the question "Who Am I" from the pause in between breaths deep into the practice. Allow the answers to simply come. Trust - they will. After you come out of this meditation you will have a greater sense of not only your desires, but who you are. This serves to filter your desires, I makes it easier to identify that which will become a Sankalpa. If you already have a Sankalpa, fantastic. Don't skip this meditation however, you will enjoy it.

The space in between the each breath is where we experience infinity, let go, answers will come to you from the universal consciousness.

Yoga Nidra Desire "Who Am I", Meditation from the Bihar School of Yoga
Discover the Four Stages of Life for Personal Transformation
6 Lectures 30:17

Overview of this section


In section three you were introduced to the four spiritual aims of life from ancient yogic philosophy. Here within this section we will dive into the four stages of life according to this same philosophy. Together we will explore them.

Student life - from birth through to around 25 years of age

Family life - 25 - 50 years old

Retirement - 50 - 75 years

Renunciation - 75 until death

These stages are connected into the web of life,understanding how they play out can assist you greatly on your discovery.

Meditation Practice:

There is one meditation for you, a contemplative one called "Meditation of the four stages of life" and I encourage to continue using "Flat out meditation" at least three times this week (daily would be best).

Workbook - Please Download it Here From the Resources Section

When you are ready please complete your workbook to assist integration of the core teachings of this section.

Please have your desires workbook alongside as you will be reflecting on the desires in that workbook.

Please cross out any that are no longer a focus for you .

Do you have any new desires that have arisen from this course? It does not matter if they are unsettling write them down.

On the last page there is a new list for you to complete, take extra paper if need be.

First write down your updated list of desires, next reflect on whether they are current, belong to a former stage of life or an upcoming stage.

Last of all write freely on how healthy, achievable and realistic each desire is.

Then write down the purpose (dharma) for each of these desires.
Preview 02:33

The beginning of self-inquiry journey towards the adult we will become. During this stage we need to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to create a meaningful future.

From birth through to the early 20's, a life visualised in the natural order

You have or are on the threshold of having the foundations to support yourself during this time. If you aligned with your life purpose during this time, your life will be enjoyable. Choose healthy experiences that are aligned with who you are.

Family and Career time, a life visualised in the natural order

This stage sometimes scares people. Especially those caught up in the youth obsessed culture many of us live in. It is okay to let go, we are meant to age, to grow, to shed that which no longer serves us.

Retirement beckons, a life visualised in the natural order

The time to let go, we have all heard the phrase "you can't take it with you". The preparation for this stage is vital, whether you believe in an afterlife in heaven, a void or reincarnation it is important to come to the end of life having fulfilled our purpose and coming to know true peace within.

The ultimate Moksha - death, a life visualised in the natural order

Hello dear friend, the mp3 is now available in the resources section plus closed captions have been added. The script of the meditation is on the way soon. 

This meditation focuses of the various stages of life and the desires that arise from within them. Through this meditation you are encouraged to let go and allow answers to come from your sub-conscious self. Do not worry if nothing comes to you right away, be patient.

This meditation allow you to become aware of your choices, the choise that you make at every stage of your lief and whether or not they are appropriate to the stage.

Meditation on our changing desires as we age
The Anatomy of the Chakras to Connect to Your Higher Purpose
6 Lectures 01:43:25

Overview of this section


The Chakras form system of support working fluidly connecting you to the inner and out realms, supporting body mind and spirit. They are a gateway to your desires and how they are manifesting at this time. You are being called to reflect deeply on every aspect of your life and how directly your chakra system impacts on it. Chakras can be either healthy or unhealthy, stagnate energy, psychic sludge form this a former lifetimes can adhere to them, slowly them. Preferably they are open luminous and healthy, Choose a chakra to work on during this section to improve some aspect of your life, you can create a sankalpa to assist the journey.

Meditation Practice:

There are three meditations for you. The first is an introduction to focus keenly on the chakras called "The Lightworkers Way", then a contemplative one called "Chakra Cleansing with Yoga Nidra" and please continue using "Chakras and your desires" at least three times this week (daily would be best).

Workbook - Please Download it Here From the Resources Section

When you are ready please complete your workbook to assist integration of the core teachings of this section.

Preview 01:15

We are going to go into a dialogue with our soul through our connection with our seven soul centres, our chakras. They powerfully influence your mind and body. Knowing more about them will help you understand where your desires spring from and how you can better harness them for your higher purpose.

"Your chakras are symbols. They symbolize highly complex psychic facts which at the present moment we could not possibly express except in images. The chakras are therefore of great value to us because they represent a real effort to give a symbolic theory to the psyche". G.C. Jung

Connecting to your highest self through the forces that animate your life

This meditation has been updated to video format on September 22nd, 2016 to assist you all. You may choose either. Just remember that if you choose the Mp3 to tick that you have completed this meditation. My personal preference in the audio file however we are all different.

Start to focus on your chakras with this guided meditation. This meditation also appears in my Chakra Dance and Meditation course. This is a very good foundational meditation to hone your focus point in on your chakras.

Chakra Cleanse - "The Lightworker's Way" by Doreen Virtue

Within my yogic discoveries the chakras are considered the a strong force,our primal energies are embodied within them. This will give you an outline to the basic and the role they each play. If you find yourself wanting more information join me on my Chakra Dance and Meditate course.

The Anatomy of your Chakras and their Connection to your Higher Purpose

This is a long meditation so be prepared. Set aside the time for the meditation and allow yourself to come out slowly. If you want to really charge the meditation then I suggest you do it relaxing in a hot salty bath. Put around 1Kg (2.2lbs) of epsom salts into the bath, add your favorite aromatherapy oils then prepare, submerge and let go whilst remaining awake and alert. Try to ensure you have nothing to do afterwards as it will take a long time to come fully out of the meditation. Ensure you have some water to sip after you are fully present.

Chakra Cleansing with Yoga Nidra

This meditation focuses on each chakra as they rise from the base upwards. It reflects on the personality of each chakra, it purpose and desires that naturally arise.

Chakra Awakening Meditation - looking through the lense to your soul
The Anatomy of the Chakras to Connect to Your Higher Purpose
5 Lectures 01:04:10

Overview of this section


For many of us finding what we truly want to do in our lives can be confusing and fraught with difficulties. Learning how to make an effective Sankalpa can become a guiding tool to direct your life. We can make short and long term Sankalpas. When you are starting this journey it may be easier for you to focus on the short term Sankalpas so you can see and feel it come to fruition.

Meditation Practice:

There are two meditations for you, a contemplative one called "Meditation of making a sankalpa as a guiding life light" and "Meditation on your heart's desire, from genesis to reality" at least three times this week (daily would be best).

Workbook - Please Download it Here From the Resources Section

When you are ready please complete your workbook to assist integration of the core teachings of this section.

Preview 01:21

Sankalpa (Sanskrit: संकल्प) means conception or idea or notion formed in the heart or mind, solemn vow or determination to perform, desire, definite intention, volition or will.In practical terms, the word, Sankalpa, means the one-pointed resolve to do or achieve; and both psychologically and philosophically, it is the first practical step by which the sensitivity and potentiality of the mind is increased; it is known as the capacity to harness the will-power and the tool to focus and harmonise the complex body-mind apparatus

Some examples of sankalpas:

I will eat healthier food

I will become fitter than I am today

I will quite smoking

I will find greater balance in my life

I will study to find another job

I will become more patient

I am creating and spiritually aware life for myself

I am bringing love and peace into my life

My sankalpa for this course:

I am creating and teaching an online course from ancient wisdom to help people achieve their purpose.

Okay lets do it - it is time to make your resolve - your sankalpa

Take you time and meditate on what is is your truly want. If there is confusion in your mind try making this sankalpa to assist clarity.

"I will calm my racing mind and allow an intention to arise"

f you are overly concerned or worried please practice loving kindness, enter into yoga nidra as often as you need to to help bring peace and calm to your life.

How to and how not to make a sankalpa! Avoid conflicting desires and more

We incorporate the colours of the rainbow to go deeper into our heart's desire making our sankalpa with an exquisite deep knowing. Do not worry if you are not ready, simply go into the meditation and ask to find your sankalpa

Meditation on making a Sankalpa as a guiding life light

This meditation is a ritual to bring all the work we have been undertaking together into one peaceful meditation practice. Within our space together we will open our third eye chakra, looking deep into our intuitive being. Our third eye chakra then connects deeply with our heart chakra as we see our heart's desires with clarity and true vision. Then going deep within we look up to our crown chakra aligning with our highest consciousness, those rays that offer us guidance and protection. With these three chakras open and aligned we feel into our sankalpa having resonate within three times. This is a truly powerful method of empowering and realizing our heart's desire.

Ujjayi Breathing Technique is used at the beginning of this practice

Ujjayi means victorious. This breathing technique is most beneficial when used during a meditation. Using Ujjayi distracts the mind from unwanted thoughts, with the breath acting as a mantra and helping the mind to focus. Using Ujjayi also creates more postural support in the body.

Ujjayi breath:

  • While inhaling and exhaling through the nose, partially close the throat until the breath creates a soft humming sound in the back of the throat. The physical formation of the throat and vocal cords is similar to that during whispering. The sound is often described as the hum of the ocean waves or the wind moving through tree tops.
  • Gently smile with each breath, allowing the breath to swirl in the back of the throat before moving down into the lungs.
Meditation on your heart's desire from genesis to reality
Thank You for Journey We Have Had Together
2 Lectures 01:42

Thank you is a PDF here of the artists who have generously allowed my to use their music. . Please feel free to contact me at any time either through Udemy or any of the platforms I have listed for you. The final lecture is a text link within the course in case you do not wish to download the resource.

Thank you, in honour of the journey we have travelled

Bonus Lecture. Day? Well We Are Out Of Days!
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