Creative Real Estate Investing & Flipping Houses

What most people will never know about investing in real estate creatively (without cash or credit) and flipping houses.
247 reviews
  • Phil Pustejovsky Real Estate Mentor, Investor & Best Selling Author

    Phil Pustejovsky is a best selling author, national speaker, accomplished investor and has been recognized as the leading real estate investing coach and mentor. His works have been featured in CBS MoneyWatch, Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch and Yahoo! Finance. He frequently shares the stage with other legendary wealth experts such as Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Shemin and Al Lowry. Having been a part of more than 1,000 real estate investments himself, Phil is considered one of the most experienced investors alive. And for nearly a decade, Phil has been guiding everyday people to financial freedom through his innovative and creative real estate investing techniques and strategies.

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Creative Real Estate Investing & Flipping Houses

What most people will never know about investing in real estate creatively (without cash or credit) and flipping houses.
247 reviews


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Is real estate investing and flipping houses really as profitable as you see on TV ...or is it all hype?

Is it actually possible for you to buy a house without using cash to credit?

Can anyone really go from rags to riches through real estate?

Led by the leading authority on creative real estate investing in North America, Phil Pustejovsky, Creative Real Estate Investing and Flipping Houses will reveal how you can successfully invest in real estate, regardless of your current financial position, in today's market, right in their own backyard.

You'll discover Phil's incredible true story, from his humble beginnings, homeless and living out of his truck, to living in a waterfront mansion in Florida.

You'll learn what most people will never know about creative real estate investing and flipping houses...what works and what doesn't.

You'll be able to determine if creative real estate investing is right for you.

Best of all, you'll be entertained and inspired along the way, as Phil energetically and passionately shares the secrets he has learned from being a part of more than 1,000 real estate deals over the past decade. You'll see Freedom Mentor Reviews that are incredibly inspiring. Plus, as a special bonus, you'll receive a FREE copy of his best selling book, "How to be a Real Estate Investor" as soon as you enroll. What are you waiting for? Get started learning now!

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    • How You Can Make Big Money Investing in Real Estate
    • What Most People Don't Tell You About Investing
    • Is Real Estate Right For You?
    • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Flipping Houses
    • How You Can Buy Houses with Cash or Credit
    • Determine the Value of any Property Quickly and Easily
    • Beginners
    • Open-minded Intermediates and Advanced Investors


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  • SECTION 1:
    Getting Started
  • 1
    Your Free Copy of my Best Selling Book "How to be a Real Estate Investor" is available below in three formats, .pdf, .mobi (for Kindle) and .epub (for iPads).
  • 2
    From the Poorhouse to the Penthouse
  • 3
    What's Possible with Real Estate

    The purpose of this video is to inspire you. Not to impress you, but to impress upon you what's possible with real estate. These are everyday people that applied what they learned from my trainings. Some even went on to join my apprentice program and be coached and mentored by me and my team. I hope these clips of others help you visualize what real estate may be able to do for you.

  • 4
    Why be a Real Estate Investor?
    Discover the benefits of real estate investing and becoming a real estate investor.
  • 5
    How to Think Like a Successful Investor
  • 6
    Investor IQ Exam
    10 questions
  • 7
    Investor IQ Quiz Answers Explanations
    Detailed explanations of the correct answers for the Quiz
  • SECTION 2:
    Step by Step Creative Real Estate Investing Formula
  • 8
    Creative vs Traditional Real Estate Investing
  • 9
    The Ultimate Creative Real Estate Investing Formula
  • 10
    Step 1: Finding Motivated Sellers
  • 11
    Step 2: How to Talk to Motivated Sellers
  • 12
    Step 2: Live Calls with Motivated Sellers
  • 13
    Step 3: The Best Way to Make an Offer
  • 14
    Step 3: Getting the Deal Under Contract
  • 15
    Step 3: Making Offers Live
  • 16
    Step 3: Estimating Rehab Costs Like a Pro
  • 17
    Step 4: Deal Evaluation
  • 18
    Step 4: Determining Property Value Correctly
  • 19
    Step 4: MLS Access for Real Estate Investors
  • 20
    Step 5: Home Renovation Tips for Investors
  • 21
    Step 5: How to Find Buyers the Easy Way
  • 22
    Step 5: 5 Home Selling Tips Your Real Estate Agent Doesn't Know
  • 23
    Step 5: Simple Tip to Sell Your House Quick
  • 24
    Step 5: Controlling the Buyer
  • 25
    Step 6: How to Get Funding For Your Real Estate Deals
  • 26
    Step 6: Funding the Closing with Your Retirement Account
  • 27
    Step 6: Closing the Deal

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  • SECTION 3:
    Buying Real Estate without Cash or Credit (UCF Lecture)
  • 28
  • 29
    My First Deal
  • 30
    Three Ways to Buy Real Estate without Cash or Credit
  • 31
    Owner Financing
  • 32
    Subject To
  • 33
    Secret to Property Management
  • 34
    Why Would a Seller Agree to a Subject To?
  • 35
    Lease Options
  • 36
    Which Technique is Better?
  • 37
    Land Trusts
  • 38
    The Drawbacks
  • 39
    Pre Foreclosures
  • 40
    Common Pitfalls
  • 41
    Test Your Skills #1
  • 42
    Test Your Skills #2
  • 43
    Test Your Skills #3
  • 44
    Due on Sale Clause
  • 45
    The Y2K Seller
  • 46
    Q & A
  • SECTION 4:
    Flipping Houses Wisdom (What You Won't See on TV)
  • 47
    Secret to Flipping Houses
  • 48
    Is Flipping Houses Illegal?
  • 49
    Is Flipping Houses Ethical?
  • 50
    What They Don't Tell You About Wholesaling Houses
  • 51
    Flipping a House in Your Own Backyard
  • SECTION 5:
    Your Real Estate Future
  • 52
    Real Estate Truth vs Fiction
  • 53
    How to Turn a Little into a Lot with Real Estate Part 1a
  • 54
    How to Turn a Little into a Lot with Real Estate Part 1b
  • 55
    How to Turn a Little into a Lot with Real Estate Part 2a
  • 56
    How to Turn a Little into a Lot with Real Estate Part 2b
  • 57
    Goal Setting for Real Estate Investors
    Goals are extremely powerful and fundamental to success in real estate involves setting goals for yourself.
  • 58
    Investing in Real Estate Close to Home vs Long Distance
  • 59
    Quit Your Job for Real Estate?
  • 60
    Best Legal Entity for Real Estate Investing
  • 61
    5 Tax Savings Tips for Real Estate Investors
  • 62
    The WORST Way to Invest in Real Estate
  • 63
    Choosing a Real Estate Investing Mentor

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  • 64
    Conclusion to the Course

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  • David Rundle
    Horrible Course, this is nothing more than a commercial.

    I have been wholesaling for two years, I promise you this course is nothing more than a marketing tool. Phil is giving you half of the information to leave you starving for more. He then finishes up the course informing you that to know more you should pay to join his apprentice program. This is not a course , it's a commercial. If you know absolutely nothing, this would be a good commercial that says, "Here's the things you can do in real estate, but to really understand you need to join my apprentice program." If you're okay with that, then this "course" is for you. I don't know if you can really call it a "course", it's more like a very long info-mercial.

  • Linda Reyburn
    Valuable Business Perspective and Real Estate Tips

    While the first two lectures didn't grab me, by Lecture 3, I was convinced that Phil (a) knew what he was talking about and (b) thought long-term for advantage. My favorite lectures included the differences between creative and traditional investing, Live Calls with Motivated Sellers, Estimating Rehab Costs like a Pro. Most of all, I want to re-watch the instructive videos at the end on what not to do/the worst things to do in real estate. This course is helpful for those who also want to buy their own home from a motivated seller!

  • Mats Goldberg
    Full of tips and tricks

    I am living in Sweden and many tax laws and corporate things will not apply here as well as other issues, but this course has given me so many tails to work on with. The perspective in Sweden is very different but it is absolutely doable. Thanks for all ideas and thinks to have in mind while investing creatively. They are universal!

  • Realtor Agent and Graphic Design Jacob David
    Great course! Worth it!

    Learn before you earn! It minimizes your mistakes and gives you an insight into Phil Pustejovsky's Real Estate investing world. He is a Christian foremost, has integrity, promises you that it is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You have to learn and TAKE ACTION. Without action, all the learning amounts to nothing. Phil provides accurate and valuable tips from all the lessons he has personally learned and wishes that we don't make the same mistakes as he did. There are so many aspects to becoming a successful Real Estate Investor, so don't rush it. Watch this course and think on it. Getting a mentor is worth it, because 50% of something is worth it, than 100% of nothing. I found this course valuable and it has helped me see the side of Real Estate Investing. I have to now apply what I have learned to becoming a Real Estate Investor. I am also reading Phil Pustejovsky's book on Real Estate Investing. I am more than half way through the book. I am glad I completed this course. I like how he is a man of integrity is a man who runs his business on Christian principles. "For to him who is faithful in little, will be faithful in much and much more will be added to him." Let me go forward with God's blessings and Phil's teachings. Thank you Phil Pustejovsky. Thank you for a generous heart taking the time to teach me and others who have now become financially independent. God bless you and your family.

  • Louis Cambardella
    How NOT to get rich QUICK

    Phil has an excellent grasp and understanding of the topic and this is the first time I've gotten acquainted with flipping. I'm a former Realtor (dual career agent) and this is really fascinating, but above all you can feel the genuineness coming across. This is definitely a well thought out process and NOT AN EVENT.

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