Read Russian like a Russian
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Read Russian like a Russian

Learn to read Cyrillic, polish your accent and learn some words while you're at it.
0.0 (0 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
7 students enrolled
Created by Nina Kozlova
Last updated 4/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Ideally, with practice, you will be able to read and pronounce Russian words, spell words (easy and straight forward ones).
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  • Desire to learn and patience to practice pronunciation

This course is meant for those who don't know how to read Cyrillic and those do, but would like to improve their pronunciations. 

You will:

  • Learn all the 33 letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make (or don't)
  • Practice prononciation, concentrating on the specific differences from similar sounds in English, which tend to cause foreign accents.
  • Test reading and spelling skills while adding Russian words to your vocabulary.
  • Receive live practice and tips on pronunciation via Skype from the teacher.

Course outline

Starting with consonants, which make sounds similar to those in English, and two simple vowels - "o" and "a", you will gradually move to completely 'foreign' letters and sounds, practicing and checking your reading and pronunciation skills every step of the way.

From one-syllable words, to words with 5+ syllables, each lesson will guide you through peculiar sounds and give you tips on how to master them. There is a number of tongue twisters to challenge you. 

Additional reading practice is available as PDF.

Upon request, Skype practice sessions are available to help you perfect your pronunciation. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners who do not know how to read Cyrillic alphabet and those who would like to polish their pronunciation and shed their foreign accent when speaking Russian.
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Curriculum For This Course
27 Lectures
Letters whose sounds are similar to English: д-d, т-t, н-n, л-l, к-k and о-о
3 Lectures 21:03

Pair up Russian and Latin letters whose sounds resemble one another.

Match the 'siblings' and 'cousins twice removed'.
6 questions

Practice reading words with "д", "т", "л", "н", "п", "к", "о".

Preview 04:23

Learn when д sounds like т

Д may sound like Т. Russian is tricky.
Roaring "ррррр" and consonants chameleons: г- к, з - с, ж - ш, в - ф
8 Lectures 31:30

Paired letters "г" - "к", "б" - "п". Learn some simple words with those letters.

Г-К, Б-П. Бар, пар, краб, Бог

Practice roaring your Rrrrrrrrrr (as in Рррррррр)

Practice your roaring "R"

Additional practice in reading / pronouncing words with the 12 letters we have gone over by now.

Practice words with the 12 Russian letters you know by now.

Make words out of given letters. Audible comprehension + spelling practice.

A word game

Match the picture with a Russian word for it
7 questions

Practice the pair "з" - "с".

Зз - Сс. Роза, проза and other words with "з"

Match the picture with a Russian word for it
5 questions

Practice and learn some words with the letter "c".

Words with "c"

Words with "c"
8 questions

Introducing "ж" - "ш". Practice reading / pronouncing words with these letters.

Letters Жж and Шш

Words with "ж" and "ш"
6 questions

The pair "в" - "ф". As close to the English sounds as they get.

Вв and Фф
4 more vowels: у, ы, и, е
6 Lectures 27:02

The difference between "y" and "oo".

Introducing the rest of the vowels. Practice Уу

The sound we don't have in the English language. This will take some practice. Be patient.

The dungeon in your throat - ы

Somewhere between pit and Pete there is "и".

It's a flipped N with a smile - Ии

The very un-English-like "e".

Ее, that looks like Ee, sounds somewhat like Ee, but is not Ee at all!

Learn how vowels change their sound, depending on where the stress falls in a word.

The Stress of No Stress, or Vowels are tricky too!

Take it easy, mind the sounds and increase your speed - gradually.

Three Tongue Twisters and a Dare
Soundless letters ь and ъ
1 Lecture 06:41

The two special letters, aka signs, which don't make sounds but modify consonants they follow.

Soundless letters
Яя, Юю, Ёё
1 Lecture 02:56

The word "I", aka letter "Я", single letters which sound like "you" and "your".

Яя, Юю, Ёё
Чч, Щщ, Хх, сч, чт and other oddities
8 Lectures 17:58

Letters whose sounds resemble "ch"/"tch" and "sh".

Чч, Щщ

The letters whose sounds resemble "t's" and "h". But not quite.

Цц, Хх

Take it easy and have fun.

Three more tongue twisters

The funny looking letter that sounds like "y".

Йй, + a tongue twister

The final letter for this course.

Ээ - the last letter for us

When "ь" is there for decorative (spelling) purposes. 

-шь, -чь, -щь

They may sound like "ца", but they are not "ца".

-тся / -ться sound like -ца

Stresses and ё.
About the Instructor
Nina Kozlova
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I am professional teacher of ESL, Russian by birth, British at heart and American according to my passport, with a passion for language learning and teaching.

I've been a teacher for half of my life, having taught languages and science (my first major was actually physics - LOVE IT!). I am also a photographer so if you feel like chatting about that in Russian, I'm game!

I wholeheartedly share the opinion that "Geeks shall inherit the earth". Go geeks and life learners.