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Read financial statements like a pro

How to interpret and communicate your financial statements effectively with absolute clarity.
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Rapidly learn the language of business

    ·Enhance your career if you are in business this is a critical skill for you advancement.

    ·Help your clients with their financial goals

    ·Know how your business is performing and what you need to focus on to make more profit, cash and improved returns

    ·Know how to speak to your banker

    ·Know what to look for when you want to invest in a business

This is an innovative course. It contains practical exercises and has a unique business modeling tool embedded within it.

It is designed for senior managers and professionals, including venture capital managers and others who rely on the financial statements to evaluate and steer businesses.

Income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, ratios, variables, debt, and equity—for many people these terms are like a foreign language.

This course eliminates the mystery behind the numbers so that you will be able to read financial statements as well as Warren Buffett.

You will learn:

·How to read and analyze a set of financial reports

·How to evaluate the effectiveness of a company’s strategy

·How to identify ways to improve a company’s performance

·How to be a more powerful communicator by mastering the language of finance.

Acquiring these skills can be costly and time consuming. For example Harvard Business School offer a 5-day course (Finance for Senior Executives.) that costs $11,250 and Stanford University has one similar (Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Executive) for $10,500.

If you have over $10,000 and a week to spare these are great courses!

However, if you want to study on your own time and are looking for a more cost effective solution—and frankly, one that is more fun and more practical, our course is for you.

Who is the target audience?
  • This is an innovative course. It contains practical exercises and has a unique business modeling tool embedded within it. It is designed for senior managers and professionals, including venture capital managers and others who rely on the financial statements to evaluate and steer businesses.
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What Will I Learn?
How to read and analyze a set of financial reports
How to evaluate the effectiveness of a company’s strategy
How to identify ways to improve a company’s performance
How to be a more powerful communicator by mastering the language of finance.
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  • Basic business skills
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 38 Lectures Collapse All 38 Lectures 03:53:05
Decoding the Mysterious Financial Statements
4 Lectures 32:10

Gaining familiarity with the goals and what you will achieve in this module

Preview 03:42

- The difference between making money and creating wealth

- Income statement and Balance Sheet Fundamentals

Preview 05:48

How we describe risk and the way that value has been created or destroyed.

Preview 10:54

How we gain clarity, discovery and insight

The power of clarity
Making money and creating wealth
3 Lectures 18:08

What drives what. and how the cash flow statement is the outcome document

Statements related by blood

Take a quick break with some brain twisters for


How the statements integrate and work together

The relationships
The characters within your financial statements
2 Lectures 09:48

You new 3 favorite characters, their roles within the financial statements and the outcomes when they work well together.

Vanity Sanity and King

We love Jack with some good advice

The Jack Welch advice
The Money Making machine
4 Lectures 39:31

Integrate your business model to determine how you make money

How we make money

Using above the line management techniques to improve your money making capabilities

Above the line management

How you use below the line techniques to improve the bottom line

Below the line management

See how you have progressed with the big test

The big test
The Wealth Creation engine
3 Lectures 13:24

Describing how we create wealth and the difference between making money and creating wealth

How we create wealth

Transforming the balance sheet to create simplicity and insight

The transformation process

How to define working capital and use it as a competitive weapon

Working capital
The Kings world
4 Lectures 16:05

Calculating cash flow in a flash. You can impress others with this simple but powerful technoque

What is your cash flow

The formula that will make things very easy from here on

The cash calculation secret

What are the conditions to create cash and why we sometime don't get it right

Reasons for cash creation or consumption

Concluding the perils and the pleasures that the King has to go through to ensure all is good!

Concluding the King's reign
The 5 Chapters to the finacial statement story
10 Lectures 53:30

Introduction to the 5 Chapters to the story

Introduction to the 5 chapters

How the 5 chaperts to the finacial statement story can be used with any set of financial statements

The elements to the 5 chapters

Describing the interaction between growth and how you create sperior profit from that growth

Growth and profitability

Working capital and receivables

How to view the inventory holding from a time perspective

Inventory days

How fast vendors are paid and how this has a significant impact on cash

Accounts payable days

Re engineer your working capital requirement with the inverse formala

Working capital and its inverse

How complexity can be solved in 3 easy steps

30 Outcomes represented in 3 easy steps

The difference between cash flow and funding the requirements of the business

Cash and funding

How you create value and measure the value created

The invested dollar
The world series
6 Lectures 35:41

What you need top tell your story

The raw ingredients

A resource for you to do your preparation

The worksheet

Here is your story. How did you fair?

The 5 minute story

The story in more detail

Keeping the story going

Growth balance sheet efficiency and risk

Placing all the pieces of the story in a quick easy digestable summary

In summary
Where to from here
2 Lectures 14:48

The tool that will help you do all your calculations and make your story easy to reproduce each time

Introduction to Global Financial Bridge financial modeling and analysis

The interactive scorecard does all the modeling and measures the impact of your various what ifs

Interactive one page financial scorecard
About the Instructor
4.0 Average rating
2 Reviews
3,493 Students
2 Courses
Chief Evidence Wizard

With 20 years of experience consulting to business globally I have witnessed the various ingredients that make business successful and those that do not.

One of the core ingredients to success lies in the the use of the only business scorecard. The financial statements. Using financial statements as a vehicle of both discovery and action has and most probably will be my sole focus and passion.

In my pursuit I have developed numerous methodologies that help business to use their financial statements creating break through improvements that have lasting cultural impact. My background both as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa and Australia combined with a Masters in Marketing and Logistics has enabled me to align financial performance with strategy and business output.

The development of Global Financial Bridge which is a financial statement performance tool is now used as an advisory system by over 500 businesses and CPA firms. I agree it is a slow process but the one thing I do know is that business performance is aligned with how effectively managers are engaged with their numbers and the story these numbers tell.

The creation of the Money Map (and for larger business the Treasure Map) has been a significant breakthrough for both Mick Holly and I. We have found through the process of developing the Maps for over 200 businesses that managers are engaged in a way that fundamentally changes how they view their business and their thinking.

Over time the Money Map became a process that can be deployed by consultants, business managers and owners. The deployment of this course was done to progress the movement.

Our mantra is that if this course can prevent one business from failing we have been most successful.

Have fun with the Money Map, you will find that you need no accounting expertise to do this just good old business sense will be all you require.

What we do

We transform financial statements into a story that engages the spirit of discovery creating opportunities to improve profit cash and returns

We have recently launched financial statement story podcast creating the core capability of how to read financial statements like a book in 5 minutes. Making financial statements a critical management tool that integrates strategy and its outcome measured in their financial statements.

Our Financial Statement analysis tool empowers communication of strategy, actions and thoughts through their financial statements. Enabling management to measure the impact of their past and future decisions within a one page scorecard.

4.0 Average rating
2 Reviews
3,493 Students
2 Courses
Chief Treasure Hunter

My passion is helping entrepreneurs and small business owners make more money and accumulate lots of cash

For the last 30 years I have been an advisor to the executives of Fortune 500 companies and have learned some amazing success secrets.

I have distilled these secrets into a methodology entrepreneurs and small business owners can use to help them grow their business, increase their profits and put more cash into their pockets.

Here is one amazing secret: most business owners don't know the difference between making money and generating cash!

Many of them become successful--they grow their sales but find out they don't have enough cash to fund their growing enterprise and fold or go bankrupt.

Along with Andre Gien we created The Financial Statement Story (available on iTunes) where we teach regular people like you how to turn the statements into a treasure map.

We have taught this improvement methodology to hundreds of people and have boiled it down to a simple approach taught on our course here on Udemy.

We will teach you to do two things--how to make more money and how to generate more cash (You need money to keep funding your business--you need cash to spend!)


Co creator of The Financial Statement Story Podcast

Andre Gien and I have a weekly podcast dedicated to demystifying finance and helping people make better business decisions

Author of How To Read Financial Statements Like a Book in 5 Minutes

Soon to be published on Amazon

Business Advisor and Consultant

Advise Fortune 500 companies on growth and operational excellence. Design improvement programs to help them increase sales, improve profits and cash flows

Work with Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners teaching them the Money Map and Treasure Map methods for driving improvement

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