Reach Your Personal Financial Goals the Easy Way (2017 UK)
5.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Reach Your Personal Financial Goals the Easy Way (2017 UK)

Reach your financial goals following a step by step journey planner and become your own Financial Advisor
5.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3 students enrolled
Created by Mr David Sanders
Last updated 6/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Take appropriate actions and decisions to improve their financial situation
  • Make a plan of their personal and financial goals.
  • Agree a date for their next financial healthcheck.
  • Write down their financial goals and plan for achieving them.
  • Have a basic foundation of knowledge to build upon if they wish to
  • Be their own confident Financial Advisor and achieve great happiness and financial success.
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  • No prior knowledge is required
  • No expectation of them having any knowledge of the subject

Knowing where to start to manage your finances can seem a complex process. This course gives you a process with information and tools to accomplish this simply.

 Avoid the costly financial advisory fees, and grow your money to become wealthy. You can become your own financial advisor because nobody cares more about your financial health than you do.

 Master the skills and knowledge to achieve financial success

  • Budget your monthly expenditure
  • Build an appropriate emergency reserve fund
  • Calculate your protection needs and know how to protect you and your loved ones
  • Plan your goals and financial aspirations
  • Design an investment plan suitable for you
  • Create an investment strategy using pension, savings and investments that work for you
  • Calculate your projected pension and learn strategies to retire wealthy
  • Take full advantage of tax benefits
  • Assess and monitor your financial performance

 Achieve financial freedom

This course provides you with impartial information so you can make decisions relevant to you. It will educate you so you can ensure your protection needs are adequately met and help you to create an investment strategy appropriate to your circumstances. At the end of the course you will have the skills and knowledge so you can choose to be your own financial advisor.

 Ever wondered how rich people make their money work for them? Know how to make use of your tax benefits and allowances to reach your financial goals, improve your lifestyle and retire comfortably.

 An easy to follow journey planner will guide you through every step of the process. I have designed this programme so you know where to start and end to manage your money. I have curated this knowledge into short, to the point, factual lectures that will save you time getting the information you need fast.

 It does not matter what your level of financial experience and knowledge is. I am here to support you all the way.

 On the completion of this course you will be armed with the tools, skill and know-how to achieve the financial freedom and goals you strive for.

 Contents and Overview

The course deals with ensuring all your protection needs are met properly before proceeding on the journey to creating an investment plan to meet your financial goals and aspirations.

 It begins by introducing you to the uniquely designed financial journey planner map. You are guided along the map all the way.

 It guides you to create a well protected financial plan, covering your monthly budget, creating an emergency reserve fund, calculating and dealing with your life and protection needs and will. From there you will complete a Money Fact Finder to define your goals and aspirations. Having done that, the next part takes you into retirement, savings and investment options and using the knowledge from that to create your investment plan to achieve your goals. You will calculate your projected pension on retirement and any shortfall that might exist.

 Along the journey you will learn valuable information to make the most of your tax benefits and allowances.

 At the end of the course you will also learn ways to assess your financial performance and benchmark your progress against industry standards.

 Who is the target audience?

  • Employed and self-employed UK taxpayers
  • People who cannot afford expensive Independent Financial Advisory fees
  • People who want to manage their own finances using 2017/18 UK tax rules.




Who is the target audience?
  • Those who want to take charge of their financial affairs. It is suitable to all audiences.
  • Those who realise the importance of undertaking a financial health-check, but prefer unbiased information, no sales pressure, or to pay the standard costs associated with receiving independent financial advice
  • Suitable for students of all ages and stages in their life.
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Curriculum For This Course
59 Lectures
Introduction of how to reach your personal financial goals
3 Lectures 18:49

Find out the aim of the course, who it is relevant to and what you will get out of it.

Preview 05:24

Describe the changes in how the Financial Advisory industry operates since 2013 and why it has never been more important to become your 'own advisor'. 

Preview 04:05

First exercise

Starting out on the Financial Journey Planner
1 question

Complete a comprehensive online budget planner and find out exactly what you are spending and have left over each month.

Preview 09:20
Emergency Reserve Funds
1 Lecture 03:36

Build your own Emergency Reserve fund to provide you a base level first line of financial protection.

The Reserve Fund and how to make yourself a better saver

The Reserve Fund

Emergency Reserve
1 question
Life & Protection Insurances
15 Lectures 01:11:56

Know what insurance products are suitable for you.

What insurance products are right for you?

Debunk some of the myths you might have heard about different insurances and learn tips to dealing with insurances.

Myths and Tips of Protection Insurances

Explain who needs life insurance and why, and the two types of life insurances that exist.

Life Insurance - do you need it?

Who needs it?

Life Insurance
1 question

List the different variations of Term Insurances you can choose and when they are most suitable.

The many types of Term Insurances

Explain the difference between Whole of Life Assurance and Term Insurance; when is it most suitable.

Whole of Life Assurance

Know the difference between a single and joint life policy and what you need to consider when choosing one.

Single and Joint Life Insurance

List the factors affecting the cost of life cover and know about 'Waiver of Premium'

What factors affect the cost of Life Insurance?

Know the value of writing your policy in trust to avoid possible inheritance tax.

Important note on Estate Planning

Calculate how much life cover you need and any shortfall that might exist.

How much cover do you need? - Life Insurance Calculator

Use a second online life insurance calculator, more simple than the first one and compare the outcomes.

A second life insurance calculator to use

List the places where you can get quotes for life insurance.

Where to go for quotes

Know what Income Protection Insurance is, whether it's suitable for you or not, calculate how much you need and where best to obtain it.

Income Protection Insurance

Know what STIP is, how it differs to Income Protection Insurance, whether it is suitable for you or not, how to work out the cover you need and where to buy it.

Short-term Income Protection Insurance (STIP)

Know what PPI is, whether you need it, how much cover to have and where to buy it.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

Know what Critical Illness cover insures against, whether you need it, what affects the cost of it, and where to get quotes from.

Critical Illness cover
Making a will
2 Lectures 08:02

Explain the importance and 4 main reasons for making a will.

4 reasons why you need a will

How to make a will and costs

Reasons to make a will

Making a will
1 question
My Money Fact Finder
1 Lecture 06:16
The My Money Fact Finder Process

Reason for completing one

My Money Fact Finder
1 question
Pensions for retirement planning
15 Lectures 01:09:07

Know about prioritising between a pension or savings and investments, the attractive nature of the recent pension rule changes, and some key tips.

Pensions and the need for taking a disciplined approach

List some advantages and disadvantages of investing in a pension compared to a tax efficient Individual Savings Account.

Pros and cons of pensions v ISAs

Key benefits

1 question

Categorise the three different types of pensions that exist.

3 Pension Types

The State Pension

1 question

Know about the key benefits to having a Final Salary pension.

Defined Benefit (Final Salary) pension

Defined Contribution (Money Purchase) pension

Know what a Money Purchase pension scheme is, how to invest your pension, and your options at retirement.

Workplace defined-contribution scheme

Explain the key features of a personal pension and who it is suitable for.

Personal Pension

Explain the key features of a GPP and the difference to a personal pension.

Group Personal Pension

Explain the key features and benefits of a stakeholder pension, and who it is suitable for.

Stakeholder Pension

Explain the key features of a SIPP, its benefits, and who it is most suited to.

Self-invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

Calculate your projected future pension and any shortfall that may exist.

The Pension Calculator - what will you retire on?

How to deal with any shortfall in pension and the main options to consider. 

Dealing with a shortfall

Describe the pension options available to those who are self-employed or without a workplace pension.

Summary options - self-employed and those with no workplace pension

The self-employed

1 question

Know what to consider when setting up your own personal pension and how to buy one.

Setting up a personal pension - where to start?
Saving & Investment
21 Lectures 01:34:32

Know when you are ready to save and invest, and explain about attitude to risk.

Introduction to saving and investment including risk

Know the difference between saving and investing; explain and give examples of short, medium and long term goals.

The difference between saving and investing

Saving example

1 question

Explain compound interest, and list some tips when it comes to saving.

Saving and tips for choosing an account

Saving tips

1 question

Know about tax allowances when it comes to saving, and the top tax efficient savings vehicles.

Tax considerations when saving

List the different types of savings options available.

Types of savings

List the main types of investments you might want to consider, when to start investing and how long to invest for.

Investing - a beginner's guide

Starting out

1 question

Know how and what to consider when making  an investment plan.

Making an Investment Plan

Know the current tax benefits and allowances for 2017/18 to take advantage of.

Tax considerations when investing

Explain about returns from different investment types and what affects investment performance.

Investment performance

Know about the impact of fees and charges on investment returns, and types that exist.

How fees reduce investment returns

Explain the concept of risk, the different kinds of risk, and what makes up your 'risk appetite'.

Overview of risk

Levels of risk for different assets

1 question

List the 4 main asset classes that exist, know the importance of diversification and asset allocation.

4 main asset classes and diversification

Know what fixed interest securities are, their risks, suitability, and how to buy them.

Fixed interest securities (Bonds)

Know what shares are, their risks, suitability, and how to buy/sell them.

Shares Direct

Know what a Pooled Investment Fund is, the types that exist, their suitability, and how to buy/sell them.

Shares within Pooled Investment Funds

Pooled investment examples

Investing in shares
1 question

Know what a Stocks and Shares ISA is, how they work, the risks, their suitability, and how to buy/sell them.

Stocks and Shares ISAs

2017/18 rules

Stocks and Shares ISA
1 question

Know how to make a return from property, how to invest, and the risks from investing in property.

Investing in Property

Know about collectibles, the pros and cons of investing in them, and the tax rules relating to them.

Alternative Investments

Know what your next steps are to begin your investment plan using the summary list of investment resources available to you.

Summary list of popular investments and next steps

Know why, when and how to review your savings and investments.

Review your savings and investments

Be able to assess the performance of your savings and investments and use benchmarks.

Assessing the performance of your savings and investments
The end of this financial journey
1 Lecture 02:26

Be able to summarise the benefits you have gained from this course.

Course summary and action plan
About the Instructor
Mr David Sanders
5.0 Average rating
1 Review
3 Students
1 Course
Financial Trainer

David Sanders is a UK based financial trainer. His mission is to inspire people to take ownership of their finances, become financially free and live the life of their dreams. David’s motivation is to provide affordable, impartial financial education and wants more people to take control of their finances, become their own financial advisors and make themselves rich instead of the big corporate financial institutions.

His passion is finance, business, innovation and learning. His desire is to influence positive change.

David’s career has spanned numerous roles – financial advisor in a remote English farming community, a penny share dealer in London, IT person at a Swiss Investment Bank, and trainer at Reuters supporting their investment banking and trading houses clients to use their financial software. In 2011, David moved to Switzerland and worked for an energy risk management software company and then an innovative Swiss start-up.

Returning to England in 2016, David decided to follow his own business dream. Utilizing his broad business background and financial knowledge he focused his business on combining two consistent themes – finance and learning.

David lives in England but spends much of his spare time in the south of Spain. As a proud father to a 10 years old son who lives in Spain, he loves being with him, and enjoying Spanish food and culture.