How To Find Your Rap Voice! Make It Cooler, Deeper & Raspier
5.0 (14 ratings)
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How To Find Your Rap Voice! Make It Cooler, Deeper & Raspier

This is the #1 Rap Voice Guide On The Internet. Google "Find Your Rap Voice" and I'll pop right up in the first 3 links!
5.0 (14 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
110 students enrolled
Created by Rob Level
Last updated 7/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will have your best rap voice
  • You will understand how to grow your rap voice further and further to get better everyday
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  • Being A REAL Rapper. This is for people who are serious about growing their voice and rap style

This is 3 courses in 1.

Before I tell you how to get your rap voice let me tell you a bit about myself and what I have accomplished as a rapper so you know I am very capable of teaching you.

I’m not like these rap coaches online…


I am actually an established self made rapper like you who has:

1) My albums chart iTunes Top 100

2) I’ve done album deals with big name record labels such as RBC who Tech 9 releases every album through

3) I have amassed 20,000,000+ views and nearly 100,000 subscribers across all of my YouTube channels

4) Released 7 Albums and recorded them all from my own home studio that I spent years working day jobs to build piece by piece.

5) Released over 500 videos on YouTube and I direct and edit all my own music videos to my songs that have gotten me MILLIONS of views.

6) I write songs for big name rappers and I even wrote Jordyn Jones first single alongside Grammy winners. Jordyn is a 16 year old pop artist and the song I wrote for her has almost 10,000,000 views on it alone.

She has 3.4 MILLION Followers on Instagram. Check for yourself 

7) I moved to LA and helped my team in the creation of a quarter million dollar studio which is now known as one of the best studios north of Hollywood in Los Angeles.

8) I’m friends with BIG NAME rappers and have actually toured with them.

9) A song of mine went so viral I was interviewed on TMZ Live streamed to millions of people for 10 full minutes.


The list goes on but that’s enough. I’d love for any other rap coach or person selling rap courses to show you anywhere near those credentials.

I’ve been right where you are right now! And I am a self taught artist just like you who started at home!

I’ve spent years working to get to the top level and I created this site to help other rappers on the journey.

To know if this is for you, ask your self these 7 questions.

Do you want to have a cooler, deeper or raspier voice so you can find a more unique rap flow for yourself with it?

Do you think your rap voice could sound better with even a little bit of work? 

Do you want a rap voice that fits you perfectly as an artist? 

Do you want a step by step process to finding that rap voice you envision fast? 

Do you want to suddenly impress everyone with new songs you release? 

Do you want to have a more impressive rap voice with a 15 minute trick?

Did you know that most people hate their rap voices at first? 

If you answered “Yes” to even 1 of these questions, this rap voice guide is perfect for you.


1. Imagine people saying “How hell did you get good so fast?” and “Wow, I love that voice!”

2. This course helps you understand the important factors that make people like a rapper’s voice.

3. Imagine that a better rap voice and style exist for you inside this course. Over 900 rap artist customers can’t be wrong.

4. Imagine moving 10 times closer to supporting yourself as a rapper in literally 15 minutes.

5. Imagine having a voice that people want to hear every time they decide to listen to music at home and at parties with friends.

6. Imagine your friend’s reactions when they realize you started sounding 10 times better than them in a week.

7. Most of all, imagine proving everyone wrong who ever doubted you had the hustle, heart and talent to make it as a rapper.

1) How to use your natural voice that you were born with and morph and evolve it into a unique rap voice that makes you stand out.

2) A list of almost every top rap artist out and their voice type so you can compare them.

3) A 15 minute method that if used right, will mold you into something you have only dreamt of.

4) The critical mindset and ingredients to being a master of your voice and building your rap flow.

5) The course reveals the smartest way to get better at writing hit songs simply by doing 1 thing.

6) Ways to make yourself better subconsciously so you get better with out even thinking about it!

Now you get all 3 courses for the same exact price the original course was except it is 3 times the information. You can tell from the length of the course!

1 ) How To Find Your Coolest Rap Voice In 15 Minutes Course

2) The Secrets To Making Your Rap Voice Unique And Raspy Course

3) How To Get A Deeper Smoother Rap Voice Course

This is because my goal when I made the first rap voice course was to help everyone reach any goal they had for finding their voice. I honestly thought I was doing that with the techniques in the course.

Over time more people with different voice goals and different ideas of what they wanted their music to sound like told me what they wanted a side from the amazing information in the e-course. So wanted I fixed their problems too.

I am solving the Rap Voice problem for all ranges of people now.

That was my original goal and that’s why I didn’t raise the price a single penny yet you’re getting 3 times the information.

There are five reasons this is discounted for a VERY limited time.

  1. I remember what it was like getting started with limited time and money. Working my ass off just to get a microphone and all my other gear while just surviving. $20 puts the course within reach of ANY upcoming artist, including YOU. It’s not too expensive for any one at all. I mean, even a teenager can borrow $20 from his mom if he asked her nicely.
  2. At the same time I only want to help serious artist. There are too many wack rappers out there clogging up our news feeds and taking attention off talented, motivated people like me and you. The people willing to invest in their skills are the ones who deserve to make it.
  3. Anyone who IS serious enough to invest the price of a few Star Buck’s coffees to buy this guide has the opportunity to develop a rap voice that will make them their money back, times 10,000!
  4. I look at this as the beginning of an ongoing relationship with you. When you see I can walk the walk, I know you’ll continue to want stuff from Smart Rapper to grow your fan base. Which means Smart Rapper grows and we can help more people. You’re actually helping the site grow and by association you are helping others by getting Smart Rapper products.
  5. Once you get a taste of the quality content like this from me, you’ll only imagine the other things I can provide to you and you’ll happily pay full price for the other stuff I release. Trust me!

So if you’re serious about uncovering a way to develop your rap voice, click the “Take This Course” below. If you need to justify the expense to yourself, skip 1 trip to McDonalds this week and it’s paid for.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn about finding their rap voice and how the voice works
  • People who want to understand the secrets behind what makes a good rap voice
  • Anyone who wants to know a quick way to find your voice using tricks no one except a real rapper who did already would already know.
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Curriculum For This Course
58 Lectures
You Hate Your Voice? It'll Be Okay!
6 Lectures 13:49
Most Rappers Hate Their Voices At First

Check out how squeaky, fragile and weak Rick Ross sounded in 2005 ’when he first came out. He weighed the same amount and looked just as gangster as he does now, yet he sounded kind of feminine compared to his ‘Boss’ sound he has now.

Now listen to how he honed his flow and how deep and cool his voice sounds today after YEARS of growth.

This doesn’t even sound like the same rapper….. He got better and better and better on every album. His voice got better, his delivery, his cadence, his microphone presence and confidence.

He developed into a unique character. That growth made him who he is today and It all started with the weak voice! You of all people should not be be discouraged after hearing these examples.

Let’s look at another example Even Lil Wayne had to find his best rapper voice over time. I can make the same comparisons with Lil Wayne and almost any rapper you can name. Check out anything from Lil Wayne on The Carter II and then compare it to anything after The Carter III.

The rasp, flow and control increases dramatically as these artist develop. Hell, even his entire writing style changed from the Carter II to the Carter III. Even the cadence and delivery changed along with his content and approach to subject matter.

Preview 09:17

Look at ANY ARTIST… the same growth rules apply

Let's Look back

What can you expect to gain from this?

I spent years hating my voice trying to destroy it!
The Basic Understanding Of How Your Voice Develops
5 Lectures 08:10
Who You Listen To Affects Your Entire Style

Listen to who you want your ‘VOICE’ to be like

Let me show you how this works

Choosing Your Voice Style’s Capabilities

Types Of Rap Voices To Choose From
The 15 Minute Process To Find Your Rap Voice
4 Lectures 07:11
Step By Step Process

Starting To Develop Your Flow With That Voice

Why Does This Work?

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Deeper More Powerful Voice
16 Lectures 20:14
What You Will Learn

The Surprising Benefits Of A Deeper Voice (Get Women, Higher Status And More)

Understanding How To Get A Deep Voice

Is It Really Possible To Get A Deeper Voice?

Celebrities With Deep Voices

Voice Deepening Exercises

Warming Up - MUST DO

The Mask And Belly Breathing

The Stretch

Teeter Totter Hum

The Hostess

The Leaking Balloon

Scream Yo


The Meditating Monk

Smart Notes And Tips
Raspier More Aged Voice
13 Lectures 14:55
Intro To Raspy

Disclaimer And Understanding Where A Raspy Voice Comes From

What Is The Difference Between A Hoarse Voice And A Raspy Voice

Is It Possible To Make Your Voice Raspier?

Celebrities With Raspy Voices

The 3 Types Of People With A Raspy Voice

The Methods To Developing A Raspy Voice

Start With A Cough And Whisper

The DMX - Works For Raspy Voice As Well

Vocal Cord Dehydration

Smoking For A Raspier Voice

Subliminal Suggestion-ing To Get A Raspier Voice

How To Start Using A Raspy Voice For Recording TODAY
The Secret 99% Of In Studio Rappers Use - The Power Of Plug-ins And Effects
5 Lectures 04:00
The Mind Blowing Truth

How To Do It

1) Antares Aspire Evo Vocal Effects Plug-in

Modifies vocals breathness without changing the harmonic content of the vocal. Video example of Antares Aspire Evo Effects

You can see in the video how at the click of a button the singers voice gets instantly more airy. That combined with raspy voice exercises and you are on your way You can get that here: www.sweetwater(.)com/store/detail/Aspire

Antares Aspire Evo Vocal Effects Plug-in

Antares Auto Tune

How To Get A Raspy Voice FASTER Through Understanding
2 Lectures 02:41
How To Get A Raspy Voice FASTER Through Understanding

Looking At How The Voice Works
(W)rapping Up
1 Lecture 00:26
Legal Disclaimer
About the Instructor
Rob Level
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My Music Was Posted By TMZ, ABC, MSNBC, Complex + More

Rob Level is a well known music artist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and social media expert. He is the owner of Dark Glow Media LLC and Smart Rapper LLC

He is often referred to as the "Mom Left, Dad Died, I Hustled" guy. He uses his crazy life story to inspire people. He has it tattooed on his left arm to remind himself and others of how he came from no parents, behavior homes, behavior schools and way more crazy to being something everyone in his life told him he could never be.

You can see in his famous Tattoo My Life Video where he hand draws and explains each piece of the tattoo up his arm. It details his life story from 0-18. (Google It) He uses his story to inspire people to show them that no matter where you started and how hard your life is, you can make the best of it reach your dreams. 

The 2nd part of his life story is currently in production as a movie and already has cover sheets from major motion picture companies.

See the My Crazy Life Story site below.


As an established music artist and songwriter in the music industry he has written songs for major name artists such as Jordyn Jones (nearly 4 million followers on Instagram).

He has amassed 30,000,000+ YouTube views across all of his YouTube channels. He has received over 10,000,000 Views on his own music and done record label deals with big name labels such as RBC (who back every Tech N9ne album and have gold records with many big artists)

He is the owner of the website Smart Rapper where he helps music artists grow their fan bases by showing them the marketing tactics, knowledge and industry experiences he has learned over the years and continues to learn as he grows more as an artist. 

  • Rob Level's music has been featured on websites such as BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, TMZ, MSNBC, ABC Family, Major Motion Films, Tosh.0 and MANY more