How To Find Your Rap Flow! Learn How To Flow Like A Pro
4.8 (14 ratings)
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How To Find Your Rap Flow! Learn How To Flow Like A Pro

Learn how to find your rap flow in just a week! Taught by a famous rapper who has been everywhere from TMZ to MSNBC.
4.8 (14 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
52 students enrolled
Created by Rob Level
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will be able to rap and stay on beat with ease on any beat
  • How other rappers like Eminem, Jay Z, Future and more create rap patterns and flow
  • How to create flows and rhythms on any beat so you can write songs with ease
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  • You are serious about wanting to be a rapper
  • You believe you can already rap but want to find your flow


Here is your chance to understand what rap flow truly is and how to build yours in a week as I break it down for you using songs from some of the top rappers such as Jay Z, Eminem, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Future and more!


I spent the last 6 months of my life perfectly putting this entire Rap Flow course together because literally 100’s of up and coming rappers have been asking me for this course.


It’s just what you need to instantly move yourself to the next level as a rapper.

Now, Ask Yourself These Questions To Know If This Course Is For You

1) Do you want to learn 10 years of rap flow skills all perfectly fit into a 2 hour course?

2) Do you want to be able to flow over any beat and actually stay on beat with ease?

3) Do you want to be able to impress friends, family and strangers with your rap flow?

4) Do you want to be able to create really cool flows instantly on any beat?

5) Do you want to see how other big name rappers formulate their rap flows so you can too?

6) Do you want to get 10 times better with your rap flow all from one perfectly put together package?

My Credentials

Before I explain the outline let me tell you a bit about myself and what I have accomplished as a rapper so you know I am very capable of teaching you.

I’m not like these rap coaches online…


I am actually an established self made rapper like you who has:

1) iTunes Top 100 Albums

2) Done album deals with big name record labels such as RBC who Tech 9 release through every album

3) Amassed 20,000,000+ views and nearly 100,000 subscribers across all of my YouTube channels

4) Released 7 Albums and recorded them all from my own home studio that I spent years working day jobs to build piece by piece.

5) Released over 500 videos on YouTube and I direct and edit all my own music videos to my songs.

6) I write songs for big name rappers and I even wrote Jordyn Jones first single alongside Grammy winners.

Jordyn is a 16 year old pop artist and the song I wrote for her has almost 10,000,000 views on it alone.

She has over 3 MILLION Followers on Instagram. 

7) I moved to LA and helped my team in the creation of a quarter million dollar studio which is now known as one of the best studios north of Hollywood in Los Angeles.

8) I go to the gym EVERY MORNING with the one of my best friends Justin Hunte who was the Editor And Chief (Person Who Is The Boss At A Publication) of Hip Hop DX and has the most watched, intelligent Hip Hop series  on the internet. HipHopDX

9) I’m friends with BIG NAME rappers and have actually toured with them.

10) A song of mine went so viral I was interviewed on TMZ Live streamed to millions of people for 10 full minutes.


The list could go on and on. I’d love for any other rap coach or person selling rap courses to show you anywhere near those credentials.

I’ve been right where you are right now! And I am a self taught artist just like you who started at home!

I’ve spent years working to get to the top level and I created this site to help other rappers on the journey.

Now! Let’s get into what this Rap Flow Course is going to give you when you get it.

Full Rap Flow Course Outline

Here is a detailed list of what this rap flow course has in store for you so you know what you are about to get your hands on!


1) I dissect syllables, stressed syllables, unstressed syllables, iambs, iambic pentameters and tons of other little secret things that most people don’t even realize are important in rap flows.

Shoot, most rappers don’t even realize these exist for years. I know I didn’t!

But when I learned them, it changed everything for me, including how I looked at the ease of rap flow and delivery.

These are the little things no one thinks of that will put you ahead of all of your friends when it comes to learning how to rap and how to build your rap flow.


2) We go over the basics of flow, what the true meaning of flow is and the power of rhythm.


3) How to count bars on any beat


4) A full outline of all contributing factors to a rapper’s flow.

This explains everything from style, technique, cadence, charisma, energy, delivery, inflection, showmanship, enunciation, volume of vocal, vibe, rhythm patterns and much more!


5) Then we go over the quickest way to count syllables and how slight changes in syllable counts can take you from slow rapper to speed rapper with 1 super simple trick.


6) Then we examine what is called the ‘Snare Rule’ in rap.


7) Then I dissect songs from legendary artists and a bunch of today’s popular artists including:

  1.  Eminem
  2. Jay Z
  3. Future
  4. J Cole
  5. Young Thug
  6. Kendrick Lamar
  7. Kanye West
  8. Wu-Tang Clan


In this section I go over very popular songs and show you the top rapper’s patterns, how they are flowing, using stressed syllables, delivering on beats, moving from one quatrain and bar to another and much more.

This break down across all kinds of artists really drills the idea behind learning to flow and how to write properly into your brain so you can adapt fast and start applying it by the end of the course.


8) *Applying Learned Techniques

This is the section of the course where you really start learning the big dog stuff. This why the course is worth every single penny!

For 45 minutes, live in the studio, I go into Pro Tools and personally record myself and show you how to develop your own unique flow for any beat that you get on.

Then I show you how to write your flows and rewrite your flows like a professional even down to the slightest syllable changes.

I show you how even 1 single syllable change can change the entire feel of a flow. You have to see it to believe it!

NOTE: You don’t need Pro Tools for this course.

9) Learning My Secret Advanced Techniques

I teach you how to take any lyrics you already have written and make them fit on any beat.

I go through numerous types of beats at different tempos and show you how to make your lyrics fit and create flows.

I even show you how certain lyrics fit on certain beats and how they don’t fit on others.

This is stuff that took me years to naturally build into my rap skill set.

If you want to make sure you get this course for something, it is the 20+ Minute video included in this course that shows you how to do this secret little trick.

No big name rapper is going to show you how they do it. They don’t want you to know this stuff because they had to spend years learning how to do it. But it’s easy once you know how, and I show you in this course!

10) Killer Rap Delivery And Combinations For Your Best Flow Growth


11) Secret Flow Building Techniques I Used To Get 10 Times Better Daily

This section includes a 12 Minute video where I perform the method I used to massively increase my rhythm and rap flow skill set.


What’s crazy is, it’s so super simple you’re going to wonder how you never thought to do it before.

You will need to understand the first half of the course in order to apply these methods but that’s why the course is so perfectly put together for you in one neat little package from start to finish.


12) Additional Methods to increase your rap flow ability.

  1. Rapping without a beat
  2. A trick to be a better rapper every single day from the second you wake up
  3. How to easily transition flows thru bars to carry a song naturally with examples from J Cole and Biggie Smalls


13) Flow Recording Types

Fluid Takes, Punch Ins, How to record punch ins properly and more.


14) The Step By Step Method To Building Your Unique Personal Rap Flow Fast

Here is the little golden nugget among all of the other diamonds in this rap flow course.

It is the method to build your natural flow and what to do every single day in order to start growing as an rapper immediately.

By The End Of This Course

By the end of this course you will have a much firmer understanding of not only how to create the best rap flows for any song but how you can actually flow over any beat with incredible ease.

Then how you can write to that beat or even take lyrics you have already written and make them work on any beat.

As you will see me say in the course with a huge amount of excitement “God, I wish I had a course like this when I started rapping”.

I’m just so happy I can provide years of professional experience to someone like you to help you grow faster and become a Smarter Rapper.

I don’t want it to take you 10+ years to get super good like it took me.

I want you to take my years of rap experience and be able to apply it all in a week or 2.

Learn how to become an amazing artist 100 times faster by learning the shortcuts I wish I knew.

Click the 'Take This Course' button now and change your life. Start becoming a REAL RAPPER and learn how to flow so you can start making better songs and getting your music heard.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to become a better rapper
  • Rappers who are already great at rapping but want to perfect their flow
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Curriculum For This Course
46 Lectures
1 Lecture 00:40
The Secret Of Stressed Syllables And How To Use Them To Build Your Flow
5 Lectures 19:02

What Are Syllables? Let's Break Some Down!

What Are Stressed Syllables? THE SECRET!

Learning Stressed Syllables And Tips

How To Find Stressed Syllables
The Speed Rapper SUPER Power... Learning Iambs
2 Lectures 01:11
Iambs And Iambic Pentameters

Other Poetry Definitions
The Basics Of Rap Flow
2 Lectures 02:31
What Is Rap Flow?

What Is Rhythm?
How To Count Bars And Find A Beat's Tempo
2 Lectures 05:34
How To Count Bars And Find A Beat's Tempo

The Tool For Counting Bars
Contributing Factors To Flow
2 Lectures 02:39
Your Overall Style

The Different Areas Of A Rapper's Style
Vibing For Rhythm Patterns
1 Lecture 00:55
How To Vibe To Find Rhythms And Flows
How To Count Syllables Like A Pro
2 Lectures 08:56
How To Count Syllables

How To Count Syllables Outline
Snare Rule - You Need To Know It
1 Lecture 00:57

The snare rule is very simple: you always want to end your line on the snare hit. This is more of a practice or guideline for writing your raps, so that you make sure you are able to fit every word within the bar. When you’re actually performing your raps, you will notice that only a few lines will perfectly end on the snare hit, but hopefully all of them will fit into the beat in a rhythmic fashion.

Use spaces, pauses and breathes so your flow isn't robotic.

Snare Rule Examples
Song Break Downs To Learn From The Greats
9 Lectures 01:02:16
Song Break Down Outline

Breaking Down Jay Z - Hard Knock Life

Breaking Down Kanye West - Good Life

Breaking Down Young Thug - Best Friend

Breaking Down Future - Commas

Breaking Down Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools

Breaking Down J Cole - Crooked Smile

Breaking Down Wutang Clan - Triumph

Breaking Down Eminem - Way I Am
4 More Sections
About the Instructor
Rob Level
4.7 Average rating
353 Reviews
1,933 Students
5 Courses
My Music Was Posted By TMZ, ABC, MSNBC, Complex + More

Rob Level is a well known music artist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and social media expert. He is the owner of Dark Glow Media LLC and Smart Rapper LLC

He is often referred to as the "Mom Left, Dad Died, I Hustled" guy. He uses his crazy life story to inspire people. He has it tattooed on his left arm to remind himself and others of how he came from no parents, behavior homes, behavior schools and way more crazy to being something everyone in his life told him he could never be.

You can see in his famous Tattoo My Life Video where he hand draws and explains each piece of the tattoo up his arm. It details his life story from 0-18. (Google It) He uses his story to inspire people to show them that no matter where you started and how hard your life is, you can make the best of it reach your dreams. 

The 2nd part of his life story is currently in production as a movie and already has cover sheets from major motion picture companies.

See the My Crazy Life Story site below.


As an established music artist and songwriter in the music industry he has written songs for major name artists such as Jordyn Jones (nearly 4 million followers on Instagram).

He has amassed 30,000,000+ YouTube views across all of his YouTube channels. He has received over 10,000,000 Views on his own music and done record label deals with big name labels such as RBC (who back every Tech N9ne album and have gold records with many big artists)

He is the owner of the website Smart Rapper where he helps music artists grow their fan bases by showing them the marketing tactics, knowledge and industry experiences he has learned over the years and continues to learn as he grows more as an artist. 

  • Rob Level's music has been featured on websites such as BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, TMZ, MSNBC, ABC Family, Major Motion Films, Tosh.0 and MANY more