Quick Video Product Creation System
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Quick Video Product Creation System

Gain the Essential Skills for Quick Video Product Creation (and Avoid the Non-Essential Skills That Don't Matter)
2.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
34 students enrolled
Created by Billy Williams
Last updated 10/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Produce high-quality video products in record time.
  • Learn what skills you need (and which ones you don't).
  • Gain the experience to produce professional products that can make you money and scale your business.
  • Cut through all the non-essential technical "bells and whistles" and learn the essential technical skills to create video products.
  • Learn which low-cost or free tools to help you get your first video course out in record time.
  • Know how to produce sound-studio quality audio for your videos (and how to produce high-value audio products too).
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  • You will need access to a computer.
  • You will need access to the internet.
  • You will need access to screen-recording software (which I will show you how to get a free 30-day trial).
  • You will need Audacity audio software (which is free).

Have you ever wanted to make money by creating your own video products but weren’t sure how to get started? Did the technology overwhelm you? Did it seem too technical?

Were you confused on how to come up with ideas for a video series? Did you suffer doubts about your ability to create valuable videos for your market?

If have ever felt that way then, trust me, you’re not alone.

It’s perfectly normal to have those kinds of doubts and feelings whenever you learn something new especially if it involves learning new skills. But, the good news is that any skill can be learned through a combination of getting the right information and then putting into practice.

If you have the desire to be an instructor in your field, make extra money on the side, develop a set of video products, or just have a passion to share your knowledge through the powerful visual medium of video then there has never been a better time to get involved.

Educational videos are a 100 billion dollar plus industry that is rapidly growing in the 21st century and the demand is trending higher. Adding to that, YouTube and other video related sites are some of the biggest and highly trafficked sites in the world as people flock to video for information and education.

The opportunity for people like you to get involved is enormous and one of the best opportunities for both product creators and businesses today.

But, it can be confusing.

There are a lot of different tools and skills that are needed and if you don’t have them then it can be intimidating to get started. In fact, that is the primary reason you don’t get started is because the technical know-how and the technology itself may seem way beyond you.

The good news is that it’s really not and, even better, you only need to know how to use a few key functions. Combined with a simple step-by-step approach that I’ll teach will help you get started in creating quick video products in just a couple of hours.

In this series of lessons, you’ll learn how to:

  • What resources you’ll need to get started.

  • How to get started with no money for very little risk.

  • How to find million dollar ideas for new video products whenever you need them.

  • How create highly-valued video products that you can sell (or quickly scale a business).

  • The numerous ways you can use the power of video (there are several and money is only one of them).

  • How to produce studio-quality sounding audio with a free open source software program.

  • Give me a couple of hours of your focused attention and I’ll give you the skill to create high-value video products whenever you want (which puts real financial power into your hands and gives you the power back into your life).

  • How to create more than one product using video production instead of just one (this adds more value to your offer with no extra work on your part).

  • And much, much more.

Learning these skills gives you the ability to spot where buyers are in the marketplace and how to create videos that help them achieve their desires and/or feed into their passions. You become an agent of their change by learning how to structure high-quality content through video and can be handsomely paid for it if you do it the right way.

This is not a "free lunch". There is work involved but its highly productive and results-oriented work that can be very rewarding if you have the skills and the commitment to put them into practice.

Here, in this course, I will give you the critical skills that you'll need along with how to get the resources to build out your "toolset" for little or no cost to get you started.

All you have to be willing to do is invest the time to learn what I'm teaching you and a small amount of time to put it into play.

If that sounds like you, then let's get started.

Click the button above, get enrolled now and let's get started!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone interested in producing high-quality videos.
  • Anyone interested in monetizing their knowledge through video product creation.
  • Anyone who wants to produce video products quickly without sacrificing quality.
  • This is not for people who are not willing to invest a couple of hours to gain new skills that can help them make money.
  • Anyone who feels overwhelmed or confused by the technology involved with producing high-quality video products.
  • Anyone who wants to produce high-quality video products with as little out-of-pocket cost as possible.
  • This is not for people who don't care about producing high quality work that will benefit the consumer.
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Curriculum For This Course
14 Lectures
6 Lectures 01:02:15

The goal of this course is to show you a step-by-step method to quickly produce a video products as well as what skills you'll need to accomplish it.

Preview 08:31

Being able to quickly produce video products will help you make money on demand but also to more easily capture customers, create leads, and more to scale up a business if you want.

Preview 13:34

To create great video products you need a particular set of skills and technical know-how as well as the experience to what to ignore to avoid being sidetracked. In this lesson, you'll gain a competitive edge by learning all three.

What You're Going To Need

Knowing the right things to do can give you a competitive edge over your competitors when it comes to creating highly-valued video products but so can knowing what NOT to do. In this lesson, you'll gain a sharper edge by learning how to avoid the low-return activities so you can focus on more highly leveraged activities that lead to greater productivity and results.

Things To Avoid

Learn how to tap into million-dollar ideas on demand as this lesson shows you how to spot where proven buyers are for products that you can develop using the knowledge you'll gain in this course.


One minute of planning yields 10 minutes of productive results as you'll learn in this lesson on the importance of preparation, organizing your content, and creating its structure. This is the cornerstone of quick production and being prolific in creating high-quality video products without the stress or strain.

Organizing Your Content
Recording & Production
3 Lectures 25:15

After you've prepared and structured your content then this lesson will show you how to do a final test run to make sure everything is prepared as you begin recording your content for the best quality.

Showtime (The Finished Version)

In this overview, you'll see from start to finish how lesson 7 was recorded and produced so that you can model it successfully for your own products. This is a behind-the-scenes look at how video products are made from top to bottom so nothing is left out for you to do it expertly the same way.

Showtime (The Full Overview Lesson)

After all your rough drafts are shot this lesson will show you how to prepare your rough drafts to be polished and cut to show their brilliance and communicate their value to a hungry market.

Preparing Content For Production
Finishing Touches
4 Lectures 30:54

Here's where you learn how to take your "diamonds in the rough" and apply spit-and-polish to bring out their shine and turn them into a beautiful end-product that you can be proud of and your customers will gobble up.

Editing & Production, Part 1

Learn the 3-step method to taking your video's audio and using Audacity, a free open-source audio editing software, to create sound-studio quality audio that is clean and crystal clear for your customers.

Editing & Production - Using Audacity

In this lesson,you'll learn how to put the finishing touches on your video editing that will really bring out the quality for your customers. These are the subtle, little talked about tips that seperate your products from your competitors and make your products stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. This will help you earn more money and create an audience of hungry fans who are eager for your next set of video products.

Editing & Production, Part 2

Learn how to create two sets of products instead of just one by producing a set of audios to accompany your videos. This will add value to your offer while customizing your product for those who are auditory learners, not just visual learners. This will help you expand your reach to a greater audience without any extra effort.

Editing & Production - Producing MP3's
End of the Road - The Finished Product
1 Lecture 08:48

At last, you've arrived at the moment you've been waiting for - the final product. Through intelligent planning and using a proven model, you'll see how in just a few hours you've got a polished and professionally produced set of videos that you can monetize quickly as well as use to start building a list of customers who are eager for more. You'll also learn some invaluable tips on how to go from here and put your new skills in practice in the fastest and easiest way.

The Finished Product
About the Instructor
Billy Williams
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Profitable Price Pattern Trading

I've traded stock and options for more than 25 years, after watching "Wall Street" as a kid. Using my combat pay I saved up from deployment with the U.S. Army during Desert Storm, using that as my first stake to set out and conquer the markets to make my fortune.

I had planned to scale my $2,500 savings into millions but, as Mike Tyson said on boxing, "Everybody's got a plan until then get hit." And, no one, not even Iron Mike hits as hard as the stock market if you don't know what you're doing.

I went through the typical Boom & Bust cycles that all traders seem to go through. You start small, experience sudden success then scale up quickly, and once you're flush with cash then the painful downward spiral begins where you give back all your winnings and then some.

But, in the go-go 1990's, gold dust was in the air and everyone that could fog a mirror was a daytrader and jumped on internet stock craze. It was a dizzying time and even though I was still nursing my wounds from a few setbacks at the time, I clawed my way back with some big plays using price patterns in Microsoft, Yahoo, Dell, and AOL, all big names and movers in those days.

Those successes allowed me to figure out my own style of trading which let me build up from a few thousand dollars into a six-figure windfall, and have been following the markets ever since.

Today, I'm a frequent contributor to Futures Magazine, Traders.com Advantage, MoneyMorning.com, and other top financial publications as well as authored 3 books on trading stocks and options.

Price patterns form each day in the stock market in every time frame, but most traders only have a passing knowledge of them. Sadly, this lack of understanding is costing them money as well as golden opportunities if they would just deepen their knowledge a bit more.

This leads frustration and, most often, they quit in bitterness and despair.

I've seen and experienced more than my share of breathtaking successes along with soul-sucking failures both on a personal level and in working with other traders.

Here, I hope to help aspiring traders shorten the learning curve to successful trading by teaching the essential fundamentals and advanced methods in a simple, engaging way.