Quick Survival Chinese Perfect for Travelers to China
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Quick Survival Chinese Perfect for Travelers to China

Practical Chinese Crash Course for Beginners
5.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
10 students enrolled
Last updated 4/2017
Simplified Chinese
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What Will I Learn?
  • Basic expressions in Chinese including self-introduction, greetings, money, numbers, time
  • Doing shopping in Chinese, bargaining conversations
  • Taking taxi in China and talk to taxi drivers by giving instructions in Chinese
  • Odering food and drinks in Chinese
  • Confident in meeting Chinese with basic mandarin communication skills.Odering food and drinks in Chinese
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  • This is a short course for a rapid introduction to Chinese.
  • Basic knowledge of Pinyin-the pronunciation system will be best.
  • Chinese-English dictionary is always a great companion when you start to learn Chinese. It can be digital like an app.
  • In this course we are going to learn some basic Chinese expressions including greetings, self introduction, numbers, time, money, basic shopping converstation, taxi taking experessions, etc.
  • 100 Most Frequently Used Sentences in Chinese available in the end of this course, can be downloaded before you actually start the course.

Survival Chinese Crash Course is highly recommended to learn after learning Chinese pronunciation, which is a perfect course for beginners who are planning to travel in China, to get survived in daily Chinese or simply experience Chinese study.

The whole course is total 17 video lectures and 1 summary in PDF at the end of the course for 100 Frequently Used Mandarin Chinese Expressions and Sentences. It covers the most frequently used topics including daily courtesy greetings and expressions, numbers, money, time, shopping, ordering food and drinks in a restaurant, taxi talk, etc.

With this course you will learn and practice the survival Chinese words and sentences following the teacher's instructions step by step in a comfortable pace. Pictures, audios and exercises are prepared to help you practice and memorize the expressions easily.

Who is the target audience?
  • Great course for those newly arrived in China and whoever are planning to visit China
  • Mandarin beginning learners who need to learn very basic and practical daily Chinese
  • Beginners who are planning to travel to China, or just get survived in daily life, or just experience Chinese study.
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Curriculum For This Course
18 Lectures
1 Lecture 01:18

Geetha is a student who newly arrived China. She took the survival course and enjoyed practice and interaction with local people when shopping, taking taxi, etc.

Preview 01:18
4 Lectures 22:59

Introduce yourself in Chinese, your name, your nationality. To start a conversation by speaking Chinese with local Chinese people will create a friendly atmosphere. 

Preview 05:14

We will learn the following expressions in this video:

Hi : 你好 nǐ hǎo !

Thank you! 谢谢 xiè xiè

You are welcome! 不客气! bú kè qì !

Sorry ! 对不起 duì bú qǐ !

It doesn't matter! 没关系!méi guān xì!

Nice to meet you! 很高兴认识你!hěn gāo xìng rèn shí nǐ !

Me too! 我也是! wǒ yě shì

Survival Chinese Expressions-2-Courtesy Expressions

Survival Chinese Expressions-3-Daily Greetings

When Chinese people are trying to talk with you in Chinese, you'd better know these sentences and questions.
Do you speak English?  你说英语吗? Nǐ shuō Yīngyǔ mɑ? 
I don't understand.  听不懂。 Tīng bu dǒng.
I speak a little bit Chinese.  我说一点点汉语。 Wǒ shuō yì diǎndiǎn Hànyǔ. 
Survival Chinese Expressions-4- Live in China
Chinese Numbers, Dates and Time
4 Lectures 23:33

Numbers 0-10, 11 basic numbers in Chinese. In the following video lessons, you'll find they are quite useful in expressions about numbers over 10, time and date.

Preview 07:54

Let's learn how to say more numbers with 1-10. Quite easy and logical!

Chinese Numbers 2

In this video, we're going to learn how to say 12 months and 7 days of one week in Chinese.
week 星期 xīngqī
month 月 yuè

Chinese Numbers 3

We only need to know "o'clock" and "minute", then we can express "time" in Chinese.
o'clock 点 diǎn
minute 分 fēn

Chinese Numbers 4
2 Lectures 07:55

In this video, there are two basic Chinese currency unit in Chinese "kuài" and "máo". Let's practice with the teacher now!

Preview 03:50

In this video, we'll learn how to ask price and very useful sentences for bargaining in shopping.
How much?  多少钱? Duōshǎo qián?

Shopping-2-How Much Is It
At Restaurant
3 Lectures 15:36

In this video, let's practice with teacher to remember 9 useful words about food and drinks.

At the restaurant 1-Food and Drinks

We are going to learn how tell what we'd like to order.
I'd like to… 我要… Wǒ yào…

At Restaurant 2-Order at a cafe or a restaurant

After learning this lesson, we will be able to order a cup of coffee in Chinese at café, like " I'd like to have one cup of coffee, cold, big, take away".

At Restaurant 3-Order at a cafe or a restaurant
Taxi Talk
4 Lectures 16:33

Let's learn how to tell taxi driver "I go to...".
I'm going to… 我去… Wǒ qù…

Taxi Talk 1-Places

We are going to learn an important question to help us find our way in this video.
Where is the toilet? 洗手间在哪里? Xǐshǒujiān zài nǎli?

Taxi Talk 2- Where to go

If taxi driver doesn't know how to go to your destination, these 5 direction words definitely will help you.
Go on straight. 一直走。 Yìzhí zǒu.
Turn right. 右拐。 Yòu guǎi.
Turn left. 左拐。 Zuǒ guǎi.
Stop. 停。 Tíng.
Arrived. 到了。 Dào le.

Taxi Talk 3- Directions

In this video, let's practice with teacher about the conversations of taking taxi and asking the way.

Taxi Talk 4-Taking a Taxi

Quiz 1
1 question

Quiz 2
1 question

Quiz 3
2 questions

Quiz 4
2 questions
About the Instructor
Miracle Mandarin Chinese School
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Specialize in mandarin teaching since 2003

We've been teaching Chinese for over 13 years with about 30,000 successful students from all over the world.  Our mission is to make Chinese learning easy and fun. Except intensive classroom learning, live 1 to 1 class, we proudly produced the video lessons to help students learn Chinese conveniently in a fun way. The producers of the video lessons are professional teachers with 6 to 12 years mandarin teaching experience.

Gao Yue, the head teacher of Miracle Mandarin Language School, is one of the most popular mandarin teachers in China who has been teaching mandarin Chinese as a second language over 10 years. The Chinese Pinyin learning program and Survival Mandarin learning videos she made with Miracle Mandarin has been highly recommended to anyone who is starting to learn Chinese, and are extremely popular with expats living in China and travelers visiting China for short term stay.