Quantitative Aptitude for Job Interviews & Examinations

Learn all concepts, tips and tricks related to Quantitative/Mathematical Aptitude with this Instructor-Led Course
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About This Course

Published 1/2014 English

Course Description

Quantitative Aptitude course is a must for any graduate-level student looking for a career in Finance, Marketing, Analytics, Statistics or Engineering. This course is about studying variety of topics such as Algebra, Arithmetic, Time, Work, Probability, Permutations, Financial Mathematics and Geometry for acquiring Aptitude and Analytical skills. Some important features of this course are:

  • Instructor presence throughout all lecture videos
  • 12+ hours of video content
  • 40+ lecture videos covering all topics
  • Solved examples throughout lectures
  • 20+ Quizzes to test your learning and understanding
  • Access to StudyBud portal*

What are the requirements?

  • There are no pre-requisites for the course. All material is provided as part of the course

What am I going to get from this course?

  • This course will help you in understanding all the concepts related to Quantitative Aptitude to solve questions with better speed and accuracy
  • This course is aimed at providing formulae, theorems, solved examples, shortcuts, tips and tricks for solving questions in any Competitive Examination or for Screening Tests in Job Interviews

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is intended for anyone who wishes to acquire Aptitude Skills for clearing any Competitive Examination or Job Screening Tests. Basic background of studying Mathematics till High School is sufficient to grasp the contents of the course

What you get with this course?

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Section 1: Arithmetic - Number Systems

Key concepts covered include Numbers, Even Numbers and Odd Numbers


Key concepts covered include Integers, Prime Numbers, Co-Primes, Perfect Numbers, Greatest and Smallest Integers


Key concepts covered include Rational Numbers, Irrational Numbers, Rationalization of Numbers and Number Line


Key concepts covered include Other Numerations Systems like Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal, Conversion among Numeration Systems and Calculations in Other Numeration Systems


Key concepts covered include Complex Numbers, Factorials and Exponent/power of numbers in Factorials


Key concepts covered include Powers, Unit's digit of powers, Cyclicity of Powers and Divisibility Rules

Quiz on Divisibility
4 questions

Key concepts covered include Factors, Product of Factors and Remainders


Key concepts covered include Cyclicity of Remainders, Remainder Theorem and Remainders on Successive Division

Quiz on Remainders & Remainder Theorem
4 questions

Key concepts covered include HCF, Factorization and Division methods to find HCF and HCF Models


Key concepts covered include LCM, Factorization and Division methods to find LCM and LCM Models

Quiz on HCF & LCM
4 questions
Section 2: Arithmetic - Averages and Percentages

Key concepts covered include Averages and Weighted Averages

Quiz on Averages
4 questions

Key concepts covered include Percentages, Successive Percentages, Fraction to Percentage conversions, Percent Increase/Decrease and Percentage Points

Quiz on Percentages
4 questions
Section 3: Algebra - Equations

Key concepts covered include solving Linear Equations, Cross Multiplication rule, Dependent, Inconsistent and Consistent Equations

Quiz on Linear Equations
4 questions

Key concepts covered include solving Quadratic Equations, finding roots of Quadratic Equations, Discriminant, sum and product of roots and sign of roots

Quiz on Quadratic Equations
4 questions

Key concepts covered include sum and product of roots of Higher Degree Equations, Maxima and Minima of Quadratic Expressions

Section 4: Ratio-Based Aptitude

Key concepts covered include Ratios and their Properties

Quiz on Ratios
4 questions

Key concepts covered include Proportion, Direct Variation, Indirect Variation & Joint Variation

Quiz on Variations
4 questions

Key concepts covered include Arithmetic Progressions and Arithmetic Means

Quiz on Arithmetic Progressions
4 questions

Key concepts covered include Geometric Progressions and Geometric Means

Quiz on Geometric Progressions
4 questions

Key concepts covered include Harmonic Progressions, Harmonic Means and AGPs


Key concepts covered include the method of finding the proportion in which two, three or more mixtures are mixed to obtain a required mixture and the shortcut method to solve such problems

Quiz on Mixtures
4 questions

Key concepts covered include the method of finding the proportion in which two, three or more mixtures are mixed to obtain a required mixture and the shortcut alligations method to solve such problems

Quiz on Alligations
4 questions
Section 5: Financial Aptitude

Key concepts covered include Interest, Simple Interest and Compound Interest

Quiz on Simple & Compound Interest
4 questions

Key topics covered include Discounting Intervals and Present Value Calculations


Key concepts covered include Cost Price, Selling Price, Profit/Profit Percentage, Loss/Loss Percentage and No Profit No Loss Scenarios

Quiz on Profit & Loss
4 questions

Key concepts covered include Marked Price, Discount, Successive Discount, Effective Discount and Cheating/Fraud in Selling/Buying

Quiz on Discounts
4 questions

Key concepts covered include Mean, Median, Mode, Distribution, Deviation, Standard Deviation, Variance and Quartiles

Section 6: Time-Based Aptitude

Key concepts covered include the hands of clock, angle formed by hands of the clock, clocks gaining/losing time and slow/fast running clocks

Quiz on Clocks
4 questions

Key concepts covered include the Odd Day Method to find the day of the week and the Formula Method.

Quiz on Calendars
4 questions

Key concepts covered include Work, Efficiency and Wages

Quiz on Work
4 questions

Key concepts covered include Fill & Empty Rates of Pipes and Cisterns

Quiz on Pipes & Cisterns
4 questions
Section 7: Event-Based Aptitude

Key concepts covered include basics of counting (sum and product rules), Arrangements, Importance of Ordering, Permutations & Combinations


Key concepts covered include Linear Permutations and Advanced Topics related to P&C

Quiz on Permutations & Combinations - I
4 questions

Key concepts covered include Circular Permutations and Advanced Topics related to P&C

Quiz on Permutations & Combinations - II
4 questions

Key concepts covered include types of Events (Mutually Exclusive, Exhaustive, Independent), Odds and Introduction to Probability

Quiz on Probability - I
4 questions

Key concepts covered include Conditional Probability, Bayes Theorem, Binomial Probability and Multiple Events

Quiz on Probability - II
4 questions
Section 8: Moving-Body Aptitude: Distance, Time and Speed

Key concepts covered include the basics of speed, distance and time, proportionality rules and some important deductions


Key concepts covered include the basics of average speed, relative speed, some rules and some important deductions


Key concepts covered include the different problems and tricks related to trains crossing fixed points, tunnels/platforms and two trains crossing/overtaking each other


Key concepts covered include speed of stream, speed of boat, upstream/downstream speeds and escalators


Key concepts covered include Races, Finishing Races, Giving a start by specific time or distance and Beating by specific time or distance


Key concepts covered include Circular Tracks, Passing/Crossing in same/opposite direction, Meeting at starting point/any other point

Section 9: Visual Aptitude - Mensuration

Key concepts covered include volume and areas for Cuboids, Cubes, Cones, Frustums and Pyramids


Key concepts covered include volume and areas for Cylinders, Spheres, Hemispheres, Hollow Cylinders and Torus

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Instructor Biography

Anubhav Jain, Co-Founder at StudyBud, Quantitative & Data Analytics Expert

Anubhav is the force behind Excelsior Education, an institute in the field of life skills and its online learning portal, StudyBud. He has done numerous placement oriented sessions targeted at providing the right skill-sets to students looking for a successful foray into the corporate world. Anubhav has delivered training workshops across the complete spectrum of personal and professional development of an individual. He has trained more than 50,000 students on Quantitative Aptitude, Business Analytics, Data Sciences and Business Etiquette with phenomenal success and highest quality of delivery.

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