Successful And Effective Public Speaking For Shy People
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Successful And Effective Public Speaking For Shy People

Public Speaking Anxiety: Speak With More Ease !! Get Rid Of Your Fear! Be More Confident ! And Improve Yourself for Good
3.3 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
608 students enrolled
Last updated 10/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • Contents and goals
  • By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools :
  • 1. To overcome (the greatest part of) your fear in public speaking
  • 2. For less anxiety to speak up
  • 3. To feel more self confident
  • 4. To improve your relationships with others
  • 5. To take your communication to the next level
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  • a connection to Internet
  • a real desire to get rid of your fear to speak in public

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A Step By Step Guidance For Shy People!! : The Tips, Tactics And Tools A Shy Public Speaker Should Apply To Avoid A Disaster At The Moment Of His Speech

Over 600+ students enrolled!!

What my students are saying about the course:

    • The course is very informative and has useful techniques Jose Acosta
    • Great techniques .This course has interesting lectures that take you step by step through a process to actually eliminate fear of public speaking. If you have this problem, I highly recommend it
    • It was excellent! The lectures were delivered in very comfortable speed. It was very practical and one can practice them Thank you Sir! Saroj Kumar Datta
    • This course is excellent! I am only on the third lecture and I am finding immense benefit from the lessons and exercises taught! Donald Nunez

Have you got butterflies in the stomach when approaching an attractive person you want to get to know?

Are you having nerves when applying for an important job interview? Or the final oral exam in front of a jury?

Do you feel uneasy when delivering a speech to an audience?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, don’t worry anymore! You’re not alone but most probably a shy person. A person lacking only of self confidence…

But you must realize that not fixing this problem could lead you to a potential disaster both in your professional or your personal life.

In fact almost everyone experiences or has experienced shyness or fear to speak in public. I did it too.

I have been where you are today and I had to train myself for a long time. Before I trained French people in my turn. To help them to remove their shyness, their fear of public speaking.

Today I want to help you to do the same. Step by step… And of course, you can do it too!

With fast results:

  • Within a short few days, you'll remove the greatest part of your fear when public speaking
  • Within a week, you'll boost your self confidence
  • Within just 2 weeks, you'll skyrocket your public speaking skills!

Upon successful completion of this course, you'll be able to:

    1. Overcome your fear of public speaking
    2. Have less shyness , less anxiety to speak up
    3. Improve your self confidence
    4. Get to talk to every person you want to know
    5. Have better communication skills
    6. Improve your empathy with people
    7. Have a better connection with them

I’ll share with you all the best tips and tactics I have implemented for my French trainees for years. I'll give you public speaking tools and methods, some unheard-of, and help you become a more successful public speaker. Help you to do the same as my French attendees do. And achieve fast results. Many others have done it .You can do it too!

Of course, you'll never struggle alone, because I’m here to help! You can contact me direct or open a discussion in the dashboard on the right-hand side of the course. I’ll reply ASAP.

On top of that, Udemy offers A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. A totally unconditional guarantee. So you can try this course with no risk at all !

You can try this course, learn amazing public speaking tips and techniques and if you don’t like it, get a refund within 30 days. Absolutely no questions asked. You have nothing to loose. You can only gain public speaking skills.

So are you ready to get these results right away?

Well, don’t wait anymore and act now by clicking on the enroll button so we can start working together.

See you today on the other side!!


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Who is the target audience?
  • This course is intended for you if you find it difficult to speak in public
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Curriculum For This Course
12 Lectures
2 Lectures 11:13

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This course is focused on fear in public speaking which is only one aspect of public speaking, Because anxiety issues, fear problems are the main impediment, the greatest hindrance to face for almost all of us.

This course will take you through a logical progression, a logical sequence.

First, we’ll start with quick, easy, plug-and-play problem solving techniques to get rid of your fear or at least greatly reduce it

Then, we’ll carry on with more sophisticated methods. For longer term results.

Each technique is described in detail.

Then you will have some handy exercises at your disposal to implement the techniques, right away,

So it will enable you to train yourself and learn with pleasure along the way too. Pleasure!

In fact you must realize I’ve been where you are today and I know all too well what you’re living.

And I had to train myself for a long time before training for years other French people in my turn.

But through this course you’ll see noticeable improvements and a rapid change in your public speaking skills.

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Lecture description 2 the making of your fear in public speaking

Lots of people experience fear when public speaking.

The symptoms of fright are quite well known: our hands are shivering, we are sweating, we have a lead ball inside our stomach, etc.

And fear can appear in various circumstances and present itself under various forms.

Circumstances such as delivering a speech to an audience, large or small; speaking to shareholders; negotiating with potential customers; at the moment of a job interview or the final oral exam in an academic competition; etc

Various forms such as: fright; stage fright; anguish; tension; nervousness; apprehension and even dread.

But how does fear work? : It works in 3 steps and 3 elements.

These 3 elements have a great importance for fear in public speaking. Every method to reduce your fright must take these 3 elements into account, either separately or as a whole. You will discover that during this course.

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3 Lectures 17:52

Lecture description 3 : Abdominal breathing

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Coming from the techniques of yoga and zen , this method is very simple.

We must acknowledge this fact: in public speaking, we don’t know how to breathe!

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You may ask yourself: Who on earth is Sarah Bernhardt?

Don’t worry. Here in France, many people don’t even know who she was !

She was a French theatre actress.

She had what theatre critics called a golden voice. The best golden voice of the whole French theatre. Ever.

But she had something very surprising for such a talented, such a gifted person.

She was scared to death, scared stiff when coming on stage. She had a blue funk on entering the stage. Surprising, isn’t it?

But she had a trick, something smart that theatre critics have noticed and brought to posterity...

So how can we take inspiration from Sarah Bernhardt‘s method?

I invite you to discover 2 exercises in the vocal recording of this lecture

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Lecture description 5 small training or small learning by small doing

This method is the one I like best and that I have fine-tuned for my trainees and using it for me too.

It’s a very easy and powerful method I want to share with you.

It puts emphasis on the concept of “small-learning by small-doing”.

What is it about?

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3 Lectures 23:24

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Lecture description6 positive mental programming detailed

Before speaking in public, you may have negative images in your spirit. More negative images than positive images.

Here is really the root of your fear.

We must recognize that the origin of our fear of public speaking comes mostly from negative thoughts and negative experiences we made in our past.

These images are stored in our unconscious and influence our life.

And here is the good news: Even if you’ve accumulated complexes of all kinds to speak in public, you can deactivate most of those negative hindrances, all those crippling impediments.

So how can you deactivate all those hindrances?

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Lecture description 7 practice inner smile

The idea of smiling goes counter to what makes our everyday life.

Everyday we have continuous reasons for sulking.

Some of these reasons are justified, others are not. But the problem isn’t there.

To get out of this bad mood, we can always make a beautiful smile when passing a mirror.

And some of us can even give a funny face. A funny face which will look more like a grimace than a real smile.

Inner smile is something completely different.

This technique comes from the wisdom of Asia. Especially TAO. This part of the world, including China, has known it for decades.

What is it about?


Gain more self confidence: some helpful tips

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Self confidence is your best tool for your successful public speaking.

If you lack self confidence, it shows that, from the start, you’re afraid of yourself and afraid of others.

A study conducted by the Purdue University, Indiana, in 2007, concerning fear in public speaking and its problem solving techniques, has come to the following result:

A proper preparation and a correct rehearsal can help you to reduce your fear by 75%.

A proper breathing technique can further reduce this fear by 15%.

Your mental state accounts for the remaining 10%.

Of course, we can discuss these percentages but this study puts the emphasis on the real main topics to reduce fear of public speaking.

In the light of this study, I’d like to share with you 3 leading rules and commentaries.

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2 Lectures 10:09

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Practical aspects of my personal anti-fear method

I have been using for years a personal antifear method which I built thanks to various readings, numerous training sessions and thanks to my professional experience.

Thanks to this made to measure method I succeeded difficult selective interviews such as academic oral exams or job interviews.

As well as delivering speeches to audiences, large or small when the anxiety issues were important.

After a difficult professional occasion, occurred at the start of my career, explained in the video, I decided to build my own antifear method.

Now I want to introduce you to the 4 practical aspects of this anti fear method:


Lecture description 10 psychological preparation for my anti-fear method

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A well tried technique that I’ve used extensively and that been experienced by others too (such as my trainees) is what is called: visualization.

Indeed, visualization has an effect on our unconscious.

I’ll tell you right away how I do it in the recording of this lecture

The visualization method gives surprising results. With success.

Please note that the visualization technique can apply itself to various topics: fighting your stress or your fatigue; a better communication with your wife or husband; stop smoking; etc

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2 Lectures 05:45

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Lecture description 11 Conclusion of this course

We are now approaching the final term of this course.

You have discovered several techniques to get rid or greatly reduce your fear of public speaking.

The important thing is the guidance to their use. This course gives you the how-to step-by-step method for each technique.

However your ability, your talent to take the floor and speak in front of an audience will require that you invest some time in one or several of these techniques

I invite you to choose the one which suits you best.

In this course you have guidance for everyone. And everybody is most welcome!

Take the best out of it and have a great day!

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Preview 03:20

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Lecture description 12 thanks for joining

</span> </p>

You have now finished the discovery of this course.

You may have skimmed through the different techniques.

You might even have chosen already to implement one or several of them. Great!

Now the best part is yet to come: putting into practice the one technique you like best.

But remember: the best way to improve your public speaking ease isn’t only the discovery of one particular method.

It’s practice! Practice! And practice!

Are you ready to use the means of this course to improve your public speaking? Congrats and thanks for joining...

Now I want to ask you a personal and burning question:

Did you like these lectures? If this is the case, thanks a lot: my summer homework would have been useful to you. It’s a real reward for me.

As this class comes to an end, I'd thank you if you would leave a message about this course, tell me what you think about it.

Your appraisal will be useful for those who feel concerned about their public speaking skills and would consider to join this course.

It will be useful for me too to improve this course.

So don’t be shy! Dive in! I’m really looking forward to guiding you to a new talent.

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About the Instructor
Pierre Antoine Barbier
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1,540 Students
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As a French speaking English professional, I am a pure product of France's upward social mobility.

Starting from a mediocre and a rather poor general academic level and mostly thanks to scholarships, I have gained an education in 3 high level and prestigious schools.

For instance:  A University , an Engineering  College  and HEC Paris Business School  .

After a busy career, I have retired early to dedicate myself to teach self-improvement techniques to a various number of persons: relatives, friends and customers. Showing them the way to grow their talents. Helping them to a more happy and a more beautiful life. For now 7 years.

Today, I'm willing to share with you my professional experience and help you to improve your communication skills.