Psychology of Fiverr Success
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Psychology of Fiverr Success

Job Crafting for Personal Happiness
5.0 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
508 students enrolled
Created by Dr. Ron Masa
Last updated 2/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Identify skills you can sell on
  • Start earning Job-Free Money on
  • Create Fiverr Gigs that match your Interests and Values
  • Use Fiverr's training resources to continually improve your success!
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  • Internet access and an interest in freelance work with Fiverr

Upon completing this 2-hour course, you will be able to identify specific services that you would enjoy delivering-- if you decide to earn “job-free” income at Fiverr. You will also know just how to start and grow your new freelance business.

  • A psychological view of Fiverr pursues both money and satisfaction. 
  • Clarify your work interests and values using downloadable PDF work sheets. 
  • With step-by-step videos, I walk you through creating your first Gig at Fiverr. 
  • You’ll learn specific steps to continue building your new small business.

This class can help you start earning extra income and personal satisfaction. Freelance work puts you in charge.
Instead of you conforming to a job-- once you clarify your work values-- you can shape the jobs to suit your preferences!

We cover each step for the beginner, from forming a success-oriented attitude to learning all about Fiverr, and from choosing the right kind of work (called Gigs) to building customer-retaining relationships. The teacher, Dr. Ron Masa, who has years of experience freelancing with Fiverr, is both psychologist and artist, so this class is informative and also enriched with images and videos about work.

If you're interested in Fiverr and: 

          (1) Want to earn money from home, or
          (2) Hope to replace a job you dislike, or
          (3) Want to start a new business without having to quit your day job: 

Learn to use Fiverr to shape the work that shapes your life. Earn money and increase your satisfaction!
Let's get started!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to work from home to earn extra money
  • Anyone considering or beginning work with Fiverr
  • Anyone who values Quality of Life and a Positive Attitude
  • Not for Getting Rich Quick
Curriculum For This Course
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Course Introduction
2 Lectures 08:29

Course Welcome and an outline of the Fiverr Topics we will cover. Primary goal: Help you design your work to enrich your quality of life while you earn. If you want to start with "How Much Money?" go there first, and come back for developing a Success Attitude.

Preview 04:22

Meet the teacher, Dr. Ron Masa. He is a retired Jungian Psychotherapist and lifelong Artist who worked for several years at Fiverr. He provides a psychological look at Freelance work. Don't overlook job satisfaction in planning a Fiverr career. You will know more about the instructor and his point of view. (There is evidence of the artist as well as the psychologist throughout the course.)

Preview 04:07
Re-Thinking the Nature of Work
6 Lectures 28:52

Meet, the largest freelance marketplace in the world. Discover how this thriving marketplace is changing the way we work. Who does well and is happy at Fiverr? Improve your ability to view Fiverr in context.

Freelancing with Fiverr

  • The word Freelance originally referred to independent medieval warriors whose lances and military skill were available for hire to different sources, and not beholden to a single authority. You can investigate the roots and origins of any new commitment for a deeper understanding.
The Meaning of Freelance Work

Society is reciprocal. We as Individuals shape the culture we live in… and simultaneously, that culture shapes us. A cultural view of social change puts Freelance work in perspective. See Freelance work in the context of larger social changes.

How We Work is Changing

Abraham Maslow taught that our motivations will shift radically as we progress through a “hierarchy of needs.” His pyramid of human priorities showed 5 levels of human need. Understanding these simultaneous needs will empower the student to plan better for a rounded and satisfying work life.

Maslow and Our Multi-Layered Motives

Let's review some information about Abraham Maslow.

Maslow's Need Hierarchy
3 questions

The pinnacle for freelance work is to craft your job so you can get paid to do something you love enough to do for free. We explore how jobs shape us and how we can use Freelance work to begin to shape our jobs! Much of your Job-free income from Fiverr can be designed however you choose. Clarify and pursue your preferences!

Use the Power of Job Crafting

We expand our everyday ideas about work with inspiring comments on what work is and what work means. We hear from Freud and Jung as well as authors, actors, scientists and the poet Rumi, the Buddha, ancient Taoist wisdom (I Ching) and Dr Martin Luther King. 

Author, Pearl S. Buck wrote: “To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth.”

Preview 05:57
Define Your Skills and Interests
4 Lectures 11:30

Our First Action Step:  

A game of 20 Questions to start your Brainstorming about marketable skills. After answering each question… Write down any related skills you have or want to develop in your notes or a journal.

  • What are your most passionate topics?
  • What do you do for fun, when not being paid? (A top category.)
  • What are you most interested in?            
  • What do you already know well?             
  • What are your hobbies? ETC. 

It's time to reflect and explore our interests and resources for Freelance work. Some people freelance for years before they discover they can earn money doing work they enjoy or even love. Don't waste years, explore your various interests now and include them in your work, if possible, as you become aware of them. This will help you expand the number of possible gigs you might offer and choose ones you would really enjoy doing!

Download the 20 Questions and spend some time with them. Ask a friend or partner what they might add that you would enjoy. Like a crossword puzzle, return at different times in different moods to these and your own questions about your skills and interests.

What Skills and Interests Do You Bring to Freelancing?

We all have likes and dislikes about work. 1- They are not the same for everybody. And, 2- they are not always obvious to us until they arise or we reflect upon them. This Worksheet is designed to help you clarify your Work Values so you can follow your own preferences when choosing or creating Freelance work for Fiverr. This key concept of getting more clear and specific about what you like and dislike about work (Work Values) will make it easy for you to recognize and choose more fulfilling work.

TEXT: Questionnaire: Clarify Your Work Values

Once you are clear about your work values, you can design gigs to match your values and fit you well. Without planning, many people create a freelance lifestyle that is no better than the jobs they hated. It’s one reason for this class.

We'll practice applying those work values to choosing a gig with specific examples. So you can then apply your values to the gigs you see on Fiverr.

OPTIONAL PROJECT: Apply your own selected work values to rate how well various gigs would work for you. You can share your discoveries with the class if you like.

Craft Your Gigs to Express Your Values

TEXT: Work Categories at Fiverr
You Can Make Money with Fiverr
3 Lectures 14:09

At Fiverr, you can set up your freelance small business… for absolutely nothing. 

Only after you make some money, do they take a 20% commission. They don’t make money unless and until you make money. We will explore Fiverr's commission issues and what you get out of it. Each person can decide how they feel about the arrangement: If it does not feel fair, it is important to discover that fact now! This lecture should help you decide how you feel.

Why Fiverr Wants You to Make Money

How much money can you earn at Fiverr? This section addresses that question from several angles. I detail my own monthly incomes for 3 years, although I was not trying for maximum income. I also provide other case study examples of published tests of Fiverr. And I make loose, educated guesses about likely earnings and what makes the difference.

How Much Money?

However much you might earn at Fiverr, you can do things to Make More Money at Fiverr. These 10 Ideas guide you toward actions you can take to increase your Fiverr income and grow your small business! 

Make More Money! Ten Ideas!

Let’s review a few facts about Making Money at Fiverr.

Making Money at Fiverr
3 questions
How To Get Started Earning Money at Fiverr?
5 Lectures 20:00

The Level System provides a clear structure and goals that let you prove you are reliable to new buyers. 

One primary function of having Levels is to discourage new sellers from expanding too fast, before they are ready. The badge for each Seller level documents that you can deliver work  that satisfies buyers within the Fiverr format. Learn the system and use it to guide your progress. 

Moving Up Through the Levels

Now it's time to meet the computer interface you will be using at Fiverr. We will explore what information is available on your Dashboard-- the headquarters for all your Fiverr Gig(s). A Screencast recording will show you just where to look.

Meet Your Your New Office

At your Seller’s Dashboard, has some powerful data-analysis tools to help you track your business. We will cover them all briefly so you will now know just where to go to manage sales, to view buyer requests, check your revenues, view your gigs and promote your business.

Your Powerful Selling Tools

Once you decide where to start it gets exciting: You are ready to create your first gig. Let's start with planning and we'll apply your choices in the next video.

From the Seller’s drop down list, click Create a Gig, or from the My Gigs page click Add a Gig.  It’s that easy to get started! 1. First, choose a title for your gig... ETC. through seven steps.

We identify some basic choices and issues to resolve that will ready you to open your first gig!

Let's Plan Your First Gig!

This lecture takes you through the step by step process of creating your first gig at Fiverr. Screencast recordings show you exactly what to do and where. This will enable you to complete the process of creating a gig based upon your preferences.

Let’s Create a Gig: Step by Step

The Levels System at Fiverr:

On Getting Started at Fiverr
4 questions
Growing Your Success and Your Income
6 Lectures 27:57

Once you have created your first gig, it's time to get your business in gear and get off to a good start. Success begins with attitude. I have long been impressed with the Japanese concept of Kaizen which is loosely an attitude of “continuous improvement.” We will cover some basic ways to plan your workflow, get your initial customers, plan for encouraging return buyers and how to ask buyers for feedback. You will know where to start taking action with your new gig.

Create a Great Start

Once your gig is active, there is much to do. Two primary goals now should be 1- Rising in Fiverr search rankings and 2- Building Customer Retention into your design. In other words, focus on bringing in new buyers and on getting some of those who do purchase to keep coming back again. That is the primary way in which you can grow your Fiverr income. Knowing that, empowers you to focus on getting return buyers.

Growing Your Success

Discover the one action that Fiverr begs you to take and promises will increase your sales by 220%! That's more than double your income from one simple addition. This lecture will prepare you to earn this extra advantage for yourself.

Boost Your Results Over 200%

Fiverr provides a wealth of business education that will help you adapt to their system and customers. This lecture will introduce you to where to find help and inspiration at Fiverr. The Forum, for example, is crucial for staying current with rules and opportunities. Early adopters gain a competitive advantage!

Resources for Your Growth and Success

We define things by what they are and also by what they are not. This lecture covers some things NOT to do at Fiverr. Like, 'Don't get overwhelmed', 'Don't get exploited' and other things to avoid, some of which could abruptly end your career with Fiverr. Don't risk it.

Consider a Few Negatives

This lecture features the basic principles that helped me complete hundreds of successful Fiverr jobs. I hope they help you get off to a great start:

  1.  Offer genuine quality. This is fundamental. Choose a gig that you can deliver in a way that would delight you as a buyer. Every sale is a chance to impress a new customer and to begin a relationship. 
  2. Offer something that you enjoy doing... 

And many more experience-based suggestions for successful freelancing at Fiverr.

A Dozen Principles for the Fiverr Thriverr

Let's review ways to grow your success and income!

Growing Your Success and Income
5 questions
Course Wrap Up
1 Lecture 02:35

Farewell and thanks for getting this far! Good wishes to you and an inspiring "pep talk" is included; Complete with classy visual special effects! I have made you a downloadable copy (in the Lecture Resources) of the famous inspiring quote about doing whatever you dream you can do. This long version is rarely seen.

Course Conclusion
About the Instructor
Dr. Ron Masa
5.0 Average rating
4 Reviews
508 Students
1 Course
Psychologist and Artist

Ron Masa, Ph.D. is a psychologist, teacher and working artist. Dr. Masa has retired from his 30-year private practice in Jungian Psychotherapy and Dream-work. He taught graduate courses at UCLA, Michigan, and Naropa University. He also taught hundreds of classes and workshops and wrote many articles and columns on Dream-Work and the use of the I Ching.

He was a TV Director for KVOA TV, Tucson, Arizona and Director of the Silverlake Residence of Boys Republic in Los Angeles, before earning a double Ph.D. (Psychology and Social Work) from the University of Michigan (1981).

Dr. Masa has also studied extensively with practicing shamans from North and South America. Artistically, he has sold over 100 stone sculptures and 1,000 small paintings. Throughout his long career, three elements have been central: psychology, art, and teaching.

Now “Dr Ron” is combining these elements to create artistically-flavored lectures with solid psychological insights and practical solutions. He is the founder of the "University of Yourself" whose motto fits this class: “Find Yourself, Express Yourself.”