Psychic Protection and Psychic Self-Defence
4.7 (25 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Psychic Protection and Psychic Self-Defence

How to prevent and stop psychic attacks and how to clear and protect spaces such as your home or office
4.7 (25 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
158 students enrolled
Created by Andy Cooper Ph.D
Last updated 8/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Explain the basic mechanisms of psychic attack and psychic self-defence
  • Create your own effective energy shield that strengthens and protects your aura

  • Cut the energy connections between yourself and others who do not support you

  • Use the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) and the Rose Cross ritual to protect yourself, your sacred space and your home
  • Create a personal amulet of protection for yourself and for others
  • Create a crystal energy grid to provide 24/7 protection for your home
  • No previous experience
  • Candles and a deck of Tarot Cards

This is a comprehensive course on the art and science of psychic protection and psychic self-defence.

Written and presented by a practising occultist with over 25 years experience, Dr. Andy Cooper is the founder and Director of Studies of the Helios School of Esoteric Science, a Third Degree Initiate of the Western Mystery Tradition and an NLP Trainer. The course is split into three main sections:

  1. Different forms of psychic attack and identifying when a psychic attack might be occuring

  2. Boosting your own psychic immune system to prevent and protect against psychic attacks and negative energy

  3. How to cleanse and create protected spaces such as your home, office or meditation space.

You will learn how to:

  • Perform the famous Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

  • Perform the Middle Pillar Exercise

  • Cleanse spaces of negative energy

  • Perform Tarot Rituals of protection and empower a personal amulet for protection

  • Create a crystal grid of protection

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in protecting themselves from psychic disturbance
  • Anyone feeling they are under some kind of psychic attack
  • People who want to ensure their personal space is protected for the purposes of meditation and relaxation
  • Anyone who feels their home or office has negative energy present and wants to cleanse and banish it
  • People in business and sports who are in frequent contact with people and situations that drain their energy
Course content
Expand all 30 lectures 02:29:06
+ The Basics of Psychic Self-Defence
12 lectures 47:25

This lecture covers the scope of the course, the learning objectives and the main topics

Preview 02:55

This lecture introduces Andy Cooper, the Trainer and explains that everything we teach has been tried and tested and we know works!

About Your Trainer
It is very important at the start of any training course that you clearly define for yourself what your goals and outcomes are for the training.
Create Your Personal Learning Objectives
3 questions

This lecture covers both the attitude and approach you'll need to adopt to get the most from this training, and the physical items you'll need in order to complete some of the exercises

What You'll Need To Complete This Training

This lecture answers the question "Why Do We Need Psychic Protection?" and provides some basic definitions that we will work with throughout the rest of the course

Preview 02:26

This lectures defines the different forms of psychic attack

Forms of Psychic Attack

This lecture explains the basic principle of Cause > Effect and how it applies to psychic self-defence

Cause > Effect

This is an exercise to take a current situation and apply the Cause > Effect questions to that situation, to see how it changes, and how it might be a contributing factor towards psychic instability.

ACTIVITY: Cause > Effect Exercise

This lecture discusses the various symptoms of different forms of psychic attack

Symptoms of Psychic Attack

This lecture covers the power of beliefs and the function of the Unconscious Mind

Beliefs And The Unconscious Mind

Positive Presuppositions to support a healthy and effective psychic immune system


This lecture covers the esoteric model of three minds and four bodies, common to many of the ancient spiritual systems around the world, and fundamental to understanding how psychic protection works.

Preview 04:53

Just a few short multiple choice questions to help you integrate your learning from Section 1

Section 1 Review
5 questions
+ Boosting Your Psychic Immune System
8 lectures 34:27
Boosting Your Psychic Immune System

This is a guided meditation to help you connect to the "Creative Source of the Universe" and through it boost your own subtle energy bodies. Download the mp3 file of the guided meditation below.

Connecting To Source

This lecture introduces the Qabalistic Cross and Middle Pillar Exercises - designed to strengthen your aura and boost your psychic immune system

The Middle Pillar Exercise

This is a practical activity to perform the Middle Pillar exercise. It includes a demonstration lecture and a downloadable mop3 file of the appropriate pronunciations of the god names.

ACTIVITY: The Middle Pillar Demonstration

How to create a personal energy shield of protection

Creating Your Personal Energy Shield

This is a guided meditation taking you through the process of cutting energy connections with people who drain your energy. It is recommended that you do this meditation every day - especially for the first few weeks.

ACTIVITY: Ho'o'ponopono - Cutting Energy Connections

This lecture is about installing positive affirmations to support good psychic health. There is a downloadable hypnotic induction to help you achieve this, together with affirmation cards that you can download and print out.

Positive Affirmations To Install Positive Beliefs

This activity is to create a personal amulet of protection using a Tarot Spell. It is a very practical exercise and all the steps are included in the downloadable handout.

ACTIVITY: Tarot Spell - Creating A Personal Amulet of Protection
Section 2 Review
5 questions
+ Clearing and Creating Protected Spaces
8 lectures 43:04

Welcome to Section 3: Clearing and Protecting Physical Spaces, This lecture introduces section 3 and explains why keeping our space "clean" (physically and psychically) is so important.

Clearing And Creating Protected Spaces

This lecture covers the symptoms of psychic invasion into your living space and introduces the different ways of psychically protecting your physical space.

Cleansing And Protecting Your Home

This lecture explains the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) and how it can be used. It includes a practical demonstration of how to perform the LBRP.

ACTIVITY: The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP)

This lecture explains the function and purpose of the Rose Cross Ritual and the theory behind it.

The Rose Cross Ritual Explanation

This is a practical exercise to perform the Ritual of the Rose Cross

ACTIVITY: The Rose Cross Ritual

This lecture and activity describes how to perform a Tarot Protection Spell for the home or office.

ACTIVITY: Tarot Protection Spell For The Home or Office

An article by Dr. Uwe Kreis, Second Degree Initiate of Helios, Master Blender, PhD (Organic Chemistry), Reiki Master & Master Practitioner of NLP. Uwe is the CEO of "Good Vibes" an essential oil company based in Vancouver, Canada, and a university lecturer in organic chemistry, in addition to being a founding initiate of the Helios School of Esoteric Science.

Essential Oils For Psychic Self-Defence

This article explains how to set up a crystal grid of protection for your home or office

ACTIVITY: Creating A Crystal Grid Of Protection

This quiz is designed to review and integrate your learning from Section 3

Section 3 Review
5 questions
+ Conclusions - Putting It All Together
2 lectures 19:00

Congratulations on having completed the course!!

This lecture reviews the material we have covered throughout this course.

Review Of What we Have Covered
It is very important that you work on your next steps and an action plan to implement an effective strategy for psychic protection as soon as you can. In this assignment you will create an action plan for taking forward what you have learnt and implementing a plan of psychic protection for yourself
Creating An Action Plan
3 questions

This course has discussed many magical techniques for psychic protection, but we have not really looked at "magic" in detail. This lecture defines magic and discusses the benefits of studying magic (or the occult arts).

Bonus Lecture - Why Study Magic?