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Psychic Mediumship Development

Develop your natural intuitive ability and start your personal journey as a psychic medium.
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Created by Melanie Rimkus
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
At the end of this course, you will be able to: • connect with your spirit guides
• understand the history of spiritualism and what it means to be a spiritualist
• protect yourself from the effects of psychic mediumship on your body
• understand the difference between different kinds of dreams
• develop your own symbol base to enable communication as a medium
• know the different styles of divination tools that can help you develop as a psychic medium
• understand the difference between psychic information and information from spirit
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  • No experience is needed to begin this course.
  • There are personal video's from the instructor and also personal stories included in the lecture to give examples of how psychic mediumship works.
  • The lectures are taught using PowerPoint videos.
  • After completion of this course it is suggested that you continue with your development as a psychic medium if you have the intention of practicing this art formally.
  • This is a great a beginner course if you are not a current practicing psychic medium.

This course helps you find your natural intuitive ability and teaches you how to growth this gift. This course covers the principles, knowledge and history needed to develop your intuition. The course includes personal experiences from the instructor herself as examples on how spirit and psychic communication works.

Psychic Mediumship Development can be beneficial to anyone interested in this topic or someone who already has experience in this field. This is a great beginner class that covers the history of Spiritualism to topics that include information that even a practicing psychic medium can learn from. This course is unique because the instructor herself is a practicing psychic medium and learned to develop her own gifts as a psychic medium. The course was formulated and created based on her own personal development and journey.

This course is designed to teach the student the basic fundamentals of psychic mediumship. Topics that are covered include:

  • Psychic Mediumship development
  • History of Spiritualism
  • Divination Tools
  • Dream Interpretation
  • The Psychic "Clairs"
  • Spirit Guides
  • Discernment
  • The Dangers of Psychic Mediumship
  • Symbols

At the end of this course you will have the knowledge to develop your own skill set as a psychic medium, understand how to use your psychic senses, grow a relationship with your spirit guides, and be able to master your own style of psychic mediumship using the information learned from this course.

Who is the target audience?
  • If you feel you have a natural intuitive ability and are interested in growing this gift.
  • If you love learning about how psychic mediums are able to pick up information and pass messages from loved ones in spirit.
  • This class is a great beginner class for anyone interested in the topic.
  • The material covered can be useful to those already currently practicing in the field of psychic mediumship.
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 30 Lectures Collapse All 30 Lectures 03:17:43
Introduction to Psychic Mediumship
1 Lecture 01:25

This video is a introduction from the instructor on the Psychic Mediumship Development Course.

Preview 01:25
Psychic Mediumship Development
1 Lecture 06:07

This lecture covers the difference between a psychic and a medium. Two optional practice assignments are included in this lecture to help you start to build a relationship with the spirit world.

What is Psychic Mediumship?

Psychic Mediumship Development

Psychic Mediumship Development
5 questions
The History of Spiritualism
2 Lectures 07:11

This video is an introduction from the instructor on the History of Spiritualism.

Preview 00:32

In this lecture you will learn about the history of Spiritualism beginning with the Fox Sisters. This lecture includes information about the largest spiritual community in the world: Lily Dale. You will be able to see the instructor herself in a picture at the well known location inside of Lily Dale called "Inspiration Stump".

Preview 06:39
2 Lectures 16:39

This video is an introduction from the instructor on the Spiritualism lecture.

Preview 01:00

This lecture covers the religious practice and belief system of Spiritualism. This lecture coves the science, philosophy, and religion of Spiritualism. Some of the natural laws of Spiritualism are included in this lecture.



4 questions
Spirit Guides
9 Lectures 01:05:38

This video is an introduction from the instructor on the Spirit Guide lectures. This section covers the different styles of spirit guides. The instructor's personal experience is added to these lectures on spirit guides to help you identify with how a spirit guide may choose to communicate with you.

Preview 00:45

This lecture covers the different styles of spirit guides and the importance of spirit guides in our life.

Spirit Guides Lecture 1

This lecture talks about our inner band guide called Doctor Chemist. The instructor shares her personal experiences as she connected to this guide.

Preview 07:38

This lecture talks about our inner band guide called the Protector Guide. Learn about why we need our protector guide in our life. Personal experiences from the instructor are included in this lecture.

Spirit Guides Lecture 3

This lecture talks about our Joy Guide. Our Joy Guide is like our best friend in the spirit world. This is usually the most active spirit guide in our life, and the easiest to connect with.

Spirit Guides Lecture 4

This lecture talks about our Doctor Teacher Guide. This guide is here to help us with our spiritual growth and development.

Spirit Guides Lecture 5: The Doctor Teacher Guide

This lecture talk about Angels. In this lecture you will learn that everyone has at least one guardian angel around us at all times.

Spirit Guides Lecture 6: Angels

In this lecture you will learn what elementals are and how they can be part of our spirit guide family.

Spirit Guides Lecture 7: Elementals

In this lecture you will learn about what an Ascended Master is and their role as a spirit guide.

Spirit Guides Lecture 5: Ascended Masters and Outer Band Guides

This quiz helps to review the lectures on the spirit guides.

Spirit Guides
5 questions
Psychic Clairs
2 Lectures 13:33
This video is a introduction from the instructor on the Psychic Clair's lecture.
Preview 00:41

This lecture explains the ways that spirit uses your psychic senses to communicate messages to you.

Psychic "Clairs"

The Psychic Clair's

The Psychic Clair's
5 questions
3 Lectures 27:37
This video is a introduction from the instructor on the Symbols lecture.
Preview 00:50

The spirit world communicates using symbols as their language. THis lecture covers the different way that spymbols from spirit may be communicated to a psychic or medium. THis lecture teaches you how to grow your spirit symbol language with your soirit guides.

Symbols Lecture 1

This lecture shows examples of how spirit has created a symbol language with the instructor and how to develop your own spirit languate with the other side by creating a spirit dictionary.

Symbols Lecture 2
2 Lectures 16:49
This video is a introduction from the instructor on the Dream Interpretation lecture.
Preview 00:31

Many different styles of dreams are covered in this lecture including recurring, visitation, nightmares, prophetic, intuitive/psychic, downloading, and lucid dreaming. Dreams are important because they help you tap into your inner consciousness and collect information to help aid you in life decisions and experiences.

Dream Interpretation

This quiz helps to reinforce the lecture on Dream Interpretation.

Dream Interpretation
7 questions
Divination Tools
3 Lectures 24:21
This video is a introduction from the instructor on the Divination lecture.
Preview 00:38

This lecture covers the different types of divination tools used in psychic mediumship readings.

Divination Tools Lecture 1

This is Part II of the lecture on Divination tools.

Divination Tools Lecture 2

This quiz reviews the different styles of divination.

Divination Tools
3 questions
2 Lectures 11:26

This video is an introdcution from the instructor on the Discernment lecture.

Preview 00:48

This lecture teaches you to be able to identify when your picking up psychic information, loved ones in spirit and when you are just allowing your imagination to run free, The differences between crossed spirits, earth bound spirits and negative energy will be covered.


This quiz helps to reinforce the differences between spritual energies on the other side and be able to discern what kind of energy you are picking up.

Discernment Quiz
6 questions
2 More Sections
About the Instructor
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Certified Reiki Master

Melanie Rimkus is a certified Reiki practitioner and professional psychic medium in the Buffalo and Western New York area. Melanie's passion for helping people grow their own spirituality and connection to the universe radiates in the work that she does. Melanie is a dedicated psychic medium and Reiki practitioner that not only sees individual clients but teaches Reiki and spiritual development classes. Melanie hosts her own blog talk radio show weekly where she offers psychic mediumship readings to callers and covers many spirituality topics.

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