How to Prototype Web and Mobile Apps in 30 Minutes

A crash course on mobile apps development: prototyping web and mobile apps with Keynote or Powerpoint
45 reviews
  • Amir is a user experience designer and startup advisor. Over the past 3 years, he has designed more than 12 startup products, including DocVerse (Acquired by Google), Delve Networks (Acquired by LimeLight networks), TalentSpring (acquired by TalentTech), UStream, blist, and several others.

    He is also the creator of Keynotopia user interface prototyping libraries for Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint.

    Prior to his work in user experience, Amir worked as a software engineer, a program manager, and conducted research in human computer interaction and information visualization.

    Here's what some of Amir's current students say about his teaching style:

    "Extremely clear and effective methodology shared by Amir. Highly recommend this course." - Ivan Lanuza

    "I was able to apply what I learned here to create a prototype that was presented as part of a business plan at university." - Adam Archer

    "Very effective course. The content and methodology are very straight forward and solid" - Josh David

    "The most useful & effective methods I've come across to help you take an idea in your head into something concrete. Will use this for all my future projects. Wish I'd known this sooner. Highly Recommended!" -Akshay Arabolu

    "Excellent course, exactly what I needed to build UI/UX momentum for my product. I cranked through it in less than 2 hours and I'm ready to take my product to the next level." -Andrew Beinbrink

    "This was a fantastic course & experience - one that I will continue to use and refine. It was more than worth the cost and time invested. Amir explains "the process" in a very simple, clear & concise manner, and had just the right amount of detail. I was so inspired that I scrapped my original MVP design and followed the step by step process. What a HUGE improvement! I now have a REAL product that I am proud of. Amir also makes himself very accessible and is very responsive. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this course." - Stacey Arbetter

    "Most hands-on tutorials in UX so far!" - Arti Villa

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How to Prototype Web and Mobile Apps in 30 Minutes

A crash course on mobile apps development: prototyping web and mobile apps with Keynote or Powerpoint
45 reviews


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A crash course on designing and testing interactive user interfaces using Apple Keynote or Microsoft Powerpoint + Keynotopia User Interface Libraries.

Topics include:

  • how to define and plan the user experience
  • how to integrate wireframing/prototyping into the product lifecycle
  • how to decide the level of fidelity and details of prototypes
  • how to test with users
  • how to iterate user feedback
  • how to move from prototyping to production


    • Over 17 lectures and 9.5 hours of content!


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  • SECTION 1:
    Prototyping Web & Mobile Apps with Keynote & PowerPoint
  • 1
    Overview of the prototyping process

    How long does it usually take to go from idea to creating a prototype that you can test with users? A month? A week? Few days? How about 30 minutes? What if you can prototype your next idea quickly and cheaply without using any special wireframing or design tools? What if you can test it on the device without writing a single line of code?

  • 2
    Here's how a prototype created with Keynote works on the iPad

    Creating an iPad app prototype in less than 30 minutes using Apple Keynote and Keynotopia user interface libraries

  • 3
    How to prototype an iPhone app in 19 minutes
  • 4
    Crash course: prototyping an iPhone app in 19 minutes
  • 5
    User Interface Prototyping With Keynote and Keynotopia

    Interface design and interactive prototyping with Apple Keynote and Keynotopia user interface libraries

  • 6
    Keynote Prototyping Essentials
  • 7
    How to Create Animations and Transitions in Apple Keynote
  • 8
    How to design a custom control in Apple Keynote
  • 9
    How to share prototypes and get feedback on
  • 10
    Recap: How to prototype like a pro using Keynote or PowerPoint
    77 slides
    An uncommon guide to designing user interfaces and interactive application prototypes using Apple Keynote and Keynotopia
  • 11
    30 Minute Prototypes Cheat Sheet
    4 pages
    A Free PDF cheat sheet for kick-starting your prototyping project. Print it, fill it out, and pin it on a nearby wall to avoid getting lost in the detail.
  • SECTION 2:
    Interviews with design and prototyping masters
  • 12
    Webinar: How to Plan, Define, and Test Your Prototypes

    Keynotopia prototyping webinar with Todd Zaki Warfel, author of prototyping: a practitioner's guide.

  • 13
    [Audio] Webinar: How to Plan, Define, and Test Your Prototypes
  • 14
    Webinar: How to design and prototype for mobile devices with Josh Clark

    Josh is a leading authority on mobile design, and author of TapWorthy: Designing great iPhone apps. In this interview, he answers questions about the differences between designing for web and for mobile, how to start with mobile design, how to design cross-platform apps, and how to test mobile apps with users.

  • 15
    Jesse James Garrett: How To Create Simple & Intuitive User Experiences
  • SECTION 3:
    Your Next Step
  • 16
    Keynotopia Templates Preview
    158 slides

    A preview of Keynotopia templates for Keynote and PowerPoint

  • 17
    Your next action class: How to design your user experience in 7 simple steps

    Here is your link to my new course on user experience and interface design for entrepreneurs, developers, and graphic designers


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    iMiopia, 'nuff said

  • Hugo Andrés Gómez

    Muy rápido para mostrarle a los clientes, que siempre quieren ver algo funcional muy rápido.

  • T Williamson
    Developr MIA

    Developer leads you to some templates which are supposedly free and now are paid to promote his website. Developer is

  • Dan Hill
    Incomplete title

    The title of this course should include "...with Purchase of my Keynotopia Template". Don't get me wrong, if you want to purchase the templates this is probably a great way to learn to use them. For anyone not intending to purchase the instructors templates there are a few interesting bits of information as well, but maybe not worth going through the whole course for. Hey, it's a free course though - but with an appropriate disclaimer or title it would certainly deserve a higher rating.

  • Mayur Jobanputra
    Videos aren't working/Software being promoted

    The title says how to prototype in 30 minutes or less but it should really say how to use Keynoteopia in 30 minutes or less. Also, I stopped after Lecture 1 because the videos from Lecture 2 and beyond don't work. Thankfully this course is free.