ProShow - How to Make a Good Show Great!
4.7 (75 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
283 students enrolled
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ProShow - How to Make a Good Show Great!

Taking your shows to the next level
4.7 (75 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
283 students enrolled
Created by Jennifer Clark
Last updated 7/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Use Image adjustments, such as crop and colorize, to improve not-so-great photos
  • Use Colorize to correct color balance
  • Edit, crop, and colorize video backgrounds
  • Create a Lower Third graphic from a video background
  • Trim a video clip
  • Sync slide time with a video clip
  • Add multiple layers with a video clip
  • Adjust audio fades with Soundtrack and Audio within a slide
  • Crop a video clip's image
  • Edit Music in the Timeline Mode
  • Create custom crossfades
  • Overlap two music files
  • Adjust pre-designed Slide Styles slide time and keyframes
  • Adjust pre-designed Slide Styles graphic elements
  • Create and entire show using only Transitons
  • Extend or shorten Show Templates
  • Combine more than one Show or Template into a Project
  • Save a Slide Style out of a Template
  • Create a Custom Menu
  • Create multiple pages in a Menu
  • Designate complex navigation in a Menu
  • Add multiple sounds to a single slide
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  • Students must have ProShow Producer 6 or higher, version 7 is recommended

This course is all about taking your ProShow Productions to the next level.  Sometimes the difference between a good show and a great show is in the smallest details.  Knowing what to do with less-than-perfect photos and how to make pre-designed Slide Styles and Templates work for you and your photos is essential to making a great show.

In this course you'll have hands on training with these ProShow Producer features:

  1. Image adjustments, such as crop and colorize, to improve not-so-great photos
    1. Free Editing software - Pixlr
    2. Using Colorize to correct color balance
    3. Using Sharpen, Crop and other elements to enhance a blurry photo
  2. Video Backgrounds
    1. Changing it's color to match your theme
    2. Looping indefinitely
    3. Changing the video speed
    4. Creating a Lower Third from a Video Background
  3. Video Content
    1. Balancing Soundtrack Music with Audio in a Video File
    2. Trimming your video clip
    3. Syncing Slide Time with your video clip
    4. Adding Layers with your video clip
    5. Adding adjustments, such as vignettes and drop shadows to video clips
    6. Adjusting the start time of your video clip to the middle of your slide time
    7. Creating a Picture in Picture effect with a Video File, Graphics, and animated text
    8. Cropping the video image to adjust for scale
  4. Music
    1. Learning the legalities between Copyrighted and Royalty Free Music
    2. Editing in the Timeline Mode
    3. Zooming into the Waveform
    4. Trimming your Music in both the Trim Window and the Timeline Mode
    5. Offsetting two music tracks in the Timeline Mode
    6. Creating manual cross-fades
  5. Slide Styles
    1. Adjusting to fit orientation (Tall vs Wide photos)
    2. Adjust timing of pre-designed Slide Style using Keyframes and Add Time
    3. Customizing graphic layers within a pre-designed slide style
    4. Changing graphics to alter a style from a Fall Theme to a Summer Theme
  6. Creating an entire show using nothing but Transitions!
  7. Templates
    1. Locating missing files in pre-designed templates
    2. The difference between a Template Show File (.psh) and a Template File (.pst)
    3. Creating a Slide Style from an existing Template
    4. Extending or Shortening Templates
    5. Opening more than one show or Template into a Project
    6. Combining more than one show or template
  8. Menus
    1. Creating custom Menus for a single show
    2. Creating several pages for a multiple show menu
    3. Designating navigation for multiple pages and links in a menu
    4. Customizing additional features only found in Executable Menus
  9. Choosing the best output for your show
  10. Adding multiple sound files to a single slide

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who wants to take their ProShows to the next level
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Curriculum For This Course
24 Lectures
Making a Good show Great
1 Lecture 02:21

In this Course we’ll discuss taking the time to focus on those small details that make a good show great, such as removing red-eye, color correcting, and dealing with photos that are either out of focus or very poorly cropped.  We’ll discuss using Video and Music Files to their fullest potential, including using Videos in more ways than just as background or full screen content.  We’ll also be editing and trimming both video and music files.  When using Pre-Designed animations, such as Slide Styles and Templates, it’s important to know how to customize them to fit your show’s needs.  We’ll go over customizing Slide Style graphics, keyframe timing, and over all Slide and Transition times.  For Templates, we’ll talk about re-arranging slides, extending the template and even combining more than one show or template in a Project.  Building your show isn’t the only way you can make it great.  Knowing the best way to output your show and creating stunning customized menus with multiple pages and intentional navigation gives your show that overall polished look.

As you go through the lessons, I’ve indicated when there are files included for you to download so you can follow along with me.  Be sure to use that Pause button and the back 10 seconds button as much as you need so you don’t miss a thing!

Preview 02:21
Photos, Video, and Music
11 Lectures 01:10:36
  • Check the resolution of your photos
  • Choose photos that are in focus
  • Make sure you can see faces or eyes
  • Use a reasonable number of photos
  • Don't use too many photos from a single day

Photo Credits:

Ryan Harvey -

lemonjenny -

Liz Henry -

Preview 04:48

In this lesson we'll remove Red Eye in ProShow, Photoshop, and in the free online program Pixlr

Photo Credit:

lemonjenny -

Preview 03:01

In this lesson you'll learn how to adjust the brightness of a photo and you'll learn a great trick for fixing off-color photos.

Photo Credit:

Ryan Harvey -

Sebastian Dooris -

Dark or Discolored Photos

In this lesson we'll discuss some ways that you can use out of focus photos in your shows.  There are many imperfections in common photos that can easily be fixed...a photo being out of focus isn't one of them!

Photo Credit:

lemonjenny -

Out of Focus Photos

The trick to dealing with poorly cropped photos is to find that one thing, no matter how small, to focus on and draw your audience's attention to.

Poorly Cropped Photos

Video Backgrounds can be used as so much more than just backgrounds!  They are Layers, just like photos, and can be adjusted in the same ways. By using crop, colorize, position and more you can use Video Backgrounds to create additional elements to your slides, such as lower thirds and other graphic elements.

Videos - Backgrounds

Using video files as content, instead of as a graphic element, is one of the great features of ProShow.  BUT....ProShow isn't  designed to be video editing software.  You only have basic editing tools to work with.  In this lesson we'll discuss basic trimming of your video clips and audio adjustments.

Video Content - Adding, Trimming, and Adjusting the Soundtrack Audio

As with Video Backgrounds, Video Content is just a Layer, too.  You can do so much more with your video files then simply playing them full screen!  In this lesson we'll add some Photos to enhance the message behind your video file.

Video Content - Adding Photo Layers with your Video File

ProShow Producer can be used for so much more than simple photo slide shows.  In this lesson, we'll create a Picture in a Picture slide that uses a Video file, graphic logo, and several bullet point captions.

Video Content - Creating a Picture-In-Picture effect with Captions

The legalities of using music in your slide shows can be a bit tricky, so in this lesson I'll give you the "Cliff's Notes" of when it's ok to use Copyrighted Music and when Royalty Free music is required.

Preview 05:24

ProShow 7 introduced some wonderful new audio editing tools.  In this lesson we'll work in both the Slide List and Timeline modes as well as the Edit Fades and Timing window to trim your audio, offset or overlap two audio files, and create custom fades in order to time your slides perfectly to your music.

For a quick one minute tutorial on adding Audio Points, watch this free Master in a Minute tutorial:

Music - Editing, Adjusting, and Fading
Templates, Styles and Transitions
7 Lectures 40:08

When using Slide Styles, the orientation of your photos might effect the look of the Style.  In this lesson you'll learn how to make appropriate adjustments to pre-designed Slide Styles when you want to use a different oriented photo than the Style was designed for.

Slide Styles - Adjusting Orientation

Slide Styles - Adjusting Timing

Slide Styles - Adjusting Graphics, Backgrounds, Text, and Colors Part 1

Slide Styles - Adjusting Graphics, Backgrounds, Text, and Colors Part 2

Transitions - Make them bold or make them invisible

Templates - Overview of Templates and Installing the Basic Template

Templates - Customizing and Combining
5 Lectures 41:14
Beautiful Menus - Single Show

Beautiful Menus - Designing multiple Pages

Beautiful Menus - Navigating Multiple Pages

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BONUS LECTURE! More than one sound in a slide
About the Instructor
Jennifer Clark
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ProShow Guru and Graphic Designer

Jennifer started her career as a Video Editor and Graphic Designer back in the 1990s. With the launch of the ProShow Slide Show software in the early 2000s, she was able to combine her professional knowledge of Video and Graphic Design with this robust, but novice oriented program.

With over 20 years of experience in Video Graphic Design, Jennifer creates stunning Slide Styles and Templates that anyone can use to create beautiful shows using the ProShow Software. Her teaching style also earned high marks by Photodex, who has invited her to be a guest speaker at two of their ProShow Conventions as well as being a contributor to their ProShow Book, "Secrets of ProShow Experts".