Pronto Spanish for Teachers
5.0 (3 ratings)
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Pronto Spanish for Teachers

Helping Educators Bridge the Communication Gap with their Spanish-Speaking Students & Parents
5.0 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
24 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • accurate Spanish pronounciation
  • "small talk" Spanish conversation
  • information gathering in Spanish
  • Spanish time and date
  • classroom objects in Spanish
  • education job titles in Spanish
  • school rules in Spanish
  • positive/negative class behaviors
  • descriptions of academic progress
  • directions to places in schools
  • subjects in Spanish
  • general Spanish vocabulary (numbers, colors, family members, clothing, etc.)
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  • No previous language requirements for the course.
  • Students need to have a willingness to learn a new language!

Pronto Spanish for Teachers seeks to bridge the communication gap between English and Spanish speakers in a school setting. This course is ideal for teachers, administrators, and anyone working with Spanish-speaking students and parents. 

Students will build their Spanish vocabulary commonly used in schools through videos, click-n-learn vocabulary lists with audio, language tips, flashcards, and Spanish conversation ideas to practice with your family, friends, and colleagues. While there are only two hours of official lectures, you will have lots of downloadable resources to practice you new Spanish vocabulary at your own pace on their the computer  - or if you prefer, on paper with good old fashion flashcards!

This course allows you to pick and choose what you want to learn in the order you want to learn it.  Already know the Spanish Fundamentals? Then move right into the vocabulary for teachers! First time taking Spanish? Then spend more time in the Spanish Fundamentals section.

Pronto Spanish for Teachers is designed to increase your Spanish vocabulary - not make you fluent in the language or have you focus on complicated grammar structures.  It is designed to give you lots of relevant words and phrases you can use from Day 1 in your classroom. This course was designed by a K-12 teacher...for teachers!

Who is the target audience?
  • K-12 Teachers who would like to better communicate with their Spanish-speaking students and parents.
  • Front office staff who communicate with Spanish-speaking students and parents.
  • Administrators wanting to create a more welcoming environment for their schools.
  • University students enrolled in a teacher education program.
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Curriculum For This Course
45 Lectures
1 Lecture 03:18

Get to know me - your "profesora"! Learn about my background and why I am passionate about helping to bridge the communication gap with Spanish-speaking students and parents.

Preview 03:18
Spanish Fundamentals: The Basics
9 Lectures 25:04

Unlike English, Spanish pronunciation is super easy! Learn the letter sounds and pronunciation rules to be able to say any Spanish word.

Preview 07:03

¡Hola! ¡Buenos días! Let's start out learning words you will use everyday when greeting your Spanish-speaking students and parents.

Preview 04:24

Expand upon the basic greetings to such phrases as "mucho gusto" (nice to meet you) and "hasta luego" (see you later).

Preview 01:19

Ask how somebody is doing (¿Cómo estas?) and then learn how to respond if someone asks you this question.

More Greetings - Más Saludos

There are always words that you won't know how to say or may need someone to repeat. This section teaches you how to ask "How do you say...", "What does .... mean?" and the ever important survival phrases as "repeat" and "I don't understand."

Survival Words - Palabras Necesarias

You use numbers a lot in the every single day. This lecture will help take your Spanish number skills beyond saying them in order to actually using them in the real world.

Numbers/Números 0-9

Already know your numbers to 10? Challenge yourself to go beyond all of the way to 1000!

Numbers/Números 10-1000

Now that you have listened to the videos and been exposed to new Spanish vocabulary, time to study! 

Study Materials - The Basics

Find a student, co-worker, or family member to help you start practicing these new words and phrases. Read through some various practice ideas that you will help you retain the vocabulary words and phrases.

Preview 02:38
Spanish Fundamentals: More Interactions
9 Lectures 20:07

You have seen ¿Qué?, ¿Dónde?, and ¿Cómo? before this lecture. Learn what the actual translations are as well as how more question words (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How).

Questions - Preguntas

Be ready for the moment a Spanish-speaker walks into the office or your classroom. Learn to say such expressions as Can I help you?, Come with me, and Thank you for your patience.

Preview 03:11

Learn the expression ¿Cuál es su...? (What is your...) and all of the possible ways that can be added to that sentence starter, such as asking for someone's birthday, address, phone number, etc.

Registrations - Registraciones

Every been lost? Have you ever helped someone who has been lost? Learn how to communicate in Spanish during these situations.

Directions - Direcciones

You use time every day, when talking about the time right now, talking about when classes and subjects change, and setting up appointments. Learn how to not only say the time, but also to find out when events take place.

Time - La Hora

Months are extremely useful when talking about student birthdays and setting up appointments. Plus - this is a nice, easy vocabulary list because most of the words look and sound like their English equivalent!

Months and Seasons - Meses y Estaciones

Learning the days of the week will help clarify when homework is due and talking about upcoming events.

Days of the Week and Date - Días de la Semana y la Fecha

Now that you have listened to the videos and been exposed to new Spanish vocabulary, time to study! 

Study Materials - More Interactions

Grab a partner and try practicing these new vocabulary words and phrases in "real life"!

Your Turn to Practice!
Spanish Fundamentals: Just Good Vocabulary to Know!
7 Lectures 16:10

Once you learn your colors, you will be amazed how handy they will come in when trying to communicate in Spanish!

Preview 02:16

Teaching does not only include working with students, but also with the students' families. Learn the names of family members, ranging from parents to siblings to grandparents to even aunts and uncles.

Family - La Familia

Being able to describe somebody (tall, young, artistic, etc.) will really add to your general vocabulary that you will be able to call on time and time again.

Personal Characteristics - Características Personales

This is just good vocabulary to know! You never know when you'll get a stain on your "camisa" or have a hole in your "pantalones"!

Clothing - Ropa

Want to connect better with your Spanish-speaking students? Ask them about what they and don't like in their first language.

Likes and Dislikes - Gustos y Disgustos

Study Materials - Just Good Vocabulary to Know!

Time for you to grab a friend (or even some alone time) and practice what you have learned in this section by putting to use your new vocabulary in practical situations.

Your Turn to Practice!
Spanish for Teachers: Basic Vocabulary
8 Lectures 25:17

You may already know you are a "profesora" (teacher for older students) or "maestra" (teacher for younger students), but what are others called in your building?  Learn how to talk about your colleagues and what they do.

Preview 04:07

How many times do you use the word "pencil", "pen", "paper", or "book" during the school day? Learn how to say these words in context and more in Spanish.

Preview 03:50

This lecture will teach you all about common places you find in a typical school. (Tip: You may also want to go back and review the "Directions" lecture so that you can tell people how to get to these places.)

Places Around a School - Lugares en una Escuela

What do you teach? Language arts? Science? Phy Ed? Learn how to say these subjects and many more in Spanish.

Courses - Cursos

Learn a few key sentence starters, such as "Do you want to...?", "You need to..." and "Please...", and add on one of 20 new actions words to make complete sentences. (Example: Do you want to walk? You need to read. Please wait.)

Action Verbs - Verbos de Acción

Teachers spend their days directing and redirecting students in the classroom. Learn such useful phrases as "Look at...", "Write...", "Read...", "Go..." and "Sit down."

Commands - Mandatos

Now that you have listened to the videos and been exposed to new Spanish vocabulary, time to study! 

Study Materials - Basic Teacher Vocabulary

Take this time to practice what you have learned! Find a student or partner to practice saying these words and phrases aloud using these ideas.

Your Turn to Practice!
Spanish for Teachers: Useful Expressions
7 Lectures 19:38

As much as we would love for our students to always behave wonderfully, sometimes they do not. First, learn how to compliment ours students in the behaviors we would like to see. Then learn ways to describe to parents how their children behave in the classroom - both positively and negatively.

Preview 04:28

You will first learn such sentence starters as, "You need to read...", "Take out..." and "Don't forget...", then follow it up with vocabulary like "assignment", "project", "test", and "notes".

Study Skills - Habilidades del Estudiante

This is more of a "touchy-feeling" lecture that teaches a few expressions that will help younger students feel better, such as "give me a hug" and "don't be afraid".

Expressions for Younger Students - Expresiones para Jóvenes

These expressions are just good phrases to know, such as "Happy Birthday!", "Bless you!", and "Welcome!"

Essential Phrases - Frases Necesarias

I have left this lecture for the end - because there is a lot here! Learn such sentence starters as "You need to...", "No...", "Please do not bring...", "His/her behavior is...", and "He/she needs..." Each one of these phrases includes all sorts of options to finish it and make it a complete sentence that outlines various school rules.

School Rules - Reglas Escolares

Now that you have listened to the videos and been exposed to new Spanish vocabulary, time to study! 

Study Materials - Useful Expressions

Now that you have learned lots of new words and phrases related to a school environment, read through these ideas to prepare you for using these in a "real-life" situation.

Your Turn to Practice!
Course Study Materials
3 Lectures 00:19
Make Paper Flashcards - Spanish Fundamentals

Make Paper Flashcards - Spanish for Teachers

Here you will find links to practice the vocabulary words for the entire course!

Interactive Digital Flashcards and Games
Extra Resources
1 Lecture 01:28

This last video thanks you for taking the course and gives you a few extra language tips. Make sure you download these two PDF files which includes all of the words and phrases from the course!

Thank you! - ¡Gracias!
About the Instructor
Tara Bradley Williams
4.1 Average rating
12 Reviews
877 Students
3 Courses
Pronto Spanish Founder

I learned early in my life that I want to spend my days doing something I love. I discovered a love of the Spanish language in college when I studied abroad in Spain and since then, have built my life - not just my career - around sharing my passion and breaking down the communication barrier.

In 2002, I co-founded Pronto Spanish Services with my husband. Together, we created experiences and products that would improve language learning. It has morphed tremendously over the years. Pronto Spanish started out by providing Spanish Weekend Immersions and weekday conversational classes in Madison, WI. As we developed our own materials for these weekend immersions and courses, we then started to package them into the ¡A Conversar! series. 

The more I taught adult students, the more I realized the need for occupational Spanish. Most adults were not coming simply to learn Spanish for the sake of learning Spanish. Rather, they were coming for a specific purpose and mostly, it was work-related. So I developed courses and materials specifically for the workplace, such as Spanish for Educators, Spanish for Medical Professionals, Spanish for Constructor Workers, etc. Almost 10 years ago, our conversational and occupational Spanish courses moved all online and we have continued to grow partnering with several leading online providers.  

Much of my time, however, is still in the classroom. I continue to teach Spanish and ELL (English Language Learners) in the K-12 public school classroom as I just enjoy the students and using my Spanish - the one passion that always grounds me.