Promo Video Mastery
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Promo Video Mastery

How to create videos that capture prospects, entertain, inform, engage, increase views, sales and shares
4.1 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
35 students enrolled
Last updated 6/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create highly effective promo videos that are fun, entertaining, informative and engaging, capture prospects attention and more easily share their product, service, message to increase the reach and gain more subscribers, buyers and clients
  • Understand the structure and psychology of effective promotional videos
  • How to create effective promo videos quickly and easily
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  • Students need to have a computer with basic video editing software
  • Be familiar with Keynote or Powerpoint Presentation Software
  • Have some experience of Screenflow or Camtasia

Attention Marketers, Speakers, Video Creators and Business Owners Who Desperately Need to Leverage the Power of a Highly Effective Promotional Video to Dramatically Increase Views and Sales

Let's face it, if your promo video doesn't capture attention's're gone...

You're about to discover the single most critical issue that's plagued so many online marketers and video creators for years and how to overcome that

But first, Here's a few questions...

Do you know why:

  • Your promo videos simply aren't driving more sales? 
  • They aren't going viral and getting more shares and likes? 
  • You're not getting higher conversions from visitors into buyers, clients and users? 

You're probably really good at what you do, but even the best marketers sometimes just can't make a great promo video 

And that's sad, you're leaving lots of money on the table 

You see, most prospects won't even get past the first 10 seconds of your video much less watch it to completion...


Because it's probably dull and boring...or not much different than your competitors

Your promo video is the first impression the prospect gets to decide if they want to click and start doing business with you, subscribe or buy 

If your promo videos aren't converting, if they're not fun, entertaining informative and engaging...your viewers simply click off your site...gone forever...

Internet Time is critical...
You have so little time to capture the prospects attention...On Youtube you can click the "Skip Ad" button in 5 seconds...that's all you got...

And If you don't capture their attention and get them engaged fast, you'll never see them again and your competitors will scoop them up

If this is happening to you, It's ok, it's not your fault

While you were getting good at what you do, video has become the most powerful marketing tool to engage and capture clients and get them to take action.

Simply sells.  
We all love movies, cartoons and videos

You need a great promo video for your product, service, message or business. In the age of digital everything, you must present your proposition how your prospects want...and that's with Video. It captures and captivates the eyes, ears, mind, emotions. Video is incredibly powerful 

So that's why we created Promo video Mastery to help you 

Create powerfully high converting, fun, entertaining informative and engaging promo videos that get more prospects to pay attention to your message and move down the continuum of belief closer to

  • Joining your list
  • Subscribing
  • Hiring you
  • Signing up for a lead magnet,
  • Making a purchase

If you don't have an amazing promo video, you're losing countless sales and buyers big time

Making An Awesome Promo Video Is Simple if you know the way

In promo video mastery we'll show you: 

  • Why it's critical that your business has a kick ass promo video
  • The essential elements you must include in your copy writing to increase conversion with your videos
  • How to create a stir, a buzz so you're viewers pay closer attention and respond to your message
  • The 12 key steps to a successful promotional video and how to simply implement them in your videos to increase sales
  • How to create a killer script so your viewers will watch and share your promo videos
  • How to create a real-world promo video step by step. 
    • Look over our shoulder as we break down the exact promo video we created for our course Video Design Mastery. 
    • We share the mindset behind what we do and why we create scenes the way we do , psychology
    • The how's and why's of successful promo videos to increase sales
  • Amazing tips and tricks we've gained creating hundreds of videos so your videos really rock

So start making awesome videos today 

Click the enroll now button and start becoming a Promo Video Master and getting more conversions, sales and shares with your videos

And you're not going it alone with some re-printed out-of-date how-to information, Between your two instructors Scott and John, they've been making videos for years, testing and learning many of the video creation apps and software, they have over 50,000 students in more than 34 Udemy courses with  597 five star reviews

Let's face it, in the digital economy of today video rules

If you're not create amazing promo video that entertain, inform and engage, you might as well go back to writing on the cave walls

Our Iron Clad Guarantee  
If you can't create amazing promo videos in the next 30 days after taking our masterclass,  we'll refund your tuition, no questions asked, the risk is totally on us to help you succeed. You have more than 4 weeks and if you get stuck or need help, we're here to help. 

So this really is a no-brainer 

This course will change the way you make videos and the success of your online marketing, websites, social media in under 4 weeks 

So enroll today and get started

Or you can carry on as you are building sales funnels, sites, campaigns that just don't work or convert well

You remain oblivious to the lost customers and sales which your competitors are scooping up easily 

Perhaps you don't care, maybe you can afford to leave money on the table, lose sales to your competitors

Or maybe you believe that the do-nothing philosophy leave thing s alone is an effective growth strategy

Heck, it's just your life and that of your loved ones we're talking about. We can only show you what it might be like when your first contact with prospects sucks them into your sales's totally up to you

So enroll today and up your game and compete in the digital video economy

Or stay in the trenches and be left behind with the rest of the crowd

It's your choice

Enroll now, you risk nothing and have nothing to lose but increases sales, conversions and viral shares

Who is the target audience?
  • Video Creators, Speakers, Trainers, Consultants, Marketers Who Need To Make More Effective Promo Videos That Convert Better, Increase Viewer Engagement, Sales and Shares
  • Online Educators, new and established Udemy instructors
  • Small Business Owners
  • Marketing Executives
  • Aspiring Videogrape
  • Media Students
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Freelancers
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Curriculum For This Course
100 Lectures
Start Here
2 Lectures 04:28

This is the video we created for our Video Mastery Course and this is the video that Scott and I will be using as our case study for this course to help to show you how you too can create amazing Promotional Videos

Preview 02:57
Why are Promotional Videos Critical For Your Business
5 Lectures 11:18

Making a Promo Video that Works

One of my Original Promotional Videos

A Promotional Video Checklist

Promotional Video Scripts Structure Checklist
Copywriting Mini Course
5 Lectures 33:29

Copywriting Mini Course - Sales Pitch

Copywriting Mini Course - Power Words

Copywriting Mini Course - Soft Skills

Copywriting Mini Course - Common Mistakes
Creating a Stir and Getting Attention
5 Lectures 18:23

I want to challenge you.  Are your promotional videos good enough?  Just because that is the way that every one else makes them, is that OK?  What do you think?

I share my view with you in this lecture.

Is the Standard Promotional Video Good Enough?

I want to start to build this content with an initial structure which will help you to understand the main framework of a Promotional Video. These Six Steps are your foundation and can be found in all good promotional messages of every kind.

Six Key Messages in a Promotional Video

Before you get started you have to get your Audiences attention and this lecture shows you how.

So How Can You Get Attention?

In order to capture the attention of your audience, you need to want them to find out more about your topic and intrigue, arousing their curiosity, appeals to one of the strongest emotions.  In simple terms you make it hard for them to stop themselves reading more of your topic.

Preview 03:06

Your Promotional Video headline is not your course title, it is so much more than that.  You need to use it to hook your audience into your video!  So watch this lecture to find out more!

You can download my Extra Titles Cheatsheet to help inspire you to create titles and headlines that will literally spellbind you audience.

How to Make A Promise with your Headline
The 12 Key Steps to A Successful Promo Video
13 Lectures 18:40

The first step here is to set up the problem.  You need to remind them, if necessary, that they have a problem!

Step 1 Setting up the Problem

It is important that your audience feels that you understand them and their problem.  You need to establish empathy if they are to feel that you are on their side.

2. Connecting with your Viewer

Now you need to draw them in deeper and to show them that you really have been where they are now.  If they don't believe this, your pitch won't be credible.

3. Deepen The Experience with your Viewer

Now you need to make them feel uncomfortable, make sure that they are not happy with where they are today.  This is going to be a big motivator to get them to take action later.

4. Moving from Frustration to Fear

You need to remove the competition from the fray!  They might be out there but they are not the answer for your audience, you are!

5. Dismissing the Competition

Now you pull back the curtains and reveal the solution that is going to take their problem away!

6. Time to Reveal your Prize

This step takes them one step closer to making your sales pitch irresistable.  Make sure that you really drive these points home!

7. Moving from Interest to Desire

Right, now hit them with your first call to action!  By this point, it should be a no brainer for them, but remember there are always going to be some people who hold back so your job is not done yet!

8. Time for a Call to Action

This is important. The transaction must be riskless from their point of view, so you have to provide a guarantee.

9. Now - Take Away The RISK!

Now you need to close them out!  Draw everything together and hit them with another Call To Action!

10. Closing Out the Pitch

Postscripts are a very effective way to repeat your message and your call to action without actually appearing to!

11. Effective Postscripts = PS and PPS

This lecture summarises the key points in this section.

12. Key Points Summary

12 Key Steps Checklist
Create A Powerful, Engaging, Benefit Driven Script That Gets Viewers To Act
6 Lectures 26:11

In order to convince any prospect to to take action you want to present proof. Scott shares his "Exceptional" scores on his Explaindio Excellence course promo video to show he does know how to create a promo video to satisfy Udemy's stringent approval guidelines

Preview 01:32

How we used the AIDA formula to begin creating the Video Sales Letter Script for the course Video Design Mastery: How to Make Awesome Videos Fast. Scott walks you through how he starts the process of creating any sales letter AFTER the course is complete

Using the AIDA Script Marketing formula (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)

This 18 Step Sales Letter Formula was culled down from a 2 day conference presented by Genius Marketer Copywriter Perry Belcher of Digital Marketer. This is a condensed version of the formula Scott studied for 6 months. 

Using the 18 Step Sales Letter Formula to write an effective sales letter script

Using the 18 Step Sales Letter Formula, Scott writes the first draft of the promo video sales letter using Basecamp, a collaboration software tool that allows John to exit teh script back and forth with Scott. 

How to Create the Promo Video Script using the 18 Step Sales Letter Formula

How Scott takes scripts and puts them into a word document and breaks them down into scenes making notes on what apps, assets, thoughts ideas and "scribblling" he does to make his brainsoaring video creation process flow. 

Advanced script creation technique for experienced video pros, What Scott Use

The Script Creation Keyword Asset Worksheet is a very effective tool that allows you to plan out each scene in your promo video including; scene numbers, scene name, script copy, the app you think you'll use, keywords, image, asset and actor thoughts and scene timing. 

Using the Script Creation Keyword Asset Worksheet to plan your promo video
How to research, locate, organize, hire and use your video assets and actors
4 Lectures 19:55

One of the single most important exercises every video creator and video pro must and I repeat must perform is organizing your assets so you know what you have and can quickly find what you need to create your videos faster.

Organizing your assets and actors for quick and efficient scene creation

Knowing what assets and actors you have, where they are located in  your computer is one of the single most effective ways to increase the speed of your video creation. Researching locating and hiring assets and actors often times takes longer than creating the actual scenes. 

Preview 05:15

One of the most time=consuming parts of video creation is searching for, hiring and utlizing assets actors and assets. It's vital to have your assets easily accessible and using your notes, scene ideas and/or your Script Creation Keyword Asset Worksheet to find your video assets quickly and efficiently. 

Researching, Choosing and Hiring The Most Appropriate Actors, Assets and Apps

When you need to find assets fast using is the most effective way you can find royalty free images to use in your promo videos or other NON-Paying client videos. I use this site to find images fast when I need to make a quote video or for a sample video for a client.

How to find FREE assets FAST and efficiently using
The How and Why invididual scenes were created: apps, actors and assets Part One
11 Lectures 07:57

Creating the first scene, Step 1 and 2 in the 18 Step Sales Letter Formula: The call out to video creators and the grabber the attention getter using a sketch image, edited in inkscape and animated in Easy Animator Pro

Getting the target audiences attention with the Attention and Grabber of the VSL

Step 3 in the Promo Video Sales Letter Process, involved presenting the headline, the How to, so the listener knows what they are going to learn or get, in this case, we want them to know they will learn how to Create Awesome Videos...Today!

Scene 2: The Headline, the promise, How to Create Awesome Videos Today

You connect with your viewer and let them know they are in the right place by asking questions directly relating to their situation and animating the questions so they connect and are pulled deeper into your video. This scene uses an svg images being sketched to represent boring. 

Preview 00:28

This scene intensifies the pain and lets the viewer know they are in the right place if their videos are not being shared or have any chance of going viral. Deepening the step 5 connection in the VSL

Continuing to connect, increasing the pain of 'not getting shares or going viral

This scene was quick and simple to make a point in a very few words. Most video creators, in fact all of us know video works. Don't need to harp on it further...4 words and an animation cements the idea. 

Animating a 2 second idea 'You Know"Video Works' quickly to make the point fast

Using an infographic and animation effects to convery a short scene message

This scene let's the viewer off the hook. Once they feel the discomfort and the pain of knowing they have bad videos not going viral, boring videos, you want to tell them it's not their fault so you can ease their pain and begin to build them back up with the solution they need. 

Letting the viewer off the hook, easing their pain it's ok it's not your fault,

In this scene we're setting up how hard it is to find good video creators who have the time and teaching expertise to show you how to make awesome videos This is kind of like presenting step 6 of the VSL formula, , The enemy, the challenge their facing in not getting the information, what's being kept from them and why

Using different animations to keep the eye moving with the talking head John.

Once the viewer is let off the hook, after we've told them they problems they are having, and have presented the 'enemy' the video creators who don't have time or the ability to teach properly, we prepare them for the opportunity to get what they need...Setting it up with until now...

Preparing to present the opportunity with animated text in Kinetic Text Animator

Having John introduce himself, credibility, proof he knows a few things having over 30 courses on Udemy with over 46,000 students and him introducing Scott, with BeAVideoPro and creator of the Explaindio Excellence course, shows the prospect, two teachers with experience and you want someone whose been there first teaching you. 

Creating crebility and proof of the experience of the instructors John and Scott

Introducing the course, the opportunity, the solution Video Design Mastery
The How and Why individual scenes were created: apps, actors and assets Part Two
11 Lectures 08:47

The first benefit we present and the ease of learning is showing them with a dude guy walking down steps, showing and explaining the course takes them step-by-step through the process of creating awesome videos

Preview 00:33

Using kinetic text we show the viewer exactly what they will discover, which is part of the Benefits step 10 in the VSL, giving them more confidence in the product, that they'll learn how we create scenes the way we do to make videos more engaging. Using text to break up the animations

Adding more benefits on how to create awesome videos making them more engaging

In this scene we use multiple animations and apps to support John's talking about how he will walk you through the process of how he creates videos, his tips and tricks his equipment, taking you step by step. An important scene combining talking head John with multiple animations. 

Using multiple assets and apps to convey John walking you through his process

Scott lets the viewer know he's going to take them step-by-step on how he reviewed John's video, re-writes the script, develops a Scene Creation Asset Worksheet, searches for and hires actors and assets and produces each scene and explains how he does what he does and why. 

Scott tells you exactly what he'll do, so you can follow every step he takes

Showing the different apps used to create scenes and then putting together an animation to represent entertaining, informative and engaging videos and how and why I chose the assets for the scene. 

Creating an entertaining, informative and engaging multi asset animated scene

Scott takes an original video of John's and completely transforms it using the morph feature in Explaindio to represent the different currencies he talks about with images of each currency morphing from a spinning globe. 

Scott takes a scene from John's original video animates it and makes it engaging

This scene animates John saying pretty cool ay...The actual scene uses Way Cool, a technique to keep the viewer more engaged instead of just using every word exact. Scott also incorporates text animation and uses the 7 colors of the rainbow to further engage the viewers senses. 

Creating a way cool scene and incorporating the colors of the rainbow for effect

Often times, the Doodle sketch, hand drawing whiteboard animation is overused in video creation and video scenes. When the mind sees a hand drawing something on the screen, it thinks that it's their hand. This causes a good feeling and releases dopamine. It's crucial to NOT overuse the hand sketch feature as it will cause the viewer to become fatigued. 

Preview 01:10

In the call to action Scott takes an svg image to be sketched, leveraging the dopamine effect at the moment when we want the viewer to take action, he customized the image in Inkscape and added a video background and some text using Explaindio. 

Using a custom sketch image for the Call to Action with additional animations

The final scene, showing the future result, happiness and using a smiley face with a finger clicking right after we ask them to take action and enroll in the course. The script: you know you're going to love it

Ending the Promo Video with an upbeat feeling celebration and smiling

We've walked you through step by step what we did in each scene to animate the promo video, the philosophy of each scene and how it supports the VSL so your videos are more fun, entertaining, informative and engaging. Now go make some awesome promo videos for your clients, projects, products, messages, teaching, services or any video creation ideas you have. 

Final recap on fun, entertaining, informative and engaging promo video creation
Putting all the produced scenes into Camtasia and adding effects and animations
14 Lectures 27:37

How I first used Camtasia8 and how I found and studied Camtasia Mastery by Ron Hogue and what the user interface looks like when you first open it.

What I use and how I use it using the Promo video from Video Design mastery


Preview 00:55

I explore the features I use most often on the Menu Bar, what makes most sense to me to make video creation faster and simpler

Exploring the Camtasia 8 User Interface and Getting Familiar With The Software

Where your assets live in your project and how you can change the video preview and work with it in different places

Exploring the video preview tools

The importance of leaving your assets from the clip bin in the same folders so Camtasia can find them

Exploring the Clip Bin: Where all your assets and actors live while you edit

Using the audio feature to silence part of a video and using transitions; fade and fade to black is what I use. 

Exploring the Audio feature, how to silence part of a video, using transitions

Where you add your videos, assets, timing, where it all happens

Using the shortcuts to control play and pause

What I use on the timeline and a review of those timeline features 

How and why I use the marker view

Using the editing icons, undo, cut, split, copy, paste


Preview 02:09

Tracks enable you to work on different sections of your project easily. We cover: Renaming, moving, adding, deleting, expanding or shrinking tracks,

Exploring the flexibility of tracks in your project making video creation easier

Opening the project and loading all the assets, videos, animations

Exploring the scenes in the user interface

Exploring the assets in the clip bin; Camtasia recording files, images, audio, video

Exploring the asset properties in the clip bin, where they live in your computer

Opening and exploring the Promo Video from our Video Design Mastery Course

One of the single most important video creation habits to develop is saving every few edits

Get in the habit of Control S, Control S, Control S…Save Save Save…saving time

Setting the dimensions of your video for the final production,

Reviewing what I use for the Editing Dimensions and background preview window color

Shrink to fit

What I use in lower menu bar beneath the clip bin; cli bin, library, callouts, zoom in, audio visual properties, audio

Exploring the Video Preview Window and lower menu bar beneath the clip bin

The timer shows clip length and overall project length

Zoom in Zoom Out Slider

How to view the timeline using zoom, scroll bar,

Using the playhead, the red and green tabs on the playhead

Using the produce selection as feature to export clips in your project

Finding the time of your scene or clip using the red tab on the playhead

How to use the different controls on the timeline while working with your clips

At times you'll need to shorten a clip or lengthen it to fit the audio or voice recording script to fit exactly in your video. The clip speed feature allows you to adjust the length of the clip. 

Using "Clip Speed" edit to lengthen or shorten a Clip to fit into your script

Changing the size of the work area to view the timeline in more detail

Expanding the tracks if necessary

How to explore your animations for the best editing view and work area

Why I leave the bottom track empty during production

Exploring the flexibility of the Timeline Work Area for optimum scene editing

Displaying the marker view with the scene names to find more easily and keep naming conventions consistent

Creating a video from a segment of your project using the Produce Special Alf F + D + S is the keyboard shortcut to the production wizard to render a video

Exploring the Production Wizard to produce an MP4 video in 1280x720 (Best for youtube)

Exploring the individual scenes from the Video Design Mastery course

I spent months frustrated when I added a new recording to my project. It gets placed at the end of the project and I had to drag it where I wanted. I finally learned the correct way to simply and easily cut and paste the added clip exactly where I needed it. 

Overcoming frustration adding a new recording to your project in the right place
4 More Sections
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Be A Video Pro
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Guaranteed Video Marketing and Video Creation Specialist

As Guaranteed Video Marketers We believe Video Marketing is the single most effective way to capture, engage, entertain and inform your prospects and audiences. 

We believe in bite size video training so you can learn easily. Our videos run from 12 seconds to the longest 4:13. No need to watch hours of videos to learn one skill you need.

It's fun when you know how to create videos to market yours or your clients' product, service or message

Creating fun, Entertaining, Informative and Engaging Videos can add More Views, More Shares, More Likes, More Buyers and More $$$$

The techniques we teach we use every day to create videos four our own clients and prospects and products, services and messages

We believe training should be simple, easy to follow real world and not filled with extra fluff. 

In our course you'll get marketing insights, video creation strategies, how to's, step-by -step, indepth training we've developed over 37 years as Internet, Website, Social Media, Branding, Marketing, Digital eCommerce and now...Video Creation and Marketing specialists. 

We've helped small businesses and large companies like Marriott, Walt Disney World, Hyatt, Pepsico, Frito Lay, The US Military and hundreds of other businesses to bring in more customers, increase their sales and profits and create loyal repeat buyers....

Our teaching style is to guide you step-by-step, through the subject matter as you look over my shoulder, in the training and we provide you with all the assets, actors, videos, images, in the training so you can duplicate exactly what and how we show you, we teach like you were sitting next to me or on Skype. 

You'll also get direct access through the discussion area of each section of the course so any challenges or questions you have can be resolved

We're very open to feedback and want to improve our courses always. feel free to feed ideas for lectures or other courses

For the past 37 years we've worked with companies helping them grown their brand through proven on and offline strategies. 

We believe in shortening the learning curve and creating easier faster more efficient ways to learn and create videos

You don't need to be an experienced video creation genius. You don't need any other programs, everything even scripts, cheat sheets, outlines and assets are provided in this complete comprehensive training.