Professional Digital Marketing Using Google AdWords - SEM
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Professional Digital Marketing Using Google AdWords - SEM

Learn The New Google AdWords System - From Setup to Pro Techniques
4.5 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,187 students enrolled
Created by Dan Grijzenhout
Last updated 9/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the importance of doing SEO prior to using Google AdWords
  • Setup a Google AdWords account
  • Create a digital marketing campaign using the New Google AdWords application
  • Use advanced Google AdWords features to improve paid advertising effectiveness
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  • A basic knowledge of online marketing concepts
  • A Google Account (G-Mail, YouTube, Google Plus, etc.)
  • A website would be useful for those doing this for their own business

This training course has been constructed to introduce you to the Google AdWords advertising system. Within the course I will show you how to get setup and start using it, how to use it as it is designed to be used, and I will show you some advanced techniques and strategies that will help you get the greatest bang for your buck when you use it.  These are professional usage techniques that many advertisers who use this system never learn – or even know that these features exist and they can save you a lot of advertising money and can get you greater profitable returns on each dollar you spend within this system.

The course begins with an introduction to what Google AdWords is followed by two lectures on why it is also important to do a little SEO work on your website or at least the landing pages you will be sending people to through your ads - this includes some tips on how to make these pages look good to Google. Why? Well constructed landing pages that you target and that Google sees will have an impact on how well your ads get positioned in Google search results and how much you have to pay per click to get people to your site as Google analyzes it beforehand and gives it a "Quality Score" rating - which I then explain the components of to end Section One of the course.  

Section Two of the course instructs on how to access, setup and navigate through the Google AdWords system followed by the steps you take to actually build your ad campaigns, ad groups and ultimately, your advertisements themselves. In this section I also instruct on some of the strategies you should be employing to create ads that target and convert well including how to build your keyword and keyword phrase lists, your negative keywords and what they are and how to use Google Ad Extensions in your ads to give you competitive advantage over others also competing against you for coveted page one advertising locations on Google search results.  Also in this section I discuss the different Google networks you can advertise on including YouTube, Google Search and the Display network which places ads on various websites around the Internet.  Lastly, I talk about the different types of ads you can create and walk you through an example of setting up an ad.

In Section Three, I discuss a number of more advanced ways that professional advertisers use Google AdWords to better target various audiences, attract customers, create better converting ads and build models of different ad strategies geared to positioning your ads well and to minimizing your costs of advertising. Here you will learn tasks that you can complete that will set you apart from most users of Google AdWords - and these strategies will save you advertising costs, help you position your ads better on search results pages, and help your ads convert to sales at higher percentages.

Who is the target audience?
  • A business owner with a website
  • A digital marketing student or new practitioner
  • An online marketing professional
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Curriculum For This Course
18 Lectures
Course Introduction and SEO in Relation to SEM
4 Lectures 32:22

This lecture provides an introduction to the Google AdWords application. It describes how the application works in overview and the value it has to advertisers and business owners trying to grow their ventures online.

Preview 04:25

One of the key components to minimizing your paid advertising costs per ad and to improving the placements of your ads within Google search engine results is a composite weighting factor of your website's "Quality Score" as viewed in the eyes of Google.  It definitely takes some SEO work on the website owner's part to show a good Quality Score to Google.  This video lecture explains this in more detail.

Preview 06:08

As we are starting off this course with a discussion on the Google Quality Score and its impacts on SEM and how good site SEO plays a part in securing a high Quality Score, I've included this lecture to give the student some strategies they can employ to help their websites improve their scores.

The Art of Search Engine Optimization

This Glossary of Terms will provide the student with an improved understanding of what terms mean as they run across them when using Google AdWords. I've put some effort in describing these terms to levels that can help the new Google AdWords user both understand and use the related features and tools they will find within this application suite.

Google AdWords Terminology - Glossary of Key Terms
The New Google AdWords System
7 Lectures 28:20

This video lecture walks the student through the various menus found within the Google AdWords product suite and it provides a number of insights on how to navigate through these menu options to get maximum value out of the product.

Preview 02:44

Want to get even more out of Google AdWords? Here are some applications - some owned by Google and some not - that you can link Google AdWords to so as to share information between applications.

Google AdWords - Linked Accounts

This video lecture instructs the student on how to setup new campaigns within the Google AdWords system.

Setting Up Google AdWords Campaigns

Google Ad Groups are setup underneath Campaigns. This lecture shows you how to set them up and how to select keywords and keyword phrases for inclusion within Ad Groups to be usable for all ads published within these groups.

Setting Up Google Ad Words Ad Groups

This lecture instructs on the steps required to create a Google AdWords ad. It walks you through the types of ads you can create and through a step by step example of actually setting up an ad within an Ad Group within a Campaign.

Creating Google AdWords Ads

Use negative keywords in your created advertisements to lower your advertising costs while still targeting the viewers you want to.  Use these to weed out people who you would spend money advertising to that you know are very unlikely to purchase something from you.  using them will save you money and improve your CTR and conversion rates.

Using Negative Keywords to Save Advertising Costs and Improve Targeting

This video lecture walks the student though the steps of creating video advertisements starting from published YouTube videos and ending up in Google AdWords to be processed and activated.

Creating Video Ad Promotions Within Google AdWords
Google AdWords Advanced Features and Strategies
7 Lectures 41:50

Probably the greatest innovation built into the entire Google AdWords suite of advertising features.  If you are advertising online through Google AdWords, you absolutely have to be using these to stand out above the crowd when search results are rendered and at the same time, be able to keep your advertising costs to a minimum.  You have got to watch this one!

Google Ad Extensions - Improving Your AdWords PPC Results

For this assignment, I'd like you to create your Google AdWords account and at an account level, create at least four sitelink ad extensions. These sitelink ad extensions should target different quality landing pages on your website that align well with the textual content in the ads you create.
Create Google AdWords Sitelink Extensions
3 questions

This video lecture is the heart and soul of learning how to make optimized targeted ads that place well within the Google search engine, how to achieve greater conversion percentages and how to improve placement when search engine results pages are rendered.  This is definitely a "Must View" lecture in this series.

The AdWords Quality Score, Ad Ranking and Ad Placement

This tool is critical in designing good advertisements and keywords so your ads can be found by online searchers.  Many use the front part of this tool to get ideas but go no farther than that and they miss out on a lot of benefit as a result. This lecture teaches you how to use this tool properly and completely so that your ads will place well against the competition.

Using The Keyword Planner and Forecasting Tool

This is the right spot for you to see how your current running ad is performing, whether or not you have built you new ad so that it will appear on page one of a search and lastly, its a great place to get intelligence on those advertisers you will be competing against.  Be sure to watch this video to learn how you can use this tool for competitive advantage - especially, as some competitors may be using this tool to compete better against you!

The Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool

We as online marketers have a responsibility to present statistics correctly, as they were intended without mis-representing statistical information to those we are trying to market to - whether intentionally or accidentally.  This lecture discusses this in more depth using some recent examples to make the point. Worth a look...

Truth and Statistics - Food for Thought

In recent times, a number of large companies that were advertising on YouTube pulled away from Google and many content creators who had monetized their videos were hurt revenue-wise as a result. This was just one incident of several in recent times that have occurred that has let the entire digital marketing industry become more aware than ever that they need to provide quality advertising locations for ad placements when they provide services. This video lecture discusses this in greater detail and paints the picture for what the future of digital marketing for clients will look like.

Changing Times for Digital Marketing Services Companies

Thank you for completing this course. I'm glad you made it and hope I created value for you. Watch this to the end to view course discounts you can take if you wish to enjoy more classes that I teach on this site.  Best wishes and thanks for your support of my work - Dan Grijzenhout

Bonus Lecture: Congratulations and More Course Discounts for You
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