12 business & career productivity disciplines in 1 course
4.9 (27 ratings)
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12 business & career productivity disciplines in 1 course

Productivity course looking at motivation, goal setting, mindfulness, apps, procrastination, focus, habits & efficiency
4.9 (27 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
199 students enrolled
Created by Alex Genadinik
Last updated 5/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Be more productive in everything you work on starting today and for the rest of your career
  • Improve your focus
  • Improve your long-term and short-term motivation
  • Select the most effective tasks to work on and get rid of things that don't move you forward
  • Eliminate interruptions and start using software and apps to help you be more productive
  • Change your work area for an immediate productivity boost
  • The benefits of this course will be lasting for the rest of your life!
  • Join office hours via Google Hangout and get personalized expert advice (I'm the only instructor I know who does office hours like this)
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  • Be excited about trying the productivity strategies in this course
  • Try the productivity tips as you make your way through the course - that's how you will get the benefits and become more productive

This is a great course which that will help you be more productive in 12 different ways. The course:

  • Gives you productivity fundamentals
  • Eliminating interruptions
  • Getting your psychology optimized to maximize productivity strategies
  • Boosting your efficiency
  • Mobile apps and software tools to boost your focus and productivity
  • Organizing your work environment
  • Time management
  • Teach you mindfulness
  • Use mindfulness techniques to determine what the right things for you are to work on
  • Realizing your life purpose to direct your work in the most optimal direction
  • Use the pursuit of your life purpose to get you as motivated as possible and boost your long-term intrinsic motivation

This is a one of a kind productivity course that is change every way you work, and optimize it to be much more efficient and productive. This course is so inclusive that it can easily be 10 different individual courses. But here, you get all the strategies and tips in one full and amazing course.

Go ahead and sign up for this course, and become a productivity machine!

You will learn how to be productive in:

  • Your daily work
  • Your weekly scheduling
  • And most importantly, you will learn to choose the right projects to work on in order to take your life in its best and most optimal direction

No risk to join

Every Udemy course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so there is no risk to take the course. So sign up, and learn a tremendous number of productivity strategies.


In the course I go over some mobile apps which might ask you for your email address, and some products which are not free. I DO NOT collect any revenue or your emails for myself, and do not benefit from promoting those products/apps. The only reason I recommend them in the course is because I think they will help you achieve the goals of the course.

Can this productivity course be used if I am starting a business?

With the strategies in this productivity course, you can boost the productivity of a wide variety of businesses. Some of the kinds of businesses you can promote are a restaurant or diner, coffee shop, barbershop, nightclub, local event, business selling t-shirts, most kinds of stores ranging from boutiques to grocery stores to jewlery shops, animal care or grooming, lawn care or landscaping businesses, moving businesses, gym, frozen yogurt or ice cream shop, a deli, liquor store or a sandwich shop, a beauty salon or a hair salon, a spa, a daycare business, a hardware store, commercial cleaning or residential cleaning, car wash, general contractor business, dog walking or pet sitting, martial arts studio, or a dance studio.

Here is a list of potential online businesses you can boost using the strategies in this productivity course: blogging, affiliate marketing, elearning, create a channel on YouTube, become an author and sell books on Amazon and the Kindle, or become a freelancer or a local concierge. 



The course comes with an unconditional, Udemy backed, 30 day money-back guarantee so you can try the course risk free. This is not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you that you will succeed ... just like my thousands of other Udemy students.

Who is the target audience?
  • Entrepreneurs
  • All Professionals
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Curriculum For This Course
138 Lectures
Productivity masterclass course introduction
3 Lectures 06:01

Welcome to this amazing productivity class where I combined many fields of productivity into one big and amazing course. You will learn productivity basics and fundamentals, how to eliminate and minimize interruptions, how to set your mindset for maximum productivity, how to organize your work environment, productivity software tools and apps, how to manage your time, and get motivated in the short term and long term. You will also learn how to choose to work on the most important projects. You will learn mindfulness mediation and how to better choose your life purpose and life goals in order to get your life on the most productive path possible. Also in the course I will teach you how to stop procrastination, work more efficiently, and proper goal setting.

Preview 01:48

Interruptions really kill the quality of your focus. And your focus is the key to productive work. So in this exercise I want you to keep track of how many times you get interrupted in your day, and what those interruptions are. Once you know what your interruptions are and where they come from, it will be easier to begin focusing on minimizing them.

Preview 01:24

This is the second exercise to start this course. Throughout this productivity course there will be a few more exercises for you.

Preview 02:49
Productivity fundamentals: practical productivity strategies on specific things
11 Lectures 28:36

This is the first section in our productivity class so naturally we should discuss productivity fundaments and some core tenants of productivity like delegation, automation, optimization, focus, and similar topics. 

Preview 00:59

One of the most important parts of your productivity, and I hope takeaways from this productivity course is that your singular focus is monumental for your productivity. This applies to the quality of your focus when you are working on a particular task, and your focus when you choose which and how many projects you choose to work on. The narrower and more intense your focus is, the better you will typically do on the tasks on which you are focusing.

Preview 01:59

Task elimination is a great exercise. We are all greedy because we all want more results and more benefits. But we can only work on a limited amount of things. The better you are at task elimination, the more time will be left to work on your core tasks, and you will be more focused and successful at working on your main tasks.

Make sure you give something appropriate focus and attention. Try to pick a task and focus on working on it for 10 minutes HARD, and get a break for 2 minutes. Over time, work on increasing your work time and break time. This hard concentration on that task ONLY will get you much further than sporadically working on it.

Preview 02:52

Delegation is the process of handing off your tasks to other people who might be interns, freelancers, contractors or employees. The more work you can delegate to others, the more time you will have remaining to work on your highest priority tasks. In this tutorial I explain how to do delegation the right way and its benefits.

Delegation to boost your personal and business productivity

This is honestly one of my personal favorite lectures in this whole productivity course. The concept behind this lecture is all about making you better at the things you work on, instead of you working on them more, or more efficiently. The end resulting quality of your product is one of the biggest keys to your success. If there is only one takeaway from this whole productivity course is that the quality of your work is monumentally important. 

10-20% of your time to work ON IT vs. IN IT

Automation can boost your productivity. If you can create little software scripts of use some larger sites or apps to automate something you already do manually, this will obviously save you a lot of time that you can then use on more important tasks then the mindless tasks that you automated.

Can you automate anything? Automation is part of productivity too

It is obviously not free to delegate or automate tasks, so you must create a budget for your business. It doesn't have to be a big budget if you are just starting. You can allocate less than $100 a month to outsourcing various automation or delegation tasks. In fact, starting small will give you a chance to get experience delegating so that when you make beginner mistakes, it won't be with a lot of money, and the mistakes will be relatively small.

Productivity, delegation and automation budget

I personally work in chunks or sprints. It helps be focus on a specific task for a longer period of time, and my focus is more intense. 

Working on tasks in bursts/sprints/chunks, whatever you like to call them: flow

By the time you complete this course you will either be a fan of the Pomodoro effect, or hate it. The Pomodoro effect comes up in a few sections of the course. It is a very common productivity principle that you should try to incorporate into your work.

Pomodoro effect: deliberate bursts of focus, followed by scheduled breaks

Forcing ourselves to do something through our willpower might make us feel strong, but the truth is that we only have so much willpower in a day. Forming healthy habits is much better for us. Healthy and productive habits help you do the things you need to get done naturally instead of having to force yourself to do them every day.

5 productive habits to form: willpower vs. habit

If you are very productive and use the strategies in this section of the productivity course correctly, you can run your business on one hour a day. I don't recommend doing that because if you can accomplish a lot in one hour per day, just think about how much further ahead your business will be if you work eight hours per day or even more. 

How you can run your business on 1 hour per day (although I don't recommend it)
Getting your psychology working for maximum productivity
3 Lectures 04:36

In this section of our productivity course I will talk about the mental approach and some psychology aspects of productivity. In almost any field, your mindset is half the battle. If you conquer your mind, everything will flow easier and better. The first such topic I cover is the Zeigarnik effect.

Zeigarnik effect - uneasiness about not finishing a task

In this lecture I discuss the ability to identify and focus on the most important tasks. You already know about the power of focus when it comes to productivity. This lecture will tough upon additional points when it comes to gaining perspective of what's actually important for you to work on, which should help you become more productive by teaching you to better choose what you work on.

Gaining perspective: the ability to identify and focus on what's most important

Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by having to do too much, and get stressed. Those are negative moments. The moments when we feel overwhelmed make us feel like quitting or other negative byproducts of stress. If you feel stressed by being overwhelmed with work, take a step back, re-strategize, break up big chunks or work into small ones, and begin working on the small tasks within the big project.

Overwhelmed? break big tasks into small and manageable ones - put less pressure
Eliminating interruptions
3 Lectures 08:42

This part of our productivity course is all about eliminating interruptions. With every interruption you can get rid of, your focus improves is length and intensity, and you will immediately become that much more productive. Imagine if you could get rid of all the interruptions that come from your phone, email, co-workers and other big sources of interruptions. You could do so much more in a day.

Eliminating interruptions when someone wants to chat

It takes some self-discipline, but you have to learn to say no to people, additional projects, and maybe most of all yourself. Many projects can seem interesting and alluring, but if they don't get you closer to your goals, you should learn to say no. This will help you free up time to do things that do get you closer to your goals. In fact, if you want to take self-discipline to the next level, I would suggest to re-examine your goals to see which of your goals might be mis-goals and can be eliminated, which will further free up your time to work on what's important.

Learning to say NOOOOOO is productive

The more things you say no to, the more free time you begin to have, and the more free time you have, the more of it you can spend idly, thinking about the bigger picture of your business, life, projects, or various tasks. The time you spend taking a step back and reassessing things will give you more good ideas for what to do and how to do it better.

Create room and time for psychological space and declutter your mind space
Productivity tools and apps
14 Lectures 22:31

In this section of our productivity course I will tell you about productivity software and mobile apps.

Productivity apps section introduction

Google Calendar is the quintessential productivity app. Almost everyone uses Google Calendar, and it might not be worth mentioning because it is so ubiquitous. But the reason I mention it here is that you should make sure to keep a calendar to help you focus on the most important tasks each day. Some people live by the motto that if something is not on their calendar, it doesn't get done. The calendar is a way to keep important things in there, and less important things out of your day. This is why I added this app to this section of the productivity course.

Google calendar

I am personally a big fan of to-do apps. I like very simple to-do apps that don't have a lot of clutter. They help me get organized and plan out my tasks for the next few hours or days. They help me be more organized in my work, and they can help you too.

TODO note taking apps and methods

In this tutorial I explain the right way to maintain to-do lists so that the apps you might have installed from the previous lecture can be more useful. There is a right way and a wrong way to maintain to-do lists, and I help you maintain your to-do lists the right way in this lecture.

Proper ways to make to-do lists

If you manage a team or freelancers, contractors or employees, Trello can help you manage everyone's tasks in one simple interface. It is a great tool for team productivity and project management.

Trello for team productivity

One strategy to boost your productivity is to convert your idle time or exercise time into learning time. You can listen to educational podcasts while on a stationary bike, while walking anywhere, running, or during your commute. Turn that otherwise unproductive time into hours of learning.

Podcasting apps to help you learn any topic on the go

Pocket is a simple bookmarking app that helps you not forget anything that you wanted to read or content that you wanted to consume at a later time. It isn't an earth shattering app, but it can be useful.

Pocket for bookmarking

This productivity software will help you understand how much time you waste, and on which websites or tasks you waste most of your time on. After your initial shock about how much time you waste, you can take actionable steps to help you waste less time on your worst offending tasks, and slowly make yourself less and less wasteful of your time, and more and more productive.

Time Sink

Once you identify which websites waste most of your time, there are productivity software programs that can help you block those sites if you can't stop yourself from visiting them. This is a pretty nifty strategy that I recommend you give a try. Who knows, maybe with the extra help of these productivity software packages, you can really get more work done.

Apps to block Facebook or time wasting sites

This is the second time that the Pomodoro technique came up in this productivity course. This time it came up as a mobile app. There are timing apps that can help you do the pomodoro technique. They are basic apps, but can help you be a little bit more productive. Of course, they can also cause some distraction because to use this productivity app, you need to have your phone nearby, and the phone can have many other alerts go off that will distract you.

Pomodoro app and technique

The Boomerang app is an email productivity app. What I like about it is that it tells you who has not replied to you, or to whom you need to reply. That way you don't lose any important conversations.

Boomerang app for email productivity

SocialQuant helps you make your marketing more productive. It is a marketing automation tool. Remember automation from earlier in our productivity course? This app helps you get more Twitter followers who might turn into customers.

Social Quant for marketing automation productivity

You can play brain training games when you have some time to waste. Instead of your favorite CandyCrush game, play some games that will make your brain function better so that you can use your new and improved brain when you work on your business.

Brain training games apps to increase work productivity

This is a meditation app. The reason I added it to this collection of productivity software and apps is that meditation can give you more clarity and a better overall view of the kind of things you should be doing with your life, and the kind of work you should be doing. It can help you with bigger life decisions.

Headspace mindfulness app for overall life productivity
Organizing your environment for a boost productivity
14 Lectures 29:28

In this section of our productivity course we are going to discuss how organization and being more organized can help you boost your productivity.

Organization section introduction

If everything has its own place, you will spend less time losing things and looking for things. This will simply help you waste less time, and hence gain more time to work on what is more important.

Everything must have its own place philosophy

Different kinds of shelves and organization furniture to help you store things around your work area to make your work area more organized.

4 types of organizers and shelves to store things

Do you have many papers, pens, paper clips and other little office supplies or documents cluttering up your desk? If you do, a simple desk organizer can help you immediately clear up that clutter.

Desk organizers

On the wall next to you, you can keep a big whiteboard. Having a whiteboard will take some load of different pieces of paper with notes, and will also help you visualize your important project plans and strategies. Plus, it doesn't take up any space.

Whiteboard to draw up big ideas and visualize projects

In this lecture I talk about how I created my own productive workspace for my home office.

Sharing my own workspace experience

The immediate space in front of you and just off to the side of the keyboard

In this tutorial I cover some points about which lighting is best for your home office or any kind of workspace in general. Natural light is better than fluorescent light, and fluorescent light is better than working in dark places. Also, working next to an open window can boost creativity.

Lighting - which is best and how much of it is better

Do the wires from your electronic devices add to the clutter of your home office or whatever work area you have? A wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, or other wireless devices can immediately help you have less ugly wires, and make your desk more neat, tidy, and less cluttered.

Wireless devices: keyboard, mouse, etc

This is a methodology that would help you not have to get up to get anything so that you can keep focused on your task.

Everything a reach away - guiding idea: example garbage/recycle next to you

Anti germ cleaning wipes can help you maintain a good level of hygiene, and keep your home office or work office clean. 

Cleaning wipes for electronics and laptop screens

Eating at your desk while you are working can lead to overeating. It is also unhealthy since your desk is full of germs, and the hands with which you touch your food also touch your germ infested keyboard and mouse. 

Should you eat at your desk?

Organization exercise 1 to build a healthy productivity habit.

Exercise 1 for organization: spend 5 minutes daily organizing and cleaning

Organization exercise 2 to build a healthy productivity habit.

Exercise 2 for organization: create a to-do space
Managing your time better to find more time in a day & boost productivity
7 Lectures 14:44

Introduction to the time management section of our productivity course.

Time management to boost productivity - section introduction

We have already covered task elimination earlier in this productivity course, but it is worth mentioning it again here. If you want to have more time in the day, the absolute simplest way to find more time is to eliminate tasks that don't bring you to your goal. If you want to be more productive professionally or in your business, you can decrease the number of superfluous social activities you do, unimportant business, unnecessary meetings, emails, or other non-essential tasks you have.

DISCIPLINE: Take non important tasks out of your schedule - really evaluate it

Different alerts on your phone, social media, and new email suck up a lot of your time. Each of them might feel like it will take just a few seconds, but they have a way of turning into minutes and tens of minutes. If you just turn off your phone, close your email while you work, and close your social media or news websites, you will find that you will immediately have a boost in productivity and have more time to work.

Practice not answering phone/email/social requests unless they are emergency

If you want to make sure you have time to work on everything important, try to plan out your week to allocate time to work on those things instead of trying to randomly find the time in the day. Scheduling is a big part of successful time management.

Exercise: Create a weekly schedule with blocks of time based on priorities

Don't start your day randomly doing the first things that get your attention. Proper time management calls for creating a plan for your day starting the night before, or the first thing the morning of that day. Having a plan of action for the day will help you only spend your time on the most necessary tasks that you planned for.

Plan your day, and don't start your day until you complete the day plan

Stress at school or work can carry over to your home or social life and cause negative effects there. If you keep stress levels down overall, it will help you have enough mental space to manage your time and your tasks more effectively. It also works vice versa. When you have your day planned out, it gives you enough time to work on the important things, and get them done, so you don't stress about them. The positive effects of this are amplified if you practice proper task elimination, which will give you enough time to work on what's important.

Workplace or school stress is minimized by effective time management

Some people might say that carefully planning out your day will take away from your creativity and spontaneity. But that is actually not true. If you have everything planned out, you will get much more done, and have much more time left to be creative. Or you can even schedule creative time which will be unhampered by anything else but that.

Structure in time management actually gives you more freedom
Mindfulness and awareness of your mind & how it can boost your productivity
8 Lectures 30:15

In this part of our productivity course, I am going to discuss mindfulness, and simply being aware of the inner workings of your mind so you can catch your thoughts. Mindfulness and awareness will be extra helpful when you might be going astray in your productivity and about to do something counter productive. If you are sufficiently aware of your thoughts, mindset predisposition, and mental patterns, you will be much more likely to spot when you are about to do something counter productive, and reverse that action by first being aware of it, and second doing something about it.

Benefits of mindfulness

In this tutorial I talk about 2 ways to look at mindfulness. The first is mindfulness mediation, and the second is more of a minute to minute mindfulness which can be said to be more of a self awareness and awareness of your thought processes, and trains of thoughts that lead to emotions and actions. Once you become more aware of how your mind works, you can fix the problems.

Mindfulness definitions: 2 ways of thinking about it

A little bit more perspective of why you should practice mindfulness and self awareness, and how it will help your overall life productivity.

Philosophical perspective and reason for mindfulness

Our culture is increasingly shaped by businesses and organization that need your attention to thrive. They all pull at your attention with endless alerts and advertisements. But you need to make sure that you can spend enough time looking inwards, practicing mindfulness, and being self aware. 

How our changing technology and social environments effect our self awareness

Sometimes when things don't go right, our first impulse is to look for an outside blame. But it is often helpful to us to look within ourselves for what we might have done wrong, and what we could do to improve it. If we find the problems in ourselves by being more self aware and practice mindfulness, we can find the problems, and fix them, ultimately boosting our long-term quality and with it productivity.

Blaming and looking for scape goats

First mindfulness exercises with the aim of boosting your long-term productivity.

Mindfulness exercise 1

Second mindfulness exercises with the aim of boosting your long-term productivity.

Mindfulness exercise 2

This is a very unusual lecture type for me. How about a little mediation to practice mindfulness mediation and self awareness?

Let's try to meditate together? :)
Discovering your life purpose, a gigantic boost in productivity
11 Lectures 35:11

Life purpose or meaning of life can seem like very elusive ideas. But if you truly don't know what you should do with your life, how can you possibly choose the right life goals and the right things to work on? Practicing mindfulness meditation, self awareness, and discovering your life purpose or meaning of life can help you be more productive in a huge way. Once you know what you should pursue in life, you can focus your goals around it, and choose the right things to work on, and choose less wrong projects which should save you a tremendous amount of time.

What exactly is this "life purpose" thing?

Many people sit around and wait for the idea of what their life purpose or meaning of life should come to them, almost like Buddah, under a tree. But we often find the life purpose by working on smaller ideas and projects and discovering whether they are right for us, and taking off on bigger projects and ideas by epiphanies we get during our work on smaller projects. So start small if you don't have a good idea of your life purpose. But just don't sit around.

The mistake you should not make

Here is an exercise for you to begin discovering your life purpose and what you should be working on by tapping into your natural curiosity.

Exercise to begin exploring your life meaning or curiosity

Another exercise to help you discover your life purpose by combining idle time and free creativity with working on something specific.

Next exercise: work and idle time in your space of interest

In college, most people learn how to do a job like become an engineer or a scientist, or a mathematician, or work in hospitality or business or management. But what a large role of education should be is teach us more self awareness, more mindfulness, and to get to know ourselves so that we can more easily find our life goals and direction.

Role of education in finding life purpose: job vs. humanity/thinking/feeling

Businesses organizations want your attention, and keep pulling you to look towards them, which for you is outward. But you must practice looking inside yourself and self awareness. With too much external focus, we can get lost, and sucked into poor life decisions which is counter productive.

Are people and organizations handing you their purposes to work on?

What kind of a legacy do you want to leave for yourself?

How I discovered/discovering my life purpose by following my curiosity

Story from Dostoevsky about life purpose and not wasting time and urgency

Me me me vs. doing something bigger for some cause?

Exercise: write down and list all things you want to change in the world
12 Lectures 33:58
How to get long-term intrinsic motivation

First motivation exercise

Exercise 2: solidifying your habit from previous exercise

Checklist for your days

Your sleep


How I stay motivated

Set achievable goals to give yourself light at the end of the tunnel hope

Extrinsic motivation: external incentives like punishment or reward

List of short-term things you can do to get more motivation TODAY!

Example of how you can be motivated and not motivated as an entrepreneur

No motivation due to pursuing wrong goals in life
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