Product Launch Pad - Launch your product with ease
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Product Launch Pad - Launch your product with ease

Discover the elements that practically guarantee that you will have a successful product launch
4.2 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,583 students enrolled
Created by Matthew Barnett
Last updated 10/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Choose the right strategy for launching out a new product or service
  • Choose the best software for a successful launch
  • Launch out a new product in a quick and efficient manner
  • Launch a new service or product quicker than ever before
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  • You do not need to have any prior experience to take this course
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  • You should have and be able to keep an open mind

I have some great news for you... YOU can launch your product or service really really easily by simply following the steps in my Product Launch Pad course... I set it all out for you.. step by step.

  • There is no need for you to make the mistakes I made along the way, 
  • No need for you to invest the 10's of hours into research and interview. 

No.. .by choosing to decide to enroll on my Product launch pad course. You will save yourself 

  • a load of time,
  • Save yourself a load of money, and 
  • See upwards of 3 times the results in half the time compared to the typical entrepreneurs product launch.

Whats more, when you are done you will have a structure and template that you can adapt and refine for all of your future projects..that you will now be able to confidently chase after.

Remember, if you have a product or service and you don't yet have a clear plan for launching it.. your work is not done yet ! and your very next step should be to invest in your project, protect the time investment you have already paid by choosing to decide to invest in the Product Launch Pad course right now .... See you on the inside :) 

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for product and service creators
  • This course is ideal for people who are good at creating products but who lack the skills to get it out into the market place
  • This is a course for people serious about their business
  • This course is for entrepreneurs who wish to make the best of their time
  • This course is not for people who wish to play small
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Curriculum For This Course
17 Lectures
1 Lecture 01:12
Foundations the Pre launch phase
5 Lectures 21:02

In this segment, we are going to be talking about the phase of your product launch that comes before the pre-launch. It may well be the most important phase of all.Think of this phase as being similar to carefully masking the trim in a room before you start applying paint to the walls. While such painstaking preliminaries are time-consuming and require a good deal of patience, in the end they save you time and frustration. So, too, careful planning for your product launch will save you precious resources. Start your planning well ahead of the actual launch date, at least a couple of months or so. Lets assume that youve built a product or designed a service that meets an actual need. Youve done this by talking with people in your target audience and learning what it is they want and need, and youre pretty sure your product or service will fulfill that need. Before you launch, though, you need to be absolutely certain you have faith in your product. You will do this by offering it to beta users and getting their feedback, which you will use to further refine your product or service.

Preview 04:16

 In this segment, we are going to be talking about the pre-launch phase of a product launch. One of the chief purposes of the pre-launch phase is to generate excitement about your product before it becomes available for sale. You want to create a sense of urgency around buying your product that builds as you approach your launch date. The pre-launch phase of a product launch is probably the busiest phase of all. During this time, you will be testing and gathering feedback on your product, equipping and training your sales team, working to build awareness and interest in your new product, and planning for the actual launch date. By the time you begin this phase, your market research should be well in hand. You should be certain that your product meets an actual need and that customers will recognize that your product will meet their need. Any necessary patents should be in place, and distribution agreements should be fully executed. You should begin the pre-launch phase of a product launch while youre in the final stages of designing and building your product.

The Pre Launch phase

 In this segment, we are going to be talking about creating buyer personas. A buyer persona is a profile of a typical customer in one of the segments of your customer base, a composite that will help to direct your product launch efforts so that they speak directly to the people in that segment. Depending on the size and makeup of your target audience, you could build one or several buyer personas. Buyer personas can help you to better understand your customer base, and when you better understand your customers, your product launch messages will land with more precision and clarity. One of the first things you need to understand about launching a new product is that its all about the customer. Your customers dont care about your product. Your customers care about their lives, their needs, and their problems. You care about your product, and you should. You want to launch the best quality product you possibly can, a product that answers a need. If your product development team has done its job, you will. But when youre readying for a product launch, you need to shift your gaze away from your product or service and toward the people you hope to sell to.

Preview 04:20

 In this segment, we are going to be talking about how to write a great press release for your product launch. During your pre-launch phase, you will want to prepare one or several great press releases to promote your new product to the masses. What can you do to make your press release stand out from all the rest? If you want editors, reports, and blog writers to take notice of your press release, you have to make it newsworthy. Start with a compelling headline. Limit it to one line only, but dont think that just because its only a few words you can write it quickly. Take the time you need to be creative with it. A lackluster headline will ensure that your press release will end up in the round file, but a memorable one will get it noticed. After that, the rest of it has to be well written, too. A poorly written press release will not only be ignored, it will make your company look foolish. But good writing is about more than proper English. You will need a story, and you will need to tell that story in a captivating way. 

Preview 04:10

In this segment, we are going to be talking about giving your sales team the resources theyll need once you launch your product. Youve designed and developed a great product. You have your product launch marketing plan in place and rolling through its paces. Youre ready to launch your product, right? Not so fast. If you dont have a fully equipped sales team ready to roll, too, your product is not going anywhere. For best results, start bringing your sales team on board during the early days of your pre-launch phase, as youll want them to be able to ask all their questions and be fully conversant with the products benefits before launch day. Getting everything you know about your product from your mind into your salespeoples minds is no easy task, but without that knowledge, they will never be able to show their customers--your customers--that your product will solve their problem. Youll start with the basics: product data sheets, market research, competitive analyses, price lists, sales guides, and demos.

Equip your sales team
The Launch Phase
9 Lectures 39:00

 In this segment, we are going to be talking about how, when, and where to distribute your product launch press releases. First, a quick word about your press release itself. If you want your press release to get read you had better make it newsworthy. And if you dont feel youre up to the task on your own, hire a professional writer to do it right. Doing so is an investment in your success, as a press release thats written so as to appeal to journalists and bloggers will go much further than one which is not. Once its written, get your press release into the hands of journalists and bloggers by distributing it through a service such as eReleases or PR Web, both of which have small-business-friendly options for which they charge a reasonable fee. For an even lower cost, you could choose to go through PR Underground, Send2Press, or SBWire, which distribute only to Google News and Yahoo! News. Bigger companies which can afford it go to big distribution services such as Business Wire and PR Newswire.

How when and where to distribute your press release

In this segment, we are going to talk about using social media to launch your product. Back in olden times, say, ten years ago, the main focus of the pre-launch phase of a product launch would be on getting the print media to pay attention to your company and your product. If only, business owners would lament, if only that reporter would turn my way, people who would love my new product could find out about it and put my company on the fast track to success. Things have certainly changed since then, and for small businesses, its nothing but good news. Just as the book-publishing landscape changed dramatically when the internet provided new authors with the ability to publish their own ebooks, so, too, everything about marketing a new product has been turned on its head by social media. You no longer have to wait for an editor to grant you permission to show your new product to the public. Today, you have the ability and the power to do that for yourself and on your own. Whats more, you can do so inexpensively in most cases.

Launch your product on social media

In this segment, we are going to continue talking about using social media to launch your product. In terms of paid advertising, only television outranks Facebook. Without a doubt, Facebook will reach almost every companys target audience, since more than two-thirds of adult internet users have Facebook profiles. While you can certainly purchase paid advertising on Facebook, there are other ways to use that platform, too. For instance, a post or several about your new product on your companys Facebook page could be quite effective. This assumes that you already have a Facebook company page--and that you have taken the time and made the effort to keep it alive and fresh with regular and interesting posts and interactions. During the pre-launch phase of your product launch, start posting some teasers on your Facebook company page. Without revealing too much about your product, post intriguing out-of-focus photos, with captions crafted to breed curiosity. When the comments start rolling in, keep the conversation going

Tips for using social media to launch yor product

In this segment, we are going to continue talking about using social media to launch your product. In the last couple of segments, we talked a lot about using Facebook and Twitter in your product launch, but as you surely know, theres much more to social media than those two platforms. Instagram might be the way to go for your product launch if your new product will appeal to women in the eighteen-to-thirty age bracket. Instagram is all about the visuals. Post videos as well as high-quality photos, and use trending hashtags if theyre relevant to your brand or your new product. Since the only place you can insert a live link on Instagram is in your bio, make that link do the heavy lifting for you by directing users clicks from that link directly to your online sales funnel or website. Once youve launched your product, you can boost sales during the launch period by encouraging your products new fans to post videos and pictures on Instagram, showing themselves and their friends using it.

More tips for using social media to launch your product

 In this segment, we are going to talk about how to set up an online sales funnel for your product launch. One of the key pieces you will need to have in place before your launch day is a way for your customers to find out about your product and then purchase your product, a process sometimes referred to as a sales funnel. What, exactly, is a sales funnel? The term sales funnel refers to a visual depiction of the steps a person has to go through before they become your customer. Really, everything we have talked about doing so far in these videos is a part of your sales funnel. A sales funnel guides diminishing numbers of possible customers toward a sale. An online sales funnel strategically channels its visitors through this process and into your shopping cart. A good online sales funnel can create great results for your company and your product. Picture a funnel. Its large at the top and narrow at the bottom. Similarly, a sales funnel starts at the top with a large number of prospects and ends with paying customers.

Setting up and online sales funnel

 In this segment, we are going to be talking about working with affiliates to boost your product launch. An affiliate is a site owner--usually a blogger or other content provider--who is willing to help you promote your product or your company on their site in exchange for commissions paid to them for sales that occur as a result. Affiliate relationships can benefit your product launch by increasing the range of your reach, so lets find out more about them. In their early days, affiliate programs became associated with spamming and scamming, and now some online entrepreneurs avoid them entirely. But used responsibly, they can benefit all parties--the merchant, the affiliate, and information-hungry customers who surf to one site by way of another. In one common arrangement, a marketing site pays a commission to an affiliate for sending traffic to their website whenever it results in a purchase. In other words, if a link on an affiliate site brings money to the marketing site, the affiliate is compensated for those earnings.

Working with affiliates to Boost your product launch

In this segment, we are going to be looking into whether your product would benefit from a soft launch or a rolling launch.Soft and rolling product launches are gradual introductions of a product to the market, in contrast to the hard product launches that we have talked about in the other videos in this series. In a soft launch, the product is quietly introduced to a limited market, sometimes in preparation for a hard launch. A company might decide to use a soft launch if they feel the product needs further testing. They might want to have more feedback from real customers than they would get by releasing it to only a few beta users, and they would then use this feedback to further refine their product before they schedule a hard launch. During the time of a soft launch, a company focuses on updating its marketing materials and online presence to include the new product. They train staff members and ready both the company and the product for possible festivities to come. The emphasis during a soft launch is on the company and the product, 

Soft or rolling launches

 In this segment, I am going to give you a checklist that can help you to see what you have left to do, if anything, before your launch day. First, ask yourself, and be honest in your answer: Is the timing right for your planned launch day? You want your news to dominate on that important day, at least among your target audience. While you have no control over natural disasters and world events, you can keep tab on your competitors. Have you done that? You dont want your launch to coincide with one of theirs. Then, are you ready for this launch? Is your team? Is your product? If you take a look and honestly see that your product launch would benefit from a delay of a few days or even a few weeks, have the courage to slow the momentum and reschedule your product launch for optimal results. Once youre sure everything is a go, prepare a separate checklist for the launch day itself. List everything that needs to happen on that day, in the order it needs to happen, including  who is responsible for making sure it happens and when.

Last Minute Checklist

In this segment, we are going to be talking about your products launch day. Youve been at it for weeks. All the planning, strategizing, buzz-building, training, tweet-crafting, and blogging you can think of doing has been done. Today is the big day. Perhaps you host a big party, complete with food, drink, and promotional party favors. Or maybe you have an online party and offer attractive free incentives to the first few people who purchase your new product. Whether online or offline, youve made sure theres lots of hoopla, and youve tried to make some noise. And however youve done it, your product is now fully unveiled and available for people to purchase. Youve done a great job, and youre ready to go home and put your feet up. But hold on there, my friend. Ive got some news for you. Your real work is just about to begin. Now is when you start monitoring for actual customer feedback. Up to this point, you have made lots of assumptions about how customers would react to your product. Now, things get real. 

Launch day
Post Launch Phase
1 Lecture 03:36

 In this segment, we are going to be talking about the post-launch review of your product launch. Some people like to call this review a post-mortem, but unless your product is a complete flop, its better to keep the language more positive than that. Hopefully, no one died! A post-launch review is critical to your companys long-term success. You will want to duplicate successful strategies in your next launch, and you will want to make improvements where your team didnt do so well. All the same, any review of your product launch should be part of an ongoing program of assessment. If you had a good measuring system in place during the pre-launch and on launch day, you should already have a pretty good idea of how things went. In addition, the weekly team meetings you surely held during the pre-launch period should have everyone knowing the score on launch day and beyond. In other words, you really should have been monitoring your progress all along. Sure, on launch day itself things probably got a little hectic, and you might have some loose ends to tie up after that big day,

After your product Launch
BONUS Section
1 Lecture 01:02

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Bonus Lecture
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