Product Complete! The Complete Idea-To-Launch Blueprint

A step-by-step blueprint and detailed plan from information product idea all the way to launch.
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About This Course

Published 8/2012 English

Course Description

Your product creation problems solved! Learn how to create an information product from Idea-To-Launch!

Tired of watching everyone else publish, launch, SELL their product, while you are still editing your first draft?

Sick of saying 'I can do better than that' when you download and read the umpteenth information product?

Introducing Product Complete! A step-by-step complete blueprint from idea to launch.

My name is Dee Ankary, and I made my living for over 20+ years creating products to deadlines, and coaching prima-donna designers and developers into a culture of getting it done and shipped.

In  this “Product Complete! How to Create an Information Product“ course, you will get a step-by-step blueprint to create, package, and put your product up for sale.  Delivered in a series of videos, templates and more, it includes:

- Putting together an effective structure for your information product

- Done-for-you templates to use as a baseline

- Composing a killer title that attracts attention

- Creating a slick-looking cover, even if you have no graphics skills

- Crafting a compelling sales letter

- How to format, package and launch your product in two of today's hottest marketplaces, Kindle and DigiResults

…. And all of this using 100% FREE tools.

It's time for you to pull out all those manuscripts, blog posts and drafts that are languishing on your hard disk, dust them off, and put them to work for you.

Put them to EARN for you. 

Put your pearls of wisdom in front of customers who are hungry for YOUR expertise and your solutions. 

Unless you put it in front of them, how are they to know you have the expertise?

Customers can't search YOUR hard drive, especially the one in your head!

But they can, and DO, search the web EVERY DAY looking for solutions to their problem.  A problem you ALREADY know how to solve.

And guess what?

They are willing to pay good money for a solution. 

They are more than willing to shell out for a product that compiles the research and the answers they don't have time to sift through - information you have already put together and know like the back of your hand.

So get that solution out of your head and into your product.  And get that product out there. 

In as little as 42 hours.

Are you ready to rock, begin building your digital assets empire and get your product out there?

Or will you sit by and watch the self-publishing and information product revolution pass you by?

Will you be tomorrow's success story or just another could-have-been?

Take this Product Complete! Course and learn How to Create an Information Product. 


What am I going to get from this course?

  • How to assess product ideas for marketability
  • How to create an effective structure for your information product
  • How to use tools to quickly and effectively craft an outline
  • How to quickly and systematically create your product
  • The 12 key components of a compelling sales letter
  • How to create your product cover even if you have no graphics skills
  • How to transform your product into a Kindle ebook and publish to Amazon
  • How to package your product and put it up for sale on Digiresults

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction
A brief overview of the course and blueprint.  Find out what's in the upcoming modules and get excited!
1 page
Use this timeline to plan, and block off time in your calendar accordingly.
Section 2: Choosing A Topic

Ever stuck figuring out what exactly to create a product about?

Discover where to find plenty of ideas for products, and how to sift through the topics to extract a potential product area.


This video walks you through the various resources and websites that are great for getting ideas for information products.


With your list of potential topics and products, use this 5-criteria, fool-proof system to rank the ideas, and take the guessing out of choosing the best product for you to create now.

39.4 kB

Use this handy worksheet to assign values to each of the key evaluation criteria.

The worksheet will automatically calculate the overall rating.

If you reading this, congratulations!!  You have conquered indecision, and committed to one product which solves one specific problem. To recap, here was the process: Brainstorm ideas: put together a list of potential topics and products Rate ideas: rate each product idea using the provided workshee…
Section 3: Writing The Sales Letter

What is a sales letter, and why do you need to write it?  Learn the components that go into a successful sales letter, and review the first six in detail.  


In the second part, I review the remaining components of a compelling sales letter, and present the preparation action task.


This is the final part of writing the sales letter content.  Don't miss the action task, and the important question to ask after developing the sales letter.

3 pages
Use these 21 headline templates to assist you in creating your sales letter.
3 pages
Use these prompts to help you articulate the different parts of the sales letter.
2 pages
Review your sales letter against this checklist, and ensure possible objections and questions from your customer are addressed.

Content for the sales letter can be re-purposed and formatted in different ways to match the specific marketplace in which you plan to launch your product.

In this module, we looked at the sales letter: What is a sales letter? Why write the sales letter first? The 12 components of a sales letter Action Task: preparing for the sales letter Action Task: writing the sales letter Repurposing sales letter content for different marketplaces Also in this modu…
Section 4: Creating The Outline

With the product idea selected, and the sales letter written, we now prepare to create a great outline.  In this video, we do some of the groundwork before starting the outline.


Mind mapping is a very powerful method for creating outlines quickly and easily.  Watch this tutorial for a crash course in the features of this great (and free) mind mapping tool.  We will focus only on the specific parts of the tool that are directly relevant to creating an outline and keeping us on track.


Learn what are the specific sections that you must have in your product,  and what you will put in each one.


This lecture explains the action task which, when done,  will result in your completed product outline.  Wooohoo!

79.7 kB

Download and unzip this file to get:

- Image of the mind map template

- XMind file for you use as a template for your product outline

Congratulations on getting to the end of this module.  Here's what we covered: Why you need outline, and the importance of starting with one before you develop your product Options for different tools to use to create a compelling outline Tutorial on how to use the recommended tool,  XMind   mind ma…
Section 5: Developing The Product

With the sales letter and outline done, time to fill in the solid framework you have already put in place.  In this video, learn the sequence in which to write your product section for maximum productivity.


Learn the secret of the 3 H's for compelling writing that keeps your customer interested and engaged.  Then tackle your first of three tasks in developing the product.


Create the main auxiliary sections to complement the work you did in Action Task 1.  You're almost done!


In the final action task, you will focus on the resources and enriching content - easy peasy.  Best part? At the end of this action task, your product is done!

In this module, we get into the thick of things, and fill in the framework and outline developed in the previous module.  Here's what we covered: The right sequence in which to write the sections to maximize productivity A reminder and instructions on what goes into each of the sections How to combi…
Section 6: Editing Your Masterpiece

In this video, learn about the two-pass method for quickly and efficiently editing your product.

Break up the activity into the two action tasks provided.  Once you're done with these action tasks, your product is edited and ready to be seen!

Next, we create a fantastic title for your product.

4 pages
Use this brief checklist in your editing activities
As an added bonus and to improve readability, you might want to test your product for readability. There are various mechanisms and tools available to grade a piece of text in terms of the education level required to easily comprehend it.   For example, a Flesch-Kincaid grade level rating of 12 mean…
In this short module, we covered the two-pass method for editing your product: Pass 1: Technical Pass 2: Functional It is recommended you leave a little time between the two action tasks, so you approach your activity with fresh eyes.  I've provided a handy checklist listing the most common spelling…
Section 7: Creating A Compelling Title And Cover

In this video, we go through the importance of a title, and what makes for a great title.  

Learn six different methods to craft a compelling title, and perform your title action task.


Did you know that you can create your own covers from scratch using an absolutely free tool?  Check out the intro of what's possible before the tutorial.


Watch this step-by-step tutorial to create this simple, yet effective cover.

Watch me build the second cover step-by-step.
One more template and how to build it step-by-step on your own.

After the walk-throughs on how to create your own cover, following 1 of 3 templates, it's time for you to select your template, and create your own cover.

Discover the different formats and sizes you will need for your cover, and how to create a 3D rendition of your cover - yes, for free.

Summary - Creating A Compelling Title And Cover
Section 8: Pre-Launch Activities & Choosing A Marketplace
Pre-Launch Activities & Choosing Your Marketplace
Marketing / Sales Funnel Structure
1 page
Simple Sales Structure Diagram
Section 9: Packaging & Publishing On Kindle
This video is an overview of the formatting process.  Once you've got the general idea, move on to the next video and watch over my shoulder as I go through the formatting process.
Now that you've seen the overview of the formatting process, watch over my shoulder as I take a Word document, take it through the formatting steps, and come out with a perfectly formatted Kindle book in less than 20 minutes!
Go through the three items you must address before you publish:

  • Categories
  • Keywords
  • Description

Summary: Packaging & Publishing On Kindle
Section 10: Packaging & Publishing On Digiresults
Check out the best way to package up your product for Digiresults.  It's a bit different to Kindle.
Preparing To Deploy
Uploading To Digiresults
Summary: Packaging & Publishing On Digiresults

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Instructor Biography

Dee Ankary, Business and Productivity Coach

My name is Dee Ankary, and I'm an author, online business and productivity coach, and slightly geeky blogger. As the founder of Moonpreneur, a product creation and marketing resources blog, I'm constantly seeking to morph life and business experiences into profitable digital assets in quick, and relatively, painless ways.  

After a lifetime in corporate technology solutions, I discovered that software for the brain is way more fascinating, and now use my tech, NLP and coaching experience to help myself and crazy busy individuals create a more interesting sequel to the 9-5, salary-junkie time of our lives.

I write in English, dream in Italian and have an unwavering belief that enthusiasm will conquer all.


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