Problem solving in Oscillations and Waves
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Problem solving in Oscillations and Waves

Master the art of solving problems in oscillations and waves
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
556 students enrolled
Last updated 7/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Get a knack of solving problems on Oscillations and Waves
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  • You will need to know the basic concepts of
  • Newtonian Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electrodynamics (optional)

This course offers you with a unique set of problem solving skills needed to master the concepts of a particular topic in physics, Oscillations and Waves. 

Usually considered as one of the hardest topics in Newtonian mechanics, this course will break down all the important concepts and show you how to solve a variety of problems that range from a difficulty level of very easy to extreme. 

The course is designed in such a way, that you can always keep track of how much you have really understood from each video lecture. After every video lecture, there are review problems, to test your understanding of the lecture, and there are extra problem solving quizzes which force you to connect various concepts of physics. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone preparing for AP physics exam, JEE/IIT, NEET
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Curriculum For This Course
49 Lectures
Understanding Restoring forces and Simple Harmonic Motion
0 Lectures 00:00

Let's test your understanding of restoring forces and SHM basics

Are the forces Restoring and Cause SHM?
6 questions
Simple Harmonic motion of Spring and Spring systems
5 Lectures 24:50

This video will teach you how to calculate the frequency of a linear harmonic oscillator like a spring. We will explore how the frequency is dependent on the features of the system like spring constant and the mass of the object attached 

Problem 2 - SHM due to an ideal Spring

Check your understanding about how the properties of the spring system affect the frequency and time period of simple harmonic motion

Quiz on Frequency and Time period of Ideal springs
7 questions

In this section, we will first explore the springs in series. We will understand what is the effective spring constant, when springs are connected in series

Concept - Springs in series

Let's see if you have grasped the concept of springs in series

Quiz on Springs in series
3 questions

This short section covers the basics of springs connected in parallel

Concept - Springs in Parallel

Some review problems on springs in Parallel

Quiz on Springs in Parallel
1 question

Problem 3 - Spring cut into Parts

Quiz on Springs in series and parallel
3 questions

Problem 4 - Another problem on Spring

Some more problems on springs in series and parallel and time period calculations

Quiz on Time period of springs in series and parallel
2 questions
Miscellaneous Problems on Spring systems and Oscillations
0 Lectures 00:00
Time period of spring connected to two blocks
4 questions

Angular Frequency of three spring Block system
3 questions

Time period of spring pulley block system
3 questions

Here is a little more practice on spring pulley system :)

More Spring Pulley System
3 questions
Deriving time period of other oscillating systems
3 Lectures 23:22
Time period of a physical pendulum

Here is some practice quiz to calculate time period of some oscillating systems

Calculating time period of some oscillating system
3 questions

Time period of block floating on a liquid

Some more practice on deriving SHM equations :)

Calculating time period of some oscillating system
3 questions

Time period of a piston enclosing a gas inside a cylinder

Even more practice, awesome huh? :P 

Calculating time period of some oscillating system
1 question
Position Velocity and Acceleration
7 Lectures 54:42
Solution to the differential Equation - Position Function

Let's check your understanding on position functions shall we? 

Review Quiz on Position Functions
5 questions

Calculating Velocity from Position Function

Let's do some review quiz on calculating velocities 

Review quiz on calculating Velocity
4 questions

Calculating Acceleration from Position Function

Now comes the acceleration from position functions

Review quiz on calculating acceleration
3 questions

Calculating the ration of time taken by a particle

Calculate the time period of this particle

Try solving one practice problem similar to the one solved in the lecture before you continue okay?  :)

A similar question
3 questions

Does this represent a SHM?

Does this represent a SHM ? (2)

So let's consider some non standard position functions and check if they are SHM or not

Are these SHM?
6 questions
Energies involved in SHM
3 Lectures 16:55
Kinetic Potential and Total energy

Kinetic energy = Potential energy

Kinetic energy is 75% of potential energy

Let's check your understanding of Energies shall we? 

Note: Unless mentioned otherwise, for all the problems, choose the equilibrium position of the oscillation as the zero potential energy position. 

9 questions
Miscellaneous Problems on Energies
0 Lectures 00:00

Mass hitting another mass
6 questions

Block on Block oscillating together
2 questions

Block falling on a massless (and later massive) pan
4 questions
2 Lectures 12:36
Graphs of Energy

Graphing position, velocity and acceleration with time
Damped and Forced oscillations
6 Lectures 48:15
Damping constant and Amplitude - Problem

Calculating Damping constant - Problem

Angular frequency of Damped oscillation problem

Force oscillation and Resonance - some background

Forced oscillation problem 1

Forced Oscillation Problem 2
Introduction to Waves
4 Lectures 28:06

Here we will understand what waves basically are. This is just a basic review and nothing advanced

Understanding Waves

Another basic problem, just to understand two important class of waves, the longitudinal waves and transverse waves

Understanding waves 2 (Longitudinal and transverse waves)

Here you will understand the connection between wavelength, frequency and velocity of the wave, and we will solve a problem in the next video

Understanding waves 3 (wave characteristics) - Wavelength frequency and velocity

Calculating the wavelength and frequency of the transmitted wave
3 More Sections
About the Instructor
Mahesh Shenoy
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Physics teacher

Hello there, I am Mahesh Shenoy, but you can call me Mashy

I am basically an electronics engineer, but I shifted branches from applied electronics to pure science - namely physics about 4 years ago. My passion for physics grew watching the famous Walter Lewin lectures on youtube, and I always had a thing for teaching. As a student I know exactly what makes lectures boring, and uninteresting. I have dedicated past few years to master physics and teaching. I would say I am quite pleased with where I stand

Whether you will be able to master concepts of physics, is something that only you can decide. I can promise you, if you hear me out, I ll make you love physics. I ll make you see physics in your everyday world, and your life will never remain the same!

Chaitra Amin
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Physics technical Assistant

Hi, I am Chaitra Amin, a technical assistant teacher for physics. I am here to help my college/friend Mahesh shenoy to build course content for various physics courses. I have been teaching since the past 4 years. 

My field of research and interest has always been chemistry. Although I have not started doing any courses in chemistry yet, I will be beginning soon. In the mean time I hope you will enjoy all the courses uploaded by us in physics. And in case of any query feel free to drop a message.