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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Private Label Products

Learn How To Add Massive Value To The Products You Sell And Create A Brand That Leaves Your Competition In The Dust!
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Created by Danny Guerin
Last updated 10/2015
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What Will I Learn?
Create products that smash the competition
Be able to add massive value to their current product listings.
Be able to not just private label a product but create a brand that people can interact with.
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  • Students will need to be competent in selling products online.
  • Have a good knowledge of eCommerce
  • Have the knowledge to be able to scource products from factories to private label.


So you have a product or products that you are selling on Amazon, eBay and other eCommerce marketplaces, you may even have a website too. If this is the case then congratulations in getting this far.

Now its time to take things to the next level!

You'll discover how you can easily turn products into fully branded selling machines that your competition cant touch! Just having a logo from Fiverr is already becoming all to common and soon the market will be saturated with them.

To stay way ahead of the pack you'll learn:

  • How to pick super hot products that you can get started with in building a new empire.
  • What works and what doesn't when private labeling with examples from market leaders.
  • A big and scarily obvious secret that many miss when setting up that will make life so much easier and really maximize your sales.
  • First Class Product research that you can use independently or combine with existing research techniques.
  • How to add MASSIVE value to your products. This is one of the most important things you can learn in today's eCommerce world and will make you more money by hands down beating your competition.
  • Examples from some of the Internets leading sellers in what works and how to implement it.
  • Keyword research for private labeling and how to incorporate it into your brand building.
  • A step by step guide in how to create massive value in your products from scratch (this is worth the price alone!).
  • How to reduce marketing costs and increase conversions to a record level.
  • And much much more!

For the first time ever, a course that doesn't just teach you how to slap a logo on your product but how to build a brand and intern an EMPIRE!

Having a product that you sourced and are getting shipped in is awesome but it is just the tip of a very big and very fun iceberg that can change your life and DOMINATE your chosen niche.

This course is not for the beginner and you will require a few things first.

If you are a beginner and want get in on the eCommerce revolution then type/copy paste 'Online Seller Blueprint' into the search bar above and get cracking.

You will need:

  • Your own product(s) that you have a constant supply of.
  • Or have the ability to find/research new products and get them shipped.
  • A computer.
  • Not essential but a hobby or interest that you love to do.
  • Have completed the Online Seller Blueprint (also not essential but would be a massive help).
  • That's it! :)

If you are like all of us at SourceShipSell and Pressibly you like to build, create and sell. This course will take you from just having a product to a full scale brand with multiple income streams and encourage you to constantly increase your products online presence through websites, forums, blogs and social media. Doing these things will get you a huge following that you can sell and market to time and time again.

So Sign Up Now And Take Your Products To The Next Level!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for people already selling product(s) they have sourced.
  • This is course is not for newbie sellers and having a product in constant supply is a must.
  • If you are a newbie then check out Online Seller Blueprint first.
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Curriculum For This Course
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Hello, Start Here!
5 Lectures 16:34

My name is Danny Guerin and I am your instructor on this course. Hello! :)

Preview 04:07

Aside from having access to this awesome course, there are also some super cool resources that you need to take advantage of too if you want to have maximum success with private labeling.

*** VERY IMPORTANT *** Additional course resources.

Udemy loves reviews and so do I. Once you have watched a lot of the course please can leave me a review as it not only benifits myself and Udemy but also other potential students who are thinking about taking the course.

Please Help Me!

This course is not for everyone and is aimed at people who are selling products that have been sourced from factories and are looking to develop into thier own brand.

Preview 02:38

In this lecture we will cover some of major points of this course and why, if applied correctly, they will have a huge affect on your sales and business in general.

Preview 05:43
Private Labeling the Basics
3 Lectures 21:14

So you are selling on Amazon and probably else where and you are thinking about standing out from the crowd. Private labeling is the next logical step in this process. In this lecture we will cover how this is done and how to take your business to the next level in terms of sales and image.

What is Private Labelling?

Here we will show you some of the some examples of other sellers who have private labelled their products and prove that this can easily be accomplished by you.

Examples of Private Labels

Even though you can pretty much private label anything, if you are looking to find a product to private label then you can make the process a lot easier by the product you pick and the factory you use.

Ideal Products to Private Label

Here we are going to test your knowledge on this section and see of you have been keeping up. Not to worry if you get some answers wrong, just have another go or ask in the student area or on the Facebook group :)

Section 2 Quiz
4 questions
Finding a Product & Getting Started
5 Lectures 34:54

Here we are going to cover what is included in this section and also enforce that when starting out you should always focus in on one niche and one product within that niche.

You may have plans for several products or a whole catalog but to start with just focus on one get the process down and then move onto another repeating the process you now know works and you are making money from.

Start Small Think BIG!

When selecting a product to sell please pick something that you are going to enjoy. This will make you a lot happier as a seller and your enthusiasm and passion will shine through onto your customers.

Do What You Love!

In this lecture we will cover a quick way to see if there is a market for your product, the level of competition and how well it is selling.

Quick Product Research

Here we cover how to check what your competition is doing in terms of sales and where they are falling short so you can capitalize.

Check The Competiton

This is a quick lecture to show you how your potential product is doing in terms of sales abroad and point out that your research should now cover these countries as they will get you sales too. Especially when using Amazon FBA.

Product Research For International Sellers

Here we are going to test your knowledge on this section and see of you have been keeping up. Not to worry if you get some answers wrong, just have another go or ask in the student area or on the Facebook group :)

Section 3 Quiz
3 questions
Product Differentiation
3 Lectures 19:21

In this lecture we are going to cover what product differentiation is and how it will give your products the edge when private labeling.

Differentiation Introduction

In this lecture we are going to cover what the Unique Value Proposition is and how to incorporate it into your products when private labeling.

Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

In this lecture we are goign to cover how to incorporate the Unique Selling Proposition into your private labeling strategy.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Here we are going to test your knowledge on this section and see of you have been keeping up. Not to worry if you get some answers wrong, just have another go or ask in the student area or on the Facebook group :)

Section 4 Quiz
3 questions
Getting Competative
3 Lectures 30:50

Here we will cover the concept of competitive advantage and how to maximize to always keep you one step ahead of your competition.

Its a fact of life that people copy each other and that is certainly no different in business. Once you have a new, original product, you straight away have the competitive advantage and by making constant improvements and modifications to that product you will always be one step ahead.

What's Your Secret Sauce?

In this lecture we cover the very foundation of product development and what to start with when developing your product(s) and going from just a product with a logo on it to a brand that people come to know and trust.

When you do product research you are seeing what the customer likes, what people are into and where the money is going. Now that you have a product you need to go further and see what improvements your customer wants, the colors they like on that product, would an additional carry handle make the difference?

You would be amazed how much a simple color change can make to your sales and by asking your customers what they like and want, you are showing that as a brand you care and want to help.

Product Development

Every brand has a competitive advantage. If you were to start a sportswear company and position yourself next to Nike then Nike would have a huge advantage due to their size and reputation and capital.

How do I compete!? I here you cry. You compete by seeing what the customer wants that other brands are not providing. Take GoPro Cameras for example. This was started by a guy on the beaches of California and its now worth billions. The camera market is massive and filled with huge brands but GoPro asked their potential customers what they wanted, being surfers themselves they knew they had a product that was unique and know one else was doing.

With the playing field now very much leveled out due to Amazon and other big marketplaces and also the power of social media there has never been a better time to be unique and provide what others are not.

Competative Examples

Here we are going to test your knowledge on this section and see of you have been keeping up. Not to worry if you get some answers wrong, just have another go or ask in the student area or on the Facebook group :)

Section 5 Quiz
4 questions
Ways to Differentiate Your Product
4 Lectures 38:23

Learning how to find problems with everyday life, your hobbies and passions is key to finding a way to improve your product. Doing this will separate you from the crowd and leave you competition playing catch up.

Be a Problem Finder

In this lecture we are going to cover a range of free websites that you can use to find and research issues that people in that niche are having. Getting involved online and interacting with people will uncover and give you amazing insights and gold chunks of information.

Places to Find Problems

When starting out with a new product the temptation to copy other people can be strong.

Please don't!

By all means use other peoples products as inspiration and take ideas from them to incorporate into your own but copying someone will not lead you anywhere.

Copy Cats Are Doomed!

In this lecture we will cover multiple different uses for keyword research that will help you with.

  • Finding a product.
  • More inspiration on an existing product or idea.
  • Keyword research.
  • Related keywords.
  • Ideas and inspiration on how to modify your products.

The great thing about using keyword research is that you what you are about to implement is what people are looking for.

Keyword Research

Here we are going to test your knowledge on this section and see of you have been keeping up. Not to worry if you get some answers wrong, just have another go or ask in the student area or on the Facebook group :)

Section 6 Quiz
3 questions
The Product Differation Method (P.D.M)
6 Lectures 44:05

Here I will introduce you to the method and show you how it can add huge value to your product, beat your competition and give you a great platform to continuously improve your product and market it.

P.D.M: Introduction

To start with you will need some inspiation on what and how you are going to create. This will show you how I have done it and it works everytime.

P.D.M Part 1: Inspiration

Content is king and getting good content is essential. Here I will show you how to do yourself or outsource.

P.D.M Part 2: Getting The Content

That's right you are going to do the designing and it is going to look awesome! Once you have finished this lecture you will have the knowledge to produce a great product time and time again.

P.D.M Part 3: Design It!

In this lecture we are going to cover the variouse services that are available to get your new product made.

P.D.M Part 4: Getting It Made

In here is am going to encourage you to get shameless and scream about your new product addition! We will also cover some other items you can add to your product to add further value and improve your marketing.

P.D.M Part 5: Product Promotion & Final Thoughts
Building Your Brand
3 Lectures 12:33

Choosing a catchy brand name that is related to your product(s) and is easy to remember can be harder than you think. Never fear! This lecture will give you some handy hints and tips to get you going.

Choosing A Brand Name

How people perceive your brand is not only very important but will also keep you way ahead of most of the competition.

Getting the right type of people to perceive you in the right way is half the battle.

Brand Perception

Focusing your brands efforts on a single customer demographic will not only make life a lot easier and cheaper, it will have a much bigger impact on sales as you are giving the right people what they want and not trying persuade the wrong people or the maybes which can be an expensive uphill battle.

Laser Target Your Brand!

Here we are going to test your knowledge on this section and see of you have been keeping up. Not to worry if you get some answers wrong, just have another go or ask in the student area or on the Facebook group :)

Section 8 Quiz
4 questions
Customer Focused Packaging That Adds Massive Value
4 Lectures 36:08

Here i am going to introduce all the points that are going to be covered in this section.

Introduction To Packaging Design

Getting your logo made is something that is massively overrated and is something that you should not be getting too hung up about as you will probably change as your brand grows and develops.

Using all the research that you have gathered create a design brief and post it to the sites mentioned in this lecture.

Logo Design

In this lecture we will cover the general process for getting your packaging designed, whats involved and some of the obstacles you may encounter.

Getting Your Packaging Designed

There are some terms that are used when communicating with designers and factories that are quite often used. If you know these and use them too, you will be much more professional looking and more likely to be taken seriously.

Pre Press Terminology, Hints & Tips

Here we are going to test your knowledge on this section and see of you have been keeping up. Not to worry if you get some answers wrong, just have another go or ask in the student area or on the Facebook group :)

Section 9 Quiz
5 questions
The Conclusion
1 Lecture 01:22

Well this is it! If you have made it this far then congratulations and I hope you are now ready to take your products to the next level.

See you in the Facebook areas and good luck!

Course Conclusion
About the Instructor
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eCommerce Expert, Entrepreneur, Online Marketer

Hello my name is Danny Guerin, I am a importer and online entrepreneur. I have been sourcing products from Alibaba for resale for nearly 10 years. I am also an eCommerce web developer and am very experienced with Magento, Shopify and Wordpress.

The eCommerce revolution is happening right now and I am excited to be a part of it and to help others to succeed too. With eCommerce still in its infancy there is more than enough to go around and by sharing what I know with others this only helps and strengthens our industry.

I try to be as visual as possible with my style of teaching whilst telling you exactly what you need to know. I also enjoy a giggle along the way too as if you are not having fun then learning is a lot harder.

I am constantly changing and updating my courses and hope that they meet and exceed all your expectations.

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